Dedication & Application

Dedication and Application are the same energy; you cannot have application without dedication, nor dedication without it naturally resulting in application.

What Is Application?

Application means to apply, or to practice. It points to the application of knowledge, rather than to accumulated knowledge.

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” – Bruce Lee and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Application can be as simple as having a certain concept or understanding in the forefront of your consciousness and contemplating it. Application can also show up in the form of a change you decide to make in the way you respond to life and other-selves. Application can be to sit down and meditate.

Application refers to any sincere attempt to apply and implement a piece of knowledge or wisdom. Application, therefore, does not always have to look like a method, an exercise, or a formal meditation. It can be those things, too—and they do have an important role to play in Trinfinity Academy—but more often than not, when I suggest that you “practice and apply what you have learned in this lesson,” I mean for you to contemplate its truths and apply its meaning in everyday encounters, to the best of your Dedication / Application ability at that time.

What Is Dedication?

Dedication is the inclination toward applying what you have learned, until you know it and are convinced of it. Dedication is the fire that increases one’s will, one’s vibration, one’s frequency, one’s freedom, one’s embodiment of the innate gift of being a co-creator, one’s ability to reflect and embody The One, one’s power of choice, one’s power to rise above the sloth of the automatic mind (whether individual or collective), and one’s ability to re-embody the principle of Free Agency and achieve new heights of concentrated, expanded expression.

The intelligent Presence-Energy of Infinity will open up more and more in you when you realize that you desire freedom of choice and the expansion of Consciousness. It will make you fully alive and permanently raise your frequency. The more you give yourself to the principles of passion, desire, dedication, application, and practice, the more you will transcend and transform yourself and your frequency of being.

The more sincere, willing, and dedicated you are, the more spiritual power your individual expression of Consciousness is allowed to be harnessed and channeled. Spiritual power is simply the application of the Unconditional Love-Light energy of The One.

Dedication / Application is the juice of life, the sincerity that drives the adept—the true seeker of Unity and Expansion—to ever greater heights. Without properly directing this juice of life, you will have to tolerate dullness of spirit and the mediocrity with which you have surrounded your True Being. You will have to bear the frustration of feeling that something is not quite as it could be. With the juice of life running through your metaphysical veins, the sky is not the limit; the sky is where you just begin to thrive and know yourself.

Is Dedication / Application the Same as Discipline?

Dedication / Application is passion. It is a direct result of knowing what is important to you and what is not. It is an essential, naturally-arising attitude that keeps building upon its own sincerity, satisfaction, and truthfulness. It is essentially free from the need to be disciplined, although discipline often is a natural expression of it.

Personally, I have never been disciplined in the traditional sense, and I never will be—although I can stop my thoughts or concentrate on one thing quite vividly for as long as it interests or serves me to do so. So, some would say I possess discipline, but I don’t see it that way. Here’s why: Discipline usually suggests Dedication / Application applied to something dry and intellectually chosen or imposed—something that you don’t resonate with; something that is not truly in the realm of relevancy and excitement for your continued exploration of life.

If discipline is applied to what is in alignment for you, it is no longer discipline, it is simply felt as Dedication / Application, or passion. Dedication / Application is the thread of energy, the line of light, that connects you to the truth of your Higher Consciousness and leads you to an ever-greater embodiment of the very first expression of Infinity: Free will, free agency, or the power to choose.

I realize that some of you may have been studying teachings that encourage you to believe that free will does not exist. I am also aware that some recent neurological research suggests that free will is an illusion. But I promise you—by the time you are done exploring my three Teachings in depth, you will know that Freedom of Being (free will) is not only an option, it is what you are. Free agency creates everything (including the illusion of no free will) and this freedom of choice is the Creator’s very first principle of self-expression: Awareness itself. Awareness is the ultimate free agent.

Free will, or free agency, pervades every level of your being. I know it may not seem like that, but I will explain in depth why this is so, in my Third Teaching. You will taste the beauty of this truth and see its perfection fully. You will learn to harness its infinite potential and channel it into manifestation in countless ways.

Dedication / Application Is What Activates Infinite Potential

Dedication / Application is activated passion for the highest truth, for rediscovering your true Self. It opens the gate to infinite possibilities being drawn into your experience. Sincere Dedication / Application, or desire / application, calls in the Intelligent Light of Creation and its ability to unlock endless knowledge and empowerment in the adept: You. At a rate you can handle, I might add.

Passion, dedication, and the willingness to apply it, is the unblockable desire drawing you into Infinite Intelligence; it is the innate yearning toward transcendence of limitation and absorption into The One. It is our desire to become full-fledged experiencers, vessels, messengers, and channels of Unity / Empowerment. This is why we all love superheroes and their superpowers so much—they reactivate that covered-with-lies part within us that knows everything is possible and that secretly hopes (knows) we are destined for greatness.

And we are destined for greatness. We so, so are. You so are, my friends.

It is time for you to unleash an amazing life—a life rooted in love, wisdom, and a passion so earth-shattering that it eventually knows no polarity or opposite! And the bliss of your being will become known as All There Is. Dedication / Application, or simply the passion for truth, will lead you there.

What Decides Whether or Not One Has Dedication / Application?

All of us have the passion of earnest Dedication / Application running through our veins. But most of us have been very deliberate for a long time about directing this passionate force of free choice and greatness into the very narrow corners of other people’s expectations and fear-filled guidelines.

