Lesson 9 – Activate the Perpetual Beyondness Loop

Hey friends! I want to share with you a method that was one of my favorites at the time I was realizing this and first starting to teach about Beyondness or Beyond Experiencing. This method was very effective in making this more pronounced, more accessible, to my “transparent awareness.” The method is called The Perpetual Beyondness Loop. It sounds a little funny, but I will explain it.

A “loop” is something that loops back onto itself. Once the loop is established, it becomes continuous.

This method needs to be practiced for a little while, for a duration in one sitting. You can do this as a meditation for, let’s say, an hour straight, and you will get results. It depends upon the person, of course, but you will get results fairly soon into this process. Take it as far as you want to take it, until it becomes pretty much automatic—until it has formed a loop; until the circle you are drawing by practicing this consistently for a set period of time forms a loop that has now taken over itself.

The instinctual realization that you activate over and over and over again becomes a “perpetual Beyondness loop,” and it will become naturally occurring for you. You will become naturally aware and transparent to The One, even when you are no longer trying to practice.

You activate the Perpetual Beyondness Loop in the following way:

Whenever something arises, you will use the angle of going beyond, or recognizing that what is true is beyond what you are perceiving. This is very similar to neti-neti in its attitude of negation. This does not mean total negation of the purpose for All-That-Is, because a balanced, realized being does not dismiss anything as not being The One.

Ultimately, you will realize that it is all The One—which includes appearances, drama, thoughts, and emotions. Don’t get stuck in these things, but appreciate and value them, because their purpose is very crucial at some point. But during intermediary stages, it is necessary to dismiss certain things for the sake of realizing other angles and more expanded realizations.

So, when something arises for you in this meditation, when your Consciousness notices an experience, say to yourself (verbally or mentally or just attitude-wise energetically), ”The Infinite One is beyond this.” Then the next experience arises, and you also snap out of that—the Infinite One is beyond that as well. And then next experience arises—the next feeling or thought or object enters your Consciousness and gets registered as an experience—and you snap out of that one.

Each time an experience arises, you snap out of it by saying, “That which I am or that which the Infinite One is—whatever it is I am looking for—is beyond this. It is beyond this, too, and beyond this and beyond this…”

You become very slippery, very ninja-like, very deflective—very slippery to experiences. They just slide off of you. Nothing lasts. Nothing endures. Nothing sticks to you.

Even if there is a sticky, emotional, traumatic thing that is very active for you in your life at this moment—maybe your partner left you or something like tragic like that—even if there is an emotional charge behind it, step completely beyond it. Say to yourself, “No. I am convinced. I am committed. I am looking for something beyond this experience.”

The thought might arise, “Oh, this is such an intense practice and I am not getting anywhere with it.” The Infinite One is beyond that, too. “Oh yeah, but I feel this way.” It is beyond that, too. “Oh yeah, but I feel that way.” It is beyond that, too. “Oh, I am thinking this.” It is beyond that too. “I don’t think I can do this.” It is beyond that, too.

So, you constantly snap out of every limiting statement, definition, thought, or experience that you normally latch on to. This is very powerful. You become completely slippery. You slip through the cracks—even through the cracks of Consciousness—into an Infinite Abyss of infinite peace and realization of The One.

What makes this practice so unique or special or effective is that you do it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. And you don’t make any concessions for anything that arises—no matter what your thoughts suggest, no matter how you feel about it, no matter what you observe. If there is an explosion outside your room, you go beyond that, too. The Infinite One is not that either. If you hear that a meteorite is about to hit planet Earth and everyone you love will die, the Infinite One is beyond that, as well.

Beyond this…

Beyond this…

Beyond this…

If you do this quickly, in succession, “Beyond this, beyond this…” you will experience gaps of peace. And then you can say, “Beyond that, too.” You constantly snap out of whatever mode your Awareness is trying to lock on to.

Do this for an hour, a half an hour, two hours, ten minutes—it doesn’t really matter how long. It depends on how transparent this already is for you, in a way. But do it consistently and persistently. You have to practice this. Just do it. Set some time apart and do it. Do it! You will thank yourself for this for the rest of your life. It is worth it. Just fucking do it for an hour.

So, you do this. You sit down, you go beyond this and beyond that and beyond this and beyond that and beyond this… And what happens is that it starts to “loop onto itself.” It becomes perpetually obvious to you and simultaneous to whatever is going on with, and inside of, your Awareness.

This is where you are going to be experiencing your first glimpses of true simultaneity. You will have an awareness of the things that occur. You will be able to respond to the explosion outside your window. You will be able to have an in-depth dialogue with your partner while simultaneously being transparent to the Infinite Abyss, the Infinite Space, the Infinite Void of the Infinite Indescribable—where nothing ever happened and there is no identity of any kind but Infinite Peace.


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