Simple, but not too simple

“Simple, but not too simple” – A Personal Letter to You

I have made it my utmost priority to keep all the courses as simple and accessible as possible, but make no mistake: What I’m offering is not “IKEA-spirituality.” It is neither dumbed-down nor does it leave you hanging, as in a one-trick-pony spiritual practice that kind-of-works. I aim to unleash in you a full-being, all-round, complete satisfaction.

So, while Trinfinity Academy is simple and direct throughout, this is never at the expense of truth, accuracy, comprehensiveness, or unlocking profound potential benefits. The courses are truly comprehensive, taking you all the way, in and out, from being a “person-in-the-world” to realizing The Absolute One, and to Empowering your life—turning you into a modern-day mystic and alchemist. It will do all that and clarify everything in between so you also know why it works, and even how it works, not just that it works.

I don’t wish to just show you an amazing movie that you can enjoy; I also want you to realize why it is an amazing movie, how it is made, and see as the director sees. The comprehensive nature of Trinfinity Academy is to ensure that when you have completed the courses of your choosing, you will never again have to feel like you’re seeking for something out of reach. It will end all confusion, while leaving the endless mystery intact.

I have considered further simplifying the material, to make it even more accessible, to offer only the surface that everyone can immediately grasp and understand, but there is a line I feel I cannot cross. If I go past this line, it means I am oversimplifying the science of life, which may give you temporary satisfaction, but I’d be withholding things from you based on a belief that it would get too complex or subtle for you to grasp. If I stay on the truthful side of this line and not withhold anything, it may sometimes seem—especially if you’re just starting out—a bit overwhelming and could stir up the part in you that believes about itself: “I’m not there yet.”

Eventually, I chose to not withhold anything from you, and I trust that you will be committed to not dwell in feeling unworthy about where you are now, in the face of the occasionally seemingly complex, or rich, nature of what I offer through Trinfinity Academy. Instead, I trust that you will trust you are exactly where you are meant to be, and that you will realize things at a perfect pace for you. I also ask you to trust that what seems complex before realizing it, becomes completely simple and obvious after its realization.

It’s all easier than your mind wants you to believe up front. That is why I take you through the process step-by-step, so you never have to worry about what’s ahead, about missing out, where to start, or what to practice next. I will take you through completely, in an effective, sequential order, building on one realization after another.

Trinfinity Academy leaves no stone unturned, and although it is designed for just about anyone to go through and reap all the benefits, it does help if you desire the infinite depths of truth, the freedom of Self-Realization, and the endless expansion of your Consciousness. If you have just an ounce of the “fire of desire” I possessed when I was seeking, Trinfinity Academy is tailored to meet that ounce and make it work in your favor—exponentially. If you have 25% or more of the passion I had, then I believe you will find Trinfinity Academy to be your heart’s calling come true: a true home where the beautiful seeker (and finder) in you will feel recognized, provided for, and treated with care and understanding.

I have always wanted to find a way to deeply extend the love I have for other seeking beings and actually reach them on a large scale—to share with them what I know today, so that they, too, can awaken an unspeakable love and a duality-transcending wisdom inside themselves. Trinfinity Academy is this extending hand, reaching into every corner of the Human Heart, offering it a clear and compassionate light to guide it back to its own source, and forward into fearless exploration of The One’s infinite potential to Create.

May you find a friend in these teachings, this community, and me; and may you always feel empowered to be yourself, exactly as you are.

With Love,