Lesson 4 – Overwhelm your Experience with your Preference

Hey guys—welcome back.

This lesson is titled, “Overwhelm Your Experience with Your Chosen Preference.” It assumes that you have gone through the previous lessons, especially those in this chapter, if not all of the Empowerment lessons.

Prerequisites to this Lesson

Before you do this lesson, it is very important that you have a balanced energy field, that you have a balanced understanding of yourself, and that you no longer confuse true preference or true desire with lack-based needs or wants—with those desires that make you seek for security.

We want our true passion, our true, in-alignment desires to be obvious to us. When we have a desire, we want to be clear that it comes from a true place within ourselves; that it comes from true alignment, true excitement with our Source, true excitement with our Higher Self.

The prerequisites for this lesson are the completion of the previous lessons in this course, Empowerment III, and that you have unmixed your frequencies. This lesson assumes that you have practiced the previous lessons and have become clearer in your vibratory patterns, in your chosen vibrations. It presumes that you have understood and experimented with the shift from assuming you are a receiver of experiences, to understanding and experiencing first-hand what it is like to adopt the point of view, the experience, that you are actually the Creator of all that you experience. Your sense of Creatorship may not always come from the conscious mind; it might come from the Higher Mind or the Higher Self. Nevertheless, you have experienced, you have tasted, you have allowed yourself to feel what it is like to understand that you are the Creator, not the receiver. You are the giver of experiences, ultimately.

Now that you have unmixed your frequencies and you have realized, or tasted, what it is like to be the Creator of your experiences, you have also become doubtless in your chosen vibration, in your chosen quality of Consciousness. Becoming doubtless in your chosen vibration has allowed you to become embodied in that quality; to feel and experience that quality.

This lesson is similar to Lesson 17: See It, Feel It, Be It, in Empowerment I, where we see our desire, we feel it, and then we be it, or become it. First, there is the process of envisioning what it is we desire—choosing the vibration, choosing the quality we wish to become more of. Then once we see it, we start to feel it. The feeling stage is significant because it allows us to know that those vibrations are presently being incorporated, or downloaded. They are being embodied into not only our physical bodies, but also into our minds and our personal consciousnesses. We are inundating ourselves with that vibration, and as we feel into that chosen vibration, we are in the process of becoming the version of ourselves that is anchored in that chosen frequency.

Now that you are clear about some of your core desires, we can go ahead with this lesson and take it up a notch.

Overwhelm Your Circumstances with Your Chosen Preference

Tune into the chosen frequency that you have become doubtless about, or that you have at least attempted to become doubtless about. This lesson assumes that you have practiced this to some extent, and that you have unmixed your frequencies.

You are clear that this is the vibration, the vibratory state, the version of yourself that you would like to see, feel, taste, and experience more of in your everyday life. Not only on an immediate, intimate, physical, emotional, vibrational level, but also on a circumstantial level. Meditate upon this vibration or simply remember this vibration. Remember what it feels likes. What does it look like? What does it feel like? What is it like to be your chosen frequency? Embody that feeling.

As you go about your everyday life, basically ignore all of your circumstances. This doesn’t mean you have to become completely unrealistic, or that you can’t talk to anyone anymore, unless for an innocent amount of time. But this is a totally fine option, just for the sake of practice or experimentation. You can do it when you are alone, for example.

This practice is not about denying “reality as it is.” It is about not getting stuck on it or focusing on it. You can notice physical reality as it is. You can notice the conversations that are going on. But past the point of registering it, you don’t have to place any emphasis on it. You don’t have to give any meaning or story or vibration or attention span to the existing stories or circumstances, or even to the existing feelings in your own body.

Note: There are practices that will help you to come to acceptance with your feelings; to let the feelings be as they are. These practices are very helpful, and I teach them in the Enlightenment course. So, by all means, check out the exercises and experience this. It is very liberating. It is very peaceful. It is very freeing and crucial. However, for the purpose of this exercise, we are going to assume you are already at a fairly high level of clarity within your vibratory state of being, within your state of Consciousness.

And now, from this chosen state of preference, from this chosen state of Consciousness or vibration—now that you are inundating yourself with this vibration, with this feeling—simply paste it onto everything you experience.

If you encounter a situation that previously you would not have enjoyed, or you would have defined in a negative way, or that simply doesn’t resonate for you, then do not necessarily deny that experience, but instead of walking away from it, paste your preference onto it. Overwhelm that experience with your chosen preference.

This does not mean to start acting silly and New Agey—to start waving incense around. It just means that, in a very intimate, true, genuine and realistic way within yourself, realize that all of this is vibration; that all of this is ultimately mirroring your state of Consciousness, your state of Being, your state of beliefs and vibration.

