Realize your freedom,
Master your life.

Bentinho Massaro’s Trinfinity Academy is a FREE online school for Enlightenment and Empowerment.

Trinfinity Academy is the culmination of Bentinho Massaro’s teachings, bringing together the essence of all forms of spirituality into a singular, step-by-step, streamlined online university experience that will give you every tool you’ll ever need to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Whether you seek for deeper realization of Oneness, or wish to become a happier person and increase your vibratory state of consciousness, Trinfinity Academy is designed from the ground up to last you for life and save you decades of spiritual seeking.

Avoid common traps and detours and get to the heart of it all in a matter of weeks. Realize your freedom and master your life; embody both Enlightenment and Empowerment.

Consider making a donation to help support the freely given Trinfinity Academy, along with other projects in the works by Bentinho and his team. Click the Give button in the top-right corner on your laptop screen or from the navigation bar on your phone. Thank you.  

Other Offerings

Bentinho and his team are busy working on some exciting new offerings and projects. Some of our current new offerings include:

No Limits Society: This is Bentinho’s most recent offering, dedicated to training free agents for the ignition of global awakening – to generate a collective of like-hearted souls trained and activated in the same intention: to awaken, purify and empower themselves in order to ignite global awakening individually and as a society. This is the official “spiritual gym membership” of Bentinho’s most refined Enlightenment & Empowerment teachings to date.

Meditation Mastery: The 30-Day Meditation Mastery retreat is a precise-yet-broad masterclass on the mechanics and application of meditation. Bentinho covers over 15 methods and access points to explore the spectrum of meditation techniques. Within these 30 days, you will discover your most aligned approach to meditation and develop a daily practice that will shape and positively influence your life. This is “the vault” which houses the definitive collection of Bentinho’s most recent retreats and event recordings, as well as recordings of his most transformative and popular past events. There are several hundred of hours of sessions available here, all for the low monthly price of $22. We are currently offering a Free 7-Day Trial of, giving you unlimited access to this outstanding collection of what we believe are the highest-quality direct-path teachings available on the planet today.