Lesson 10 – Everything Belongs to Consciousness, Nothing Belongs to Me

Hey guys! Welcome back.

It is so good to know that, while you are observing and registering my voice and taking everything in effortlessly, you are simultaneously also noticing that there is infinite space behind you, inside of you. It is a non-space, a non-perceptual space, which is not even “a space.” It is just your intuition of Infinity, and it is making you transparent. It is making you non-insistent. It is making your sense of identity transparent to the Whole, to the All-That-Is and beyond. Lovely!

This lesson is called “Everything Belongs to Consciousness, Nothing Belongs to Me.” This is not as much of a method as the previous lesson. It is more of an insight that you can contemplate, which will become a method with your application and dedication.

What became really apparent to me, and what became such a freeing angle to deepen this realization, is when I realized that everything that ever occurred to me, is occurring to me, or shall occur to me—including all of my feelings, emotions, thoughts, journeys, realizations, hardships, positive things, negative things, people, loneliness, and the entirety of my experience —all belonged to Consciousness, not to me.

From the vantage point of the “me” that is The One that is realized when in the deflective state of beyond this… beyond this… beyond this… in that spaciousness, in that non-spacious spaciousness, in that beyond-perception spaciousness Infinite One—from that vantage point, in that space of understanding yourself, you can see that everything that is happening is being registered, is having its meeting point in Consciousness. Everything is inseparable from the Consciousness that registers it.

In fact, registering an experience is actually the same as creating-projecting it. Perception/perceiving and projecting/creating are the exact same, simultaneous thing that Consciousness does so brilliantly and amazingly. But nevertheless, it all belongs to Consciousness.

From The One’s point of view, from “me” as The Absolute, as Beyondness Itself, there has never been a single experience that affected me, belonged to me, or touched me. Therefore, everything I have ever experienced, I do not own—including all of my stress, including all of my striving, including all of my suffering. All of the suffering that ever happened to you never happened to you. It happened to the Consciousness you identified yourself to be.

This is a pretty significant realization. It is brilliant when you realize it, and it feels so liberating. Everything you have ever experienced has never been a part of you, has never applied to you. It has applied to the Consciousness that observed these experiences, but you are beyond the sphere of Consciousness. You are the Infinite Peace that can be aware of the bubble of Consciousness—but is not the bubble of Consciousness.

Every experience belongs to the observer of the experience because observing it is creating it. From a quantum level of understanding this makes sense; from a physical point of view, not so much. But the physical point of view is a very flawed system of seeing. So, let’s take the quantum approach: Everything that is projected is simultaneously experienced.

We do not experience an “outside world.” Consciousness is generating it, as if it is a dream within itself. It is generating the illusion of space and time and trajectory, but it is all happening inside of the zero-point of Consciousness itself, just like the whole movie is playing itself out within the pixels of your television screen. There is no mountain further away than the person standing in front of it; it is all inside the pixel. The illusion of space-time is generated by alternating colors inside of the pixels.

Similarly, all of Creation is inseparable from the Awareness that is the first distortion of the Infinite One. Free will, the ability to create, the ability to generate illusion and movement and experience—and also everything that was ever generated and experienced—belonged to Awareness, not to the Infinite One. It is a testimony, a tribute, and a celebration of The One’s potential and possibilities, but The One never had anything to do with it.

The One will always remain in its infinite peace. It is up to Free Will, or Awareness, as to what it wants to generate and perceive and experience, but you can dis-identify from that perceiver-generator experience of Awareness / Free Will and realize that you are beyond even all of that. Nothing that you have ever experienced ever belonged or applied to you. It applied and belonged to the Consciousness that is simply appearing in front of your eyes as The One.

The Consciousness that emanates from The One, the Awareness that is sourced and enabled by The One, is what is having and generating the experiences, But since, ultimately speaking, specifically speaking, you are The Absolute, not Consciousness, you don’t own any single one of your experiences. You have never suffered—Consciousness has. The assumed identities within Consciousness have suffered, but you have never experienced suffering. You have never experienced anything.

Realizing this brings infinite, endless, instant peace. It is instant healing of all the assumptions of: “I have done this. I have gone through that. This has happened to me.” Nothing ever happened to you as The Absolute. It all belongs to Consciousness. You have always already been free beyond your wildest dreams or associations or identities.

Simultaneous to experiencing the glory of experiences, you are absolutely free… unburdened… untouched forever and ever and ever. Beyond the realms of time and space and experience, you are The Infinite.

Rejoice! Be happy about this. State that this is an amazing thing because it is. And feel good about it in the realm of Consciousness.


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