Lesson 7 – Expansion Never Ends – Embrace Never Arriving

Hey guys, welcome back! This lesson is titled, “Expansion Never Ends—Embrace Never Arriving.”

When I was around the age of 16 and then onward (17, 18, and 19), I was intensely seeking—primarily on the yogic path, the masculine path, the enlightenment path. I always had this striving to arrive at a finality, at an end point. Right now I can say, in retrospect, that there is never an end to the journey.

The only finality you can find is the finality of Truth—meaning that certain truths, or laws, are (in a way) just the way they are. So, there is finality in that. But in terms of who you are, as a Consciousness reflecting ever more experience back to the One Infinite Creator, there is no end to this journey. In other words, one of the most final realizations—and in a sense, the only final realization we can have—is that of the Absolute; is that of the Infinite One.

Infinity: The Only Finality

This is what I teach in my Infinity teaching. There, I lead you through meditations that will open you up to a realization of Infinity, of Absoluteness, of the Infinite Unity of The One. In a way, that is the only finality you can realize. There will never, ever be a finality to the journey of the individual, because even when you realize something final (such as the Absolute Infinite Unity), the way it is reflected in your Consciousness is that you kind of become like a mirror—your Consciousness itself is like a mirror reflecting to The One all of the infinite ways in which it can be.

There are an infinite number of points of view, coming from an infinite number Beings with infinite Consciousnesses, all of which operate like portions of the entire mirror of All-There-Is. You are like a fractured shard, you are like a shard of the entirety of All-That-Is. A “piece of mirror” is what you are. You are sort of floating around within Infinity, reflecting infinite options and possibilities—potentially even reflecting back Source to itself through, for example, what I teach in the Infinity course—those types of realizations. But it will still be your understanding of it. It will still be your reflection of The One. It will be your experience of it. It will be your journey. It will be your free will reflecting this in a certain way.

However, when it comes to the journey that is perhaps more familiar to most of you, which is that of, “Who am I? Who do I desire to be? What do I desire to express? How can I most authentically express who I am? How can I most authentically express the One Infinite Creator in my unique way, within my unique theme?”—that journey never ends. I want you to understand this, not just think about it or know it or agree or disagree with it. I want you to meditate on it; I want you to realize that there is no end.

Why is this important? It is important because it will ease a lot of the vibrations that many seekers (and to an extent, all of us) carry with us, which distort our journey unnecessarily. These are very subtle vibrations, but for most people, they are there. I want you to meditate and contemplate and reflect on the fact that this is a never-ending journey. Meditate on it: This is a never-ending journey, I will never, ever arrive. Realize this. Let it sink in.

You Will Never Arrive

Understand this: You will never arrive. Ever. Not even at the end of forever, because at the end of forever you will be the Infinite Unity; you will merge back into the One Infinite Creator. The journey continues even as you re-emerge as a Creator once again, in a completely different way. (I discuss this in the Infinity course, if you are not quite sure what I am talking about here.)

I also want you to understand that when I use the term “Higher Self,” that Higher Self is actually you in the “future,” from our timeline point of view. It is the combination of all that you are and all that you have realized. I want you to realize that the Higher Self, which is you in the future (although, from its point of view, linear time does not exist), is here now, supporting itself in the “past.” Of course, from the Higher Self’s perspective, there is no past; it is only from your personal consciousness perspective that Higher Self is in the future.

I want you to understand that even at that level, you are still journeying. You will always journey. Even at the end of the Soul, even when the Soul becomes All-There-Is once again and rests for a timeless amount of time in Infinite Unity—even then, it is still journeying; even then it does not end. So, you will never arrive.

It is important to let this sink in. Get used to never arriving. Many of our desires come from a place of wanting to arrive, as is often the case with Self-Realization: “I want to reach the Absolute and be done with all of this. I want to reach a finality.” This was very strong in my own journey. We also see this is in the more personal, human side of things—the physical mind that wants to reach some kind of a finality in terms of its physical circumstances, in terms of its dream. It wants to, in a way, complete its journey here on Earth; it wants to achieve the highest it can achieve for itself. This one was also strong in my journey, in a way.

What I have come to realize though, is that what I had projected as “the ultimate” for me six years ago, I have now already surpassed in so many ways. I did not have the imagination and the vibration at the time to render an accurate image. What I thought would be like, “Yes! This is what I’ve accomplished! This is what I wished to be, and it is the finality as I can project it; this is the highest excitement!” has been surpassed. I realize now that this continues endlessly. Whatever seems to be the highest end-state for me now, at some point will be surpassed (probably sooner than I think), I will be like, “Really? Did I think this was the end-state? Did I think this was the ultimate?”

Realize that your dreams are always only stepping stones. Always. They are always only little jumps up to an even greater good, to an even greater, more amazing, experiential, physically-manifest reality (as well as a state of Self-Realization), that keeps expanding, that keeps deepening, that keeps balancing itself out, that keeps refining itself, that keeps increasing its service to others. And, of course, service to others is also ultimately service to the True Self, service to All-There-Is.

