Lesson 10 – There is only Abundance, no Lack

Hey guys! Welcome to There Is only Abundance; There Is No Lack.

Having learned about the origin story of Infinity, you know that Infinity created free will and then all of Creation. You know that everything happens all at once and that there are infinite complete parallel realities, which are all accessible. They are never actually lost, they are never newly created, and they are all outside of time. They all timelessly, eternally exist.

All possibilities, all infinite possibilities, always simultaneously co-exist and are accessible to your overall Consciousness. If this itself is not enough to let you to know that Abundance is the very state of Creation itself—that there is only Abundance, that there is no lack—then this lesson will give you more confirmation. It will give you more angles from which to view Existence; angles that are in alignment with the natural Law of Abundance, which is all there is.

I ask you to be reminded of the idea of parallel realities and see how this implies infinite Abundance. Each moment is a snapshot, a single configuration of the universe, and you can shift your Consciousness through different types of configurations of complete universes. Every snapshot is its own complete, timeless frozen moment. This means that everything that can ever exist, does exist. Everything already exists and is ever-present, ever-available, all contained within Eternal Now; the Now of the I-AM-Consciousness itself, the Now of the Creator itself, this only moment, which is ever experienced Now.

All of these realities that you, the free agent, can ever conceive of, already exist. And they will always be accessible. There is only Abundance. There is no lack possible because lack would imply that something disappears.

Things Are Lacking from View, but Not from Existence

Each complete reality is its own snapshot of Eternity. It exists outside of time, outside the illusion of time that we generate by moving from one image to the next to the next and the next. This creates the subjective experience of time inside of ourselves, while the frames we perceive at any given second are themselves not experiencing time. They are timelessly rested, eternally present and available.

We generate the experience, the illusion of time, by going from one complete timeless frame of Existence to another complete and timeless frame of Existence to the next complete and timeless frame of Existence, and so on.

Structurally speaking, time does not exist. This moment does not know time. This circumstance, this configuration of the universe, does not experience itself in time. It does not experience itself as a snapshot that appears out of nowhere and then disappears. We experience things appearing and disappearing only because we move from “left to right,” so to speak. We move from this image to this image to this image, and as soon as we move to the next image, the previous image disappears from view— not from Existence. There is a difference.

Things are lacking from view but not from Existence. Ponder this difference.

Every moment you have experienced in what we call “your past” has disappeared from your personal view. But that does not mean it has disappeared from existing. It still exists. It existed even before you moved your Consciousness to that vibratory location, that time-space frame.

Time does not structurally exist. Each frame does not experience itself in time. It experiences itself as frozen in the timeless and complete Presence of a particular expression of Infinity. Boom! Every moment is a complete, perfect expression of Infinity in a certain configuration of its own possibilities. Boom! Boom! Boom!

There are an infinite number of these frames. And the free agent, or you-Consciousness, you-Awareness, is moving effortlessly, moving through millions of these every second, through millions of different configurations, millions of complete timeless realities. This creates the time experience inside of your view only.

Outside of your view, time does not exist. It is a personalized, subjectively-created illusion. Although it is relevant and a real experience, it is an illusory creation. It is created; it is not an actuality. It is only existent as an experience, not as a structure of Existence.

Lack implies that something can actually disappear from being existent. We can generate the experience of moving on from one image to the next, and we do this all the time. We can generate the experience of lacking something that we had before. But within the overall Consciousness, something you previously experienced and now choose to no longer perceive is still existent inside of your overall Consciousness.

You still have access to it; you can still connect to it, using imagination. We will get into using the power of imagination later on, in a different lesson. For now, just know that Consciousness has access to any potential possible configuration of Creation. So, nothing is ever lacking; nothing is ever missing.

Right now, are you missing a green baseball cap? Are you lacking a green baseball cap? It is not inside of your view (unless by coincidence or synchronicity). For most of you, this is not the case, although it is possible. (It is possible because this is all a cosmic joke, but let’s say it is not the case.) A green baseball cap may be lacking from view, but were you experiencing a lack of it? I bet you were not.

You were not blocked from hearing what I was saying because you were too preoccupied with your missing green baseball cap. Your experience was not lack of a green baseball cap. It might have been lack of money. It might have been lack of something else that you made relevant for yourself in the moment, something that you believed you should have had present in your view.

The green baseball cap is as absent as anything else that you worry about being absent. You do not worry about the green baseball cap, yet it was lacking. And along with the green baseball cap, 99.999999 percent of Creation is not present inside of your conscious personal view. If lack was an actual experience you needed to have, if something was missing from view, you would be absolutely devastated because almost all of Creation is lacking from view as we speak.

In fact, at any given moment, you only ever view one parallel reality at a time. There may be millions of parallel realities in a single nanosecond, but you only ever experience one potential configuration of energy in each one. You only ever experience a single slice out of the infinite parallel realities that exist in a given nanosecond.

Does this imply you should experience the contraction of an illusion of lack? No, it does not mean that. And if you do, it does not feel good because the emotional body will always let you know when your perspective is out of alignment with the way Creation actually works, with the way your Higher Self sees reality.

