Lesson 12 – Law of Attraction

Hey, guys! Welcome to The Law of Attraction.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with this term, with this supposed law of Existence, this law of Creation itself. It has been made very popular by certain books and movies and people and teachers, and it is great. The Law of Attraction is actually a law of Creation. It is like gravity— a fundamental, energetic principle of Creation.

Certain things attract each other. In fact, everything attracts everything else, but certain things attract certain things more than other things attract other things. Certain gravitational fields are more potent, or relevant, to certain objects than other gravitational fields.

You know that Creation is nothing but Love-Light at different frequencies; even physical matter is nothing but Love-Light at a certain vibrational, energetic state of itself—a wavelength. You are starting to understand that there is nothing but vibration in this universe. Form is nothing but vibration; Consciousness exudes nothing but vibration; it creates by no other means but conscious vibration itself.

So, since even physical matter is nothing but wavelengths of Love-Light frequencies, you can also understand that your state of being must emit Love-Light at a certain vibratory pattern, or wavelength. What happens when you change your state of being, your perspective about life, your response to life—what happens is that you change what you exude. You change the gravitational field that you emit all the time as a being.

From this point of view, we can say that the Law of Attraction is an actual law. And, not only that, it is an inescapable principle that is active 24/7. Your Consciousness is always vibrating at a certain state of being, at a certain vibrational attitude, as a certain state of the density of Love-Light. And so, depending upon the unique vibrational makeup of your present state of being, you attract whatever corresponds with that vibratory pattern, because your gravitational field changes its vibration to hook into certain objects and to hook out of certain objects, or appearances, or vibrations.

You are of a certain vibration, and as such, your gravitational field locks into other vibratory patterns that are of a similar wavelength. In this way, similar wavelengths can actually lock into each other and become one wavelength. When you change your state of being, your gravitational field stops attracting things that you previously attracted. It starts to live on a vibratory scale or level that now attracts into its conscious experience the appearances, things, or configurations of this universe—parallel realities—that belong to the vibratory wavelength that you are emitting at this moment. It does this naturally, effortlessly, and inescapably.

Valid questions at any given moment are always:
  • “What am I sending out right now?”
  • “How am I feeling right now?”
  • “What is my state of being like, right now?”
  • “What is my vibrational attitude like, right now?”

Based on the observations and answers that arise from these questions, you can start to better understand the patterns of the life you have created for yourself. You have created certain things in your life because you vibrate at a particular gravitational field that attracts similar frequencies. These enter your experience and make up your Creation. This is an inescapable, ever-present, always-on mechanism. It is a fundamental universal Law of Creation.

It is important that you start to consciously utilize this law, instead of letting it be all over the place, causing mixed frequencies that attract mixed gravitational fields. These mixed gravitational fields attract vibratory patterns that you may or may not actually enjoy or want to utilize or experience in your life. You must learn how to learn from the contrast of your experiences—from the preference response of your being to your experiences.

If you don’t prefer a certain idea, you are not pushing it away; you are simply noticing more of who you are and more of who you are not anymore. As an individuation of Consciousness, you will never be All-That-Is. You were not meant to be All-That-Is. You are meant to explore a theme of Creation with a unique point of view and slice. You are not necessarily meant to embrace everything as being what you desire.

A common misunderstanding in spirituality is that, in order to become more of The One, you need to prefer everything that happens to you. This is not necessarily true. Now, what is true is that if you wish to come closer to the vibrational understanding of Unity and the One Being that you are—closer to the All-That-Is Consciousness, which is the immediate expression of The Infinite One—then yes, you need to understand that all things that appear are versions of yourself and they are all equally valid expressions of Infinity. That gives rise to love, to falling in love with all things, as if they are yourself. This is true; they are yourself. But this is different than the idea that you need to prefer all things inside of your individuated point of view.

As we have stated in previous lessons, because of your individual viewpoint, some things are meant to disappear from view and others are relevant and meant to enter your view. This is how you generate a linear-timeline-thematic-experience, which Consciousness uses to learn about itself. It could not learn from itself in this specific way if it were to be aware of everything all at once, all the time, on all levels of its Consciousness. All-That-Is Consciousness already sees everything as its preference. You can tap into that understanding and gain a great sense of peace. Nevertheless, your individuated “job” is to also honor your preferences, and by “preferences,” I mean your true heartfelt passions and excitements.

