Lesson 1 – 7 Universal Densities of Love/Light

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the first lesson of Empowerment II. The title of the Empowerment II course is “Trinfinity Cosmology—Empowering Evolution.” In this course, I will share some of the back story of Creation—including some of the background, context, meta-perspectives, and the more metaphysical side of empowerment. This may or may not resonate for all of you, but it will at least be helpful to have this frame of reference; to know where I am coming from when I am speaking the way I do in these lessons. So, this will give you that background, at least intellectually to some extent.

For some of you, it might be very exciting to understand and experience the different densities. Empowerment II presents an understanding of Trinfinity cosmology and empowering evolution. You are becoming—through your greater understanding, through waking up—a more efficient co-creator, a more efficient empowerer of evolution. In other words, you are accelerating the evolution of the One Infinite Creator in its form, in its creation, in its evolution. By waking up, you are empowering this evolution—you are doubling, tripling, quadrupling the effect. You are accelerating the process, so to speak. Not that The One is in a rush, but still, it is nice to become more efficient, more empowered, and to accelerate the journey on behalf of All-There-Is. So, thank you for your service.

This lesson is titled, “The 7 Universal Densities of Love-Light.” In Empowerment I, I explained how Love-Light came about; I explained the order of Creation. Once Free Agency generated Love and Light, that Love-Light became the substance of all that is manifest—of All-That-Is, of all that is created, of all that has form. Everything we see—all the way down to a physical brick, for example, or a piece of wood, or your physical body, or the walls of the room—consists of vibrations of Love-Light; consists of different frequencies of Love-Light, different patterns of Love-Light energy. Literally everything is created out of Love-Light.

In order to very efficiently allow Consciousness to develop through evolutionary stages, this Love-Light generated seven different “densities” from its pure form. You can see this when, for example, you prismatically separate white light—you will see the seven colors. It is the same for all vibration in general; for meta-perspective vibration in general. The non-physical Love-Light energy has, in a sense, prismatically separated itself into seven main densities, or categories, if you will.

I avoid using the word dimension because it is a diluted word (it can refer to all kinds of things), and because there can be many different dimensions within each density. The word density is more reliable and consistent, and there are only seven of them. Well, there are more than seven—there are an infinite number of them, and there are also sub-densities—but basically there are seven densities per Creation, per Octave, per Universe. In this lesson, I will describe each of these seven densities.

Again, this may or may not resonate for you, because for many people, this is very far from their interest—it is not “close to home,” so to speak. It is not something many people think about, or understand, or contemplate, when they are just living their everyday physical lives. But it can help to generate a bigger perspective; it can help to put things in context. Things that happen to you here—the challenges you are facing, the things you are feeling and experiencing and intuiting, and the unique inclinations or challenges you came into this life with—can be put into greater context if you understand something about the densities.

1st Density

Love-Light generates the 1st Density for Consciousness to latch onto and generate an experience out of. What I mean by this is that Love-Light generates substances such as the elements—earth, rock, water, air, and so on. These elemental energies are basically what you could call “1st Density materials.” As is true for material of any density, these 1st Density materials need Consciousness to give life to them—to animate them, to latch onto them, to incarnate with them. The same is true for these 3rd Density bodies that we “inhabit.”

Consciousness is always transcendent to all densities, ultimately (not relationally, but ultimately). Consciousness is the container for all of the densities because it is the Free Agent of Awareness itself, before Love-Light even came into existence. Ultimately, your Consciousness is transcendent to all densities. However, the experience you have of yourself is located within, and primarily has the feel and the taste of, a Consciousness that is in relationship with one of the densities.

So again, the 1st Density material is what we would call “the elements”—very basic, static material. Many people call them “inanimate objects” or “inanimate materials,” but they are not really inanimate.

The 1st Density materials are conducive to Consciousness learning certain lessons, just as your 3rd Density body material is conducive for your Consciousness to take hold of, or to take control of this body, in order to learn certain lessons in relationship to it. Obviously, you will learn very different lessons if you are attached to “rock-ness” or “wood-ness” or “water-ness,” as opposed to being a seemingly separate, independent individual in a body that can move around and speak and communicate and think.

The main message I want to get across with these seven densities is that each density has different types of lessons—different learnings that are most conducive to the Consciousness that chooses to latch onto that particular density material.

We could call 1st Density the density of Beingness, or Awareness. It is not so much “Awareness” in the sense of an Enlightened Being being aware of itself; it is Awareness in its primordial state, where it is not yet self-reflective.

So Consciousness, in its development—in its waking up, learning, and expressing through the seven evolutionary densities, or stages—will start out in 1st Density, exploring itself as Beingness, through what we see as inanimate or unmovable objects. These are objects that don’t grow and don’t move; they are static. They offer a similar, consistent experience for millions of years.

