Lesson 13 – The Power of Imagination

Hi Guys!

Imagination is something you utilize literally every single day, every single moment, without your knowledge. Not only are you using it constantly, but also, it has tremendous, tremendous power, because it is here for you to create your life, to create your experience, to generate the reality you experience, and to make it physical. So, let us get into the idea of imagination and I will explain exactly what it is.

Imagine Consciousness as a field—an infinite, endless field; a three-dimensional or four-dimensional (or whatever you want to visualize it as) field of Conscious intelligent energy. Inside of this field there are infinite, endless, parallel, probable realities. One of the realities that exists within this field of all possibilities, is the one that we are having right now; or let us say, is the experience you are making tangible, for you, for your Consciousness, as you are reading this.

This is the physical reality experience of me speaking to you through words on a computer screen. This is one of the options of Infinity. You have made this one in particular manifest in this moment. So, when you use your Consciousness (whether knowingly or unknowingly) to tune into a parallel coexisting reality, this is what we have termed “imagination.”

Often, when we suggest that something is “imagination,” it comes with the word “just.” This is really a nasty little word, it is really a disempowering word—“just” imagination. “This is just in my imagination; you are just imagining this; this is merely an imagination, a phantom of the mind.” Mistake! Because imagination is actually the ability of Consciousness to tune into its parallel selves, to tune into alternate realities, and to navigate the universe freely.

As you know, kids are very naturally imaginative. This is not a bad thing; this is not based in non-reality. It simply means they still have more access, because they allow themselves to have more access, because they are not invalidating these other experiences as being less real, as being “just imagination” or merely in their mind.

Kids are still very open. They are still very much giving themselves permission and allowing themselves to tune into, tap into, connect to parallel, coexistent realities—different versions of themselves: past, future, and probable, alternate simultaneous realities. They are quite literally navigating the field of Consciousness more freely than most adults dare to.

There Is No Distinction Between “Imagination” and “Reality” to Consciousness

Imagination is your innate ability to tune into different portions of your Consciousness; to tune into different configurations of energy, different parallel realities. When you are having a physically-focused experience, you call it “reality.” When you are identified with this physically-focused reality and you think or imagine something else, you call it “imagination.”

To Consciousness, there is no distinction (not really); there is no difference. The only difference is in the vibration and in the degree to which your focus is either placed on this physical slice of reality or on another alternate, parallel, possible reality of Existence.

Since we have focused our Consciousness over and over again into a similar frequency range of realities, we have created what we call “a consensus physical reality,” that goes by certain laws and rules, and that seems to have some form of consistency and reality—independent reality—to it. We have created some “independent truths” that we, as participants, need to obey and follow.

But nothing is further from the truth. You are constantly imagining this “reality” into creation; you are imagining this into your Consciousness. In other words, this moment consists only of Consciousness imagining a particular reality. This moment consists only of imagination. This is the power of imagination. Right now, as you read these words, you are imagining this. You are literally creating, generating, imagining this perception, this creation, this experience of Consciousness.

You can learn to utilize this same power—this innate power, this innate ability to recognize, to realize, to tune into, to download parallel realities into your view of the here and now—by more consciously tuning into and utilizing the power of imagination. Again, realize that you are always imagining, that you cannot not be imagining, because any time you have an experience, you are imagining that experience into your view. The more consistently, concisely, precisely, and efficiently you are doing it, the more it seems like it becomes your “real” experience. That is all there is to it.

Physical reality is nothing but imagination. I sometimes call it “physical imagination,” because that is literally what it is: condensed, densified imagination. It is like a dream that is being repeated over and over to the point where it has become a physical illusion, a physical imagination, a tangible, seemingly-structural form of Creation that almost seems to exist independently from our Consciousness, which is dreaming it into existence.

And so, we allow ourselves to forget that we are actually imagining this, dreaming this into existence. But in the same way, we can retrace our steps and remember that this is exactly what we are doing—we are creating reality by means of imagination, all the time.

You Are Already Always Imagining this “Reality” into Existence

In a later lesson in this chapter, I will teach you a very efficient technique called, “Feel It, See It, Be It.” This is a very complete, simple, profound approach for utilizing your imagination in a very powerful manifesting way. It is actually what you are already doing, all the time. You are already always “seeing it” until you are “feeling it” until you are “being it,” and then you are making it “reality,” your life experience. It then becomes your circumstance, your environment. You are doing this all the time already, but you are doing it unconsciously—you are doing it against your preference, against your alignment. You are resisting your True Self.

