Lesson 14 – Peaks and Valleys

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This lesson is titled, “Peaks and Valleys.” I think it is important to have this lesson included before we continue with the next course. Again, the next course, very briefly, is about empowering (or almost “over-empowering”) your manifestation capacity—your ability to choose your frequency and have that ripple-effect flow very potently and powerfully and rapidly into the space-time illusion of your Consciousness’s creation of your circumstances.

Before we proceed towards those kinds of tools and understandings, I want to address an experience that hardly anyone seems to escape, including myself. This is the experience of “peaks and valleys,” which some people call “ups and downs.” I do not call it ups and downs because it not really “ups” and “downs”—it is simply a fluctuation between what I call “peak experiences” and “valley experiences.”

Peak experiences, or accelerated curves, are times in your life when you enter an accelerated stream of empowerment and Consciousness. In this stream, you have new realizations and new dreams, and they show up for you in physical reality. And then, there are periods in your life, times in between these peak experiences, when things seem to go a little slower; when your Law of Attraction skills don’t seem to be working as well. Perhaps your frequencies are a little bit more mixed, or you have a little bit more on your plate. Everything feels a bit heavier and denser than when you were sky-high in your peak experiences.

This confuses many people. It makes them turn valley experiences into “downs” by labelling them negatively and by not having a more holistic understanding of what this process is all about. The valley experiences are just as crucial (if not more crucial) than the peak experiences, when it comes to your expansion and your spiritual journey.

I have found great acceptance within myself of these valley experiences. Sure, there is a part of my mind that might suggest that it is more fun and entertaining and enjoyable to be in the peak experiences. I may have thought this more so in the past, but now I have come to a well-rounded sense of satisfaction with both my peak periods, as well as my valley periods.

I think it is really important for everyone to understand this before proceeding to the next course. If not, you can throw yourself off balance. I will share some powerful tools and techniques in the next course, and in order to apply these appropriately, you need to be aware of, and develop a fine balance with, this principle of peaks and valleys.


So what are the “peaks”? You are probably familiar with them, at least to some extent. The peaks are when everything is going smoothly—or at least more smoothly than you are used to, or that you normally allow into your experience. Things happen faster. You had an idea yesterday, and suddenly, the very next day, the opportunity arrives. Everything is becoming more and more exciting in your life; things seem to be looking up.

You are on an upwardly-spiralling experience; you are accelerating. But, for everyone I have met so far, including myself, these peak experiences need to be followed with a valley experience of some sort. Now, this does not have to turn into a negative experience at all, and that is exactly what I want to teach you about in this lesson.


A valley experience is where, after you have peaked, you “come down” a little to rest. It is a valley. You are resting in a valley; you are giving yourself some time. You are giving your body and your mind and your conditioning some time to integrate and catch up with all of the new and dynamic energies you have been downloading during your peak experiences.

During valley experiences, the new realizations and visions, and all of the opportunities you have been attracting to yourself, might seem to slow down for a while. Some things might seem to be on hold for a bit, and that is OK. You need to redefine all of this from a more holistic understanding, in order to be fully OK with it.

Redefine Your Valley Experiences

When a peak experience is followed up with a valley experience or a valley period in your life, it is very important that you do not judge it negatively at all. Come to it with a holistic understanding and set of definitions, so that you are able to recognize these experiences in a positive way, rather than as “things not going your way” or as being blocked or as having a whole bunch of negative definitions that you need to look at.

Having a valley experience does not necessarily mean you are blocking the flow of life. Sometimes, it is actually part of the natural rhythm of things, just like waves. Your life must reflect that wave-like motion, the rhythmic motion you see all across the Universe, all across Creation; that spiralling energy that needs go up and down, up and down. The ups and downs do not mean that you are losing progress, and this is very important to understand.

A lot of people, when they are entering a valley experience, define it as, “Oh, all of my progress is lost” or “I thought I was self-realized” or “I thought I was empowered” or “I thought I was over this already” or “I thought things were going my way and that my Higher Self loved me again, and now it seems that it is not looking out for me at all” or “I am blocked” or “I am not loved anymore” or “See, it was not true to begin with.” In other words, the skeptical mind can come back.

For most people, a valley experience is sort of like a Day Two Challenge, which was discussed in the lesson called, “The Three Day Process” (Empowerment I, Lesson 6). It is very important to define the entering of a valley experience positively. Instead of visualizing this process as a series of ups and downs ups and downs ups and downs, I want you to visualize it as a line as going up, then having a valley experience; going up even further, then having a valley experience; going up even further, then having a valley experience.

Looking back on your life, you can see and understand and experience that your valley experiences today are still vibrationally much higher and more aligned and more holistically connected to your overall being than your peak experiences of, say, one year ago.

Integrating New Data

Valley experiences are a natural part of growing. They are a natural part of expanding beyond your limiting paradigms. And so, another way to see the valley experience is as an experience of integration or a time for integration. What are you integrating? You are integrating all of the new data and knowledge and transformation that you gathered during your peak experiences.

In a way, the more human side of you, the body-mind experience of you, wants to catch up with You so it can continue to be a platform for supporting your experience and your growth. It is like the foundation is being restructured. The foundation was being tossed up in the air when you were having your peak experience, and now it sort of needs to fall down and into place to form a new kind of a foundation from which you can jump into your next experience.

