Lesson 5 – Physical Mind, Non-Physical Mind, Higher Self

Hey guys! Welcome to the first lesson of the second chapter of Empowerment II. The second chapter is about getting in touch with your theme and empowering yourself from a place of understanding; it is about knowing and seeing that you are more than just your physical mind.

If we wish to fully empower ourselves and fully understand the lessons that come our way; if we wish to be able to consistently continue to create the life of our dreams and to be of service to humanity in a very beneficial and sustaining way, then it is very important that we understand that we are not just our physical minds. That is why the first lesson of this theme, of this chapter, is called “The Physical Mind, The Non-physical Mind and the Higher Self.”

I want to make these distinctions, or to at least give you an introductory understanding of them, because where this teaching is going to unfold for you is in your personal life. As soon as you know these levels exist, you will be able to recognize where certain aspects of your reality come from—what they are inspired by—and you can intuitively open up to the Higher Mind and the Higher Self.

Usually, when you watch my videos (for example, on YouTube) you will find that I sort of group together the “Higher Mind” and the “Higher Self.” I say things like, “Pay attention to what your Higher Self is asking of you,” or “Be intuitive towards your Higher Self,” or “You are guided by a Higher Self or by a Higher Mind.” Most of the time, I just call it the “Higher Self,” but for the purpose of further clarification, I want to make some distinctions here, inside of the Academy.

The Physical Mind

First we will discuss the physical mind, which you are very familiar with. Obviously, when it comes to knowledge, when it comes to knowingness, the expansiveness of the physical mind is very limited. This is what makes the human journey so interesting—to have such a limited point of view in space-time from which to figure things out. Right? That is part of the reason it is set up in this way.

The knowledge span of the physical mind is very limited, compared to the Higher Mind and the Higher Self. For example, the physical mind is only really capable of knowing what is happening right now—physically right now, within its immediate physical circumstance. It is also aware of what has happened to its immediate physical circumstance, to its space-time orientation, in the past, up until or starting from birth, or slightly after birth, for most people.

Basically, the physical mind is only designed to know the span of this life and not even the future probabilities of this life. It is only designed to know what is happening right now—to be able to respond to what is happening right now. It uses memory, from this very limited time-span that we call “a lifetime,” to assess the information and data that is thrown in its face, basically. Of course, we know it is not being thrown in its face by anything external to itself—it is actually attracting this to itself—however, it is doing so in combination with the Higher Mind and the Higher Self.

In other words: Let’s say we approach a complete stranger, who is identified only with their personal physical mind, and we tell them, “Did you know that you create your own reality? Did you know that you are attracting all of these experiences to yourself, both the good and the bad?” Of course, they will respond in a way that seems like they don’t agree with this at all. This is because they are coming solely from identification with the physical mind. They are not really aware.

Most people are not acutely aware, although they might have some vague beliefs about “something higher.” But most people do not really know or understand; they are not able to see. They are not confident in the knowingness or the intuition that they are not just their physical minds; that they are also the Higher Mind; that they are also the Higher Self; that ultimately, they are the All-That-Is-Consciousness. And even more absolutely, they are the One Infinite Unity, the One Infinite Creator, before all was manifest.

If you approach an “average Joe” (no offense intended) on the street and ask him if he creates his own reality, the first response you will get (from a physical-mind based identity) is, “Of course not, because if I think this and I am still getting other things, I cannot fully control my reality by thinking or vibrating.” So, he will probably perceive it as nonsense. Again, this is because we tend to come solely from identification with the personal, physical mind.

The physical mind is capable of registering data as it comes in into the present (what we call “the present”) physical stream of space-time. It is using past memory from its similar orientation within the space-time realm to assess how it wishes to interpret, understand, and learn from the experience that is presently occurring.

