Enlightenment I, Part 1 – Introduction Course

Since time immemorial, humankind has worshipped and attempted to realize and embody that ever-elusive and supposedly liberating “Greater Self.” It has been called by many names in various cultures and disciplines around the world.

My goal for Trinfinity Academy is to keep things as practical, experiential, scientific, and as universally accessible as possible. For this reason, I refer to Greater Self as: Presence, Presence-Consciousness, Beingness, or Beingness-Consciousness—words that point to the actual experience of the Greater Self, rather than other terms open to wider interpretation.

I am interested in facilitating the direct experience of liberation, not just the concept of it.

The first course lays the groundwork for all the other Self-Realization (Enlightenment, Infinity) and Self-Actualization (Empowerment) courses that will follow to provide you with a solid foundation from which to advance and really start to embody some of the ways of being that I address later on in Trinfinity Academy.

Throughout the first course, the aim is to move your sense of who you are from the conditioned state of feeling/thinking:

I-AM-This (Person-World-Consciousness)

…to the much more powerful and eternal state of feeling/knowing:

I-AM (Presence-Consciousness)

…which brings you then (if you choose to continue along the Way of Self-Realization at the end of this course) one step closer to discovering the super free state of the ultimate “Free Agent”:

I (Awareness), or more exactly I-I (Awareness aware of Itself).

Getting to know yourself as I-AM, and then as the ultimate I-I, is a very complete experience in and of itself; in fact, it is what I define as “Enlightenment.” However, to take it one step further, in the Infinity teaching we will use Enlightenment itself as a springboard from which to glimpse—and realize—the truly unborn “stateless state” of the One Infinite Creator, the source behind—and of—All-That-Is:

Beyond-I (The Absolute, The One, Infinity).

Sounds complex?

Don’t worry, this will all seem simple to you in a matter of months—a piece of cake. I promise. Understanding will come much more easily in retrospect, after experiencing these states of being first-hand, rather than relying solely on the intellect.

Trinfinity Academy is designed to give you every realization you will ever need to fully know yourself on any level, and to get you to where you truly want to be. The courses are designed in such a way that you don’t have to worry about, or feel overwhelmed by, what to realize, and in what order to realize it all; Trinfinity Academy takes you by the hand and leads you step by step.

In a sense, I did most of the worrying for you in my years of seeking. I exhaustively tested the science and methodology of these paths, chewing on source materials and teachings for many years—not just executing them one-dimensionally but actually approaching them from every possible angle I could think of—so that other seekers could get to enjoy their journey into Self-Realization—rather than suffer through it in anxiety, pain, and confusion as I did and as so many still do.

So, in creating Trinfinity Academy, my decision is to leave no stone unturned, to share with you everything I feel is pertinent to your journey, to make it easy. Then, from a truly comprehensive awareness of Existence, you can choose how you desire to proceed—shaping your life in your own unique and brilliant way.

I encourage each of you, therefore, to relax your beautifully eager mind and place some trust in the natural progression and pacing of the Trinfinity Academy courses. I promise you that you will realize more about existence than you ever thought possible, and in record time, too.

A mere six months from now, if you commit yourself to this Academy, you will be positively unrecognizable to yourself, and you will never want to go back to your old (current) self.

You may now open your first chapter below.