Lesson 19 – Nothing is missing, Awareness contains Everything

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This lesson is titled Nothing Is Missing; Awareness Contains Everything. It provides a great parallel to the Empowerment I course and to certain topics covered in the lessons in that course, such as there is no lack, the existence of parallel realities and shifting timelines, and so on.

However, this lesson is more from the Awareness point of view regarding the idea of abundance—the realization that nothing is ever missing; that everything that has ever existed will continue to exist forever, and everything that has not yet come to pass already existed before you were born, a hundred million years ago. Awareness contains everything, and therefore, nothing is missing.

This is a follow-up on the previous two lessons as well, because as we saw in the previous two lessons, appearances do not actually have independent Beingness from the outside.

Objects do not exist and then enter your perception; rather it is you perceiving them that is their existence. Your perception is what they base themselves on; you generate their presence.

Try to understand this principle. I know it’s a bit of a subtle science; it’s a bit of a subtle realization. But you can totally do this, and I am absolutely convinced that you have already had some glimpses (at the very least) of this understanding by simply completing the previous few lessons and meditations. Taking this one step further is to realize that, since nothing that appears has an independent existence—I am conjuring it up into existence.

The Infinite Field of Possibilities

Now, from where do you conjure up these appearances, these objects? From the Infinite field, which is Intelligence itself or Awareness itself. It is not really a “field,” it is simply a spaceless, timeless potential. I call it the “infinite field of possibilities” or the “field of infinite possibilities,” although it is not a field apart from Awareness. It is Awareness. It is Intelligence itself.

Awareness is that infinite possibility, that infinite potential field. It holds the potential for all creations. Not only that, but we can even go so far as to say: Everything that can exist already does exist, even in a manifest way, even experientially. Everything that can exist is being experienced, as we speak, by a certain level of the overall Consciousness, or All-That-Is, in the timeless, all-at-onceness of Now.

Everything Is Always Already Being Experienced

Awareness, on some level, already experiences every possible configuration of Creation that can ever potentially be experienced. Right now, it is experiencing this; it is experiencing this all the time. Each reality is experienced all the time on its own level.

Consciousness shifts into one parallel reality and then into another parallel reality and then into another parallel reality… This is how we experience motion, change, evolution, and time. (Again this is explained in more detail in the Empowerment course.)

Each reality is its own static, complete reality with its own level of conscious Awareness. In other words, every parallel reality is already being experienced all the time, timelessly so, right now. It is your I-AM Consciousness that has the choice to move from one layer of Consciousness to another Conscious level, to another level of Reality, to another configuration of Creation, and so on.

In this way, we generate the sense of past and future. But everything always already exists inside of Awareness itself, because Awareness is that infinite potential for all experiences. In fact, on some level of its awareness, it is experiencing everything all at once, all the time, and this cannot be eliminated.

Whenever something disappears from your view (we saw in the previous lesson that things that come and go do not have Beingness) it is still being viewed by another portion of your Awareness that you are simply not shifting into with your conscious Consciousness.

You have to understand that the All-That-Is-Consciousness, which is ultimately what you are, is conscious of all realities in their timeless state, all the time, because there is no time from that level. Everything is experienced all at once, all the time, from its own point of view; everything is timelessly experienced—Now.

When you start to fully understand this, you begin to feel more invincible as Awareness, because you realize that your happiness is indeed found in Awareness. Not only that, but everything that comes and goes is still somehow contained inside of your Awareness.

Everything You Truly Desire Already Exists

Everything your heart truly desires, everything your Higher Self truly desires for your expression here on Earth, is already part of the relevance, part of the probability, of what will be made manifest for your particular I-Am-Consciousness perception.

In other words, you do not have to worry about the things you truly desire, because you can know with utter confidence that they already exist, and that on some level of your Consciousness, you are already experiencing these things as fully as you are experiencing this conversation right now.

To know this allows you to feel very expanded and enables you to tune into much more of your greater overall Higher Self Awareness. You become more like your Higher Self; you see more as it sees, in terms of abundance, freedom, expansiveness, and infinite limitless possibilities.

When you see in this way—when you know that all realities already exist inside of your Awareness—you know that nothing can ever be lost and all you can ever do is find more of yourself. You can have more fun with other portions of your Consciousness that already experience other realities, and you can move through these different realities. Over time, you will do so, and you will experience the things you truly wish to experience that are relevant for you, that allow you to express who you truly are, and that enable you to find out more about who you are.

