Lesson 2 – Third to Fourth Density transition

Hey friends, welcome back!

I hope you were able to digest the information about the Seven Densities to the best of your ability. Now I want to share some information on a topic that is relevant to the immediate experience we are all sharing today.

Our planet, our civilization, is transitioning from 3rd to 4th Density, as we speak. This is part of why I decided to include information about the Seven Densities, as it gives you a larger context. Five thousand years ago it might not have been necessary to know about the densities, but today, since we are in transition—and you have all heard the stories about the New Age and all that stuff—it is necessary.

As a civilization, we are transitioning from a 3rd Density vibration of Love-Light energy to the beginning stages of a 4th Density vibration of Love-Light energy. Planet Earth itself has already shifted into, or adapted to, this new vibration. Since our bodies are being forced to adapt to this, our consciousnesses must also adapt to this new environment. We share this planetary vibration—this plane of the illusion of the Creator that we call “Earth”—and because we all agree that we have been going through this change for the past so many years, we are now forced to catch up with these changes in vibration, these changes in density.

In this lesson, I want to share a few key changes that are happening as we go from 3rd Density into 4th Density, so that you can recognize this in your own life; so that you can empower evolution by being a co-creator, by being a deliberate, consciously-aligned being.

The Shift to Total Transparency

One of the key changes we are noticing today, and that you will continue to notice evermore rapidly so, is a transition to total transparency. You can see that transparency is being forced to the surface of this planet. You see this in our governmental structures. You see this in our monetary structures. You see this in country-to-country international relationships. You see this in the way we have warfare, and in many other structures.

On an individual level, you will find that transparency is being forced upon you within your intimate relationships, within your families, with your partners and your friends, and within your businesses. Everything is being forced to become transparent. This is one of the key principles of the 4th Density vibration—that nothing can hide from itself.

In 3rd Density there are many “veils,” and a lot of separation is allowed to be experienced. Of course, ultimately, it is all an illusion, but the separation is allowed as an experience. So, you can be in your own world and other people may not know what is going on with you; they might not be able to pick up on your vibrations and your thoughts. In 4th Density, this is not the case, and you may be experiencing that this has already changed.

In the past 10 to 20 years, things have become more and more transparent—especially in the last 3 to 5 years. This will rapidly continue, exposing itself more and more. You will find it increasingly difficult to hide yourself—to hide how you feel and what you think and what your vibrational output is. It is becoming harder and harder to hide this from the beings around you.

This can be tricky for people who have a lot of fears and feel caught up in their sense of self-protection. So, be as compassionate and as kind as you can with these beings. And be as kind and compassionate as you can be with yourself, understanding that there is no way out of this game. You will have to become honest with yourself; you will have to forgive yourself for whoever you are and whatever you are thinking. You will have to come into alignment with yourself, guilt-free. When you feel guilt-free, you are able to open up to other-selves as more of yourself. Then, transparency starts to become fun and enjoyable. It becomes highly beneficial, accelerative, and empowering to your own evolution—and with that, to the evolution of the One Infinite Creator in form, as Creation.

Transparency is one of the most obvious changes you will notice as we continue this transition to 4th Density. Everything is becoming more transparent, and we will just have to deal with that to the best of our ability. This is why teachings like these are helpful.

When we are in alignment with ourselves, when we are in transparency with ourselves, when we stop segregating our levels of Consciousness and embrace the subconscious and unconscious; when we open up and make as much as we can conscious; when we follow our joy, but also pay attention and become aware of what is going on within us; when we find the greatest alignment and the greatest expansion and the greatest compassion and the greatest understanding for ourselves and for our other-selves—then this becomes the foundation of the beginning stages of a joyful 4th Density life that you can have. And you are starting to experience it right now.

The Shift to Group Consciousness

One of the other key principles of 4th Density, which is actually a result of this transparency, is that individual Consciousnesses start to gravitate to one another and group together. Many parallel realities will be generated out of what seems to be a unified civilization; out of what seems to be one planet Earth and one humanity.

Although it seems like there is one planet Earth and one humanity, this is already not true anymore. Actually, it has never really been true, because there are infinite parallel realities. Nevertheless, within the illusion, it seems like we have been together on this one planet as one civilization. And now it is, in a sense, splitting up; not into just two versions, but into endless versions. Your reality—your personal, individual, vibrational reality—will actually be the centerpoint of another collective experience that is about to emerge and gravitate towards that reality.

You will find that more and more beings of like-mind, of like-vibration, will come into your life. Beings who are not of like-mind, who are not of like-vibration, will gradually drop away; they will disappear from your radar, from your consciousness, and you will no longer be able to perceive them. You will no longer be as close to them, if you are even able to perceive them at all. There will be less and less contact, organically so, and at some point you will both wonder whatever happened to the other person.