You can alter this mirror-like reflection. You can allow it to alter its reflection of you when you no longer take your cue from what you see around you, from what is already physically here—which is technically just a reflection of your past states of being and your past beliefs and vibrations.

Use Triggers to Remind You

You are going to amp-up this vibrational output, like when you turn up the dimmer switch on a lightbulb and the brightness increases. Every time someone reminds you of the things you don’t like, immediately overwhelm yourself with the opposite feeling, or with the feeling of your chosen preference.

Someone might briefly trigger you with something you don’t like. Use this as a reminder to instantly practice this lesson. Go back to the quality of Consciousness you wish to embody, and ignore any reason or definition you might have that is triggered by the circumstances or the people around you.

Allow any trigger that might come up to remind you to settle yourself, to anchor yourself, to root yourself, to inundate yourself even more fully in the vibratory feeling of your chosen vibration, of your chosen preference. Everything you encounter can become a reminder for you to amp-up your vibration—to feel and see your vibration and your chosen preference that much more.

When you are looking at a person whom you perhaps don’t really like, or who once told you something you didn’t like, instead of being triggered by it, choose to immediately get over yourself. Almost deny yourself the process of having to go through that investigation.

Instead, simply allow yourself to instantly shift; to go higher, to imagine and choose even more brightly, more vividly, more confidently, more doubtlessly, more single-mindedly—the feeling state, the vibratory state you wish to become and that you wish to see reflected in your circumstances. (And you can do this without having to act all weird…)

Paste Your Preference onto Your Circumstances

This is all about not taking your cues from circumstances. When you overwhelm your experience with your chosen preference, there is no time to wait and see what happens. There is no room for waiting to see how the circumstances reflect your chosen vibration. That would mean you are making a concession to your chosen vibratory preference. When you wait, the circumstances reflect your hesitation, your doubt, and your lack of conviction.

It is important to bring this experience with you into everything. You can use visual exercises, too. Take your chosen preference, your chosen reality, your chosen version of yourself—whatever that might look and feel like—and paste it onto your circumstances. Instead of seeing things as you would normally see them, you are now focused not on what you are seeing, but on how you wish to see your circumstances instead. You are placing more of your Consciousness, more of your attention, on how you want things to look, rather than on how you would have previously defined your experiences.

As an example, let’s use something very practical. Let’s say you own a Nissan Altima. It is a fairly old model and you are not really excited about it anymore. It doesn’t represent or channel the feeling of who you are as accurately as it used to. You have grown vibrationally and experientially, and as a result, you might want to wear different clothes or you might want to drive a different car, or you might want to move to a different place.

As you increase your vibration, as you go through these growth processes, you will notice that you gain a bigger perspective and that you have desires for different physical expressions or extensions of yourself. So, your Nissan Altima feels outdated. Vibrationally, it no longer feels like an extension of your vibration. It feels like there is a gap there.

So, every time you approach your Nissan Altima, instead of being triggered by it—instead of defining it as a “Nissan Altima” and seeing it through the old filters you are used to—I want you to imagine. I want you to paste your preference onto that experience.

Overwhelm your internal feeling state with the vibratory state you desire. Let’s say you desire to drive a Lamborghini. Not only imagine the Lamborghini, but experience it as well. What would it be like, and how you would feel as the version of yourself who drives a Lamborghini (which is a physical extension, the “car extension,” of who you are)? Visualize it. See it. Basically, don’t notice the car you have. Don’t notice what is, just past the point of registering it.

Of course, reasonably, there is a Nissan Altima there, and if you had to agree to that, you could definitely agree. But experientially, for the purpose of this exercise, you don’t have to agree with that at all, because this universe is vibrational. It is a mirror reflection; it is smoke and mirrors. This illusion reflects whatever you say it is; it becomes whatever you say it is. So, powerfully root yourself in your chosen vibration—in the vibration of what it feels like to be the version of yourself that drives a Lamborghini.

Note: This is purely a physical manifestation example, but you can apply the technique to any level of Consciousness or desire you have.

Now, when you approach your car, instead of approaching it with the filters you are used to, instead see the Lamborghini; feel the Lamborghini. Respond energetically, vibrationally, verbally and mentally to the Lamborghini you are about to step into. “Delude yourself” for that moment, for that experience, for that experiment. Feel free to delude yourself—to grab onto the steering wheel and picture the inside of the Lamborghini. Experience what that feels like; what that version of yourself feels like.

