Lesson 14 – Vibrational Attitude Creates, Circumstances Reflect

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Welcome to Vibrational Attitude Creates; Circumstances Reflect.

One more time: Vibrational attitude creates and circumstances reflect—it is crucial that you understand the difference. It is very important that you learn to place emphasis on the vibrational state of your understanding of yourself, the vibrational attitude you carry with you at any given second, on any given day of your life. This is important because it is precisely this vibrational attitude that generates the particular imagery, the particular configurations of energy and reality that are drawn into your experience. In other words, this is the Law of Attraction in action.

It is crucial to understand the difference between vibrational attitude and circumstances. What is the difference? On the one hand, there is your state of being, or the state of your Consciousness—the frequency of your Consciousness, the vibratory state of your attitude, of your mood, of your intention, of your sense of understanding yourself, of your sense of who you are—all of this is included in your state of being, or the frequency of your Consciousness. On the other hand, circumstances have no power whatsoever, they have no meaning whatsoever. They are simply reflections giving you, in a very playful manner (if you allow it to be playful) a reflection as to you who you have chosen yourself to be on a vibrational level, on a belief system level, on a conviction level.

Believing is Seeing

Whatever you believe, you will eventually see. “Believing is seeing”—this is true; this is a mechanical, universal truth. Whatever you believe, will be made manifest—so you can see what you believe. The difficulty in “seeing is believing,” in the attitude of, “OK, first I need to see it before I believe it,” is that it is such a paradox; it is such a loop. Because the way it really works is that you will see what you believe, so that you can actually see what you believe in. Circumstances are here to reflect our vibrational attitude so that we can see what we believe.

Now, if we assume that “seeing is believing” is true—in other words, first I need to see and then I will change my beliefs—then people do not change very fast. They do not learn very quickly, they do not expand a lot in this lifetime. Because what is happening is that they are of a certain vibrational attitude, they have certain beliefs, and since they have certain beliefs, they will create corresponding reflections in their circumstances. In other words, what they see will be confirming what they believe. And if they believe they can only change their belief if what they see changes, then what they are doing is taking their cue from circumstances. Meanwhile, circumstances are taking their cue from the vibrational attitude.

Circumstances take their cue from your beliefs. But if your belief system says that your beliefs should take their cue from your circumstances, then you are stuck in this infinite reflection loop that does not change very much; it simply does not budge. If your belief system is, “I will not change until I see a change,” you will keep believing the same things. Therefore, you will keep seeing the same things. And because you believe you cannot change until the seeing changes, you will not change.

So, get out of that mind set, if you still have it. Drop it! It is not serving you, it is not powerful, it is not enjoyable, it is not blissful. It is not going to lead you into more of what you prefer to experience, see, and enjoy here in this Creation that you have chosen to participate in.

Prioritize your well-being, your joy, your bliss, and your active, pro-active empowerment so you can start to generate a life that reflects your dreams, that reflects more of who you truly are on the non-physical level, on the true Consciousness Higher-Self level. Prioritize this so you can also start to experience yourself more and more in physicality, in form, in a very beautiful, expanded, accelerated fashion.

Physical Reality Is a Mirror

Know that you can always change. You do not have to wait for your circumstances to change; they are simply reflections of your old vibrational states of being. If you change your state of being and you maintain that state—throughout the Day 2 challenge, throughout the echo-reality of your past creations, throughout the circumstances that are reflecting your past state of being—if you can maintain that new state of being throughout the Day 2 challenge, you will flow effortlessly into the Day 3 confirmation state, the celebration, the transformation, the stage I call the Day 3 stage.

So again, please understand that physical reality operates as nothing but a mirroring energy. It is an ocean of environmental energy that exists inside of the overall Consciousness that you are. Circumstances are always generated out of your overall Consciousness as energy, and are shown to you—the Person-Consciousness, as the perceiver of all that is glory—so you can learn about who you are by noticing the reflections you have created for yourself out of your state of being. What you attract will reflect who you are, and this is the perfect way for Creation to teach itself more about itself.

So, the Law of Attraction is not just the law of attraction, it is also the law of reflection and the law of learning. Ideally, you should extract learning and realizations from the reflections you see in your circumstances by realizing your circumstances must reflect something inside of your belief system, something inside of your vibrational attitude, something inside of your vibrational mood. In this way, you can learn to change that mood, learn to change that attitude, learn to change those beliefs. You can learn to strengthen your conviction, your sense of self, as well as your understanding of what is true and who you are, and who you want to be.

So, you can think of your circumstances as a mirror, like you are standing in front of a mirror. If you are smiling into that mirror, what will the reflection do? The reflection does not have a will of its own; this is very important to realize. This is a major distinction between vibrational understanding—the vibrational attitude of your being—and circumstances.

The vibrational attitude of your being is what dictates, is what has the free will, is what has the power, is what dominates, is what exudes and gives to Creation. Circumstances, on the other hand, cannot give anything. They are inherently meaningless; they are empty. They are just “smoke and mirrors.”

Circumstances are empty illusions consisting of Presence Energy. They shape themselves. Atoms shape themselves in such a way as to reflect your attitude, in a translation that seems “physical.” Your physical circumstances are the physicalized translation of your non-physical state of being—who you believe yourself to be, what your beliefs consist of, what your vibrational mood or attitude consists of, what you bring to the table, who you want to be, what you desire to be true, and so on. All of these things will find some physical representation to reflect to you, so you can learn, so you can wake up, so you can make those unconscious beliefs conscious, so you can choose whether or not your beliefs still serve you, so you can decide whether or not you wish to change them, or so you can let go of them altogether.