We can also feel then, that nothing is missing. If everything is already present inside of All-That-Is Awareness, then nothing can be missing. If nothing is missing, we do not have to seek, because this also applies to spiritual realizations, such as non-duality, realizing Oneness and Unity, and realizing that we are the Changeless. A certain level of your Awareness always already experiences all of these subtle spiritual realizations.

To experience this, all you need to do is tune into that particular level of your Awareness. This may take some practice or time—based on your belief systems, what you have gathered from your past, and your experience. Nevertheless, just know that a level of your Awareness is already having every type of realization you could ever potentially have.

You are not going to achieve a “new” realization. Enlightenment is not a vain idea for the individual to obtain: “Oh, now I’ve grasped Awareness or Enlightenment.” No. Enlightenment already exists on its own level; you don’t have to worry about it. You can simply relax into what is already here, which is Awareness, and through that spaciousness and freedom, direct more of your Awareness, more of your freedom, in the direction of your desire, which can be spaciousness, freedom, enlightenment, and so on.

But a certain level of your Awareness is always already experiencing everything that has ever been created, has even been made manifest, has remained non-physical, or is on the level of spiritual realizations. It does not matter; Awareness has it all covered right now, timelessly so. It is eternally available.

Nothing Is Missing; Everything Is Contained in Awareness

Knowing this, you can rest. You can let go of your seeking, because everything you will ever truly desire is already experienced by another portion of your being. So, simply allow that to inspire you with trust and relaxation.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should give up on your dreams; it simply means you can give up the stress of, “I need to obtain this, and if I don’t, I’m a failure.” It means that you know and trust the rest of your Consciousness, the rest of your Awareness, which you may not be conscious of with your limited perspective.

But that’s OK. Entrust the rest of your self with the fact, with the knowingness, with the confidence, with the reciprocated faith of knowing that your Consciousness is already experiencing what you’re looking for. It is only a matter of “time,” or vibratory changes, or lessons you need to learn and absorb, before you will embody these qualities of Awareness—these realizations of Awareness, these manifestations of Creation.

Everything you truly desire is already inside your field of probable realities; you simply need to allow yourself to know that these desires are already experienced by another portion of your very own higher Consciousness. So, you are already experiencing them.

Do not worry—there is no time, there is no lack, there is no failure. There is only success, because everything is already experienced all the time, all at once. Trust this and know that everything is inside of Awareness; that Awareness contains every possible desired reality and all possible realities. Therefore, nothing is missing.

If you are of the vibratory conviction state of: “I am resting as Awareness and nothing is missing,” then everything you desire becomes more quickly apparent to you, or made manifest. It is attracted into your view, into your conscious view, precisely because you are not resisting it, precisely because you are not saying, “It is not here yet,” precisely because you are not pushing it away.

You know that you know that you are already experiencing what you desire on a different level of your Consciousness. Therefore, simply rest in the Now, present to who you are, present to your essence of I-AM or I-Awareness, in restfulness and conviction.

By the way, Creation loves conviction; it loves confidence. When you are relaxed and free, confident in your chosen reality, Creation will effortlessly bring to you the things you truly desire, because it simply responds to your vibratory state of Awareness, of Consciousness. So, if you are of the conviction that everything is already experienced and free, then you can simply relax and enjoy this moment. You will start to naturally shift into the vibratory state that is representative of the creation you desire.

Nothing is missing. Awareness contains everything that can ever be experienced. You can relax; you already had this covered before you were even born. This is simply a fun journey of exploring the potential of Awareness in a certain way.


  1. Listen to this lesson a couple more times before you open up your next lesson.
  2. Make a pact with yourself, an agreement that you will positively let go of stressful seeking by remembering, again and again, that everything is already experienced by your overall Awareness. Even if you, from your limited I-AM-Presence awareness, do not yet have the expansiveness or the vibratory state commensurate with what you’re seeking for, that does not mean your overall Awareness does not already have that thing covered. It is already experiencing it, otherwise you would not even know about it; you would not have the drive to seek for it.

    So, another portion of your Being already has everything covered for you. All you need to do is to relax and know that this is the case and that there is only infinite abundance. Everything is taken care of. You can relax into experiencing more of what you wish to experience yourself as.

    Enjoy making this agreement with yourself and I will see you in the next lesson.

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