I am sharing about the Higher Mind and the Higher Self not only to improve your understanding of how you attract and create your own reality, but also so you can improve your understanding of how to interpret, and learn more efficiently from, the experiences your Overall Being attracts to itself. Because if you come from only the memories of this life (your conditioned beliefs) and that is all you have to respond to the fresh data that is pouring in every second into your space-time orientation point-of-view moment, then obviously, you are going to be very limited in your interpretation of why things are attracted into your life.

We need to become more reflective. In order to become more reflective—to learn faster and more efficiently, and to be able to interpret why things are attracted into our lives—we need to include in our understanding the idea of the Higher Mind and the Higher Self. Generally, we could just call it the “Higher Self;” we could bunch the two terms together. That still works and it is almost as efficient. But since this is the Academy, and I want you to understand more precisely what is actually going on, I want to make a distinction.

So, physical mind is what responds when I call your name. It responds based on memory and conditioning (most of the time), and it is limited in what it can do and create and know. It is almost like the physical mind is the “victim” of all of the rest of your Self; it is the receiving end of all of your Self. But it is not all that you are. It is not who you really are; it is just an aspect of who you are. So, that makes you not the victim; it makes you the Creator, as well as the receiver. Understanding this will help you interpret your experiences more efficiently.

The Higher Mind

Next, we have the Higher Mind. The Higher Mind rests within a density that is in between the physical mind’s density and the Higher Self’s density. The Higher Self’s density is the 6th Density of Love-Light. This is the density of unity. It is where all polarities come together; it is completely timeless as we would see it. The Higher Self is rested there. But, between the Higher Self and the physical, incarnational experience of the physical mind, there are other levels—most notably that of the non-physical mind, or the Higher Mind.

This non-physical mind is the mind that takes care of many things that we are not conscious of. Most importantly, and what is most relevant for you to understand, is that the Higher Mind is sort of “the overseer” of all of the probabilities that tie into your present space-time point of view / vibrational nexus. From the Higher Mind’s point of view, it is as if your physical being, your physical mind, is always at a crossroads. Always. It is always in the center of a four-way street, so to speak, in the center of crossroads.

That nexus is always moving—when you are making a choice or when choices are being made for you by your conditioning or your unconscious mind. You are always moving the center of the point of view that you are. People who are less aware of the fact that they can change will change less, vibrationally. Nevertheless, every tiny difference in the Universe is still a complete difference—it is a completely different parallel reality.

From a broader point of view, the Higher Mind (or the non-physical mind) is always perceiving the nexus, the center of this crossroads that you form from your point of view as a physical mind; that you form based on your vibrational spectrum as a physical being. It is as-if the Higher Mind is on the top of the mountain, seeing what you are trying to do. It is seeing all of the pathways that lie in front of you. You (the physical mind) only see what is happening now, and the only choice you have is how you respond to the data that comes to you. The non-physical Higher Mind has a much, much broader view than you have. It sees parallel realities; it sees parallel timelines; it sees the probabilities and the vortices, and how they change based on the things you choose.

The Higher Mind is always with you (sort of), navigating and guiding you. It knows that, if you make a change, the crossroads change. Being at the center of the crossroads, you have access to the left, to the right, forward and backward, and up and down. Whenever you change your position, the options (the probable timelines and experiences that are now most immediately connected to where you are at) are being perceived by the Higher Mind, which takes into consideration your theme, your blueprint, and the intention with which you came into this life. Based on this, the Higher Mind will guide you. It will nudge you. It will send you intuitive hints. It will be always connected to you and send you a sense of support.

You can tap into that sense of support, obviously, but it is also up to the physical mind, because it has its own level of free will. The Higher Mind cannot really impose its will and intuition onto the physical mind because the physical mind’s free will is honored. So, it is up to you to expand your understanding of your life, and of who you are as a whole Being. It is up to you to live in conjunction with, in cooperation with, the Higher Intelligence (Mind) that is a real aspect of your Overarching Being.

