Lesson 5 – “It is Done” – Place your Desired Reality in your Past

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This lesson is titled, “It Is Done.” It will teach you how to place the achievement of your desired reality into your past. This is a unique exercise that came to me as I was imagining; it felt like one of the most powerful things to do.

A Review of Parallel Realities

A lot of the time, what we are working with when we are attempting to create our reality—when we are attempting to more fully become the version of ourselves that feels the most expansive, the most true, the most deliberate, the most beautiful, the most blissful—is an addiction, a trained addiction, to place our attention and emphasis on what is happening in our circumstances.

I have addressed this many times. I have addressed it in-depth in the previous lesson and in another lesson in one of the other courses. So, I won’t go into it too deeply at this point, but what happens if we take an imagination, if we take a desired result, and we imagine that it is already in our past?

You know from previous courses that literally everything exists in parallel realities. Every moment in which something has changed (and something is always changing), means that we have shifted our perspective to another parallel reality, a parallel point of view of the same One Existence. Since everything in the current moment is, structurally speaking, a different parallel reality compared to the previous moment, each parallel reality comes with a different time line.

Every time we shift as a person, as a vibratory being; every time we shift who we assume ourselves to be; every time we shift the core assumption of our nature, of our identity, of our personality (whatever it might be)—especially when it shifts significantly—means that the person we are embodying is a parallel reality version of ourselves.

This alternate version of ourselves exists parallel to the one we call “the past self” (which still exists, because this is a timeless Universe). Without getting too technical, what I am trying to say here is that, when we shift into an alternate version of ourselves, it comes with a different past and a different future.

Place Your Desired Result into Your Past

See it, feel it, be it. Visualize your desired outcome, your desired state of being, your desired state of circumstance. And then, feel what that version of yourself must be like. How would others respond to you? How would you respond to life? How would you respond to life if that which you desire was already the case?

To further amplify the effectiveness of the practice of deliberately choosing your preferred creation (since you are the Creator), you can place your desired result, not into the present or the future, but into the past.

When we imagine our preferred creation as if it is already the case, there can still be a subtle assumption that it is not here yet, which can sometimes postpone that creation or our understanding of that creation.

It is like the traditional example of a karate kid trying to hit through a board. When the board is held up to him, if he aims exactly to hit the board, if this is his focal point, then he is just going to hurt his hand. If his focal point is actually beyond his desired result; if he focuses his energy past the board, then the board will have to bend to the will of the karate kid.

In your case, the Universe’s space-time parallel realities, and Higher Mind to an extent, must accommodate your vibration, because this is a mirror-based, parallel reality-based, reflective Creation. When you choose to shoot past your desired result, Creation has to bring you your desired result—or something even more profound, more pure, more true to who you are.

Imagineering Session

Think of an image you have of a reality, a situation, or an experience you desire. Close your eyes (if you want to) and start an imagineering session, which is a session of creating your reality without actually physically doing anything yet. You are just imagineering; you are just being in the joy of that etheric plane of Consciousness where you can create and shape and chose what you desire.

Feel this desired reality. Visualize becoming this reality physically, while you are still imagining it non-physically. Visualize this; play with this chosen imagination. Now, imagine that you have already had this experience—or this thing you desire, or this expression of yourself you desire, or this activity you desire—10 days ago, or 10 weeks ago, or even 10 years ago; whatever amount of time feels the most relevant and empowering and exciting to you.

Place it back into the past, until you reach a threshold where you feel, “This is the most exciting. Yes! Yes! I remember what it was like to drive that Lamborghini, to actually buy that Lamborghini.” This is just a physical example (borrowed from the last lesson) because it is easy to use, but the exercise also applies to non-physical states of being, to vibrational states of being, to non-dual states of being, to qualities of Love and Light you wish to share with the world. These types of desires are more intangible, but definitely use them for this exercise.

To use a simple physical example, let’s say you want a Lamborghini. Visualize purchasing the Lamborghini, but instead of just visualizing what it would feel like to buy the Lamborghini, visualize what it would be like if you bought the Lamborghini half a year ago and you have been enjoying it for six months. You have enjoyed everyone being impressed with this beautiful car you manifested; you have enjoyed having the driving experience you desire; you have enjoyed the leather and all of the details, and perhaps the convertible aspect of it, the color of it, the speed of it, and the road trips you took with it.