If everything were to be “blasted out into space” all the time, like it is during a peak experience, at some point, you would no longer have any relate-ability to anyone, or even to your own theme. You would not really know who you are, or where you are at, or what you are doing. To an extent, you will continue to grow into this direction anyway—where you will not really know who you are, or where your boundaries are, or what is real, or what is not real. But by having many, many integration periods before you get to this stage of self-realization, you will allow yourself to get used to this gradually. You will still be able to function properly and in an exciting way, because you have integrated those expansions in a way that you also have the foundation worked out.

Valley Experiences Can Deepen Your Self-Realization

I want you to start appreciating the valley experiences—those times when things do not move and change as fast; when perhaps data does not come to you in as large of a package as when you are downloading information; when you are becoming more aware of who you are, but it seems to be within more of a human time frame, a little bit slower, a little bit more “normal,” in a way. This is OK. You need to define this as: “Ah, this is perfect.”

Often, this is the perfect time to go back to the Enlightenment courses; to go back to the self-realization path. This is also a part of why I believe these two paths, the path of self-realization and the path of self-actualization, go hand-in-hand. I have observed the natural rhythm of this Universe, of beings, and of spiritual progress from a human perspective (and beyond), and this wave-like quality of the peaks and valleys is consistently present throughout the spiritual journey.

In order to appreciate this, you can see that the peaks are the self- empowerment, self-expression, and self-actualization aspects of spiritual growth, while the valley experiences are where things slow down; where it is time to integrate; where it is time to reflect and contemplate and understand more of your changeless Eternal Self—rather than, “Who do I want to be as a changing persona, as a changing expression of The Infinite?”

So you see, peaks and valleys go perfectly hand-in-hand, if you allow yourself to define the process positively, and if you come to it with a holistic understanding. You can say to yourself, “Both my peaks, as well as my valley experiences, are absolutely perfect as they are. I embrace them as they are. I enjoy the flavor of exciting, expansive, explosive expansion, but I also really enjoy the flavor of the inner experience of going within and becoming a little bit more of a recluse, perhaps. I enjoy having time to meditate and integrate and focus more on the principle of Awareness is already here, and feeling into the depths of the peace of my Beingness.”

By doing this every time you have a valley experience, you will deepen your self-realization significantly. On the other hand, in your peak experiences, you may not necessarily feel like sitting down and meditating. You may not necessarily feel like realizing more of the depths of your Consciousness. You may just feel like exploding and being excited and taking on more projects.

The Natural Rhythm of Life

Peaks and valleys are the natural rhythm of life. We need to accept and embrace and define this positively, so that we receive positive effects from these experiences—both the peaks and the valleys. We need to appreciate both as being part of our overall expansion as a journey, as a soul, as a being, as a personal theme.

That’s it. It is that simple. Peaks and valleys—define both positively. Find deep appreciation in both. Learn to recognize the nuances that emerge when you are entering a peak experience, as well as the nuances that emerge when you are entering a valley experience. You can recognize it before it actually happens, or while it is starting to happen, so you don’t judge and blame yourself for not being in a consistent upwardly-spiralling peak experience momentum.

Recognize that even “going down,” from another point of view, is you actually expanding further and “going up.” See it from an inter-dimensional holistic point of view, where there is zero judgement. In fact, it is exciting to embrace the fact that you are getting a break from all of this expansion and data for a second! It is exciting to look forward to the integration periods as much as you are looking forward to the peak experiences.


Just take this in. Watch this video again and apply it to your own life. And most importantly, stop judging the peak and valley experiences.

In rare cases, people are afraid of the peak experiences, so they create a “static line,” where they don’t expand very much because they are afraid to lose their foundation, or their identity. So, also look at this side of yourself. Perhaps you are a little too much in love with the faith side of things, or in this case, the valley experience, where it is sweet to be by yourself all the time to integrate and relax and recognize the peace of your Being. Maybe you are holding back a part of yourself that wants to express itself more fully, to open the throat chakra for more authentic expression combined with love wisdom and passion and inspiration. So, also open up in this direction.

For most people though, the problem lies with judging the valley experiences that come on after peak experiences or peak periods of time. As soon you you start judging the integrative, or valley period, you will turn it into a negative spiral because of your judgements and negative definitions. This is what I want you to be careful of, or mindful of. Start redefining the valley experience as being completely beautiful, perfect, and in service of your overall growth. These valley periods are necessary, and therefore, I want you to start to enjoying these integrative periods.

During these times, turn more to the self-realization side of The Academy. Embrace these lessons; review some of these lessons. You will find deep permission and peace in these lessons, so you can simply rest and be yourself in that moment and appreciate yourself. It is like “taking a bath in Consciousness.”

If you do this during your integrative periods, I assure you, the next peak experience will come on sooner, because you will have squeezed and extracted the most amount of benefit from it; you will have not resisted the valley experience. Therefore, it can integrate very quickly—because you were on board with it.

You were balancing will and faith; you were participating while faith was predominant; while you were on the receiving-end of experiences. You allowed yourself to integrate the experience. You were participating. You were receptive. You were defining it positively, and therefore, feeling good about the onset of the valley experience.

Now you have a new foundation, and you are far more integrated. You have built a profound trampoline that will allow you to jump into your next peak experience of explosive expansion and joy and ecstasy and accelerated living.

Appreciate yourself throughout all of the stages. Unconditionally love yourself. Feel rested in Consciousness at all times. Be excited about the peaks, as well as the valleys of integration. Thank you very much, and I will see you in the next course.

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