The non-physical or Higher Mind contains the blueprint of your physical life, including the most likely avenues of exploration. I also call this your theme. Your theme—this thematic plane, which is also called the blueprint plane or the template plane—is infused with Consciousness (“plane” is simply another word for “density” or “dimension of Consciousness”). It is infused with a Consciousness of a higher vibration. It has a bigger perspective, and it has far more knowledge to draw upon. It is more immediately and more consciously connected to the Higher Self—which is the Overarching Being of you as an individual here—it is like the individual Soul.

The non-physical, Higher Mind is like another functionality that comes with this incarnation. Its job it is to oversee your path as you are going along making choices—either consciously or unconsciously; deliberately or randomly. It is here as your safety net, as your intuitive guide. It is your first and foremost guide.

In some ways (at least from our perspective), the Higher Mind is like the Higher Self—not so much from its own perspective, but from what we know. That is why we can group them together, quite safely, and still experience the same benefits of receiving information. From our perspective, Higher Mind and Higher Self are similar in many ways, but the Higher Self is “less involved,” in a sense. It is less involved with the details of your life, like the CEO of a company, for example. The CEO doesn’t manage every micro-detail of the company’s employees—there are managers, or team managers, to do that.

The “team manager” is what the non-physical Higher Mind is. It is that perspective, or that level of your Consciousness, which has more of an overview. At all times, it has intimate knowledge, intimate awareness of your theme, of your Being’s true desire, of your Higher Self’s true desire and intention behind this incarnation. It functions as the manager, or the bridge that channels the Higher Self’s overall theme (as well as its Love-Light) in a way that is very specific, guided, and monitoring, to this physical mind’s experience.

As an individual extension of your Overarching Soul, or Higher Self, we could say that you are both the physical and the non-physical Higher Mind together. Both are working together to make this life a success. Of course, every life is a success because every experience, every life, every moment, is an expression of the One Infinite Creator getting to know itself in a way that it hasn’t quite known itself before—because of the new relationship that you are building to all of its potential realities, in your particular unique way.

The Higher Mind is here to guide you. It has the template for your life intimately in its awareness, and it is always trying to align you with your chosen desire and blueprint for this life in the most effortless, best possible, most efficient way. The physical mind might argue at times with the Higher Mind’s duty to bridge the true intention of your overarching, Higher Self being into this physical life. Based on the definitions you picked up and hold within your memory of this limited lifespan, and based on your limited awareness from the physical mind’s point of view, you might think you want certain things. But these things may not actually be what you, as an Overall Being, desire for yourself.

So, certain things you may think you want are not allowed to be made manifest (or not quite yet) because you have not yet gone through the vibrational learning curve, or the experiences, that you actually came here to experience. You have not yet gone through the transformational experience that the Soul craves most. The Soul wants the transformational, relational experience, from the physical mind’s point of view, of paying attention, of transforming limitation into bliss and joy and love. This is what is most valuable to the Soul’s expansion, so it will always attempt, using the non-physical Higher Mind, to guide this process most efficiently and accurately. From the physical mind’s point of view, you can sense this (if you are open and receptive enough) as a sort of nudging, or an intuitive impulse. As an intuition, basically.

The Higher Self

Think of the Higher Self as overarching, like a sphere of Love-Light that includes all of the information about all of its parallel expressions—of which you are one. In a way, every physical mind comes with its own Higher Mind, tailored specifically to be a non-physical guide that sees possible timelines and probable realities. It is tailored specifically to the life of the particular physical mind. You are a physical mind and you are a non-physical Higher Mind—and ultimately, of course, you are your Spirit. But, most relevantly to this life, you are a physical mind that is trying to figure out how to work more efficiently in cooperation with the non-physical Higher Mind.

In order to do this, you need to open up; you need to meditate every once in awhile, at least in some way. It doesn’t have to be in the traditional way, but in your own way. You must pay attention, which is really what meditation is about. It is about becoming more aware of what is already happening, who you already are, how aware you already are. And through the process of increasingly opening up and becoming more transparent, you will then start to become highly, highly intuitive.