Start appreciating your circumstances, but only as empty, meaningless reflections of you. You can really empower yourself by utilizing these reflections effectively. Reflections do not have any power to create, do you agree? In other words, when you are standing in that mirror and you are smiling, you are not smiling because the reflection is smiling; the reflection is smiling because you are smiling. If you start crying in front of the mirror, the reflection will start crying, because it does not have a will or an existence of its own. Its only nature, its only possibility, is to reflect Consciousness and state of being.

When you mind your vibrational attitude, when you start to shift it more consciously, you will see that the reflection will start to change, because it is taking its cue from you. You should never take your cue from your circumstances—let this one sink in! Never take your cue from your circumstances, because again, if you do, you are taking your cue from something that is designed to take its cue from you, so you are creating this endless loop where very little acceleration happens.

Make Your Vibrational Attitude Your Priority

If you wish to accelerate and empower yourself, you need to genuinely make your state of being your priority. You want to own your state of being, your vibrational attitude. You want to make your life as happy a space as you can. You want your vibrational attitude to be as joyful, as lighthearted, as precise, as clear, as gorgeous, as trusting, as faithful (faithful in the sense that you have faith), and as confident a space that you can create it to be.

Learn to mind your vibrational attitude 99% of the time, and reflect back upon circumstances only 1% of the time—in other words, start to prioritize your state of being and make that your sole focus, your main focus, your main priority.

We simply want to learn to feel good, we simply want to learn to feel in alignment with who we truly are. We simply wish to be clear on who it is we are and what it is that we desire; what it is we are capable of. We want to be clear that we are infinite creatures, that we are vibrational beings, that we are Consciousness having a state-of-being experience of itself. We are choosers, we are free agents.

All of these core principles of Creation—that there is infinite abundance, there are infinite and endless parallel realities, that we are the Creator, that we are the chooser of the realities we want to experience—we wish to keep these principles in mind, we wish to cultivate them, we wish to nourish them in our mind space, in our vibrational attitude space, in our state of being, in our feeling state. We wish to honor this. We wish to prioritize feeling really good and to emphasize our state of being far more than we emphasize our circumstances—because when we do this, we find the shortcut to our freedom, to our empowerment, and to our ability to create our lives effortlessly, in accordance with our Higher Selves’ true desires.

There is nothing more fulfilling than to be in a free-flowing life that becomes a complete reflection of who you truly are. Know that your priority is always the state of being itself, the state of bliss, joy, and happiness itself. It does not even necessarily matter how that manifests, although you will enjoy the benefits, you will enjoy the changes and transformations—I guarantee that. But what you will enjoy the most is the fact that you are now able to know and execute that which is the most important thing in Creation—that you feel absolutely in alignment, absolutely clear, absolutely good, absolutely excited, ecstatic, on top of the world, absolutely god-like, confident, convinced and in faith within your own being all the time, or as much as you can.

When you prioritize your vibrational attitude, your circumstances—which can only reflect you—will reflect you. You will effortlessly change your reality if you learn to master your state of being, your vibrational attitude.


The homework for this lesson is for you to prioritize your state of being, your vibrational attitude, your feeling state, your connection state to yourself, your connection to your own source, your connection to your own Higher Self and your own truth.

Read this lesson, or watch the video, at least two more times in a very easy, relaxed manner. Simply by my speech, by my guidance, let me guide your attention into the realization and into the motivation that what is most important, what is most valuable, is that your state of being becomes the center of your attention, the center of your commitment to yourself.

After you have done that—after you have read, or listened to, or viewed this information a few more times—you will make a commitment to yourself. You will write this down; you will make a pact with yourself. This will not be anything strict, in terms of self-judgment, or self-torture, or even self-discipline. Simply write a motivational, inspirational memo to yourself on paper, with a pen. You can type it out later, but just for this exercise, write it out with pen on paper.

Write a letter to yourself, approximately one page in length, stating everything you wish to honor in yourself. Write about what you find most important; the qualities you wish to focus on. Write it as a pact, a commitment, a declaration of being inspired to take action in a certain way. For example, “I will honor my connection to myself, I will listen to my resonance above all else, I will prioritize how I feel over how my circumstances appear to indicate how I should feel. I will, I shall, I want to… and so on. Write it down as a statement, as a powerful contract with yourself, as a powerful, inspirational pact-agreement with yourself.

If you choose not to follow any of it, that is entirely up to you. But, for the purpose of this homework and exercise, at least feel entirely committed to this exercise, and write down all the qualities you wish to embody. Write down where you wish to place your emphasis, based somewhat in the context of the lesson I just shared with you.

Afterwards, feel free to type it out, and if you feel ready, share it with us in the study group. I think this could be highly inspirational for all the Trinfinity adepts—and we are all one big family, so why not share this? Why not learn from each other? Why not be inspired by each other’s commitments? Sometimes we don’t even know what it is we desire to do, until we see another portion of ourselves—another version of ourselves, another being, another adept—share their version of how they see their connection with their True Source; how they view it and how they wish to prioritize it. You can be highly inspiring to all the other members of this community if you so choose.

Thank you so much for considering sharing, thank you for reading this lesson, and thank you most of all for prioritizing what you came here to be—which is all of yourself, as much as you can. Develop a full, clear, connected alignment-flow with who you truly are, and everything else—the reflections that are the circumstances—will reflect this change. They will celebrate your truth, your vibrational attitude, always.

Enjoy! You are powerful. You are infinite. You are the Creator.

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