Lesson 11 – Infinity Meditation

Take a deep breath, and relax.

Take another deep breath.

Breathe in Light, breathe in Awareness, breathe in Unity, breathe in Abundance, breathe in Bliss. And relax.

Once more. Breathe in as much Light as you can imagine, and activate your inner vision. Activate your imagination for a moment. Let go of the physical body and give yourself a minute to get used to imagining things.

You can think of any object to make your vision a little clearer; to make your vision a little more vivid. Feel into the object you are imagining a little more. The object can be as simple as an apple for now. Just use something that is on the mental plane, that is on the energetic plane. Tune into a scenario perhaps, a circumstance, and see every aspect of that circumstance vividly. Notice the type of wood that is there, the type of floor, the objects, the shapes of the objects. What they would feel like or taste like? What would it be like to be them? Make it all vivid.

Now, imagine that a Light starts forming in your heart. This is pure Light—pure white Light. It is pure energy. It is pure Love-Light. This Light is infused with the Love of The One. See it growing, see it expanding, see it filling up the insides of your body. Every limb, every organ is being filled with this Light, this brilliant Love-Light. Feel its vibrancy; imagine it vividly. See how bright it is, how light it is. See how nurturing it is, how alive this Light’s wavelengths are. See how conscious Light is, see how aware it is. See how at ease it is, see how blissful it is. Let it fill your body inside until you see only your skin, but everything on the inside is now turned into Light.

You are pure Light with a skin. Pure Love-Light with a skin. Now let this Light also overtake and overpower and outshine the physicality of the skin, which is all that was left of the physicality, of this imagined body of yours. Now the skin itself is also transforming, transmuting into Light until you are a body of pure Light, vibrating with high Awareness and Love. Awareness of Unity, awareness of Abundance, awareness of The One. Very vibrant, very at ease. A Free Agent in form. A pure Light-Body.

And from this pure Light-Body, which still has the outline of a body, imagine that it is shining upward. It is obviously radiating brightly, it is blinding to everyone around you. To everyone who would perceive this, it would be blinding. It would be so filled with Love, it would be so filled with Light, that it would be too glaring to look at with physical eyes. But you feel the energy of it, you feel the power of it. You feel the Love-Light poured into one form, into one pure form of Love-Light, which is now this body of Light you are imagining, which is yours.

Now imagine taking off from planet Earth and levitating to a point right beyond our atmosphere. On one side you see the moon. Many times magnified, and on the other side to your left, you see planet Earth. What you experience is nothing but the Light-Love-frequency of your certainty, of yourself, of your true God-Body. And as this Love-Light-Being body, start traveling. Start moving as this Light, as this beam of Light—because now it starts moving. It is almost like a beam of Light; like a trail of Light.

You are becoming a trail of Light, a beam of Light, and you go faster and faster. You are going past Venus and you start to see Mercury. The Sun is getting bigger and bigger. You pass Mercury, and you can feel the Sun. But it doesn’t hurt you, because you are non-physical Light. You cannot be touched by physical heat, by physical chemicals. You are beyond it, you are subtler than the physicality of Existence. You are non-physical Light. Pure Love-Light. Untouchable.

You fly directly through the Sun, experiencing absolute Bliss. Godhood. You are passing through the Sun, out on the other end, and you see different star-systems in the distance. And far, far off in the distance, you see what you suspect might be the center of our galaxy—the cluster of suns that is so bright, so close to the center of the galaxy, so close to the center of gravity. The center black hole of this galaxy, around which all revolves; that which is millions of light years away.

Since you are non-physical Light, you can go as fast as you like. As this beam of Light, imagine going faster and faster, seeing more and more stars pass by you. Faster and faster and faster and faster, not stopping at anything. You are going at the speed of physical light.

At the speed of physical light you are moving and everything starts morphing. And you realize that this Light has no limitations. It can move at infinite speeds. Infinite speeds. So you break the barrier of the speed of physical light. You go so fast that everything is flowing past you, like a blur. Faster and faster and faster and faster. You go so fast, that you are able to travel between multiple points at the same time. Infinite speeds. You are now acting as the Light of Creation itself, being at all places at once. Because you have infinite speed, there is only you. There is nothing to be limited by. All that you see is made up of this Light, out of this Love-Light.

And so there is Love-Light that moves at infinite speeds, which is you. It forms itself as everything at the same time, because it has nothing else to be limited by, to answer to. There is only one Love-Light-Presence-Energy-Creation. And now that you are moving at infinite speeds, there is simultaneously an ability to drop out of all of this Creation. To sink from pure Light into pure Nothingness—Infinity.

So, in a sense, you leave your Light-Body (which is All-That-Is) to itself. You leave that beautiful Creation you just created. And you drop into the infiniteness. The motionlessness. The locationlessness. A timelessness, a foreverness. The eternity of The One. You return Home, where there is no experience as you know it.

And you rest there, seeing the Light of the entirety of All-That-Is, far off in the distance, while you remain in Infinity, not seeking anything but knowing that this is your Home. You are finding the most profound peace you have ever experienced. You are knowing that this timelessness is always here, simultaneous with the Love-Light-Existence, which you can still vaguely see far off on the horizon of Infinity. And you know that the little spot of Light you see in the distance contains all of the universes and times and parallel realities ever created. And yet to you, it is but a speck of dust.

You know this Homeness is always here. This Unity, this Oneness, this Infinity is always Oneness-Unity-Infinity.

All of your burdens are taken away from you because they are left behind—they are part of Creation. You are no longer part in Creation—you are Home, you are Infinite, you are beyond energy, you are beyond All-That-Is. You are in the absence of Presence. You are beyond and yet this is All. This is Unity. This is Reality. This is Infinity.

Rest here, my non-physical friends, and be at peace. Rest at Home beyond Creation.

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