Lesson 12 – Transparent Awareness – Free Agency Realized

Hey guys! Welcome back.

Thank you for practicing these methods—for embodying them, integrating them, realizing the results, and reaping the benefits of them.

For this lesson, I want to take things a little deeper philosophically and experientially, and blend the two together, because now you have had some of the philosophy. You understand the idea of Infinity as the source of All-That-Is, as the source of all of Awareness, which then generates All-That-Is—all that can be, as an expression, as a reflection, as a celebration, as an Awareness-generating celebration of Infinite Unity, infinite possibilities, the Infinite One that is the All-That-Is-Beyond and All-That-Is.

I want to describe to you the results, or the after-effects, or the integration, of this realization of Infinity. I call this “Transparent Awareness,” and the title of this video is Transparent Awareness —Free Agency Realized.

So, here is a fun thought or realization: When you are free and realized in this way—when you have realized the Infinite One—you have realized the I-AM-this, the I-AM, the I-I, and the Beyond-I. Now you are so free to navigate! And you are still Free Awareness. You are the Free Awareness regarding anything about you that has the ability to move and choose and respond. That Free Agency is the very core of your being, even though beyond that you are also the static, perfect, complete, Infinite Unity. (Although that is not a relevant reality to talk to when I say “you”—at least not most of the time.)

When I say “you,” I am obviously talking about the one that has the ability to realize the One Perfect Complete Unity and that has the ability to become aware of itself as an individuation that can then empower itself and attract a dreamlike beautiful, absolutely amazing, thrilling reality. A reality that is of service to all other portions of itself, and that therefore celebrates the generation of greater awareness of The One in a very harmonious and gorgeous way. I am talking to the one who is able to do that. I am talking to the Consciousness, the Awareness, the Free Agent that you are—that now has become transparent to The One.

But you also exist as the Free Agent. You are listening to me. You are responding to me. You have the ability to ignore what I say or listen to what I say. That is your free agency. That is your free will. That is the root of All-That-Is. That is the most valuable expression the Infinite One has ever brought about. It is the core of every other expression of itself.

I want you to identify or feel that you are the Free Agent, but transparent to the Infinite One.

So, now you are being of service; now you are becoming more and more transparent to Infinity. You are becoming Awareness, more and more like The Infinite—the Infinite in terms of how it experiences itself, how it chooses, and why it chooses what it chooses. You are becoming more intelligent. The Infinite Intelligence now starts to percolate and penetrate and saturate your Consciousness, your Awareness, your transparent Free Agency.

I want you to realize that you are the one that The One wants to be. That is why you are here—because you are The One as it wants to be. You are The One in the becoming. You are The One as the Free Agent, you see, because you are more free than The One.

The One is stuck in its own state of perfect, complete unity; you are not. You have the ability to recognize the complete perfect unity of The Absolute, but you also have the freedom to ignore all that. You have the freedom to forget all that. You have the freedom to play. You have the freedom to remember—after you forgot all about it. Which is kind of what we are doing here. We forgot all about it and now we are remembering. Together, we are becoming transparent, and now we are starting to generate group Consciousness on this planet, within the sphere of experiencing and expressing the Infinite One.

You are on a journey of endless expansion and you have become transparent to the Infinite One. There is no better place to be than in that vantage-point seat of understanding, knowing, and having embodied true simultaneity—Free Agency realized or Transparent Awareness.

You are the one that The One is jealous of, so to speak (obviously). The Infinite One wants to express itself and to break free from its own static, perfect Unity. It wants to have the freedom to move and to think and to make mistakes (so to speak) and to navigate. And that is what is has become, as you.

You are the one that The One wants to be right now.

So, realize that you are even freer than The One. If you were not, if the Ultimate One, the Absolute One, was in the freest possible state already, it would not generate anything else. But it wants to be freer. It wants to free itself, even from its own perfect complete Unity. Logically, this might not make any sense at all, but just feel me out intuitively and realize that you are the pinnacle expression of The Absolute. You are what it wants to be.

In your becoming, and in everything that you desire, you are communicating directly to yourself as The Absolute. You are the Absolute Infinite One choosing to explore itself through Free Agency—free from any particular universe. You are not tied to any universe whatsoever. You are pure Free Agency realized, transparent to the Infinite One as Source. In other words, Free Agency transparent to its own Self, which is its Source—which has chosen to be here as transparent Free Agency.

This is such an awesome thing! It is such an awesome completion; it is such an awesome journey. And it will never ever, ever, ever, ever end—even when it does.

You are this. You are it!

You are all of it.

You are everything.

You are infinite worth.

You are all that you could ever possibly think of.

You are everything that you can ever possibly desire.

You contain everything that is and beyond everything that is—perception, non-perception, freedom, bondage, illusion, reality—you are all of it.

And that is the beauty of it.

You are the Free Agent, where it all comes together and it all makes sense. You are the pinnacle expression of Freedom—more so than The One, more so than any universe of Presence or Experience or Presence-Energy. More so than any thought or feeling or individual.

You are the complete transparent expression of absolute, total freedom from anything, including The One. You are free to move, transparently so. You are empowered to become, to express the glorious Creator, The One, in whatever way you see fit, in whatever way “floats your boat,” in whatever way resonates for you.

Resonance is The One’s infinite Intelligence operating in the most efficient way, communicating to all of its different levels. It is as-if a “funnel” opens up between all the levels, all the way from The One to All-That-Is-Awareness, to individuation, to soul consciousness, to the individual mind experience, to the thoughts and emotions, to the very physical experience of yourself. It is all connected by this tunnel, so to speak, this connection, this infinite alignment, this verticality through which you travel, which becomes more transparent to all of its levels—so that you become one holistic being, one holistic expression of the Infinite One in its absolute free form; in its absolute Free Agent state.

I am very passionate about this because I am very passionate about beings realizing this balance, this holistic completion of all the different levels of Creation, so that one is no longer putting one above the other, but integrating all of them as The One in form, and enjoying the absolute freedom that Awareness has been given by the infinite power of the Absolute.

Enjoy it!

Use it wisely.

Empower yourself.

Realize you are infinite.

Never worry, for you are capable of anything.

You are infinitely worthy.

You are infinitely free.

Nothing ever happened to you.

Everything is your creation and none of it ever means anything to you.

You cannot go wrong.

You are Infinite Love.

Be what you want to be.

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