Lesson 15 – Jumping Parallel Realities/Timelines

Hey guys, welcome back!

Let’s dive into jumping parallel timelines. Exciting! We do this all the time, quite literally, because as you know, there is no time. Linear time is an illusion. It is simply matter of Consciousness jumping from one parallel configuration of energy to another parallel configuration of the universe.

In a word, “parallel realities” implies that realities already coexist, right next to each other. In other words, there is no actual time; we simply move from one already-existent universe to another already-existent universe to another already-existent universe, and we do this billions of times each second. In this way, we generate the illusion of movement and space and time and motion and change and so on.

Nothing actually changes, structurally speaking. Everything already exists; everything happens at once; everything exists at once.

Every timeline consists of a sequence of parallel realities that all make sense within that timeline. There are endless timelines, and each timeline consists of billions of parallel realities per second. There are endless timelines with endless stories, each with billions of parallel realities happening each second that are being moved through by Consciousness.

There are infinite parallel realities, and you can connect those already-existing parallel pictures, or realities, in any order you desire. One timeline may never experience certain pictures; another timeline may experience the pictures that the other timeline never experiences.

A timeline consists of many, many, many parallel realities, which are experienced from a certain point of view, in a certain way, in a certain order. There are many, many, many, timelines, each with a different type of sequence of parallel realities that makes sense to that particular timeline.

Timelines can be so “far apart” that one timeline will never be able to even recognize the form and the type of experience that another type of Consciousness out there in the universe may potentially experience. These parallel reality sequences might be of such different perspectives, of such different ways of using the senses of Consciousness, of such different types of vibratory states, that one would simply not recognize the other. In fact, in a sense, we can say this happens all the time, because right now, you are in a particular frequency and you are not recognizing all the other alternate timeline realities that are also available.

Learn to Consciously Jump Timelines

You can start utilizing this consciously, and you can actually learn to jump timelines. This is very interesting; I have done it many times. Mechanically speaking, we all do it, all the time, but we can do it in a more significant way, so that it actually becomes noticeable. I have done this in a noticeable way many times over the course of my life, so that right now, when I look back on two weeks ago, I don’t recognize my life; I don’t recognize myself. When I look back two years ago, I absolutely don’t recognize myself. It feels like it is someone else.

You can develop the same habit, the same tool, the same privilege, the same birthright, the same ability, because you already use the ability. But now, you can start using it consciously and deliberately, and have fun with it. There are many ways to do this, and mechanically, structurally, and energetically speaking, you jump timelines every second. However, you don’t do this to a significant enough degree to where we can say, “OK, this is a completely different timeline.”

You can make it more significant, you can make the difference more drastic, more dramatic, and most importantly, you can make it be in accordance with your highest bliss, your highest joy, your highest desire. Otherwise, what’s the point, right? You might as well be in this timeline reality.

There are many ways to increase the significance of a timeline change. If you look upon your life as it is, and how it has unfolded, you will see that there have been many moments in your life when you have had the very powerful urge, “I want change!” This is a very strong, palpable desire: “I want to change something.” If you remember the Three Day Process lesson, this is the Day One experience. It is a very profound change in the energetic orientation of you as an individual, as an individuation of All That Is.

You have a change of heart, you have a change of intention, a change of mindset, a change of belief system. When this change is executed and is seen all the way through—when it is taken all the way through the Day 2 challenge into the Day 3 celebration, confirmation and transformation—what has happened is that you have jumped in your vibration.

You have jumped significantly enough to where, if you could see it on a piece of paper, drawing a line between different dots (each of which represent a parallel reality), it would look like your previous life was just a straight line, and then suddenly, it jumped up a notch. The line then continues in a similar direction, or maybe in a slightly different direction, but it is on a whole different level.

In this case, we can say, quite literally, that you have “shifted timelines.” You have actually changed your timeline. Oddly enough, not only does this mean you have changed your future experience (what you will be experiencing), it also means that the body-mind vibrational spectrum that you are now inhabiting and are conscious of, has a different past.

Change Your Timeline by Changing Your Past

This new past may not be one you remember, although—this is weird—you can actually gain memories of experiences you never had in your previous timeline. These are experiences that your present self has had, because again, time is an illusion. So, what you are “tuning into” or “downloading” is not so much an actual memory (you never actually have a memory, in that sense), it is simply that you notice a parallel picture that corresponds to the vibratory state you have now shifted into.