This journey never ends. Get used to never arriving.


For this lesson’s homework, I would like for you to do this twice:

Sit down for sort of a traditional meditation. Just get comfortable, and for 10 to 20 minutes, I want you to meditate on whatever you believe is “the highest,” in terms of your True Self (or your Soul or your Higher Self). Feel into that state and understand your Higher Self, your Soul itself. Start to get a glimpse of it. You can get some interesting vibes going by doing this. Some interesting dimensions may come into your Consciousness, as well as some interesting concepts and ideas and intuitions.

Meditate on this and imagine: “What would it be like to be at the level that is the highest, that is the most complete rendering of me, the accumulation of everything I have expressed and experienced—not only in this lifetime, but in many others too, potentially. What is the highest, highest state of Love-Light-Unity? Can I sense that, even at the highest level, I am still on a journey to something even more profound?”

This can really open you up to the brightness of realizing that this journey never ends. Why? Because Infinity expressed itself in the form of Consciousness, which then expressed itself in the form of manifestation. But all of it—the root of all of it, the source of all of it, the enabler of all of it—is Infinity; Infinite Unity. In order for the Infinite One to express itself, it must do so in infinite ways, from infinite points of view, for an infinite amount of what we would call “process” or “time.” So, you see, you can never end this journey, in a way.

Don’t get me wrong—you will have plenty of time to rest your Consciousness in the Heart of the Infinite One Creator. You will be replenished at the end of your Soul’s journey. And before then, you can replenish yourself by tapping into it. Before your phone completely dies forever, you can plug it back into the socket and recharge it—or you can turn it off before you turn it back on.

Take these breaks of “finality,” so to speak; these meditations. Meditation—or recognition of Awareness or calming oneself or letting go of all thoughts for 2 to 5 seconds—is such a beneficial practice. It allows you to silence the self, to open up to the greater levels of yourself, which are already at ease, which are already realized in Peace, Love, Enlightenment, and all of those things that we, as human beings, so desperately seek in our journeys.

You can replenish yourself now. And at the end of your Soul’s journey—which spans many, many, many, many aeons, from our perspective—the Soul itself will also take a nice long nap before re-emerging into a completely different type of Creation. This is known as 8th Density, if you want to use the terminology of that system. So, don’t worry; you will have plenty of opportunities (one being right now) to rest your Consciousness in the Heart of the One Infinite Creator. Again, the Infinity course will help you to actually “non-experience / experience” or intuit this Peace beyond Peace.

Please realize that the journey never ends and that this is what is exciting to the core of your Free Awareness, to the core of your Free Will, to the core of your Consciousness, to the core of your Soul. It is exciting to be forevermore a Free Agent of infinite exploration. To your Soul it is a highly, highly exciting prospect. I want you to download this; I want you to know it. I want you to feel that endless expansion.

You will never, ever die. You will never, ever, EVER cease to exist—not even after forever. Never! You are an infinite Being and you have complete free will, so if you wish to disappear completely—be completely rested in the One Infinite Unity for what some people might call “millennia” or “ages” or even much, much longer than that, in terms of “time”—you can. Because that is also your free will. You will never be stuck existing against your will, you see. Nevertheless, if you exist now, you will always, always, always, always exist in some fashion, in some form. For many Beings, this is a great, great realization to sit with.

So, meditate on this. Realize as much as you can about this by tuning into the idea—the vibrational truth, the higher truth, the concept—that this journey is never-ending and that you will never, ever, ever truly arrive. Get used to never arriving and make this your Home. Make the acceptance of never arriving your place of Peace; your abode of restfulness, as well as excitement.

You will evermore continue upon your journey—simultaneously balancing or alternating peace and rest, expression and excitement. Please yourself in choosing to alternate this, or to simultaneously be at peace and in the expression and empowerment way of being.

Enjoy this endless, infinite existence. I am very, very happy to be in this infinite existence and to be exploring with all of you co-creators in so many dynamic, beautiful, non-physical, and physical ways. It is so exciting to me that this will never end! I will meet you over and over again in many different ways—not only in deluded, blocked, physical incarnations, but also in highly free states of non-physicality, flying around; in expansive, inter-dimensional states of being, where everything is clear and all of our lives are perceived; where all of the choices are perceived.

I am very excited to see where this particular Universe—this particular alternate parallel version of the One Infinite Creator in a universal form—is going. I am very excited to share this all with you, and to know that we will meet each other in many, many, many, many ways—not only in this way. And that, simultaneously to this timeline, we are already doing this at different levels of our Consciousness.

The fact that this journey never ends highly excites me, and I hope that when you sit with this and meditate on it a few times (or as often as you like), you will experience the same joy, the same rapture of knowing you are an infinite Being with an infinite duration of existence.

Thank you very much. I will see you in the next lesson.

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