Lesson 17 – What comes and goes has no being (let it come and go)

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This lesson is titled: What Comes and Goes Has No Being—Let it Come and Go. This plays into the idea of Emptiness a little bit; the idea that the things that appear to us, the experiences that appear to us, the objects that appear to us, the people that appear to us, the circumstances that appear to us, the physicality that seems to appear to us—every single one of these experiences or objects or things has no Being of its own.

In other words, Beingness itself is Awareness, is the perceiver, is you as Consciousness, is you as I-AM. You are the only thing that has Beingness, that has Presence, that has Existence.

Things that come and go cannot, by definition, have Beingness because they come and go. They come and go as appearances, appearing to (or inside of) your Consciousness, your Awareness. That Awareness is Existence itself. It is Beingness. It has Beingness. Awareness is; therefore it has Beingness.

Objects Don’t Have Beingness of Their Own

Objects seem to be, but essentially speaking, they don’t have Beingness of their own. In a sense, they do have Beingness, and we explored this in Enlightenment I, Lesson 3: Everything has Presence. In that lesson, we explored the experiential fact that objects actually do have Beingness, they do have Presence. However, they do not have Beingness of their own. This is a crucial distinction to make. In other words, the objects you experience on a day-to-day basis do not exist apart from your Beingness.

In Lesson 3: Everything has Presence, the Presence you sensed in objects was actually an extension of your very own Beingness. You gave life to the appearances. You made it seem like there was an actual object appearing.

In reality, all that is occurring is that, out of your Consciousness, out of your Awareness, out of your Beingness, you are generating illusory perceptions on a day-to-day basis, on a constant basis, on a nanosecond-to-nanosecond basis. Those perceptions consist of colors and sensations and ideas and images and words. When we combine all of these different elements—sight and sound; the visual and the tactile; the feeling the sense of things; the words we give to things; the definitions and the thoughts—everything we apply to our perception—this makes objects seem like they have an independent existence. We will address this in a later lesson, where we will go into dismantling the idea of perception.

Another title of this lesson could be: Things Do Not Have Independent Existence. Things do not exist independently from you, independently from you as Consciousness. Nothing exists apart from Awareness. We will get into this more in-depth in the Inseparability course of Enlightenment III.

For now, the purpose of this lesson is to realize you can give yourself permission to feel free to let things come and go, to let things be as they are. Why or how? By knowing that the things that appear do not actually have a Beingness of their own. They don’t have a Beingness independent from you. They literally do not exist without you. They don’t exist apart from you.

You Give Objects Their Beingness

Objects are given life; they are given appearance; they are given Existence; they are given Presence. They are given Beingness by your Beingness, by your I-AM power, by your Consciousness, which is generating these perceptions, these illusions, these appearances, these experiences. Consciousness uses its own I-AM Presence energy to generate the imagery, to generate the perceptions. Its infinite field of I-AM Presence Love-Light energy is utilized to generate all images, all perceptions we can possibly create. So, all of the things we encounter in everyday life are generated out of our own Beingness.

By definition, you as Consciousness, you as an individuated Consciousness, you as your Consciousness, cannot experience something that is not generated out of your very own I-AM, I-Exist, Love-Light Presence energy. It is impossible for a Consciousness to experience anything but itself. There is not, therefore, a witness that visits certain places or things that exist independently from that witness, independently from Consciousness.

Consciousness has always done this, timelessly so, before the beginning of Creation; this is a permanent, eternal, timeless fact. Consciousness has generated the illusion of separation—and experience, and things, and objects—out of its own energy field, within and inside of its own perceptive field; its field of Awareness. This is not really a field, ultimately speaking; it is simply Consciousness (but that is a little too subtle to get into right now). Awareness can be visualized as a field, even though that is not accurate either. But within this so-called “field” of Awareness, everything is projected. Everything is generated out of this field.

Everything that Appears Is Created Out of Your Presence

Things appear as if they exist separately from Consciousness, but they do not. Therefore, we can accurately say that things do not have independent existence. In other words, nothing has Beingness. Things that come and go don’t have Beingness. You have Beingness. This is the only thing that is real, ultimately speaking.

