Enlightenment II – Presence Wakes Up to Awareness

Welcome friends. I’m really, really excited to welcome you to the Enlightenment II course! This means you’ve made it through the rather intense Enlightenment I course, which laid out the basics, the essence.

Your sense of identity has by now shifted. This doesn’t mean nothing ever comes up for you anymore. It simply means your sense of identity has predominantly shifted from the feeling, “I am this body-mind; I am this personality inside of an actual, dense, physical, external, separate world,” to a much more conscious, more alert, more present sense of self, which is that of the greater Self, or the manifest Self with capital “S.”

And you now feel much more that you are Presence; that you are the Presence-Consciousness which perceives all that comes and goes, which endures throughout all that comes and goes.

You feel like you can identify yourself as the substratum of Creation—as the Presence-Energy that makes up all forms—rather than just one “locale,” one physical location, one idea of yourself. Everything that comes up for you is included. All thoughts and all emotions; all parts of your personality are now all included in your sense of Self, in your sense of I Am.

So, for the Enlightenment II course, we will go one step further, in terms of the subtlety of your realization. We will take the sense of I Am away from the Am, away from the sense of Presence, and into an even subtler state, into an even finer state of self-realization, which is that of the Unmanifest Self, or the free-agent—the ultimate free agent, free awareness, or free will. We will get into all these subtleties later on.

You will start shifting your sense of identity from I am Presence or I am Presence-Beingness to a sense more like Emptiness-Beingness or Spaciousness-Beingness. Your sense of identity will become more free.

You can liken this to the analogy of water. For example, the sense of I Am This is like a state of water. It is the state of being of water that is really dense—like ice, for example. Ice is solid; it can’t move and it can’t really change. It seems like it’s this linear solid thing.

During the Enlightenment I course, we took the sense of I Am This and we transcended into the sense I Am. In a sense, we increased your frequency so that the molecules of the ice started melting and became the sense I Am. And the sense I Am feels somewhat like water, like the Presence-Energy of All That Is. It has a quality similar to water, similar to that intuitive sense of Presence, which is sort of melted into everything else.

This is great! However, there’s an even subtler, even freer state of water. If you increase the vibration of the molecules (meaning, your frequency) even higher, it turns into steam. Steam is very ungraspable; it is quite subtle. It is very fine, but it is also very free. And it can surround water. To an extent, it can even pervade water. So, it’s not as bound by limitation as water is—and even less than ice is.

In this course, we’ll get into the subtleties of Awareness. And this is where things get interesting, in terms of the lessons; the lessons will cover the differences between Presence and Awareness.

I remember earlier on in my journey, when I would simply lump Presence and Awareness together because, in my experience, that’s usually what Self Realization-oriented teachings promote or do. They just sort of lump everything together, as if it’s just one presence. Well, that’s not necessarily inaccurate, but it is not as precise as I’d like it to be.

At some point, I discovered there is definitely a feeling-sense difference between these states of the same One Being—the same water. It has different modes of being. Each state feels unique, and comes with realizations and perspectives of life that are different from the other states of that same One Being.

So, through some meditation and some exercises and some explanations throughout this course, I will help you to very clearly distinguish and feel into the subtle finer states of the Unmanifest Self, so you can realize that you’re not just the I Am. You are actually the I, which, if it needs to be, is even free from the sense of Am. It will feel very empty, very spacious, very free.

This will also set you up for the Infinity Teachings, if you feel inclined to follow these after this course, because that is all about starting from the sense of Awareness and waking up to Infinity; waking up to what’s beyond even Awareness.

In a sense, this is the subtlest of the Enlightenment Teachings, even though we will be working with the inseparability aspect—the non-duality aspect—in Enlightenment III, which has more to do with merging yourself. But, in terms of the subtleties of the states, Enlightenment II will address the sense of Awareness, purely by itself. This will set you up to really jump beyond that in the Infinity Teaching.

So, I hope you enjoy. And thanks for making it this far already!

Note: Aside from the Enlightenment I course, all courses in Trinfinity Academy contain video-based lessons. I felt that I wanted to write out Enlightenment I word for word, as it lays the foundation for many understandings you will find recurring throughout Trinfinity Academy’s courses, such as the idea of “Always & Already,” “Everything confirms your freedom,” and others such as these.

Where the videos in Enlightenment I are more supportive, brief and introductory in nature, videos from here on out will be longer, more substantial, and form the actual content of each lesson.

You will find that most lessons have transcriptions of the videos as well, and an audio version of the video for your on-the-road study.

I feel video is, ultimately, a more complete means to transmit and communicate my message to you, and a more intimate way to connect to you—the Trinfinity Adept.