That particular lesson, and the clarification I am giving in this lesson—the context I am setting right now—will allow you to realize and recognize that you are the Consciousness that creates reality; you are dreaming this into Existence; you are imagining this into Creation.

The more you realize this, the more you have conscious awareness of what you always already do automatically, the more you can start to influence it positively in a benign way. You can start to align it with your true passion, your true purpose, your true theme, your true principles, your true desires.

And very swiftly, you are going to see results, because you will start to utilize that which you have used so often to create your physical reality. But now, you will utilize it in a way that is actually conscious, enjoyable, and in alignment with your True Heart’s preference.

The power of imagination is vast; it is great and it is endless. The state of being in imagination cannot be escaped. As soon as you have an experience, you are in a state or a form of imagination. The moment you imagine something that is not yet physical, you call it “imagination,” but it is the same thing as imagining something that is physical.

Focusing on what is physical is also imagination. You are swimming in a field of open-ended, never-ending possibilities, which you are imagining into Existence. You are tuning into parallel realities, you are bringing them into your Creation by tapping into them using what we have termed “imagination.”

Utilizing the power of imagination, you can literally bring anything into your experience that is truly relevant for you, and that you truly desire. If something is truly relevant for you, you will desire it, and you will be able to imagine it. And if you can imagine it—if you can expand your horizon, if you can increase your perspective on life, your freedom, your free will, your free perspective, your imagination—if you can start dreaming big and utilize your imagination, you will encounter the manifestation principles in action. You will start to see that you can literally pull into your experience the things you desire by utilizing the power of joyful, lack-free imagination.


The homework for this lesson is to sit down, meditation style, for about 10 or 20 minutes (or whatever resonates), at least two times before you continue with the next lesson. But feel free to do this throughout the day as well, for shorter periods of time, or simply more often, before you continue.

What I want you to do is to simply rest as Awareness for a moment, to relax as you are, to relax into the present moment. Take a deep breath… and relax your mind for 2 to 5 seconds. Give away all ideas for just a moment. Reach that central point, the I-AM Presence point. Notice that you are conscious, notice that you are awake, notice that you are alive, notice that you are Now.

And from this central space, this starting focus, tap into your power to imagine. In other words, consciously imagine something you enjoy; something that is of your preference.

I want you to become aware of the process of imagination, in other words, the mechanics of it. What is actually happening? Pay attention as you are imagining something pleasant, something easeful, something joyful, something exciting, something exhilarating, something freeing, something liberating, something profoundly confirming of your amazing nature.

As you imagine this, pay attention to what is happening in Consciousness. Start noticing that what is actually happening is your Consciousness is taking its focus half-way off the physical realm of Creation. The physical focus loosens up and starts to vibrate at a slightly higher frequency of Consciousness, as it is now tuning into non-physical, imaginary realities.

Start noticing that what you imagine, or receive as imagination, from this physicalized focus is actually your mind’s translation into imagery of a parallel, possible creation of Existence.

As you are imagining something pleasant, notice the mechanics of what is happening. Consciousness is softening its focus away from the physical, and therefore freeing-up its database—its RAM memory space; its attention—in order to now become aware of the non-physical state of Consciousness. This is what the brain and our society has labeled “imagination.” But know that it is nothing more than Consciousness tapping into a particular, possible configuration of reality. In other words, Consciousness is tapping into a particular reality, a parallel reality, a particular experience that is simply not physical yet for you.

So, imagine something pleasant and become highly aware of what imagination actually is. Notice that it is Consciousness imagining, or tuning into, a reality that is simply not present to you physically at this moment. But that does not mean that it is not real, that it is not valid. In fact, notice that to Consciousness, Consciousness experiencing imagination is the same as Consciousness experiencing physical reality. From its own point of view, it is simply Consciousness tuning into a reality.

Do this for 10 to 20 minutes, sitting down in meditation, at least two more times before you proceed with the next lesson. And enjoy it! Enjoy the process of reactivating your power of imagination. Start to notice that it is a very valid, true, real, mechanical process that is innate to Consciousness itself—to your Being. It is crucial for you to tap into that power and start utilizing it consciously.

So, have fun with this! And again, in one of the later lessons we will make this more precise, more methodical, more active. But for now, just have fun exploring the potential new power of embracing imagination as an extremely valid and valuable tool of Consciousness, of your Being.


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