Lesson 13 – Balancing Will and Faith

Hey friends, welcome back!

Now that you understand the principle of balancing love with wisdom and balancing wisdom with love, I want to get into a finer subtlety, a finer balance, especially before we proceed with Empowerment III and the Graduation course.

I want you to have a clear picture of what the difference is between will and faith, because a lot of the questions I have been asked over the years have something to do with, “I want to create my reality or I set certain intentions or I have a certain vision for myself. Why is it not happening? At some point, it feels like I am doing too much and I am trying too hard and it is no longer really working.”

This would be an imbalance towards too much will; too much of the personal self trying to take care of things that are actually already arranged, organic, and in perfect timing to fall into the slot of your experience due to Higher Mind and Higher Self. But, if we use too much willpower to try to make things work, we will burn ourselves out and we will not gain much wisdom as to who we truly are and what could be flowing for us.

Those who have an imbalance towards too much faith appear more as victims. They are the “spiritual victims,” so to speak. You often find them in churches or in monasteries. A lot of the traditional teachings create a kind of indoctrination where the attitude is like, “Oh, everything is up to God or up to Allah or up to Christ.” Basically, it is the idea that, “I do not have to participate in my life because everything is predetermined or predestined anyway. So, I might as well just accept that whatever happens happens, and that is it.”

In my eyes, this is an imbalance towards faith. It is not true, complete faith, just as too much will is not true complete will, or just as too much love is not true love, or just as too much wisdom—extreme, imbalanced wisdom—is not true wisdom.

Amassing Free Will and Balancing It with Faith

In order to amass a lot of free will, intention and power, to harness this spiritual free will, we need to consistently balance it with faith. And, in order to really understand what faith is like, to experience the Oneness and Union and Samadhi we can experience through faith, we also need to participate and gather more free will.

Faith and will go hand-in-hand, just like love and wisdom need each other. Will is where I, from my present state of consciousness and sense of identity, intend upon something. Maybe I have an exciting vision. Perhaps through faith, I get an exciting vision and I want to participate in that vision. So, I start doing or creating or visualizing or intending.

When this intention is set, that’s great, because I am participating. I am vibrationally becoming responsible for my participation and my ability to receive the reality I just downloaded. I do this through opening up, which we could generally call “faith”—the lower self is opening up to inspiration from the Higher Self, to guidance from the Higher Self. That is faith. That is surrender. That is trust.

As we gather greater visions, because we are raising our frequency and we are opening up through faith, we can raise our frequency even further by participating. But, we need to do so in the proper, balanced way. Of course, the only way to learn this is to be out of balance sometimes, so that is totally fine too. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but do pay attention when you are getting out of balance.

Too Much Will versus Faith

Basically, what will describes is where you are at, in terms of your present sense of “I am a self” or “I am over here and the world is over there.” There are many degrees of expansion within this sense of identity. As you continue your journey, your sense of self will become more empty, more transparent, more expanded, more clear, and more balanced.

So free will (or will, because it is not always “free” yet) describes the intent of this “I,” from one’s present state of identity and consciousness, to create something. In a nutshell, this is the description of “will.” I am attempting or desiring to create something and I am taking some kind of action, whether it is through intending, visualizing, communicating, relating, or some other type of physical doer-ship action. I am willing something to happen, in a way. I am participating, but this participation is coming too much from the sense of identity. When the sense of identity forgets that it needs to continuously open up to what is even bigger than itself, then the will is losing touch with faith or surrender or trust.

The physical mind then tries to take on duties and job descriptions that can never be fulfilled by the will at that particular level of identity. The brain, for example, is not really designed in any way to take on tasks that involve parallel timelines, realities, and probabilities of the future. This domain belongs to, or is more appropriately dealt with, from the point of view of the non-physical Higher Mind.

We take on a vision that is perhaps inspired by our non-physical Higher Mind through, say, a faith practice exercise—or just because we are in the receptive state of relaxation, where the will is not trying too hard to become anything. Then, the physical mind gets all excited about this vision and wants to execute it. It wants to do it now, and it wants the results to be a certain way.

The will becomes insistent. It forgets that it is actually collapsing down into a lesser version of itself. It is condensing itself, crystallizing itself, making itself denser than it needs to be. It is becoming more static, less flexible, less intuitive, and less open. It becomes burdensome to be the doer.

