Lesson 21 – Summarize Enlightenment II

Hey friends—welcome back!

For this summary lesson, there are three homework assignments.


    1. First, I want you to summarize the Enlightenment II course. Briefly look over all the subtitles and titles of each lesson and, in your own words, explain each one in about one paragraph. Write this down for yourself on a Word document for example, or you can hand write it, if you want to.

      For each lesson, write down a paragraph that summarizes, that captures, the message of that lesson in your own words. Feel free to go back to the lesson and look over it a little bit, but mostly in your own words cultivate your own understanding of that lesson. What was it about? What is it teaching? What is most important? What is it pointing to? And so on.
    2. The second homework assignment is to summarize for yourself the most important elements of this course as a whole. So, in this case, don’t summarize lesson by lesson, but summarize the Enlightenment II course as a whole. This summary might be slightly longer, like one or two pages. Summarize your whole experience of this course; how it was for you participating in this course.

      What has changed for you? What seems important to you? What have you taken away from this? What is the core summary, the most important summary of this course, when you take into consideration all the lessons combined?
    3. For the third assignment, write down, in a few paragraphs, how you would describe this course during a brief, one-minute conversation with a stranger on the street. Explain to this person, in very easy terms, the contents of this course. How would you make this person understand?

If you complete these exercises, you will ground yourself in this knowledge. You will anchor yourself in Enlightenment II, and you will be absolutely ready to move on to the next course.

Thank you so much for having made it this far. I really appreciate your dedication. I hope you enjoy what we offer here. I love you and I’ll see you in the next course.

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