Visually—well as tangibly, feeling-wise, and viscerally—overwhelm your experience and your circumstances with your chosen preference. Don’t look for the outcome. Don’t check to see whether your Nissan Altima has turned into a Lamborghini yet. Don’t check in with that, because it will immediately lower your frequency. Don’t check your bank account or your bank statement unless you are able to see and feel your chosen preference much, much, much more so than you see and feel what you realistically would assume your bank account to be, based on the numbers, based on the “facts.”

Facts Are Mirrors of Your Past State of Being

Realize that facts are just mirrors; reflections of your state of being; reflections of your chosen preference. So now, when you open your bank statement or walk to your car, bring that new energy with you. Practice it. This can become very powerful; this can become very overwhelming. You can begin to feel at one with your surroundings, just because you are exuding and radiating the chosen vibratory feeling of whatever your desire is; of whatever your true, aligned desire or preference is.

Bring that new energy with you as you are checking your bank statement; bring that energy with you as you are driving your car—regardless of your car and regardless of the numbers you see on the screen when you open your bank statement. Be determined for the purpose of this exercise. And for the rest of your life. Why not?

Of course, don’t lose the part of yourself that understands that, realistically, people live in a certain world where they say, “This is red and that is green; this is a Nissan Altima; it is not a Lamborghini.” But even having a “factual” conversation with someone doesn’t have to distract you from feeling your chosen preference; from imagining it more powerfully, as in, “I know I am talking to someone in their reality, but I am already in my reality, and for me, this is a Lamborghini. I don’t have to prove it to them; I don’t have to sound deluded just to get my point across. I am doubtless in my chosen vibration! For me, this is already the Lamborghini experience. For me, my bank statement is already super abundant. For me, I am already travelling around the world. For me, I am already spreading the Light in my unique way. For me, I am already living exactly where I want to be living.”

Overwhelm yourself with your chosen preference without losing what people might call “sanity;” that part of your mind through which you can relate to the people who live in the physical world. Again, this does not have to distract you. You can keep your sanity. You can keep your ability to relate to other people. You can keep your ability to communicate reasonably and realistically without it affecting your vibration much at all. You can always, at any point, choose your preferred state, realizing that you are playing a different game than most people are playing. And that’s okay.

You realize that life responds to your vibration. And so it is key for you, when you are noticing the Nissan Altima, to feel or visualize the Nissan Altima in the way that feels the most profound to you. When it feels ecstatic to you, you are activating the vibration of your chosen preference and the Law of Attraction. And you will then see the mirror reflection of that.

True Desires Versus Lack Beliefs

Make sure your desires are coming from a truly genuine, exciting place. That doesn’t mean a desire for a Lamborghini is always coming from a non-genuine place—it can come from a very genuine place. It can actually be a very genuine, authentic desire.

There may be filters still in place that make you believe that a Lamborghini (or whatever) would make you happy. The beautiful thing about this type of vibrational practice is that you will encounter all of your lack beliefs, which become increasingly more subtle. And by lack beliefs, I mean things like, “If I have this Lamborghini, I will be happy. If I have two more zero digits behind the number in my bank statement, I will be happy.”

You are amping up your vibration. You are choosing your preferred state of being. You are overwhelming your experience and your circumstances with your chosen visualization and feeling state. As you start practicing and deepening this, you will begin to feel the union of your physical manifestation and your state of being. You will see that they are inseparable. You will feel the union of them. You will feel that you are always bleeding into your experience; that there is no separation.

It is important for you to first be in the vibrational state of your chosen preference. Feel that version of yourself. Notice what it feels like and overwhelm your experience with it. Reality has to respond to that in some way.

Pay attention to the signals you are getting as to how this is working, when it is working, when it is not working, and how life is reflecting your belief systems to you. If you are paying attention, without swaying from your chosen vibration, you are also learning. You are receiving guidance while you are exuding your preference.

If you pay attention, you will notice very quickly that, by raising your frequency and becoming your chosen version of yourself, you will naturally bring to light subtler lack beliefs. Some of these beliefs may make you think you want the Lamborghini, but maybe you don’t want the Lamborghini, per se. You may just want to feel the way you would feel if you had a Lamborghini. Maybe it is a different car that you really want. Maybe you want to become a pilot instead, and you suddenly lose all interest in cars.

You don’t know how this is all going to unfold, so you have to be unattached to outcome. When you are overwhelming your experience with your chosen vibration, allow the details to figure themselves out. Don’t look for proof or confirmation or evidence in the circumstances to give you confidence that it is working out.