What you will be left with is your true vibrational family. This does not mean that other people are not also yourself. It doesn’t mean that they are not also “family,” and that they are loved and respected and cared for. It simply means that, due to the exploration your soul wants to pursue in 4th Density experience, it is more conducive to be with a “vibrational family” that is in alignment with your theme and your purpose.

In previous eras, everything and everyone was tossed together into a big pile, so-to-speak, resulting in all the conflict in the last few millennia—all the wars and conflicts of interest. Now, by learning from all of that, by distilling from all of that who we truly are and what state of being we prefer for ourselves, we will start to become the center of the vortex of our own reality. When that happens—when we are clear and in alignment with who we truly are and what we truly want to express and explore the most—this prioritization of our own vibration will now attract to us beings of like-vibration, of like-prioritization, of like-mind, of like-intention.

And so, for each of us, this world will become more and more like Heaven on Earth, with less and less conflict. Challenges will still arise, but they will no longer be conflicting in nature; they will no longer be based in anger and hardship. Instead, they will be based in fun, joy, expansion, love, understanding, and compassion. You will find this happening more and more.

So, pay attention to the fact that you are drawing different types of people into your life these days, and that perhaps you are losing track of your high school friends, or the “physical family” you grew up with, and so on. Notice that you are starting to navigate toward and connect with like-vibration people, which ultimately leads to group consciousness.

In our lifetimes, we will see only the beginning stages of what this will end up being later on in 4th Density. Nevertheless, we will get a real taste of what it is like to be part of telepathic group communication. This may sound “airy-fairy,” but it is actually what is happening these days. You can already notice it on a smaller scale between individuals. It is becoming more and more difficult to not know what someone is going through, and it is becoming harder and harder for someone who is close to you to not know what is going on with you. We can no longer hide from each other. If you extrapolate this into a group experience of like-mind, like-vibration, like-intention, and like-theme—to an experience of similar understanding and respect for each other—you will see how, vibrationally, people group themselves together and minds become linked.

This does not mean you will lose your individual expression or your individual body or your individual mind. It simply means that your individual basis and “database” will now be more fully available to every other being within that collective group consciousness. You will still remain you, but in a sense, you will be hooked up to the internet of minds that are part of that same group consciousness.

This is why 4th Density exploration is different than 3rd Density exploration—because now you will begin to explore what it is like to be part of a group consciousness (which is different than the “pack consciousness” of late 2nd Density). This happens after having realized your individuation, after waking up to the fact that you are Consciousness—that you are a Creator, that you are able to love and give and share, that you are connected to this universe. And now, having become transparent and clear, you maintain your individuation. You maintain the realized self that you are, and yet it is extended to more portions of yourself, forming the beginning stages of a group consciousness that works in unison together. This is very different from what we are used to in 3rd Density.

The Shift to a Higher Frequency

Another key aspect to understand about the shift to 4th Density is that the vibration of 4th Density is of a higher frequency, a higher wavelength, than 3rd Density. So, you will notice various environmental changes and changes to our societal structures.

In different ways, many people will have difficulty coping with these new vibrations. Bodies might feel weird from one day to the next. You might feel imbalanced one day, and the next day you feel rebalanced and better than you have ever felt before. The very next day, you might feel worse than you have ever felt before.

A lot of this stuff is happening collectively. You are seeing it in your own lives, but you are also seeing it out there in the world. Everything is more chaotic than it usually is; everything is amped up. The chaos that we have already been experiencing for, say, 2000 years, is now being made more global. It is being made more international; more accessible to everyone. Now everyone can panic about what happened here or there in the world. Everything is being brought to the surface, you see.

As a collective entity, as a collective consciousness, we are purging ourselves of old 3rd Density materials and ideas and belief systems. We are being forced to adjust to a 4th Density environment, belief system, understanding of each other, and paradigm. This comes with some chaos, but that is quite alright.

When we understand that this is what is happening, we can be more compassionate with ourselves and others, and we can give everything and everyone the benefit of the doubt. We can be giving and patient, even when we get really precise about something.

By understanding this bigger perspective, you can now be more at ease with the changes that are happening globally, within yourself, and within your own personal relationships. Sometimes it can be a little challenging; sometimes it can be a little hard. Sometimes it will be a little conflicting. But that is all because this is being purged. And the result, my friends, is going to be amazing. It is going to be Heaven on Earth.

This is it in a nutshell. There are other effects happening, but this is all I wanted to share—these three points—as a basic foundation for understanding this transition from 3rd to 4th Density.

There is no homework for this lesson other than to listen to this lesson one more time before you start your next lesson. Let it marinate and see how it applies to your own life.

Thank you.

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