Everything that appears to you is simply created out of your Presence in that very moment. The moment you stop generating an appearance, it seems to go. The moment you start generating an appearance, it seems to come into your experience. It is not that you come and go to certain places and things and events; Consciousness, Awareness, is absolutely motionless, is absolutely still. It is absolutely without space-time dimension, therefore it cannot move. Movement is an irrelevant idea when it comes to Awareness.

Awareness can be visualized as a stationary intelligence, or cognizance, that is able to generate within itself the illusion of space and time and experiences and things and separation and individuation and isolation and objects and movement and motion. But all of that comes and goes inside of the self-generated imagery that Awareness generates out of its own Presence energy field, or Love-Light energy.

So you see, this makes it so much easier to let things come and go. Because now you realize the things you generated did not originate outside of your experience, and then entered into your experience. You simply shifted your Awareness to a particular vibratory configuration, which you generated, or activated, out of the potential of the infinite field of Awareness. You highlighted a particular potential reality from your particular individuated I-AM Awareness or Consciousness, and that became manifest to you.

You quite literally generate your reality, in that sense, all the time, automatically. That is the power you have! That is the power you are; that is the power of Awareness. Awareness is the shaper; it is the Creator of reality.

You will start noticing that you actually generate the things that come into your perception. And when you stop generating certain things at certain points, these things seem to go. But it is simply that you stop activating these potential realities into manifest realities. And so they go back into being what they always, already were—potential realities of energy, not actual objects that exist independently from Awareness or apart from Consciousness.

There is no such thing as a reality apart from Consciousness. It has never been found and it will never be found, because it is not possible. At some point, this becomes absolutely logical to you and there is no way around it. For now, it may still sound like it is something you have to “believe in.” That’s okay.

With more and more practice resting as Awareness, and with seeing appearances as illusory self-projections of Awareness within its own Spaciousness, you will start to really, really understand this experientially. You will start to experience, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the idea of inseparability and the idea that things don’t have independent Beingness.

Things can come and go, but now you see that it is you generating the coming of them and the staying of them. And it is you who stops generating them at some point, while saying, “Oh this has left my reality.” But it is simply that you have ceased to generate the particular vibratory state of being that generated that particular physical experience. Physicality exists inside of you. It does not exist apart from Consciousness. It does not have its own Beingness.

Every appearance derives its Beingness from your I-AM Beingness. You are literally breathing Beingness, breathing Life into the perceptions of your everyday experience, generating it out of your own I-AM Infinite Presence / Endless Energy.

The practical bottom-line, or the relief on your end, comes from starting to notice this. You start to notice this experientially; you start to fully know and embrace this concept, this understanding, this principle. Things do not have Beingness apart from you. You, with your Presence, give things their Presence. Things do not have Presence of their own. You give them life. You manifest them. You create them. You generate these images using your Awareness, automatically and intelligently so.

Feel Free to Let Things Come and Go!

As soon as you realize this more fully, the “permission slip” for you is to feel absolutely free to let things come and go. Suddenly, it becomes much easier to let things be. You start to realize, “Hey, wait a second… this already existed timelessly, eternally, inside of the field of infinite potential energy. I simply chose to highlight it by being of a certain vibratory pattern within my Consciousness, within my I-AM state of Being. Then, out of the field of infinite potential realities, I highlighted, or made manifest in our physical terms, a particular configuration of energy that I then call ‘my reality’.

“But I am generating this ‘reality’. My I-AM-ness, my Beingness, is giving Beingness to the appearances; it is generating the appearances that seem to exist in and of themselves. But they are completely inseparable from, and derive their existence from, my Existence, from my Beingness.

“Without my Existence, the things I experience do not exist. Well, they do exist on a non-experiential, potential level, which is still inside of Consciousness, inside of the potential of Consciousness. When I cease to create certain experiences, they still don’t have Beingness of their own in the field of potential, because even the field of infinite potential is still Consciousness itself.”

Things don’t actually exist. They are generated out of the One Beingness that we all share in; that we are all expressions of.

So again, the permission slip is that you can relax even more profoundly. You can give up the idea that you need to control how things appear, how they come and go. Now you can enjoy the flow of life, the flow of appearances coming and going, as it is generated like a sculpture, like an ever-changing, malleable sculpture of spacious energy, moving in and out of your Consciousness—morphing, changing, and transforming.

