Lesson 10 – Being of service to the One

Hey guys! The next Empowerment course, Empowerment III, will be quite powerful in terms of its manifestation capacities. It is really about shifting instantly into alternate realities and using confident vibrational tools as a way to change your space-time reality very rapidly. I don’t want you to proceed if the finer balances have not been understood. That is why I made the first chapter of the Enlightenment course mandatory, and why I am including these last few lessons in Empowerment II before we go on to the next course.

Self-Realization and Self-Actualization

As you know, I teach two paths: Self-Realization and Self-Actualization. Some of you might think you are only interested in self-empowerment, or self-actualization. Perhaps you have not completed any of the other courses except for the Introduction. That is fine. However, I still highly recommend going through all of the courses because they will add so much more to your ability to be empowered and stay empowered and expand your empowerment. Because, without a depth of understanding who you are, what you are, what is true, and what is not true, it is really hard to continue to expand your empowerment and your acceleration, and then maintain that.

That is why these two paths—in my experience and opinion—work hand-in-hand together. They both need to be learned and understood. I have laid out the Academy as a step-by-step process, and it is quite simple if you just follow it. I do recommend that you take the Enlightenment courses, and when you feel ready, the Infinity course.

In this chapter, Empowerment starts to blend in with the Enlightenment (Awareness) teachings. This chapter will be more of a step back, in terms of actively manifesting your life or attracting your dream life. It is more about gaining a deeper awareness, a deeper understanding of the purpose behind your life. It is about seeing the bigger picture of why you are here and why you even want the things you are truly inspired to desire.

You Are Always Being of Service

I am starting off this chapter with the lesson entitled, “Being of Service to The One.” As you already know (because you have gone through this course, and I have explained this in previous lessons), The One is the source of All-That-Is. The Infinite One is the originator, the enabler, of All-That-Is. It is where all of Consciousness and all of Free Agency comes from. Free Agency creates Love, and then Light, to make manifestation happen as we know it today—and in so many other ways that we don’t know today because of our limited view of All-That-Is.

In essence, every human being, every creature, and every manifestation of this Unity/Free Awareness/Love-Light is automatically of service to The One, because manifestation is the reflection, the expression, of the One Infinite Unity. From its original state of Infinite Unity—beyond even Knowingness, beyond even Consciousness—it generated Consciousness for the purpose of expressing and reflecting upon its infinite nature.

The very fact that you are created, that you exist and will always exist (because you are created from a timeless state of existence), and due to the nature of how you are created, you are, by definition, of service to The One. You can’t really go wrong. To start with, I want you to know that there is no failure or success from an absolute point of view.

From the absolute point of view, the simple fact that you exist and have one experience after another experience after another experience (which you can’t stop) points to the fact that The One is constantly reflecting upon itself in the form of You. As misguided as some people are out there, from an absolute point of view, they are still being of service to The One, to Infinity, because they are adding new ways of exploring relationship among the various points of view of The One’s manifestation. New dots that have never been fully connected before are being connected in that particular way, in that particular order, in that particular timeline experience.

Every experiential being provides a way for The One to know and reflect upon itself—to express its infinity, its infinite possibilities as Unity, its infinite capacity for experience and for everythingness. Even inanimate objects (well, we call them “inanimate objects”) are fully experiential beings as well, but on a completely different level and in a very different way. Nevertheless, everything is experiential beingness, just by the fact that it is; just by the fact that it appears. As such, everything is of service to The One. By the mere fact that you exist, you are of service to The One.

This Journey Is Not Meant to Be Flawless

There is a “veil of forgetfulness” that is very present in 3rd Density. It is important to know this, so you can “take the edge off” of yourself a little bit; so that you don’t try to become too “successful” spiritually. You are meant to experience limitation, delusion, and flaw while you are human; it is built into this density.

Currently, we are starting to move out of 3rd density as a collective species. Some individuals are spearheading this and are already out of that “bubble” a little more than other people at this time. Because of this, they can see a little more clearly. They can remember the deeper aspects of their Consciousness and their identity, why they are here, and how the Universe works.

Regardless of where you are at in the process, it is not meant to be a perfect, flawless journey. It is meant to be an “invitational” type of journey, filled with beautiful catalyst. That is what this human experience is for—it is for intensified, concentrated, catalytic experience, allowing us to expand and grow and reflect upon the One Infinite Creator. It is here to wake up to our Free Will, to become truly free spiritual beings who can navigate the Universe much more freely and deliberately.

That is what this human life is designed for; that is the function of the 3rd Density evolutionary cycle. It is not meant to be a perfect ride. You are not meant to arrive at some perfect spiritual state. Rather, you are meant to continuously desire and strive (without the negative aspect of striving) to be passionately inspired about becoming evermore true to who you are; to become a true servant of, and to, the One Infinite Creator, in your own unique, desirous, passionate, inspired, empowering way.