You need to learn from the contrast of everyday life experiences that are offered to you. From that contrast, you can start to distinguish what resonates and what does not resonate; what is your heart’s preference and what is not your heart’s preference. Then, without rejecting any of the things you previously attracted (out of a mixed vibratory understanding of who truly you are), simply embrace all of it and include it as part of All-That-Is, as part of the Infinite Love that you are.

Simultaneously, notice: “Hey, that is a reflection of a version of myself that does not feel relevant for me right now. Thank you so much. I see how you have served me in the past; how you have been an exact reflection of who I have been, energetically speaking. But now, out of this learning process, it is time for me to actually rise from the ashes and become the next-level me. The new, more crystal clear, more fine-tuned, more one-pointed version of the one that I actually desire to be—in word, thought, deed, belief, action, feeling, and circumstance.”

You learn from experiences. Through contrast, you make more obvious to yourself what your heart’s true preference is, what your soul’s true preference is, and what it is not. That does not mean you are rejecting anything; it means you are including everything, because you are using it in a proper way. You are using it to learn from. You are absorbing it; you are transcending it by including it, and then stating a new vibratory preference to yourself.

In this way, you keep redefining yourself and you become clearer—crystal clear. And you start to accelerate. Your vibration starts to go through the roof, through the roof, through the roof, constantly; through the next roof and the next roof, and you become this crystal clear conscious co-creating mechanism of Infinity.

That is what your job is; that is what your duty is: To follow your heart; to follow your resonance. To act on what excites you and to start changing your beliefs according to what actually feels good and in alignment with your center of gravity, your center of being, your center of attraction.

If you don’t have a very clear understanding of who you are, then anything can come to you, because you are not yet clear and conscious and empowered. So, everything comes to you based on all the mixed frequencies you send out on a daily basis. You have not yet made your state of being conscious; it is not yet under your control; you have not yet mastered your vibrational attitude. You have not yet prioritized feeling really, truly good and centered and aligned and clear on a day-to-day, moment-to-moment basis.

That is quite alright, but that is why you see all these mixed reflections in your life—because you operate on all these different wavelengths of the gravitational field that is always ever-present, always ever-emanating from your Beingness.

You can fine tune this; this is the purpose of empowered Consciousness. The purpose of this teaching, of this particular course, is to learn how to master your state of being so you can utilize the Law of Attraction in a way that actually works, that serves you; that serves your overall journey.

Utilizing the Law of Attraction is not just about wanting certain things, attaining them, and then feeling you are all-powerful. Yes, that is a beautiful, natural aspect of the Law of Attraction when you are starting to utilize it consciously—but there is a more holistic picture. The Law of Attraction works so you can see exactly who you assumed yourself to be in the past, which is reflected in your present circumstances. You can learn from this perfect feedback mechanism; you can expand from it, grow from it. You can grow wiser and more loving; more abundant in your understanding.

The Law of Attraction simply means that, at all times, you are attracting to yourself—to your view, to the field of your Consciousness—a particular set or series of parallel realities that are of a vibrational wavelength that matches your state of being. They match your vibrational attitude—your perspective, your understanding, and your belief systems about who you are, what you are, how life works, what is true, and what is not true.

Life constantly reflects you. It is a constant mirror that reflects who you are, who you assume yourself to be, and how you exude yourself. Physical reality is nothing but a mirror. It is either smiling back at you (if you are smiling) or frowning or crying back at you (if you are frowning or crying).

Know that change starts within; it always starts with who you assume yourself to be. Become really clear on what is true. Become really clear on the fact that there is only Abundance—there is no lack—and that you are a creature of infinite worth, of infinite Existence. Creation wants you to be you.

You must understand that you are infinitely worthy of existence. Otherwise, you would not exist, because overall Consciousness does not mess up in that way; it does not “accidentally” create a soul. It creates a soul and a Beingness and even a personal consciousness because that is exactly what it wants to explore.

So, you see, you are already permitted to be exactly who you are. Start radiating in that frequency of clarity so you can start to attract the things that are more and more relevant for you. This will help you accelerate even further. It will help you to define and understand who you truly are. It will give you even more clarity as to who you truly are, so that you can start to execute your theme in this life with grace, confidence, clarity, one-pointedness, and a sense of empowerment that is unrivaled in any past experiences you have had so far.

