Lesson 5 – After the Universe Dies, What Remains?

Hey guys!

Welcome back to yet another method of realizing the Infinite One beyond experience.

I hope you enjoyed the last two methods. I hope they at least planted a seed for a particular type of non-perception to break through your Consciousness—as if from outside the bubble, as if a black hole was created in the substratum of your Beingness, making you more transparent to the Infinite One that surrounds you and inundates you and is you and is the reality beyond all illusion, beyond all Creation.

In this lesson, we are going to dive into what remains after the Universe dies. After the Universe dies, what remains? This is a contemplation exercise; this is a question mark exercise. So, sit with that question. Hold it gently, but firmly, in your Consciousness.

After the Universe dies, what remains?

Imagine the end of all universes (or at least this one, as you know it). Imagine the end of all galaxies and all star systems and all life forms and all journeys and all souls—kind of like that ginormous black hole I was talking about. When this whole universe reaches a spiritual-mass critical point, where the illusion no longer holds any purpose for Consciousness to learn from, it all breaks apart and coalesces back into infinite, infinite Void—infinite, endless Intelligence that is indescribable. It is beyond even Awareness; it is Unity, infinite Unity.

Imagine, very viscerally and visually, all of that coalescing back into a black hole, until every part of this Creation—every galaxy, every cluster of galaxies, every quasar—goes down the drain of this black hole. It is sucked up.

Finally, when everything has been sucked up, even the black hole pops and disappears—and so does the space that this universe existed in. The space is sucked up by the black hole, but then the black hole disappears because there is no more substance for it to absorb back into the One Infinite Creator.

With no consciousness of any universe, what remains?

Sit there at that very edge. Sit at the very edge of this universe and notice—instinctually realize—what remains, what is beyond, what is after. Realize, therefore, what is also Now, because there is no time.

After this universe ends completely, what remains?

Source. Source with no manifestation of itself; with no awareness of itself, per se.

Infinity. Indescribability. Simply Beyondness itself. Infinite, endless, perpetual Beyondness itself, with no form.

Instinctually realize this. Don’t make it harder than it is. Simply know it; instinctually intuit it. Don’t look for an experience; just know that it is already here, beyond all your experiences. Become transparent to it by asking yourself these questions—but don’t strive, because that does not exist in Infinity.

Be liberated. Feel liberated. Be freed up from the spell of this universe. Grasp beyond perception into neither perception nor non-perception.

Thank you and enjoy.

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