Lesson 6 – The Three Day Process

Today I will share with you an overview of what I call the Three-Day Process. This process is crucial to have as part of your understanding of how manifestation works; how the process of creation works. If you don’t have this understanding, you will mistake your own “self-challenges” for failure, which is what most people do, generally speaking, and why not many people feel excited about life.

Not many people feel they can be their dream-like, kid-like self anymore because they feel they have been betrayed by the Universe, they have been betrayed by life: “Life just works in a certain way…” We have all become “negative realists”—we feel betrayed. In order to avoid this, in order to change and transform this, it is very important that you have an understanding—at least a basic understanding—of the Three-Day Process.

So, what is the Three-Day Process? The name “Three-Day Process” is actually symbolic. These “three days” can be weeks, hours, minutes, or seconds. They can be years in some cases, for some ideas or projects or changes. The process is of change.

On Day 1 you have a new vision for yourself—something you’ve experienced many times—you have a new idea about who you are, a new realization as to what is true for you, what you prefer, who you really are. A new vision for yourself. Day 1 is the realization of vision, of intention—a new intention.

On Day 1 you are usually excited. There is this change, this new vision for yourself: “Yes, I’m going to do this diet,” or “This is who I really am,” or “I’m going to leave my job because it doesn’t resonate anymore; it doesn’t excite me.” You have a new vision for yourself and then…Day 2 comes around the corner.

Day 2, for most people, gets interpreted as failure, as impossibility, as a big brick wall right in front of them that they run into with their Day 1 enthusiasm. Day 2 is the “day of challenge.” The Day 2 experiences tend to follow very quickly after the Day 1 experience of having the new vibratory state of being in mind, of having the new vibrational intention in mind, of having the new vision for yourself, of being really excited about who you now know yourself to actually be, what you’re going to do with that, and how you’re going to bring that into this world, into your creation.

So, you are all excited, and then you run into this seeming wall, which is not really a wall—it’s a challenge, it’s a test. It’s not a test in the negative sense of “Oh, let me test you,” it’s a test in a very beneficial sense. Basically, it is a question from your Higher Self to you. The question is: “Are you sure you wish to execute the change you realized in your Day 1 new vibrational state of understanding yourself? Are you absolutely sure? Are you absolutely confident that this is who you now want to become?” Because if your answer to this Day 2 challenge is: “Yes, I’m convinced of my new self,” then Higher Self will allow those changes to be made manifest.

So, in a sense, it is a “safety switch,” like the safety catch on a gun. You can’t just immediately pull the trigger; it asks you “Are you sure? Think about it one more time. Are you sure you wish to pull the trigger on this new change in your life?”

The Day 2 Challenge: Doubt

The Day 2 challenge to this change in your life usually it comes in the form of doubt, both inwardly and reflected outwardly. For example, let’s say you wish to quit your job, and it’s clear on the Day 1 experience; it’s very clear you wish to quit your job. There is nothing about your job that feels exciting to you anymore, you feel like it’s holding you back, and you are absolutely certain that who you are is to go adventuring for a year, to go travelling for a year. You are absolutely certain on Day 1 that this is who you are.

You are so excited about the fact that you know you’re going to make that change. But then, the next day you wake up and perhaps your partner (your outside circumstances, in other words) starts reflecting their doubts and their hesitancy about you quitting your job. They might say, “Well, what about our debt? What about our kids? What about our mortgage? What about our finances in general?” This is just one simple example, but it happens in many, many different ways, every single day, in sort of “mini” 3-Day Processes.

Your partner is basically bringing up your doubts, bringing up your innate or inherently held doubt-beliefs about your true passion. And so, you’ll be challenged; you will be tested. Someone in the outside world, which in your mind may carry some kind of authority, will ask you if you are sure. This can come in a very unfriendly way too. They can simply say “No, I don’t want you to do this. If you do this I’m going to divorce you. You are a selfish bastard. You only think about yourself.” That’s a more harsh or extreme version, but it doesn’t always come in the form of “Hey, honey let’s talk about this; I have my doubts.” But it can come in that way too.

Either way, start recognizing this Day 2 challenge. When your circumstances start to challenge you, start to ask you, “Are you sure you want to make this change?” they will bring up every doubt-belief you have. Basically, the Day 2 challenge is all about revealing your doubts about your new self so you can clear out these doubts before it becomes manifest. It is a gift. It is not a “test” in the negative sense. It’s not like you’re being tickled to death; it’s not like the universe is out to get you and test or challenge you in a very heavy or dense way. It’s simply a safety mechanism asking you, “OK, you made this vibrational shift yesterday. Now today, is this still who you desire to be, now that you’ve had some time to familiarize yourself with the new state? Are you sure you wish this vibrational state to be made manifest, to be executed into physical reality? Are you sure?”

Most people say, “No.” Most people are not sure. Their doubts come up and they don’t see that this is part of the game, so they interpret it as failure. They interpret it as, “Oh, what was I thinking? I was overly enthusiastic. I was just being like a kid. I was just being weird. I was just dreaming too much. I was just in my imagination.” And so we start to feel more and more betrayed, more and more like we are “realists.” We kill the kid inside of us—or rather we suppress the kid inside of us, because we can’t really ever kill it, hard as we may try.

We suppress that joyful “imaginer” inside of ourselves even further, because outside circumstances tell us we can’t do what we really want to. We can’t be who we really are. We can’t make manifest what is really true for us; it’s not possible. There is a real, physical, Newtonian reality—there is only so much money, there is only so much of this, and if you are to embark upon your true passion, you are selfish, you’re not going to be loved, you’re not going to be accepted, you’re not going to be seen as a “good guy” or a “good girl,” and so on.