If it were true that your green baseball cap was actually lacking from Existence right now, and if it were relevant for you, you would feel really, really good about believing it is lacking—because that would be a true thought. It would be a perspective that is in alignment with the way your Higher Self sees things. But Higher Self does not see a green baseball cap lacking from your experience right now. It does not perceive money lacking from your experience right now. It does no perceive a lack of the ability to do what you want to do in this moment. Your Higher Self does not perceive lack.

Suffering: Feeling the Tug Back Towards Alignment

So, when you say there is a lack of all these things, it makes you feel bad because you are stepping outside of your center of being. You are stepping away from the natural gravitational center of your alignment. Hence, you feel the tug back towards the center of gravity of your alignment. And that tug is felt as suffering.

When we step away from our center of gravity too much, we feel the tug of being brought back by our Higher Guidance, by our nonphysical mind, back into the center of our gravity. We feel that tug, but we interpret it as suffering. And then we usually apply that to circumstance and say that we feel so bad, that something must be missing. But the only thing missing when you feel bad is your alignment with the truth of your being. The only thing that can ever feel bad is your misalignment with yourself.

If lack structurally existed, it would feel amazing to think about it. But it does not structurally exist, so it feels terrible. In fact, all forms of suffering can be traced back to holding onto some belief that lack exists right now, or that it can occur to you, or that it has occurred to you.

Notice that every time you suffer, it stems from believing in some form of lack. It may be disguised as a realistic and logical response. You might want to do something and believe that you are just being logical when you say you don’t have the money to do it. But that is a chosen perspective. You feel either in or out of alignment in any moment depending on how in or out of alignment your vibrational attitude and perspective is with your nonphysical mind or your Higher Self’s point of view of Existence.

In a timeless Creation filled with infinite infinite infinite infinite infinite infinite parallel realities, each one is a complete universe in and of itself. Everything conceived of is already created. Everything exists that you can think of. How could there be structural lack? There is no structural lack in Existence.

You are simply moving your Consciousness from reality to reality. Sometimes you are not aware of certain things you may desire to be aware of in a particular moment, things that are wanted by you. But they are simply not inside of your view right now because that is not what is relevant for you. It is not part of your vibratory emanation in that moment. Your vibratory attitude is not in alignment with that creation, otherwise you could access it—if it was relevant for you and if you were of the appropriate vibrational attitude and perspective to be able to perceive it.

The vibratory parallel reality containing the thing you think is lacking now actually already exists as a complete, perfect reality. It can never be created or eliminated because it is outside of time, as is each perfectly parallel universe configuration. All of them are outside of time, free of time. They all eternally exist.

Everything you can think of eternally exists and can never be eliminated. Within the overall Consciousness of your Beingness, the things you may perceive to be lacking from your personal consciousness view right now—from your I-am-this sense of self—are all available from the point of view of your overall I-I Consciousness Awareness.

Using the power of imagination, you can tap into the vibrational experience of these things, even when it is not relevant for them to be physically inside of your personal Consciousness view right now. You can always access them on a non-physical level. And by doing so, you actually increase the probability to have these experiences pop into your view once again.

Things that you have never created as a personal experience before can now pop into view because you are moving your frequency along. More on that later. For now, I want you to realize there is no lack in Creation. That is a fiction. One of the fundamental laws of Creation is that there is only Abundance and zero lack.

If you can understand this, you can start to free yourself and empower yourself to rest once again in the vibrational attitude of being the Creator of Infinity; of being an abundant infinite vibrational Consciousness, rather than a physical body or a physical mind. You are an overall Consciousness that has the ability to generate an experience of whatever it wishes; to tune into what already simultaneously exists with your present point of view.

So again, it is not relevant for you to create the illusory experience of lack. The sense of lack is only based on your definition of what is lacking. You are never actually lacking anything; there is only Abundance and there is zero lack.

If ever you perceive lack, it will instantaneously make you feel bad because it is an out-of-alignment point of view that Existence does not know what to do with. Lack does not compute with the fundamental law that there is only infinite Abundance; that there are infinite endless realities at your disposal. There is never a lack of anything you desire, not really, not structurally, not in Existence. Everything always already exists and always already will exist.

So, whenever you generate the perception of lack, know that the only person you should be looking at is you and your own consciousness. Your definition, your perception of what is, is out of alignment. What-is can never be out of alignment; only your perception of what is can be out of alignment, and this makes you feel bad.

This lets you know that you are not stepping fully into the gravitational force of your true alignment. You are not being completely inside the center of your being. You are stepping out of it too much. That’s why it hurts. Without blame, know that it is up to you to change your perspective. Suffering is the experience of generating the belief that lack exists in some form, or will exist, or has existed.

You suffer because you are not in alignment and it tugs you hard back into your center; it wants to guide you back into your center. So, know that whenever that occurs, it is up to you to change your perspective, to remember the simple and profound truth that there is only Abundance. You only have to have faith and knowingness in that Abundance. Remember that it is true. Remember that infinite realities are at your disposal and that lack does not exist.