So, now you have access to the future and the past simultaneously. You have access to this new future self, this new parallel timeline self that you chose. Being in that energy, you will naturally have a different type of memory and a different type of probability projection into your future.

One way to specifically do this is to actually change your past. Here is one simple method that you can learn to apply. Take an event you remember from your past, perhaps one that you don’t really enjoy; one that you don’t prefer. It may be one that you wish wasn’t yours, even though you can see how it has benefited you, how it has helped you to become who you are. You can take that memory that you have a bit of a nasty after-taste from, and change it, quite literally. You can simply overwhelm that memory with your new chosen frequency vibration energy.

Let’s say the new vibratory state you prefer over your memory is love and joy and support and respect. Take those frequencies (or one of them) and overwhelm that moment in your past with the particular frequency that you chose and see what happens. It is like you are “energetically massaging” your image of the past with a different vibratory state. You overwhelm it. You insert it. You superimpose your new vibratory state onto your image, onto the memory from the past that you don’t really enjoy. Keep exuding the energy of love and light, and the vibration of aliveness and respect and support and being loved. The more you superimpose that onto the image, the more you will start to see the image change.

This is not a delusion, as such. This is actually you shifting into a parallel timeline, where you had a slightly different (or a significantly different) experience of a very similar moment. But now, you are in a parallel reality which is of a higher vibratory state. This is a more evolved, more expanded version of the timeline of your experience and alternate self.

Basically, you are inhabiting an alternate version of yourself, which has a different past. So, as you keep changing that past experience, you are actually, in the present, moving yourself into different a timeline. You are shifting into a different timeline more drastically than you would if you were shifting through parallel realities on “automatic pilot.” You are making this conscious and deliberate, and you are changing it so significantly that you are actually starting to change your memory of the past. So try this out and see what happens.

Suddenly, it is a completely different picture. The same person who perhaps abused you, suddenly starts hugging you sincerely, with no other meaning than to simply hug you and love you and support you unconditionally. Or, the boss who fired you now suddenly gives you a big commission, or a reward, or a promotion.

You will see that your image of what happened changes. If it does not make sense to your present memory of your timeline, simply allow that to be OK, and keep superimposing your chosen vibratory state onto that past image. Watch it change and allow this to be a permission symbol for you to feel that you have actually changed, in the present, to a different parallel timeline that is more aligned; that is of a freer, more transparent nature.

More transparent to what? More transparent to your Heart’s true desires; more transparent to who you truly want to manifest through your body-mind-individuation experience.

Change Your Timeline—by Simply Changing Your Timeline

Another way to change your timeline is to simply—change your timeline. This is a more advanced method because it doesn’t use any other permission symbols; it doesn’t use any other technique. It simply allows you to decide to be in a different timeline, to jump into a different timeline—just like that—using confidence.

What you do is superimpose the frequency of confident change onto your present experience, and—right there, right then—you will start to feel a difference in your vibratory state. You will start to change how you feel and how you see, and that actually signifies that you have jumped into an alternate timeline. As a result, you will have different memories come up, and you will have access to different future passions and creativity.

So, try that one; it is very direct. You can always apply it, and the more you practice it, the more your confidence becomes this overwhelming, overpowering energy that allows you to shift your reality in an instant, more and more. Confidence is powerful. Faith is powerful. Deliberate confidence is very potent. It is a very powerful tool.

Change Your Timeline through Visualization

Another way to jump timelines is to use visualization. To do this, sit down, as in meditation. Center yourself a little bit, relax, take a deep breath, give away all thoughts for 2 to 5 seconds. Recognize the changelessness, the essence, the perfect nature of timeless Presence, or timeless Awareness. Or, do whatever allows you to feel centered and comfortable within yourself.

Then visualize, or imagine, what it is you wish to shift into. Visualize that reality to such an extent that you actually start to feel the vibratory changes of the active visualization. As soon as you start to see those vibratory changes, as soon as you visualize this powerfully enough, you actually start to become that reality, to shift into that reality.

How do you know you have actually shifted into a different timeline? Well again, you do this all the time, so really, it is not even a question. You always have shifted into parallel realities. But the timeline change becomes more significant when you actually feel different. When you feel your mood has significantly changed. When you feel your outlook on life has significantly changed. When you feel that your perspective on things has changed. When your grudges about the past no longer hold sway over you, and your concerns about the future feel completely lightened up. You know you have shifted when you feel more ecstatic; when you feel more alive.