All these doubts—from emotional to financial to circumstantial to relational—they will all be made obvious to you. Why? Because these are the types of vibrations that simply don’t have a place, they don’t fit into the field that you will have to truly embody to be in that changed new reality. These vibrations, these distorted mixed frequencies, these sloppy thoughts will not serve you in that new reality. In fact, they cannot co-exist in that new reality. So, you have to face them first, you have to bring them up first.

This is how your Higher Self, which creates your circumstances, helps you reflect to yourself, so you have a real conscious chance to look at your doubts and to see either, “Yes, I still believe in this doubt and I’m going for that,” or “No, I see that this doubt has been a part of my belief system, but now I see that it no longer serves me. It is no longer what I desire, so I prefer not to believe any longer in that thought. It doesn’t make sense to me anymore.”

When it doesn’t make sense to you anymore and the thought has been made conscious, it disappears and merges back into the entirety of your sun-like Self, of your radiant Self, and then it’s really integrated. Your shadow side, or your negative beliefs regarding your new positive state, have been integrated, have been absorbed, have been mastered, have been conquered, and have been loved to death. Now you are a truly congruent vibrational being who will effortlessly see the change you made on a vibrational level during Day 1 made manifest in your reflection—which is circumstance; which is creation.

Stay True to Your New Frequency

If you say “Yes” to your new frequency during your Day 2 challenges, if you remain true to that, if you live without expectation but with total confidence in your new frequency—no matter what appears on the outside, no matter how much you are challenged and tested—if you truly believe that this is who you are and you stay true to that vibration, then Day 3 will come very swiftly. Day 3 is the day of transformation, confirmation, and celebration.

Day 1 is the day of the new vision, the new intention, the new realization, “This is who I truly am.” Day 2 is the challenge. Old circumstances come up full-force, all at the same time, not giving you a single break, to reveal to you the doubts you may still have about what is possible for you, what you are worthy of, how aligned you truly are, and so on. If you make it through the Day 2 challenge by staying really, really true to your newly discovered core frequency; if you believe this is possible; if you lovingly gaze at your old thoughts coming up, your doubts coming up and recognize that they no longer make sense to you, that you are worthy of so much more; if you recognize that you have integrated this new vibration and you’ve let go of the old vibration—then, Day 3 will effortlessly flow. Day 3 is the manifestation of your dreams; it is the reflection of your true heart’s preference; your true heart’s desire, your true heart’s vibration.

Why Most People Are “Realists”

The reason most people are “realists” and feel betrayed is because they never learned to see the Day 2 events as a challenge. They have seen or interpreted it as a brick wall, as, “This is reality telling me what I should be doing; this is actual physical dense reality telling me how things work.”

We have used the reflection of our circumstances as something to take our cue from, saying, “Well, let’s play it safe, let’s play by the rules that are laid out for us in physical reality, and if something doesn’t work, well, it doesn’t work.” But here is the secret: Physical reality is just a reflection of your decisions, your choices, your vibration. When you change your vibration and you believe in that and stay true to that, it will have to be made manifest; it will have to change the rules of your seeming circumstances.

Many people don’t realize this, so they hover between “before Day 1” and “Day 1.” They get this fun realization, but then very quickly, when they reach Day 2, they decide, “Oh, never mind…” Their frequency goes up, they get excited, and then the Day 2 challenge is interpreted as failure, as impossibility, as unworthiness. And then they say, “Oh, yeah… what was I thinking? So, don’t do this, OK? Don’t ever freakin’ do this again!”

Magic Actually Works

Now you know about the 3 Day Process. This is how physical life and the manifestation process works. The process always takes you through these three days, which again, are symbols—they can be minutes, they can be hours, they can be seconds, they can be weeks—but this is the challenge. You are here to challenge yourself, to free yourself up, to let go of your negative beliefs so you can really integrate the true vibration of your Being and know that you are worthy of it; so you can see it be made manifest and celebrate and confirm to yourself that magic actually works. That this is actually like a fairy tale; that this life does actually operate like a fairy tale operates.

You will be transformed. You will transform yourself over and over again, once you understand that this simple process is the natural result of you being a portion of physical reality that is emanating a new frequency, then coming back to the old refection with a question as to whether or not you wish to see it through with your new frequency. If you say a whole-hearted “Yes” to your new frequency, and a loving “No, thank you” to your old frequencies arising, then you’ve cleared out your field; you’ve cleared out your energetic vibratory pattern.

Then this new aligned congruent energy will effortlessly manifest your circumstances in a new way. It will transform your life, and the things you actually desire will start to appear to you—effortlessly.


Right now, notice a new desire that you have for your life. What is a new understanding that you have of yourself right now? What is a new vibrational way of seeing yourself and what do you wish to carry into physical realty? What kind of change? What kind of transformation?

Write this down as a simple intention or goal—as a simple realization of, “This is who I am now.” Let it be newer than that which you previously were. At the very least, let it be slightly new, if not radically new. This new realization may be, for example, “I want to quit my job,” or “I’m worthy of more than just my job,” or “I’m capable of more than just my job.” I’m using the job as an example, but this can be anything, like, “I want a change in relationship; I want to be a better communicator; I want to speak up more; I want to feel freer in everyday life, to feel freer around other people; I am amazing…”

Whatever the realization is for you, write it down and take it with you; take this new vibration with you into everyday life. Start noticing how initially there’s just excitement, then there’s just flow. And then, at some point, things start creeping in. You enter a little “valley experience” (apparently), and now you start recognizing that there is this challenge being offered to you.

Notice this challenge, and when you come back to your piece of paper, write down what the challenge is like. Write down all the doubts that come up for you, then face these doubts and see that they no longer make sense to you. They no longer work for you. They are no longer true for you. When you do this, you will naturally enter your Day 3 celebration, confirmation, and transformation.

Have fun with this process and observe it.

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