If you can shift your allegiance from believing that lack exists to knowing it does not—that it cannot, that there is only Abundance, only Infinity, only Free Will, only Love, only endless, immortal Consciousness, and that the sky is the limit or the beginning—then you can always come back into alignment, into your center of being. And from that center of being, you will feel powerful. You will feel inseparable from Creation once again. You will feel like you belong to the All-That-Is-ness that you actually are. And you will feel that nothing is out of reach.

Rest in Abundance; Become an Example

Rest in Abundance. Relinquish your allegiance to lack. It is a man-made creation. None of the universe recognizes it except for human minds that are obsessed with their own ideas of what is true and what is not true. But outside of the human-contrived stupid little mind, there is only Abundance, only Love, only Trust, only Faith, only Goodness, only Inseparability, only Interconnectedness, only Endlessness, only Infinity, only Free Will.

So, enjoy becoming a part of Creation once again, as you’ve always already been. Enjoy slipping outside of the mental constraints of the man-made thought realm that we have all collectively agreed upon, but that we are now shifting around, thanks to the help of many of you. By changing yourself, you become an example of this change.

Align yourself with Abundance and away from ideas of lack so that we can all collectively follow your lead and mimic your example. And then, through the vibratory amplification that you send out by being rooted in your center of alignment, your center of gravity, your center of being; and by exuding only Abundance, only faith, only knowingness, only confidence, only empowerment—more and more every day because you care about your life and you care about Being and Existence—others will care and mimic you.

The collective will start to mimic you and we will all co-create a civilization where the illusion of lack on a physical level will no longer be created and everything will spontaneously start to show up for everyone. Whatever people need—their basic needs, but even their heartfelt desires—will start to pop up sooner and sooner, faster and faster, because we all collectively believe and exude that we can. And because this is how Creation works. Let’s start to operate and flow with Infinite Abundance and begin ending the days of lack. Existence does not know what to do with the thought of lack because lack does not exist.


For this lesson’s homework, write down five things (or ten if you want to) that feel close to your heart; things that you desire. These things can be anything. They can be as spiritually mundane as money or as spiritually mundane as Self-Realization. It doesn’t matter—it is all the same substance; it is all Creation expressing itself.

Don’t make value judgments on what you should desire and what you should not desire. From the point of view of Infinite Creation, everything is desirable because it all adds to the expression of The One. It all adds to The One getting to know Itself in the form of you, a little better each day. In that sense, all desires are holy or sacred.

So, write down five to ten things that Creation, in the form of you, just happens to desire, for whatever reason. Write down things that feel exciting to you, that you believe are not yet present in your life; things you feel passionate about but are lacking from view in this moment.

Then go over your list, one by one, and allow yourself to shift from believing these things are lacking to feeling that they are completely, abundantly present. Although they are not in the personal consciousness slice of Creation of the particular point of view relevant to your experience right now, start to feel how that does not imply they do not exist.

In fact if these things didn’t exist, you wouldn’t even be able to conceive of them, because nothing can be newly created. Everything that can exist already does exist. So, if you are excited about something, it means that it is already existent on some plane, on some vibratory state of Consciousness.

Know this as you look at the items that seem to be missing. Feel into your own expansion. Expand past your own point of view and start to notice, with imagination, that what you desire actually does exist, but the reason it is not in your personal point-of-view right now is because it is either not revenant for you, or you are not completely at the vibration of readiness.

Most importantly, experience that these things are not actually lacking. Sink into the faith and the trust and the knowingness that they are already here and they are already awaiting you. It is simply a matter of nonexistent time, or rather, vibrational evolution (that’s what time is), until you gain the relevance for these things to come into your personal view.

So, with each of these items you are passionately excited about, that seem to be lacking presently, transform lack into faith. Recognize the Abundance of All That Is, the abundance of the thing you desire, and the faith, the knowingness, the restfulness, the peace that comes with realizing that it is already yours, or it wouldn’t excite you. Know that it is only a matter of vibrational time for you to shift into this before it is relevant for you.

Feel complete about where you are at right now. Know that this is what is relevant for you right now. Just enjoy this moment as it is, as it comes, and learn from it. Insert more and more of this higher frequency—of the vibration that represents the thing you desire—into your present point-of-view. In this way, it will become more and more relevant for you to experience things like those you desire to come into view.

Feel abundant and complete about the things you desire that are not relevant for you to experience in your present point of view. Feel no lack. Sit with each item you listed and see it from your new point of view of parallel realities. It is already completely here, indestructible. You can’t miss out on an opportunity because it already exists. You simply have to shift your frequency. And at some point you will—when it’s relevant for you.

Feel complete about where you’re at and feel that you already own everything you desire. It is already yours; it is already eternally, timelessly existent. And you can visit it whenever you want to and whenever it is true for you. Do this with every item on your list.

View or listen to this lesson again at least once more before you open up your next lesson.

Thank you and have an amazing day!

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