Be Empowered by Humility and Openness

Always maintain this balanced view—that it is not just about you, as a person, getting what you want. Of course, that is very appealing to many people, and I know you guys have already matured past that point—otherwise, you wouldn’t even be reading this chapter. So, it is almost redundant to say this, but just as another reminder before we open up “Pandora’s box” in the next course (Empowerment III), I want you to humble yourself during this chapter and find true peace, true openness. Find true knowledge in the reflection—or in the understanding or in the contemplation or in meditation—upon the fact that you are a “servant” created and enabled by the Creator.

You are a Free Agent. It is your duty and honor and deepest joy to be of service to The One by becoming the unique, inspirational expression you truly are, and to know why you are here. Regardless to whether you completely ignore everything I have ever told you; or if you complete everything you know about spiritual awareness and waking up and accelerating and paying attention; or if you don’t pay any attention whatsoever—I want you to know you are perfectly loved. You are a perfect vessel of expressing the One Infinite Creator in a unique way.

Nevertheless, you can speed up the evolutionary cycle that you are a part of, on your own journey, and you can make more efficient use of catalyst. You can find much greater joy and bliss in your individuated expression of The One if you follow these steps, if you pay attention, and if you learn. That is what we are here to do—we are here to learn. What are we here to learn? Most of all, most relevantly at this time and on this planet, we are here to learn greater love, greater openness, and greater connectedness to All-That-Is.

We are reflecting on a collective scale. We are reflecting back to the One Infinite Creator one of its infinite potential realities—which right now happens to be going from a collective state of lack and limitation and separation to a collective state of love, joy, peace, clarity, enlightenment and connection. And you are a part of that expression; you are a part of that collective evolutionary cycle. So, feel that you have some honor, some duty, and some joy in contributing to this, and that you are contributing consciously, you are paying your respects consciously to the fact that everything is only because the One Infinite Creator is and lets it be here.

If you pay that respect; if you are humble in that way, it takes the edge off of this sense of a separate self that needs to achieve something. It allows you to find peace inside of that humility; it allows you to feel greatly empowered because of your humility and openness.


The homework I want you to start with for this chapter is meditation. Find some time today or tomorrow (or at least before you continue on to the next lesson) and quiet yourself by just relaxing and recognizing that you are already awake, that you are already present, that you are already aware. By recognizing this a few times, you will find that the mind slows down its spinning and its distractions naturally. This happens simply by recognizing (not forcing) that you are already present.

Take a deep breath. Slowly breathe out, and notice that we are all already here, that we are all already present, that we are all already wide awake and conscious.

By naturally recognizing that this Awareness is already present, we are entering a very natural state of contemplative awareness, or meditation—the inward reflective attitude. I want you to meditate in this way, in this effortless fashion. The Enlightenment courses can help you, over time, to make this even more natural, to make this even more awake, to make this even more vibrant, clear, and transparent to the One Infinite Creator.

Simply ease your way into this. As your mind starts to relax—as the clarity of Awareness recognizes itself, as Consciousness wakes up to the fact that it is conscious, as Presence wakes up to the fact that it is present—you will become aware of your innermost sense of “I exist,” through natural recognition of that existential fact. You will feel the slowing down, you will feel the opening up and the speeding up at the same time (vibrationally you are speeding up, even though the mind seems to be less distracted because it is slowing down).

As you are expanding like this, I want you to meditate on, or imagine, your version of seeing yourself as created by the One Infinite Creator. I want you to see yourself as the desired expression of the One Infinite Creator, which is more all-encompassing than All-That-Is. I want you to feel that The One desires you.

See that this Enabler—this Source of everything that could ever possibly be—desired you into existence. See that it is, in a sense, your honor and your duty and your responsibility, as well as your joy and your passion and your bliss, to honor, with integrity, that connection; to honor being of service by being a unique expression of what is possible.

Sit with this in your own way, and feel a profound, loving connection to your Infinite Self Creator. Feel greatly emptied out and humbled, and yet empowered at the same time, by the Love and the Light of the One Infinite Being that created All-That-Is. Feel empowered and honored, and see how important you are to the expansion of The One’s reflection of itself. Just feel that. Feel the value of it. Even though you are humbled, you feel at the same time that it is highly valuable; that it should be honored with great importance. Your life should be treated as a very, very important piece of art. It should be treated as if it is the One Infinite Creator itself, because it is.

Feel the simultaneity of humility and empowerment. Feel a sense of honor, duty and responsibility towards sincerely taking your life to heart; towards doing your very best always, while knowing that you are unconditionally loved, no matter what you choose to do, no matter how you choose to do it, and no matter how conscious you are (or are not) of the things you are choosing.

You are unconditionally desired into existence by the One Infinite Creator. You are a Free Agent of The One.

Sit with this—in state of calmness, in a state of openness—for about 20 minutes, and see what happens. Feel the love, feel the opening, feel the expansion, feel the clarity that occurs when you connect to your Source. I will see you in the next lesson.

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