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Trinfinity Academy is a FREE* online school for Enlightenment and Empowerment, based on the teachings of Bentinho Massaro. Join thousands of others, start the life you truly want today!


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Trinfinity Academy brings together the essence of all forms of spirituality into a singular, step-by-step, streamlined online university experience that will give you every tool you'll ever need to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Whether you seek for deeper realization of Oneness, or wish to become a happier person and increase your vibratory state of consciousness, Trinfinity Academy is designed from the ground up to last you for life and save you decades of spiritual seeking.

Avoid common traps and detours, and get to the heart of it all in a matter of weeks--Realize your Freedom and Master your Life; Embody Enlightenment and Empowerment both.


In my perspective, NOTHING available at this point compares with Bentinho Massaro's Academy! All teachers and masters can be found in the clear teachings he maps out. It's like having an overview of all I have discovered in myself and other teachers! Cristina Corban-Orgera