Again, Higher Self is like the Soul that contains everything, all of the information. And it is sort of on its own journey, as well, back into the Creator. In order to complete that journey, it has all of these life experiences. They are guided by the Higher Mind, which is not limited by the space-time realm limitations of the physical mind. The Higher Mind is far more expanded—it sees from time first, and then space (this is a little complicated; I won’t get into it now). It is not limited in the ways the physical mind is limited. Its more unlimited aspect is able to guide and nudge the physical mind as it goes through its more limited points of view on its transformational journey. That is the gist of it.


For this lesson’s homework, I want you to start paying attention to the things that are not working out in your life. Meaning, notice where you have a discrepancy between what you think you want and what is actually coming your way. (This is also a preparation for one of the later lessons in this chapter.)

The discrepancy is always due to one of two things: Either you have a limiting belief that is blocking you, or it is not yet relevant for you to have the experience you think you want. In this case, it is actually your Higher Mind nudging you to look in a different direction—to find your truer joy, to find a truer aspect of your theme, or to find an ultimately more fulfilling route to take.

So, either you are blocked because of personal, physical mind-based, limiting beliefs, or you are blocked because, from a truer level of your Being (which has more awareness of what your actual desire for this life is), it makes no sense to give you that experience—because you would not find your truest joy; you would not find your truest alignment.

I will say a little bit more about this later, but for now, in preparation, I want you to pay attention to those moments in your life when you feel you want one thing, but you are getting something else. I want you to then include the perspective that maybe (or certainly) something is being communicated to you from the Higher Mind’s point of view, from the non-physical mind’s point of view. I want you to start paying attention, so that you are able to notice that you are actually being guided, all the time, by the non-physical, counterpart Mind. I want you to grow intimately familiar with—and start paying more attention to, become more aware of—the connection that is already, always constant; the support that you are already, always receiving.

Do this in meditation, and/or do this while you are walking into everyday life experiences. Become more closely aligned in your vibration, in your Consciousness, to what the Higher Mind would actually be like. How is the Higher Mind perceiving your present physical experience? You will feel your Awareness start to expand beyond the limitations of the sense of being just a physical location within space and time. You will feel more spacious; you will feel as if you are becoming more than just your body. You will become more grounded in a wisdom that doesn’t “flinch” as much; that doesn’t react as much to circumstances; that doesn’t project as much lack when something is not immediately working out.

You will gain a broader perspective. You are more closely aligning your personal frequency, making it more transparent to the Higher Mind’s knowledge, wisdom, love, support, guidance, and desire. In a sense, your journey in this life is to make your physical mind more and more closely aligned with your non-physical Higher Mind, and with your Higher Self, as well.

So, pay attention. Understand and imagine and feel that you are not just a physical mind going through a physical experience, but that everything is actually happening inside of your Consciousness. If you want to gain a more immediate experience of how everything is inside of your Consciousness, I recommend you follow the Enlightenment courses. But for now (if you have not yet done the Enlightenment courses), simply understand or know or imagine that every experience you have ever had has taken place only inside of your Higher Mind’s Consciousness. You assume your existence to be this physical mind’s point of view, but really you are much more than that.

By connecting to the Higher Mind, you will be able to receive, much more clearly, its intuitive direction and impulses. You will be able to enjoy—as part of your vibrational experience of yourself—much more of its stability, its presence, its ease, its love, its compassion, its non-reactiveness. Because once you are connected to the Higher Mind, you are no longer just coming from the automatic, unconscious, personal-based mind (which is only using this lifespan’s memory from which to react to new data). You are actually opening up and expanding. You are using more and more of your intuitive Higher Mind’s resources to learn from the experiences that come your way, and to interpret them from a place of confidence, from the perspective of abundance—that everything is being brought to you for a reason.

Play around with this. Pretend you are the Higher Mind while you are going through your physical experiences. And when you feel like you are getting the hang of it, and it is really starting to shift your vibration and your awareness, then you can proceed to the next lesson. And I will see you there.

Thank you. Have fun—this is a fun practice. Try it!

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