Choose the vibration you want to see and feel because that’s what feels best to you. Then naturally, you will become clearer on what it is you truly, truly, truly desire. Even if the Lamborghini is already very close to what you truly desire, in the process of attracting and manifesting it, the challenges and doubts and confirmations and victories that you will go through as a human being will initiate a clearing process. This clearing process will give you more clarity as to, “What do I truly want? When am I coming from greed or from a belief in lack? When am I coming from actual passion and excitement and the conviction that everything is abundant—that I can do whatever I want to do (while maintaining my integrity), whenever I want to do it?

“There is no limitation! When am I coming from the space of freedom, benefit, alignment with All That There Is, alignment with everyone’s Higher Selves, alignment with my highest passion? When am I coming from the state of abundance and desiring more of myself to crystalize, or manifest, in this way? And when am I coming from a vain idea of, ‘Oh, I would like to have this’, or ‘I really, really want that’…”

And so on. The beauty of this process is that empowering yourself in this way will show you your lack beliefs; they will be forced to the surface.

Don’t Be Afraid of Your Desires

On the other hand, if you are afraid of stating, “I want the Lamborghini,“ or “I desire more money,” then you will never enter the process of discovering your lack beliefs because you are in a state of guilt. You will never enter the process of unfolding yourself and encountering the hidden vibrations that can then be cleared out. You will never enter the process that can make you a clearer, more transparent vessel—a conduit for benefiting not only your own life, but everyone else’s, through example, through generosity, through freedom, and by showing your skills and talents to the world. All of this, without needing for it to do anything for you, because you are already fulfilled.

If you are afraid, if you keep yourself small because you think desiring a Lamborghini or desiring more money is “materialistic” and “not spiritual,” then you will not enter this process. Maybe on some level you have a point, but there is no usefulness in suppressing desires if they are indeed there. If there is a desire, it needs to be explored.

In rare cases, there may be someone who desires to somehow harm another. They might have some kind of weird fetish or some kind of weird imagination that involves the desire to harm another person. In that case, of course, do not overwhelm your experience with that vibratory state and actually go and slaughter people! Instead, play it out in a very conscious way, in a very balanced way, but on the imaginative plane.

Suppressing a negative desire will never truly help you. Allow yourself room to breathe with desires that come from lack, that come from a not-so-good childhood, that come from conditioning. Allow yourself to explore these negatively-oriented desires, but on the imaginative level. And learn from these desires as you go. Learn and extract the true benefit of these desires—allow the falsity and the unclear vibrations to be integrated, to fall away, to be resolved.

For everything else—for desires that are good and positively-orientated, and that benefit everyone else in some way—when you overwhelm your experience with your chosen preference, you will see that this will naturally extend itself into physical action, and you will feel good in the process.

In the process of allowing yourself to desire whatever it is you desire, you will more quickly come to a true state of healing, to a true state of balance, to a true state of clarity and transparency.

And from there, every desire you have will be known to you as being pure, because you will no longer have the distortions that you have worked out. You may still have beliefs to let go of in different phases, but they will no longer be negative or self-debilitating. They will no longer undermine who you are and your infinite worth. Your true desires are worthy of expression, and they want to be explored.

Become Your Chosen Preference

Choose your preference and allow the desire to inundate you. Be keen, be attentive, and learn as you go. What makes sense and what does not make sense? What resonates and what does not resonate?

For the purpose of this exercise, see it, feel it, and become it. Become your chosen preference, your chosen frequency, whether it involves a Lamborghini, a new suit, a bigger bank account, a relationship, a spiritual state of being, a profession that you envision doing, or the freedom to move around this planet freely.

Whatever your true desire for this exercise might be, inundate yourself with it; become it. Overwhelm your experience with it. Allow yourself to feel into that state, and watch as your circumstances start to not know what to do with it.

And then suddenly, it comes back to you full force. It comes back to you in a very clear and clean way. You will be shown what does not resonate fully, what isn’t fully purified yet, and also what was very pure about the desire to begin with.

As you continue, you will become a more balanced, purified being. And then, your desires will become much more powerful because there will be less and less interference of the personal ideologies you are carrying with you. Your desires will become cleaner and cleaner, with fewer personal constructs in the way. At this point, desire and manifestation are almost synonymous; they are almost instantaneously connected.

Practice this. That is the homework for this lesson—to go out into your everyday life and have fun with this. Imagine the colors you want to imagine. Imagine the shapes you want to imagine. Feel the feelings you want to feel. Be the version of yourself you want to be.

Ask yourself, “What would it feel like if I was this version of myself?” and then inundate and completely overwhelm your experience with it.

Don’t look for proof. Don’t look for evidence that things are going well for you. Just know that things are going well for you. Overwhelm your experience with your chosen preference. Don’t look at the facts, for the purpose of this exercise. You will become better at this as you practice it.

Thank you, and I will see you in the next lesson.

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