In 1st Density, the point is for Consciousness to generate a desire, to generate a wakefulness in the direction of growth, which is the 2nd Density. In 2nd Density, we see (for example) trees, plants, and animals—basically, anything that has the ability to move and be more organic. What we would call “organic matter” is most often 2nd Density material that has a 2nd Density consciousness tied to it, or in relationship with it, which it uses as a mirror to explore itself in that density of learning.

The lesson of 1st Density is simply Beingness. Through millions of years of Beingness—of water splashing onto the rocks and onto the sand of the beaches, of wind blowing over mountains and eroding them, and so on—all of these elements work together to wake up to a more organic state of desiring growth, desiring movement, desiring greater independence from the collective state of 1st Density material. Just get a sense of this.

Once this material offers an experience closer to self-awareness, it wants to generate growth; it wants to move. In a sense, the very beginnings of thinking for oneself start to arise. This type of “thinking” is still instinctual at this point, but nevertheless, it becomes more independent in its desire for self-exploration.

2nd Density

In the next cycle, 2nd Density, Consciousness explores what it is like to be organic—to have organic matter or material attached to Consciousness. In other words, animals, plants, and other organic life forms like this (other than humanoids), offer the experience of growth. These forms offer the experience of interaction and engagement; building relationship of some sort. This is 2nd Density learning—growth towards independence, towards the Light of the Creator, and towards relationship.

In the later stages of 2nd Density, animal life forms (for example, wolves) exhibit pack behaviour, where relationship becomes important. This type of relationship is still instinctual; it is very much intertwined with the collective. Animals such as these have a “shared identity” as a group, as a pack. When a pack of wolves interacts with each other, there may be a hierarchy with an alpha male, for example, but there is still a singular consciousness, in a way; it is still a shared identity.

Through the conflict and friction and relationship that happens on a day-to-day basis, the Consciousness, through the form of an organic body, such as a wolf body, generates the awareness or realization that it is an individual being apart from other beings; that it is an individual in relationship to other individuals.

Pets do this very quickly. They come to be with human beings as pets so that they are always in the presence of a 3rd Density being. They are given names and identities. They are so cute! We love and adore them; we overload them with love and affection and identity. We “paste” individual identity onto an entity that is still used to having a shared collective identity; we take them away from their packs, so to speak. We make them independent, as part of a household, and we give them individual names.

In the example of the pack of wolves, through conflict and hierarchy and relationship (or later on, in the example of a pet), this Consciousness starts to wake up to the fact that, “Hey, I-AM.” It generates enough of a vibration of self-awareness for it to be conducive to move on to the next stage of learning—the next cycle, in this case, 3rd Density.

To summarize, 2nd Density is the density of growth and organic movement, moving upwards towards the Light, towards independence.

3rd Density

3rd Density is the density of self-consciousness or self-awareness, where there is an awareness of “self” in relationship to the rest. This creates a certain kind of “separation” (the separation of “me and the world”) that is conducive to learning many things that cannot be learned with a shared sense of identity.

3rd Density is very brief compared to the other densities. It is very specific and intense. It is sort of like going through the eye of the needle, or going through the funnel of the vortex—being sucked down the drain. It is a transformational period of time; an intense churning. It is an intense process of waking up—it is fast, it is brief, and it is challenging.

The Consciousness is thrown into a body and an awareness that has the ability to think for itself. It starts to generate, more and more, an understanding that it is I-AM in relationship to other things and other beings. So, relationship starts to revolve around me versus you, and this is where an important choice is made. In the evolutionary cycle of the Consciousness, the choice is made as to whether this Consciousness wants to devote itself predominantly to service-to-others or predominantly to service-to-self. The Consciousness decides whether it wants to explore being a service-to-others-oriented being or whether it wants to explore the universe as a service-to-self creature.

A service-to-self being is what we would perceive as being very selfish in nature—very much involved in domination and enslavement, with the attitude of “my will against and above everything else.” A service-to-other creature wants to develop itself in the direction of service, sharing, joy, love, generosity and kindness, through being of service to other versions of itself—to the rest of itself. In a way, both are totally allowed by the Infinite One. The choice is up to the individual, and this is where the choice is made—within the 3rd Density lessons and learning.

4th Density

When we reach the later stages of 3rd Density—as we have in the last couple of thousand years or so on our planet, in our civilization—things shift to where the lessons of 4th Density start to be infused into 3rd Density.

4th Density is the density of love, understanding and compassion. It is about losing one’s separate point of view for the sake of a greater sense of inseparability with the whole. You can see this very acutely in our civilization today (more about this in the next lesson).

In 4th Density, Consciousness wants to learn the lessons of love—whether that is complete, 100% devotion to loving oneself above everything else (the service-to-self orientation), or as is the case for most beings (and for most of the beings on our planet today), the orientation of service-to-others, where we want to express and learn about love in relationship to others; where we want to feel inseparability; where we want to feel connected to other beings in this way. So, 4th Density is about love and service—either to self or to others.

