Lesson 23 – Summarize Empowerment I

Hey guys—welcome to the last lesson of Empowerment I.

Congratulations! You are a true adept. You have shown true dedication. You have made it all this way and have practiced and integrated all these lessons.


To finish up Empowerment I, I would like you do the following homework.

    1. Go back through each lesson, not necessarily through all the content of each lesson (unless you want to), and look at the titles of all the lessons of this course. Write a brief summary of each lesson. Simply write down the title of the lesson and, from your own memory, from your own experience most of all, write one or two paragraphs, in your own words, that define, explain, or summarize that particular lesson.

      Feel free to skim back through the text, if you want to refresh your memory. Look at some of the subtitles perhaps, or review one of the videos. It is important that you cultivate this using your own words—that you start to make this your own, that you write this down in a way that works for you.

    1. Next, write an overall summary of your experience with this particular course. Write down what you have extracted as the most important core of this course; the most important things you have learned. This can be one or two pages, if you want.

      Write a summary of the most important elements you have learned, what the course has given you, how you wish to continue with this knowledge and experience, and so on. Make it a personal letter to yourself if you want to; a personal summary of the whole course.

    1. The third homework assignment is to write down, in two paragraphs (or in as many paragraphs you want to—but keep it somewhat brief), how you would describe this, how you would summarize this to someone on a bus or to a stranger on the streets. Explain to this person, in layman’s terms, what you have learned in this course, how you are applying it, and how they can apply it.

So, enjoy! I know this is a bit of an exercise, but that’s OK. It is going to be very helpful. It is going to anchor-in everything you have learned. It is going to remind you of all the important aspects of this course, so that when you proceed to the next course, you have a firm, grounded understanding of this first course of Empowerment.

I appreciate you. Thank you so much, and I will see you in the next course.

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