You know you have shifted timelines whenever you feel more stable and grounded, yet freer at the same time; more inside of your own center of alignment. You feel better overall. Every time there is a significant change in your mood, it means you did something to make it happen—whether you did it consciously or unconsciously; deliberately or accidentally. But you did something to cause yourself to shift into a parallel timeline.

In fact, this is the only way emotional change is possible. You can only change emotionally if you shift your vibration significantly enough to where you are in a different timeline. Suddenly, you will notice you are more confident about your future. You are no longer looking to the past. You are no longer holding grudges and regrets. You no longer feel attached to the person that left you perhaps, or to the people that you have loved. You feel free. You feel empowered. You feel more powerful. This is a sign that you have done a good job and you have shifted confidently into a parallel timeline experience—one that has a different past and a different future. You will attract a different future than you would have had in the parallel reality you just moved out of.

In a sense, it is like moving houses, or moving locations. It is no different. You simply give yourself permission to feel that you have changed. You give yourself permission to know that you have changed. You give yourself permission to “be the change you wish to see in the world”—quite literally.

When you do this, you will see that your reality changes, because the Law of Attraction and the Law of Reflection will cause your circumstances to naturally reflect the nature of your vibratory timeline state of being. Everything you perceive reflects who you are, who you assume yourself to be, what your state of being is like, and what your timeline is like.


The homework for this lesson is three-fold; that is, in addition to reading this text or listening to the audio or watching the video, at least once more before you proceed with the next lesson. In addition to that, there are three assignments, which are to try out the three basic techniques for jumping timelines.

  1. Change your past. Go to a past memory and superimpose upon it; overwhelm it with another new frequency state you would rather have that memory be a representation of. Choose an energy state such as love, or light, or excitement, or support, or being loved, and overwhelm that memory, as you presently remember it, with your chosen frequency.

    Keep “massaging it” energetically with your new chosen state of being and watch how, somehow, your mind miraculously starts to come up with different images of the same memory. It starts to change the way it looks. This is how malleable a memory is. This is how malleable your timeline is. Try this.
  2. Simply choose to shift, just like that. Choose a certain frequency. Choose a certain desire. There has to be a certain desire, otherwise this particular method won’t work. You must have a desire for a change. Whenever you feel frustrated with your present timeline, allow that to motivate you; don’t let it make you grumpy. Allow it to motivate you and excite you, for something else must be coming: “I must be desiring some kind of change, so let me make that change.”

    Don’t wait for the change—choose and insert and overwhelm your experience with your chosen vibratory timeline experience and know that you have changed. Feel that you have changed. Be that change—period. Simply by knowing, simply by deciding that you know you have changed and that that is enough, you will start to see the effects. You will start attracting different things into your life, because you literally jumped timelines when you jumped confidently into another vibrational realm.
  3. Use visualization. Practice the art of visualization, or imagination. We will get into this more deeply a couple of lessons from now in See It, Feel It, Be It, but for now, simply start to get a glimpse of this. Sit down, as in meditation, and visualize the timeline experience you desire. Visualize what it looks like and what it feels like, to the best of your ability. Once you see it very, very clearly, you can start to feel it and then start to be it. You are, quite literally, uploading yourself into a parallel timeline experience that has a different past and future by utilizing strong visualization.
  4. There is also a bonus exercise. If you want to, and if it feels inspiring, write down your own method. Come up with your own method to change your vibratory state enough to where you can give yourself permission to understand, believe, feel, know, and see the results of the fact that you have changed from one parallel timeline reality to another timeline reality. You will know you are successful when you feel different about your past and your future, and most of all, if you feel amazing right now.

    Use any method, permissions of any type, and your imagination. Use any type of practice or tool you intuitively come up with that feels germane, immediate, and natural to your particular make up, natural to your particular design. Write it down, and I would love it if you would share it with the other people in the study group. We can build a little “library” of sorts, inside of this lesson’s study group, of different ways we can very easily shift timelines.

So, change your past and change your future. Change what you attract to yourself. Most of all, most importantly, change the vibratory nature of your present feeling state, because that is the key to everything.

Enjoy! Have fun, and see you in another timeline experience!

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