Too Much Faith versus Will

In contrast, an imbalance of faith would be a person who is so tired of a life of trying to do, that they throw it all out of the window. This can be very powerful for a period of time, but it should not be adopted as a philosophy for the rest of one’s life (in most cases—there are rare exceptions). This is because that attitude causes suffering. “I feel like I am suffering. Anytime I try to do anything whatsoever; anytime I feel that I am participating in my reality, it immediately turns sour. It turns painful and I feel contracted. So, I am just going to let everything be up to God.”

To temporarily to balance oneself out in that moment, to heal an excess of will, this may be exactly what is needed. However, many people then “hang their hat” on that philosophy and they become subtle spiritual victims. They think they are not responsible anymore for what they attract into their life. But nothing is further from the truth.

They might attract diseases or complications, but they do not really want to investigate anymore. They do not want to take ownership anymore, because they have hung their hat on the idea, “This is all up to God. Since it is now all up to God, I am no longer paying attention or listening to my non-physical Higher Mind for guidance. I am no longer participating in my own life.”

At this point, Higher Self will crystallize catalyst, into the mental / emotional levels at first. This is disregarded because the person believes it is “all up to God,” so they should not be participating in any way. The catalyst is then transferred into circumstances in the physical bodies. Even at this point, many people who are imbalanced towards faith will think, “Well, this is God’s will.” But God’s will is that you pay attention and start participating, balanced in will and faith.

This does not mean you become overly focused on being the doer of your life. It means you start flowing. It means you realize that, as you are given these visions, you can immediately set an intention and you can take action in an exciting way. You can do this without any insistence or stubbornness as to the outcome of the intention or the action taken; without insistence as to when it should happen and how it should happen.

Intend and participate in these exciting visions and desires you receive. You are in connection with your Higher Self, and therefore, you feel these desires and impulses. Participate by simply receiving them, by saying “yes” to them. Amplify them by saying, “Yes, I wish to participate in this reality! I will do what I can to uproot limiting beliefs and negative definitions and transform them to positive definitions about this new reality that I perceived in my mind’s eye. In this way, I can reach the proper vibrational state, so that this reality can then attract itself to me—or me to it. Then, I can than experience that plateau for a while, before moving on to something even more expanded and filled with learning and expansion.”

So, participate! Say “yes” to your dreams, but be careful not to take ownership, from the physical mind’s point of view. Don’t care too much about the details of how and when something should manifest. If you can ease off the need and the incessant desire to control how and when things will come about, then you are now in a free-flowing state; you are in a participatory vibrational state of receptivity and participation. You will be looking “upwards” for further clarity; you will become more like your Higher Mind already is. Now you are in a balanced state of will and faith.

I hope this was helpful for you. I hope you will take this with you, as you continuously create new waves of expansion and learning and manifestation in your life, so that this can become accelerated for you, and that you will be able to maintain its balance. In this way, acceleration can become even more rapid and more beautiful and more balanced.

Thank you very much.


Your homework for this lesson is to sit down (or walk or whatever makes you feel like you are in the flow) and ask yourself for something exciting. Maybe it is something you have already been aware of for a while, or maybe it is something you feel underneath the surface.

I want you to ask your Higher Mind for a vision of something that excites you—something that is new for you, something that is a little bit challenging for you, something that will expand you beyond your comfort zone, something that will require you to vibrationally upgrade your participation and your sense of self, in order to be able to match that frequency.

Anything that truly excites you is generally of that nature. It is slightly out of reach; it is “a carrot dangling in front of your eyes.” But its intention is to help you expand your vibration and learn what you need to learn in order to match the vibration of that which you truly desire. Then, it can enter your life, and you can take it from there. Then, you can expand even further with the next-most-exciting inspiration you have access to.

So, ask for something exciting! Think of something exciting. Feel how it excites you, and see how it ups your frequency. Maybe you have a challenging, limiting belief that occasionally contracts your frequency a little bit; that makes you doubt a little bit. That’s OK. Find a nice vision that, in a balanced way, you are able to reach and that you are excited about. Don’t choose something so easy that it’s like, “Oh yeah, of course this is already the case.” Choose something that expands you, that challenges you in a positive, exciting way, but that is also near enough to get excited about. Choose something that is close enough within your vibrational realm to get excited about.