The realization that more is possible—and desired by the real you—has been condemned as “greed,” “arrogance,” or “ego” by many. This has further encouraged us to suppress our natural desire toward reunion with the One Infinite Creator. But once the pain of suppression becomes too great to bear, it leads to a genuine passion that is dedicated to what is true and brilliant. It becomes an unstoppable force that cleanses your vision, heals your life, and empowers your being into bliss.

Mediocrity is the opposite of what and who you truly are. It is here only to test your faith in yourself; it is not actually designed to be embraced as a way of life. Mediocrity, in any form, is an offer you should refuse, not out of resistance or fear, but out of a clear seeing that you are a free agent of Infinity and that your duty / honor is to express this Infinite Nature by following the thread of your highest joy with sincere Dedication / Application.

Know that, from this day forward, the zombie-state has nothing to offer you anymore. Then, you will be naturally dedicated to apply your knowledge.

Rekindled Dedication / Application emerges in you as a result of:

  1. Being dissatisfied with one’s life or state of being as it presently is (being tired of tolerating repeated cycles of mediocrity)
  2. Seeing that there is a higher state of being possible; one that is more closely aligned with who you truly are

“Only one who is sick of his sickness can see the path to healing.”

If you had not reached either of the above levels of inner clarity, you would not be reading this text; you would not have joined Trinfinity Academy. In other words, you are already dedicated and willing to apply the tools and short-cuts that Trinfinity Academy will reveal to you. You understand the value this could have in your life, as well as the value it could bring to your duty / honor to be a free agent of Absolute Infinity.

I’m not here to tell you that you should cultivate Dedication / Application. I am pointing out to you that you already possess the unstoppable fire of desire! I write this merely to throw more wood onto that fire. I write this to remind you that true acceptance and peace have nothing to do with tolerating sloth, mediocrity, or other manifestations of the passionless condition that you copied from other-selves.

Trinfinity Academy will help you transcend “the person,” and even Presence-Energy. It will also help you rekindle this fire and direct its intended power of choice appropriately, wisely, and passionately, so that you may know a bliss without end and an expansion without limits.

You are not a sheep.

There are those who, out of fear, have come to prefer ignorance over truth.

You are not one of those people.

There are those who prefer to not face their accumulated layers of negative beliefs (and the fact that none of those beliefs ever belonged to who they truly were / are).

You are not one of those people.

There are those who fear the clarity and responsibility that comes with Self-Realization and Self-Actualization. They fear this more than the exhaustion of the constant burden of having to unconsciously carry all of their falsehood with them, feeling like a victim of life.

You are not one of those people.

You are one who is dedicated to apply the ways of wisdom and passion and to build upon the fire of desire. Once embraced, the fire of desire turns into the fountain of abundant satisfaction—satisfaction without end, reaching an ever-expanding embodiment of your birthright, which is to add to Creation as a Free Agent of Infinity.

You are one of those people who, by your very presence and actions in life, will show the all the others who still fear the unknown, that there is “nothing to fear but fear itself”—and not even that.

My promise to you is that I honestly believe Trinfinity Academy has the potential to unlock in anyone the most incredible realizations regarding Existence that a person could ever desire or need, in order to get to where True Being already resides.

In addition, I believe that Trinfinity Academy’s teachings address these major realizations with precise languaging, and in a way that ensures the essential balancing-out of potential imbalances, as well as safe guidance around certain traps one can fall into (these are avoided or transcended or understood before they can even occur).

I believe Trinfinity Academy has done a lot of the preliminary work for you on your journey, and as such, offers you a clear start, without confusion. In other words, Trinfinity Academy offers something truly comprehensive and balanced, and I fully believe it will work its magic on you.

Here’s where I need your help. The only ingredient I could not include in my teachings is you and the quality of Dedication / Application that you yourself must bring to the table. I cannot—and would not want to—do the work for you. This is your honor, your duty, and your pleasure in life—to pluck the well-deserved fruits of your Dedication / Application and enjoy the subsequent realizations.

So, I am counting on you—as the student, the participant, the member, the co-creator, the free agent of Infinity, the adept, the sincere seeker of Unity and Expansion—to pay attention to, and honor, your Dedication / Application levels.

I am counting on you to embrace every opportunity you can presently recognize as an opportunity (eventually everything is seen to be an opportunity) to increase your dedication toward following the line of Light that leads you deeper into your True Being.

I am counting on you to arouse within yourself, and strengthen many times over, the energy of free choice and the power of will (balanced with surrender) and to utilize this energy and power to fully apply and practice these teachings—to bring them into your everyday life.

I am counting on you to not rush through the courses too quickly, before you feel you have applied and embodied these understandings, before you have completed the practices contained in the lessons—step by step and enough for your Dedication / Application to have positively changed your sense of self and your behavior in life.

If you promise to do whatever you need to do to stay in, and build upon, your passionate fire of desire for Unity and Expansion, then I promise you—through the direct extension of all the best of me that is Trinfinity Academy—I will help you take yourself to the infinite depths of being and beyond, to a quality of Self-Awareness you never thought achievable in one lifetime.

With all the passion in All There Is that I presently have the ability to call into myself, I greet you, welcome you, encourage you, nourish you, and bless you on this marvelous journey-without-end. May the fire of desire quickly turn into the fountain of abundant joy; may it take you places you have always been told you will never be able to go.

Life is a dream in which you are the dreamer, as well as the dreamed.

Infinite Love,