Lesson 4 – Pop the Presence/Awareness Bubble

Welcome back! This lesson presents another method to realize Infinity. It is very similar to the previous lesson, with slightly different language—a slightly different approach.

The idea is that you are focusing as much Presence into this moment as you can. You are already familiar with the I-AM-Presence energy because you are taking this course. Now we are going to pop the Presence-Awareness bubble, specifically the Presence bubble.

Right now, become very present—almost mindful. Become present to Presence. Use the I that you are—the Free Agent that you are, the Awareness that you are—to become very aware of Presence, so that the Awareness-Presence is sort of like a union, a singular entity with two aspects: the Presence aspect (the manifest aspect) and the intangible Awareness aspect (the unmanifest aspect).

You are that Awareness all the time. Presence is optional; you can focus on it or not. I am asking you now you to focus on the Presence—fill your awareness with a sense of Presence, with Presence-Energy. Be very present—Now. Feel the Presence that makes up this experience, the Presence-Energy that makes up everything you see—your room and the things in it.

Your sensations are made out of Presence-Energy. Your thoughts, and all the non-physical aspects of you, are made of Presence-Energy. It is in a different density, but it is still Presence-Energy—physicality Presence-Energy of a certain density.

So just notice. Become very aware of Presence. Fill Awareness with Presence. The more palpable this becomes, the better it is for the purpose of exercise. So if you want, you can pause this video and take a few minutes to really tap into Presence. Let it become almost an overwhelming feeling of saturation.

Awareness is filled with Presence—very crisp, clear, vibrant Presence.

Now imagine that this Presence is filling up the bubble of Awareness—and pop it!




In the instant of the pop, let go of all of the tension of Presence, all of the focus on Presence. Just pop your attention right there. Pop the attention span. Pop the sense of Presence. Look beyond it; look outside of it.

So, all this Presence is here, but then, what is over there, where the Presence is not?


Pop that bubble. Pop that Presence bubble.

If all that Presence is “here”—then what is “behind” you? This is metaphorical, not literal, but it does work as a meditation.

Bring all the Presence you can gather into your focus, into the Here and Now—right in front of your Awareness; inside of your Awareness bubble. And then, when you feel it is very much here and present, you can almost start to see it as an “object,” instead of as a field. It’s like you become so present to Presence, that Presence starts to appear as an optional focal point; as an optional presence or object of Creation.

When you see that Presence—and even the Presence-Awareness bubble in its entirety—is actually nothing but an object floating around in an infinite, vast non-space, non-perception, then suddenly (because you have dialed in the Presence so much), you can realize the non-Presence and pop the bubble, in the contrast of its presence.

Play with this. See you in the next video.

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