Once you think of something along those lines—and it doesn’t have to be perfect, just anything that comes to you intuitively will do—I want you to pay close attention to how you can participate in making this dream work, by receiving it in the appropriate way.

In general, here is what I believe to be the appropriate way to receive a new vision of excitement that is slightly above your “vibrational paygrade” in this moment. First of all, trust and understand that it will happen, otherwise it would not excite you. The vision would not excite you if it was not already within your field of Consciousness; if it was not already on the precipice of your Higher Mind, ready to be given to your physical mind’s experience.

Trust that it will happen in perfect timing, and then see how you can participate by asking yourself, “What do I need to shift within my belief system in order to become a vibrational match to this that I have now envisioned? How would I look? How would I feel? How would I act? In that realized state, where I have become the version of myself that excites me the most at this time, what would I believe?”

Imagine it. See it, feel it, be it. And be very, very careful and mindful of attempting to control the details of how and when it should come about. This doesn’t mean you cannot attend to details, or that you cannot have a really detail-oriented brain when it is executing something or when it is acting on its excitement. I have a highly detail-oriented brain in many, many ways, and using it is not the same as controlling the details. I can use the details and I can pay attention to the details.

That is part of my joy—to be perfectionistic in that way. It is part of my excitement and my skills and my joy. It is the reason why some of the things I have done have worked out really well for me. So, that is not the problem; detail-oriented consciousness is not the problem. The problem is when that becomes infused with an insistence of how or when the future outcome should come about.

Ideally, the appropriate way to receive a new and exciting vision is to know that it is already yours, and to trust and feel that. Then, see it, feel it, be it. And, while you are acting on the exciting steps that seem to correspond to your dream; while you are going through your vibrational upgrade—investigating the beliefs that do not fit in with this new vision of yourself that you just saw, felt, and are in the process of becoming—do not become insistent upon details that are future-oriented. You are receiving it Now. Your physical mind is only designed to know the Now and to use the past to assess the Now.

You will be in a balanced state if you receive this with joy and say “yes” to this new vibration. Be up for the challenge! See how you can upgrade your vibration and transform any limiting beliefs into abundance and expansive understandings of the universe. Know how worthy you are; how deserving and how capable you are. Say “yes” to this inner vibrational journey, knowing that you are becoming a vibrational match to that reality and that it will effortlessly be attracted to you through the Law of Attraction.

This is the appropriate way to receive a dream. The way is not to go out and take action to compensate for vibrational mis-alignment. You can never compensate enough for vibrational mis-alignment. First, you need to align yourself; that is what you are saying “yes” to: “Yes, I see the vision and I want to become the vibratory receptor that is able to match the frequency of that reality, so that it will effortlessly come my way. And along the way, as the breadcrumbs of joy present themselves to me in this moment, I will act on them—willingly and diligently and with perseverance, but with a very relaxed perseverance, and with a sense of confidence.”

“Follow the Breadcrumb Trail of Excitement” is a lesson (in Empowerment I) you had to complete in order to get to this lesson. Follow that excitement. The breadcrumb trail of joy never arrives as multiple breadcrumbs; it only ever presents itself here and now. Something excites you right now, and this thing that excites you the most right now is automatically tied-in to all of the other breadcrumbs and all of the other facets of your dream—which wants to come to you in the most efficient, quickest, and most joyful possible way.

Out of all of the space-time future probabilities, Higher Mind is organizing all of this so perfectly for you. You could never do this yourself. All you have to do is notice what excites you the most, right now. Believe in it and act on it with the highest integrity—with no insistence upon future outcome as to how and when things should come about.

This is the appropriate vibrational state of being in the balance of will (participation, gathering of free will, working on your vibrational upgrading), while simultaneously being in trust and faith and receptivity and intuitiveness as to the nudges you get along the way. You are acting on your excitement Now, not projecting too far ahead, if at all, into the future. You are trusting that what you want is already yours. You are working on yourself vibrationally, taking it one-step-at-a-time. You are not thinking about outcome at all.

Practice this with a particular desire that is exciting and challenging to you in this moment. Make it happen without doing. Make it happen by participating in a balanced state of intentionality versus faith and humility.

Thank you very much. And enjoy.

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