Empowerment I – The Fundamentals of Empowered Living

Welcome to Empowerment I! I’m really excited to welcome you to this stage in your life; to this timing of your life where you start to actualize yourself, whether this is new to you or a continuation and an empowerment of it.

Self actualization means you are going to literally activate yourself—put yourself into motion, into action—to actualize, to realize not only what you are, but also who you are and how you wish to execute that; how you wish to become this pristine expression of who you truly are. In this way, the energy of Creation, the energy of, in a sense, your Higher Self, can flow more and more effortlessly through your body-mind expression. You will be able to tap into unlimited power and infinite abundance; you will start to understand how creation actually works.

Once you understand these principles, it’s so much fun to be ALIVE, instead of life just being a drag when the highest you can think of is the peace of Self-realization (which is absolutely epic and necessary). This course is going to be FUN! It’s going to be exciting, and it’s going to turn you on to who you truly are; tap you into more of yourself and make you a very powerful, beautiful, clear, balanced expression of that true self, of your true theme, of your true blueprint, of your true desire.

You’re going to be a vessel; you’re going to be a conduit, a channel of the One Infinite Creator. You’re going to have uninhibited energy—uninhibited flow, uninhibited creative expression, uninhibited play and joy and all these good things!

I’m really excited to welcome you to this stage of your life and to be here with you every step of the way. It is my honor, it is my duty, and it is my joy. Thank you for having made it this far!

The Flow of the Course

So, I’ll briefly explain the flow of this course. It consists of five chapters.

The first chapter starts where you’re at, not assuming a lot about where you’re at in your understanding of self-actualization. It starts by describing the human condition—where suffering comes from, and then it addresses the basics of empowerment—the basics of actualizing yourself. So, it takes you “as you are” in your focalized state of being “a being,” and it addresses these issues from that point of view.

Chapter 2 is going to expand you; it’s going to wake you up to the greater universal principles, truths, and in a sense, Laws of Creation. In other words, I’m going to very experientially show you and explain to you how the universe works, how creation works, how Consciousness and its creation work on a daily basis, and how you’ve created this experience for yourself. And when you start to understand, when you get a clearer and more crisp sense of some of these fundamental universal principles and truths, then you can start to go back again to the focalized point of being you, but this time, not from a place of ignorance, but from a place of being backed up with a context that is huge—with a context, with a cosmology, with an understanding of the universe, of creation, and of how it all originates to begin with. And you can bring that into your practice. You can have that as part of your belief system, as part of your conviction, as part of your realization. This will amplify and empower your ability to actualize yourself.

After Chapter 2’s cosmology and overview of some of the laws of creation, Chapter 3 focuses (not too densely) back on you as an individual expression of the All-That-Isness of Creation. Using these principles, you will then, in very practical ways, learn to actualize yourself.

Chapter 4 does something similar, so we sort of have this movement back and forth. It’s going to expand you back again—sort of pause you for a second. Now that you’ve had your first few glimpses of what it’s like to actualize yourself, we’re going to take a step back and observe with greater wisdom where the perspective of “I am the creator of my life” needs to be balanced, perhaps, by certain relevant points of view or considerations, such as: What is your theme? How do you communicate, in a sense, with your Higher Self? What is the balance between “will” and “faith”?

In Chapter 4, we balance you out, in a sense, to help you avoid getting into the trap of what you often see people doing when they get into New Age understandings without a balanced perspective—they don’t really know how this operates, how this is functioning throughout their everyday life experiences. So, we’re going to avoid these traps and make sure you’re a completely balanced, realized, actualized being.

After we’ve balanced you out—balanced your perspectives so there is a sense of completion; a sense of combining Presence and peace with the actualization of excitement and joy and passion and creativity and power, then Chapter 5 will begin from that balanced, more observatory state, and move back into the individual that you are. This time, you will not only actualize, but also empower the actualizations that you’re already familiar with.

In Chapter 3, you learned what it’s like to become more of yourself and how to put that into action. Chapter 5 will empower and enhance those qualities, and I will share with you a few very powerful secrets and shifts in attention that will turn you from a victim into basically, God—your God, your own God energy, your own God consciousness. And those are really powerful enhancements. In order to get to that space and activate it, actualize it, and empower yourself in that way, it’s really helpful to have this flow of the back and forth of the individual and the greater picture; the individual and the more balanced picture. Then you as the individual, being balanced and having a greater understanding of Creation, can go forth in this way, expressing yourself to the fullest extent you can conceive of.

So, I’m really, really excited for you!

Note: Aside from the Enlightenment I course, all courses in Trinfinity Academy contain video-based lessons. I felt that I wanted to write out Enlightenment I word for word, as it lays the foundation for many understandings you will find recurring throughout Trinfinity Academy’s courses, such as the idea of “Always & Already,” “Everything confirms your freedom,” and others such as these.

Where the videos in Enlightenment I are more supportive, brief and introductory in nature, videos from here on out will be longer, more substantial, and form the actual content of each lesson.

You will find that most lessons have transcriptions of the videos as well, and an audio version of the video for your on-the-road study.

I feel video is, ultimately, a more complete means to transmit and communicate my message to you, and a more intimate way to connect to you—the Trinfinity Adept.