After a while, a 4th Density being reaches a point of exhaustion. This happens especially with service-to-others-oriented 4th Density beings because they sometimes get too overwhelmed by love, in a way. You may know this from your own experience—when you want to share too much, when you care too much about another’s well-being, to the point where it becomes detrimental to your own, or even their, well-being. This is just one example. You can find many examples of people who are almost too loving, you could say. It is not really that they are too loving, it is that their love is not balanced yet by wisdom.

5th Density

5th Density is the density where we teach ourselves the lessons of wisdom, of independence. In this density, we become kind of “yogic.” We realize that everything exists inside of our Consciousness—that there is no external world, there are no other people (not truly, at least), there are no other beings—it is all One Being. Everything is already perfect and complete; nothing can ever go wrong. Everything that wants to be attained can be attained by simply sitting and being there; by meditating on it, by intending it. Everything is contained within the individual. This is the density of Light, or Wisdom.

6th Density

The imbalance of 5th Density is that it is too withdrawn—it is too internalized, in a way. And so, in 6th Density—which is the density of unity, the union between Love and Light—the being again opens itself up to experience “as-if” there are other beings. Even though the being knows everything is contained within itself, it still allows for the illusion of service-to-others. It still allows for the illusion of sharing, the illusion of understanding and compassion and kindness.

Where the 5th Density being might be more inclined to think, “Pfft… everything is perfect,” a 6th Density being is more inclined to know that it is all perfect, but to simultaneously extend a hand, as-if there is an external reality.

This is the density where the really subtle lessons of balancing love and wisdom start to come up for the Consciousness, for the individual that is tied to this density. It becomes quite difficult to explain what this density is like in terms we can understand. Just imagine Light; imagine pure Light. Imagine beings made of pure Light, group consciousnesses made of pure Light who are being of service and extending themselves throughout the lower densities.

6th Density is the density where your Higher Self (as I would term it), or your Overarching Self or Soul, resides. Therefore, it is already here, even if you are a 3rd or 4th Density explorative being. This overarching umbrella—this non-physical Self, which we could call the “Soul” or the “Higher Self”—resides at a 6th Density level of vibration of Love and Light. (I will discuss this more later on in this course.)

7th Density

In 7th Density, the Consciousness that was in the 6th Density has, in a sense, left all that it knows to Creation—it has left all that it knows to all of its portions, to all of its parts—in the form of the Higher Self. It has made all of the knowledge it experienced through millions of years of evolution available to all of its parts, which are still back in “time” in a lower density, exploring evolution.

In this way, Higher Self is now available to all of its parts and for the individual itself; it leaves the “blueprint” of the Higher Self available to everyone else. The being itself, who generated the whole experience, the whole journey of evolution, has reached a certain completion—the completion of having balanced love and wisdom, and having made itself completely available to all of Creation.

At this point, this being starts to feel a pull, a draw, back into the Creator itself. Its journey within Creation, within form as we know it, has been completed, and now this being will gradually turn its gaze backwards into the One Infinite Mystery. In late 6th Density, this being feels a very strong gravitational pull to move into becoming All-That-Is. It starts to lose its individual identity, even if it has already merged in 4th, 5th, and 6th Densities with a group entity—with a group consciousness of many beings, collectively sharing One Mind, while still being individuals. This group entity is still an identity—it is a group identity—and In 7th Density, this identity is also transcended.

In 7th Density, the being’s gaze is turned towards the One Infinite Creator, towards Source itself, towards the unspeakable, the indescribable, the infinite, the indefinable. It is turned towards the truly formless; towards that which is beyond everything and All-That-Is. The being feels such a strong pull towards this, that it enters the inner black hole of its Consciousness and starts to merge with the Infinite One. This is 7th Density, and it is one big mystery. There is not much we can say about it, but my Infinity course taps into it; it shows how to get a glimpse of your 7th Density level of being.

After a timeless amount of time in timelessness, where merger has occurred, the beingness returns or reoccurs (even though it has never lost itself), and re-emerges into the 1st Density of another universe—a new universe where things work differently; where everything that has been learned collectively (in the former universe) now becomes a new universe, a new Creation, a new way of expressing the One Infinite Creator. And this goes on infinitely, infinitely, infinitely, infinitely, infinitely, infinitely…

So, these are the seven densities in a nutshell. Included in this lesson is a video called The Seven Densities of Evolution (this is on YouTube, as well), in which I share about this in more detail. Although this lesson captures the basics of the seven densities, if you want more knowledge about them, you can watch that video as well.

There is no homework for this lesson. Just enjoy. Maybe listen to this lesson once again—let it sink in. Maybe meditate on it, if that feels good. And continue to relax as the Awareness that you are. Continue to empower yourself, to generate more of Creation in more amazing and aligned ways that inspire you.

And I will see you in the next lesson.

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