Feel that what you currently desire has—from a physical, linear point of view—already happened in your past. This is a very powerful way to trick yourself, to trick your mind, to trick your belief systems and allow your imagination (and therefore, your whole being) to shift into a parallel reality where that which you desire has to be here because you have already experienced it.

Play with the story of the creation of your life. Play with the imagination of your life in such a way that it becomes very playful, fun, enjoyable, and satisfying, without needing any physical proof of it. The active imagineering itself is the satisfying end. Embody that and place your desired results in the past.

It Is Done

Imagine having already been the desired version of yourself, and everything that includes, for the past year or so. You have already been the person you want to become. You have already become that expression—a long time ago or a little while ago. You have already built up many of the experiences you desire in your future after that threshold point. Place that version of yourself into your past, and say and know that it is done. It is already done! That which you desire is already done; it has already happened.

“It is done!” You can also use this mantra or statement mentally, without imagining it into the past. If you train yourself, it can become more powerful and more immediate for you. Train yourself in the vibration of it is done.

Trust that First Moment of Excitement

Whenever a desire comes to you, whenever you feel the flutter of excitement, know that, “If it truly, genuinely excites me, then at least the majority of this vision must be true for me. At least something about this vision—the core of it, the essence of what it represents to me—must be true. Otherwise, I would not feel this pure, child-like, joyful, excitement and adventure and expansion.”

As soon as a desire that excites you comes up, learn to instantly trust it as a genuine response from Higher Self. Receive it in that way. Allow it to inundate your vibration in that way. Vibrationally state it to the mind, so that circumstantial doubts and reasons and realism cannot enter into it and destroy the vision and the dream and the creation of it.

First, you get excited because you have this moment where a desire occurs to you. You are caught off-guard by the Universe. You have a moment of not being too skeptical, as you normally might be. You are not being too reasonable. You are not thinking about it. You are coming from a place of almost visceral joy, being receptive to a desire and an exciting vision.

The instant the excitement hits you, for a moment it bypasses the filters of reasoning and assumptions and beliefs that certain things are not possible, or that certain things are not possible quickly, or that they are not possible for you. These things are initially bypassed when you feel a moment of excitement.

Instantly, use that moment of excitement. As soon as you want to go into the details and into thinking, “How am I going to do this? When is this going to come? How can this ever be true…” before that happens, or as soon as it happens, place yourself in alignment with the vibratory conviction or mantra, “It is done. If it excites me, it is for me. If it excites me, it is for me… It must be true—at least the essence of it. I am open to it changing shape and form. The way I am visualizing my dream might not be truly accurate; it might be filtered through some lack beliefs. It might be filtered through past experiences. But that’s okay. I know that what I am visualizing and imagining and thinking truly excites me on some level. So, at least the core that these visualizations represent—the core, the essence, the essential message I am getting—is true. If it excites me, it is for me and it is true.”

True Desires Come from Higher Self

It is already done, because Higher Self (or Higher Mind) does not give you access to a desire that you don’t have the capacity, the worthiness, and the deservability to perform, become, and manifest in your own unique way.

As soon as something excites you, allow it to instantly become defined and recognized as a beautiful gift from God, as a beautiful gift from Source, as a beautiful gift from your Higher Self. Define and recognize it as true for you—that you deserve this, that this is for you.

“If it excites me, it is for me and it is true for me. Therefore, it is done. Higher Self is not cruel. It will not give me a desire I cannot achieve. It will not give me a desire I cannot enjoy. It will not tease me. It will allow me to glimpse a reality, a parallel version of myself, where that desire is already the case. Since it excites me now—and I know I want to become it, achieve it, and shift into that reality—it is done.

Then, imagine what it would be like for this desire to have already been manifested for the past six months, or for the past year, or two years, or two weeks, or yesterday. What was it like? “Oh, this happened yesterday and I am still high from that victory.”

Overwhelm your experience with your chosen preference by doing these flexible, malleable imagination exercises where you come from a state of receptivity and worthiness and empowerment. Try it out. Visualize whatever it is you desire. Know that if it excites you, the core of what you are visualizing must be for you, must be true, and must already be the case in a parallel reality version of your Higher Self, which you can shift into. Therefore, it is done! It is already done; it has already happened. And you can even add more embellishment and conviction to it by visualizing the details and feeling what it was like for it to have already happened in your past.


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