You cannot escape attracting something to yourself right now because you cannot escape being a Consciousness that generates an experience of its state of being in manifest form; a form that is a reflection of that state of being. This is an ever-present, always-on principle; an active principle of Creation. Therefore, we can call it a “law.” The Law of Attraction is a fundamental law of Creation.

Become more conscious of the fact that you are always attracting something to yourself. Since everything is benign, and since there is free will on all layers of your Consciousness, the things you truly desire are actually already trying to reach you. Your Higher Self is already always emanating your true frequency—who you truly are, beyond your mixed-up unconscious frequencies and ideas about what is true, how worthy you are, and so on.

The true core frequency that is always already emanating from the center of your being will always be the true you. This life is simply a process of becoming aligned with that true understanding, and then expanding upon it. It is about making it a manifest, active principle—an active, manifest, physicalized experience.

That is why you are here. You are here to create, in physical form, a reflection of who you already effortlessly, inescapably are on the true non-physical level of your Consciousness; a reflection of the radiance that you already are on the true level of your Being.

This is what you always feel as the center of your alignment. When you believe in things that are out of alignment with this true vibratory pattern that is always on—the true crown of your experience—when you step out of alignment with that, due to your perspectives (which are vibrations), you start attracting things that are not of your resonance. This will cause you to feel a little nasty, a little depressed, a little contracted. And this is meant as a guidance system to place you right back in your own center of Being—in the radiance of your true crown energy.

Start utilizing the Law of Attraction by understanding that you are always attracting something. Therefore, it is crucial to mind how you feel so you can guide yourself back into alignment and become the Being that always feels good.

You are worthy of this. You are meant to do this because this is how you create and this is how you learn at an accelerated pace. This is how you benefit and contribute to the universe instead of suffering. Suffering does not contribute. If you are not happy, you are not helping.

If you want to be “selfless” and not care about how you feel, this won’t work. You have to care about how you feel, otherwise you cannot be truly selfless. You cannot truly be of service if you don’t first mind how you feel. If you care about how you feel, you can clearly guide yourself back into alignment with who you already truly are on a non-physical level all the time.

When your personal vibration is in alignment with your Higher Self’s true vibration—which can never be diluted or polluted; which is always pure and pristine—when you line up, when you become transparent to that frequency, then the manifestation that already wants to be attracted to you can now effortlessly be attracted to you.

It is not so much a matter of actively trying to attract something to you; it is more a matter of allowing in what is already being emanated and attracted to you, 24/7. It is more a process of allowing in what you already desire, what is already a part of your true frequency, because it already wants to rush into your experience. If it is seemingly not manifesting, it is because you are keeping it away with some out-of-alignment bad feelings and beliefs.

Figure them out; resolve them. Be resolved. Be committed to stepping back into your center of alignment so you can be in a state of allowing the things that are already emanated by your Higher Self Consciousness to effortlessly be made manifest.


For this lesson’s homework, write down some of the things you desire, as you did for the previous lesson’s homework. If you did the exercise from the previous lesson, you went from lack to Abundance, which is absolutely great. Basically, you went from resistance to your True Self to allowance of your True Self.

Now, simply rest in this vibration. Start practicing resting in the vibration of your True Self, in the allowance of your True Self. Start to feel the Abundance of the Essence that you are and that you desire to become more of in physical form.

Take that same list, or create a new list of whatever you feel truly excited about right now. Go through the items on your list one-by-one and sit for 2 to 5 minutes with each of these key things you desire. Sit with them for 2 to 5 minutes and embody the energy of that particular resonance. Allow it in and see that you are worthy of that desire; that you are worthy of that attraction. See that it is already being sent out—the attraction wants to come to you and you simply have to line up with it and become who you already are energetically, in the vibratory state.

Your state of being is always honored because that is your free will. So, if your free will insists that it is unworthy of what you desire—that it is not right to ask for the things you desire, to be who you truly are—that has to be honored by your Higher Self’s attraction field. If this is the case, you will be on a different gravitational resonance field, and you will attract things that may not be in the highest alignment for you at this time.

So, it is crucial that you start to pay attention to how you feel and make it a priority. Care about your life enough—care about your selflessness and your selfishness enough—to actually put yourself back into your center of alignment so that the things that are already wanting to come your way can now be made visible, can now enter your view.

The Law of Attraction is an ever-active ingredient of your experience. It is always on; it cannot be escaped. So, learn to play with it! Learn to master it; learn to consciously accept it and receive more of who you already are. Have fun!

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