Lesson 4 – Bringing Heaven to Earth (Blending the Non-Physical with the Physical)

Welcome friends, to Heaven on Earth—or to the very beginnings of it, thanks to you all, thanks to our cooperation, and thanks to our ability to become more and more non-physically oriented in our Consciousness, in our focus.

This lesson is called Bringing Heaven to Earth, or Blending the Non-Physical with the Physical. What is happening is a blending. It is a bringing of the non-physical into what seems to be the physical, much like the magician is often represented as being connected between sky and Earth, bringing Heaven onto Earth.

The Effect of Following Your Joy

On a practical level, this means for example: As you follow your joy, what are you following? You are following the line of Light that connects you to your non-physical Higher Self Being. By following your truest passions, desires, joys, and inspirations, even if they are only recognized for a moment at a time—every time you take action on them, every time you let them in, every time you become the vibration of your desired reality, every time you become the vibration of your desired action, every time you act on your passions and excitements—you are bumping up your frequency, you are revolving yourself around that line of Light, that upwards-spiralling energy that moves towards the Light, towards the non-physical.

This is why it is so important to follow the breadcrumb trail of your excitement (for review, see Empowerment I, Lesson 4: Follow the Breadcrumb Trail of Excitement). It is important because every time you follow, recognize, act on, execute, feel, and vibrate as that breadcrumb—on the breadcrumb trail of your excitement—you are bumping up your frequency and becoming more non-physically focused. You are becoming like a kid again, who is not afraid to imagine, who is not afraid to be in his or her imaginative Consciousness.

Embracing the Non-Physical

You must understand that the non-physical makes up 99.999% of your Consciousness, while the remaining 0.001%, which appears as physicality, is not even real. In other words, reality is 100% Consciousness and it is, in a sense, 100% non-physical. The physical presents an illusion of physicality; it is not actually physical.

It is very crucial that you embrace your non-physical aspect. It is very crucial that you embrace the fact that you are a non-physical Self, a non-physical Consciousness. The more you embrace this, the more vividly you will reactivate imagination, and the creation process starts by using imagination. You will begin to become less and less interested in being so circumstantially and physically focused, and really wake up to your bigger Self, to your greater Self, to your non-physical Self. This, in and of itself, is enlightenment too; it is another way into enlightenment.

When you become more non-physically oriented, more intuitive, more imaginative, more convinced of the infinite, endless abundance and goodness that awaits you—and that is actually with you today, guiding you from the non-physical portion of yourself—then you are focused upon a vibrational plane or reality that is closer to your True Self than the physical focus of say: “I am running out of money. There is none of this and there is none of that. What about this and what about that..”

Being physically focused is deteriorating to your frequency. Pay attention, in everyday life, to make sure you are not physically focused too often—unless you can focus physically while still being completely convinced, rooted in, and coming from a non-physical place of conviction, vibration, seeing, recognizing and understanding.

If you can bring a non-physical awareness with you into the physical focus, you will notice that you can be physically focused and circumstantially aware, but you will bring into that experience a great lightness of vibration, a higher density of Light, so to speak.

Bringing Heaven to Your Slice of Earth

To bring Heaven to Earth—to accelerate the evolution of Consciousness on our planet within the section of Creation that you have governance over, that you have had the honor to choose to be aware of today—this is where you can make your changes. The shift happens in your life, nowhere else. You are given the honor, the opportunity, the joy to do this.

You have chosen, from your non-physical Self, to be-here-now exactly as you are—with all of the challenges and inclinations you have, with all of your talents and predispositions, and with the people that you are meeting. This is your realm, this is your slice of Earth. It is your responsibility—or joy, rather—to bring Heaven to Earth in your way, into the particular portion of Creation that you have been given governance over.

This means that the more non-physically focused you become, the more non-physically convinced you become, the more you believe in abundance, the more you believe in freedom, the more you believe in love, the more you understand that this is an infinite Creation and that you are the Creator, and that you are on this level, a co-Creator of all of Creation—the more you understand all of this, the more you feel it in your vibration—the more you will bring the Lightness of Being into the physical. And therefore, everything you touch will turn into a more heavenly version of Earth.

As a group and as individuals, the more consistently we keep bringing this to the portions of Creation we have been given governance and choice and awareness over, the more we will turn this patch of Creation, this patch of planet Earth, into a more heavenly version of itself.

Blending the Non-Physical into the Physical

What we are doing when we follow our joy—when we act on our joy, when we vibrate as our joy and our freedom and our love—is grounding ourselves in the non-physical. The non-physical focus will then channel through into our physical focus.

We are blending the non-physical with the physical. Try to intuitively get a grasp for this because I cannot really explain it. The non-physical is being poured into the physical, and by the physical receiving the touch of the non-physical Lightness, physicality will then transform, becoming lighter and brighter—more as the non-physical is.

In other words, you are helping this seemingly dense, physical world—which is still expressing the remnants of our 3rd Density reality, as we perceive it today—to become lighter and brighter; to wake up to Consciousness as well. By simply acting on your joy, by spreading your Love and Light, you will literally enlighten the dream environment that you have been given governance over.

Technically speaking, Heaven on Earth is already here. It co-exists, but it is not upon the Earth; it is in the non-physical. As we become clear channels for the non-physical, we transform physicality into the non-physical.


Your homework for this lesson is to listen to this lesson once more, and to do a little meditation. Ask yourself the question, “How can I personally become more aware during everyday life, in order to catch myself when I am physically focused and shift myself into a more expanded state; upwards-looking instead of downwards-looking?”

Look upwards towards the heavens internally, so to speak, rather than downwards towards what is already physically manifest. Look less at the facts and less at reality, and instead, look more at what is possible. Focus more on imagination and creation; focus more on what inspires you and what you want to generate.

As you focus on this, ask yourself, “How can I be more in this energy? How can I help myself, remind myself, to be non-physically oriented?”

When you are more non-physically focused, you cannot help but spread around that brightness, that Light, bringing Heaven to Earth—or, more accurately speaking—lifting Earth up into Heaven.

Have fun!

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