Lesson 8 – Ignore Everything

Hey guys! Welcome back. This method is called “Ignore Everything.” It is more of an actual “method” than the previous two lessons; it is more of an actual practice or an exercise.

For this method, I want you to ignore everything—especially the experiencer of the Everythingness. This is very similar to the neti-neti exercises that you did in the Enlightenment course.

So, a thought arises, and you ignore it. You don’t just say, “This is not who I am,” but you actually—Boom! Deflect it. You become very deflective. You ignore everything. You look the other way. You turn the other cheek. You look 180-degrees back into something else whenever you notice something—whenever your Consciousness registers an experience, notices an experience—whenever you, the Infinite One, notices that your Consciousness is registering an experience.

For example, right now I am noticing that my Consciousness is noticing this hand. Instantaneously, I pop that bubble. I snap out of it, I look the other way into Nothing, where nothing has yet arisen as a registered experience.

Stay constantly in the space, in the blankness, in the Void, in the non-experience, in the non-perception, in the “not latching on to an experience.” Feelings, thoughts, things in your environment—whatever stands out to you in that moment—ignore it.

You may even practice ignoring the very observer of these noticing experiences. You can notice that the Consciousness that is latching on to an experience is a perceiver. It is an active point of view of Creation. You can even ignore that point of view.

Ignore all sense of I-AM. Whenever the sense of I-AM arises, ignore it. Snap out of it. Boom! Empty yourself of it. Look to the Void, where that sensation is not present.

Constantly go back to the absence of registered experience, and to the absence of the registerer of experiences. You will find that, as you do this, it becomes easier and it becomes quieter and it becomes vaster and it becomes more indefinable and it becomes more non-perceived, more non-perception. It becomes more transparent to The One, to Infinity, to Beyondness.

Practice this. Practice it many times. Have fun with it! It is an enjoyable experience.





“Oh, feeling! This is fun! No. Fuck it.” Ignore. Boom! Ignore. “Oh, there is an awareness of this here… but there is no awareness of this over there, and there is not even an awareness of the awareness of this over there…” Boom! Ignore. Become constantly deflective, like a ninja, and it will become more automatic, more natural, more organic, more naturally emptied-out, more transparent—effortlessly.


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