Every moment is new and different. In every moment something comes and something else goes. And it is not a problem because none of it has its own Beingness anyway. You are your own sculptor. You are playing with your own sand. You are playing with your own clay; with your own energy field. You are playing with your own potential energy.

Isn’t that beautiful?

Consciousness is always playing with its own energy field. It is only ever experiencing its own Beingness. But it is shaping it into certain forms so that it looks real, so that it looks like it is there. But it is only there because we give it Beingness. Knowing this allows us to let go of certain things much more easily than we could if we thought these things had actual existence apart from Consciousness.

When something moves out of our Consciousness, it still exists. We can always tap back into that reality. If we do this sufficiently enough, with enough emotion or desire or intention, and if it is relevant for us to experience that particular appearance or configuration of universal energy once more, then we will. In other words, anything that goes is never fully gone. It is always still within your Consciousness; it is simply not relevant for you to generate imagery of that nature at this particular time. But that’s okay, because there is so much else to explore.

So, why not let go of the things that previously seemed real; the things that you now feel in your heart to be manifestations of your own Beingness? Since your Beingness is always with you, it simply changes the shape through which it expresses and manifests itself.

You can hold onto the Beingness and let go of the way in which it projects its essence energy. You can let it go… you can let it come… you can let it go. “Oh, there’s another appearance! I may like it or I may not like it, but the first thing I can do is simply relax. I can relax for two to three seconds; relax back into the knowingness that I am generating this out of my energy, out of my Consciousness energy. It is just Consciousness morphing itself into a certain experiential shape of itself so it can experience its potential in a certain way.”

It’s beautiful!

Eventually, Consciousness will let go of that particular perception and generate another version of itself, another form of experiencing its own perceptive self, its own intelligence, its own potential. Allow things to come and go, come and go, come and go, come and go, because it happens all the time.

Realize that the things that come and go never had Beingness of their own. It was only ever your own Beingness that you experienced in a particular shape. Knowing this, you can rest in the knowing that you derive your well-being from the stability, from the changelessness of the Beingness of you. Know that there is no other Beingness to gain or to get, because there is no Beingness in the things you generate. They are all your own Beingness; there is no additional Beingness.

There is only pure Beingness, which happens to be you.

So, rest in Beingness while things come and go and change. It is amazingly liberating, as you already know by now, to an extent. It is a great relief to give yourself this permission; it is amazingly clarifying to see that you give life to appearances. They seem real, but it is only your own Presence you are tasting out there. It is actually your own Consciousness being generated—seemingly out there, but still within your Consciousness.


There are three parts to the homework for this lesson.

  1. Play the recording for this lesson again, at least two more times before your next lesson. Let my words operate as a guided meditation.
  2. I would also like you to do two meditations—the same meditation twice. Sit down for 10 to 20 minutes (or for whatever period of time feels good and genuine and authentic to you). Quite literally, apply the words I used in the recording. In other words, start to notice how the things that seem to have Presence “over there” only have Presence because you, as a Consciousness-Presence, are observing them. You as an Awareness-Presence energy, you as Beingness, are noticing more of your own Beingness in form.

    When the form changes or disappears from view—or when you turn the other way and start experiencing other things, or when you enter a different room and start to experience a different reality—notice that the things that moved away actually ceased to be made manifest.

    Your Beingness is what you will always experience and taste. It is what you carry with you wherever you go. Because really, wherever you go—a more accurate way to state it is: whatever you let move through and inside of your Consciousness—it is Consciousness that is the stable, changeless factor.

    Start noticing this. Awareness is the changelessness, the Beingness itself, which gives rise to Beingness in different types of perceptions and forms. Simply notice this. Notice that things have Beingness only because you have Beingness.

    The only thing you ever truly experience is your own Presence energy and your own clear, cognizant Awareness—your own Spaciousness, your own Emptiness, your own Freedom, your own Energy, your own Presence, your own Beingness. You are the only Beingness you will ever experience.

    Notice this for about 10 or 20 minutes (or longer if you feel like it), at least two more times. You can do this more often, if you like, before you start the next lesson.
  3. The third part of this homework is to write down, in a couple of paragraphs or so, what stood out to you in this meditation. What are the new realizations, the new angles on Awareness or Existence that you have never had before? What new permission slips to relax did you discover? Write down anything that stood out to you in this meditation as a new realization.

Thank you so much! We will see you again in the next lesson.

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