Lesson 15 – Timelessness

Timelessness is one of the innate qualities of Awareness, just like Formlessness, Emptiness, Spaciousness and so on. This quality is quite unique in that it allows us to feel the natural, effortless, timeless perfection of Creation or Existence.

We can tune into Awareness to such an extent—from the angle of recognizing its timeless quality—that the whole sense of stress, the whole sense of concern, the whole sense of worry, the whole sense of lack starts to disappear. Because all of these ideas, all of these concerns, all of these tensions that we have on a day-to-day basis, all the stress we experience—all of this is quite literally dependent upon the illusion of time.

If we remove the experience of “time” from our experience, it is very hard to conjure up a concern, to conjure up worry, to conjure up stress. Stress requires the idea of a future and a past and a present. But in Timelessness, one does not even have much notion of the present. Yes, there is an awareness of whatever this is that remains, which we could call “the present,” but it is not a slice of time in between the past and the future; it is not a tense moment in time. Timelessness quite literally means there is no time in Awareness.

Awareness generates the experience of time within itself because it is projecting its awareness as Consciousness. Because there is a subject-object relationship at this point, Consciousness is aware of one particular reality, and then the next particular reality, and then the next particular moment, and then the next particular experience. It is quite like pictures in a motion picture; like frames in a movie strip. Once you move these fast enough through the light projector, in this case Consciousness, it looks like fluid, linear, time-based motion. But in reality, every one of these pictures already existed simultaneously, parallel to each other—timelessly so.

I will dive deeper into this parallel reality timelessness idea, from this point of view, in the Empowerment teaching. For the purpose of this lesson, all I need you to know is that time is an illusion that is generated as an experience in Consciousness, by moving from one frame to the next, to the next, to the next. And that it does not structurally exist. Time does not exist structurally. It only exists as an illusion, as a generated experience.

Consciousness itself is the one that is doing the witnessing of the motion of experience, the motion of time, the movement of space-time. Awareness itself, or Consciousness itself (which is Awareness), is timeless.

The Sense of Timelessness

Let’s take a moment right now to relax for 2 to 5 seconds…

Relax all thoughts. Give away all notions of time—all notions of past, of future, of having to get somewhere, of having to be different, of having to achieve something. Just give that all away and enjoy with the remaining sense of spacious here-and-now Awareness. Don’t be focused on what is here and now in the physical; simply enjoy being aware of being aware.

Do you notice how time slips away? How there is simply Timelessness—a sense of Timelessness innate to Awareness?

Whenever you feel overly-stressed about the future, about consequence, about lack possibly occurring in the future—”If I don’t do this, if I don’t do that, if I don’t change this, if I don’t change that, if I don’t prevent this, if I don’t prevent that, if I don’t secure this, if I don’t secure that…”—as soon as you feel that tension arising, make it a habit to induce those 2 to 5 seconds of spacious Free Awareness. Recognize the free agent that you are—the clarity, the spacious Free Awareness that you are, already. Enjoy that which is already here, that which is already doing the witnessing, that which is already effortlessly watching, that which is already effortlessly conscious, aware, and present.

As you relax into that, start emphasizing the liberating aspect of the quality of Timelessness—that all of time could be stolen from you, all of the future, all of the past, all of your concerns could be taken away. In fact, you are taking all of this away from yourself every time you pause for 2 to 5 seconds. And each time you take all this away from yourself for 2 to 5 seconds, you still perfectly, timelessly exist; you still perfectly, timelessly exist as Awareness.

In that Emptiness, in that Spaciousness, you already recognize the Awareness quality, but you can also recognize the timeless quality of this Awareness; the timeless quality of that which remains when you relax all tension and all focus on thoughts. This is your timeless nature. This is exactly why I keep emphasizing that it is always already here.

How can that be? It is because Awareness knows no time. Awareness stands outside of time, remains free from time, is beyond the experience of time, is beyond the illusion of time. So, when you rest as Awareness, start to include the recognition and the peace that comes with that; the stress-free quality, the freedom from all concern, the freedom from all future lack projections.

Recognize the peace that comes with relaxing into the timeless Spaciousness of already perfectly-present Awareness. Give yourself permission again and again to enjoy the disappearance of time when you let go of your thoughts, when you give them back to Life, to God, to Existence, to Consciousness. When you disown your thoughts for 2 to 5 seconds, watch how the sense of time just slips away from you. Your state of being becomes clear; it remembers that its true nature is essentially changeless, unaffected, spacious and timeless.

When you breathe in that state of being, that realization, that recognition, and then you breathe it out, you relax into it even further, even deeper. Give yourself permission to completely relax. Give away all sense of time, all sense of stress, all sense of thoughts. And enjoy the crystal pristine clarity of Timelessness that is innately present in Awareness itself.

That’s it! You are practicing what you have always practiced in this course, which is to “rest as Awareness;” to relax as Awareness for 2 to 5 seconds. But now you are placing the emphasis on the joy, on the ease, on the peace, on the liberating relief that comes with recognizing the timeless aspect of Awareness. Learn to give away time and relax as you already exist, as you already are—free from tension, free from stress, free from future, free from past. Free even from the present. Simply timeless.


There are three parts to this lesson’s homework:

  1. Listen to this lesson at least once more before you proceed with the next one.
  2. Recognize the timeless quality of Awareness for 2 to 5 seconds repeatedly throughout the day, throughout everyday activities, by giving away all sense of time and just melting into the freedom of timeless Awareness. Trust in the liberating relief, present every time you relax as timeless Awareness, every time you recognize the reliability of timeless Awareness.
  3. Meditate on the Timelessness of Awareness for about a 15-minute session. This can just be once. The most important aspect is to repeat this throughout everyday life for a few seconds. But to amplify that effect and the profoundness of it in your experience—to amplify the experiential aspect of this—sit down for about 15 minutes and return your attention again and again and again to noticing the freedom and liberation of the Timelessness of Awareness.

    Dive into Awareness itself. Dive into its Timelessness; let go of all time; let everything disappear; let everything disappear. Form, space, presence, time, thoughts, emotions, physicality—let it all disappear from view. What you are left with is empty, formless, spacious, unaffected, Free Awareness. Timeless. New. Your True Self. Your True Unmanifest Greater Self.

    Rejoice! Make love with it, connect to it, become it. You already are it. Relax as it, make it known to you, make it obvious, make it clear, make it usable, make it a part of your everyday life experience—until even in the midst of experiences and thoughts and emotions and things, you can recognize and always be grounded in a sense of timeless freedom.


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