Lesson 20 – I am Freedom itself – Guided Meditation

My friends—welcome to the last lesson of Enlightenment II. There will also be a summary lesson, but this is the last actual lesson.

Congratulations! You have made it this far. It’s amazing. It’s awesome.

We could now say that you are Self Realized in many, many ways, and on many, many levels of Awareness. You have realized a lot of the subtleties, and most of all, you have gained the most basic, essential tool kit for unending happiness and for further exploration of the infinite possibilities of The One.

So, thank you so much for participating. Thank you so much for getting to know yourself as Awareness itself.

I appreciate your commitment, I really do. This is what makes me thrive; it is what makes me happy; it is what makes me continue to do what I do—to see you guys be so devoted to activating and realizing who it is you truly are.

And to see you finding your freedom and your joy and your happiness and the end of suffering—or at least to gain the choice to not suffer unless you want to. Who knows, sometimes in certain scenarios it can be fun to suffer, and you can still want to choose to suffer, but at least now you have the choice to always recognize the ever-Presence and the Abundance of what is already here. I appreciate this and I love that this is the case for you.

I want to finish this course with a simple, spontaneous, and intuitive guided meditation. You can listen to the audio of this when you are closing your eyes before you go to bed, or while you are sitting down in a meditative setting. Or you can look me straight in the eye while watching the video and absorb it that way.

Take a deep breath …

Relax yourself.
Relax your mind.

This guided meditation is called I Am Freedom Itself.

Take another deep breath… and relax…

One more time, take a deep breath… and relax…

Notice what is here right now.

There is this sense of I-AM-present, the almost denser feeling—the lovely but denser feeling—of I-AM here, I-AM present, I-AM energy…

Then there is the spaciousness of “I” itself.
I am aware that I am aware of the fact that I-AM.

There is the I-AM sense, and there is the “I” that is aware of the I-AM sense. And now “I” can be aware of the fact that I am aware of the I-AM sense.

Or, simply put: I can rest as Awareness… I can relax in Awareness… I can recognize Awareness itself.

And as I recognize that I am formless Awareness itself—without which, no experience could have Beingness—I realize my freedom.

I realize that I am God.
I realize that I am Divine.
I realize that I am the Ultimate Essence that makes up everything I perceive.

I recognize that I am even beyond my own creations because I am so clearly aware of whatever I generate out of my Presence-Energy, in this moment, as my reality.

I will always be aware of my reality, even when I don’t recognize it consciously.

And to know that I am aware and that I will always already be aware—even before I notice it—is the most amazing permission symbol for me to relax and let go into my ever-more-expanded, greater sense of Self or Beingness or Aware-Presence or simply, Awareness.

I can choose the nuances of Awareness and of Presence-Energy I wish to experience.

I can choose to experience Presence.
I can choose to experience focus.
I can choose to experience relaxation of all focus.
I can choose to experience the cognizant clarity of Awareness itself.
I can choose to experience myself as Intelligence.

I can choose to experience myself as the ultimate Free Agent of the Infinite One, beyond words, beyond experiences, beyond descriptions—that Infinite One that generated my free agency to execute its desire to express and experience itself in as many ways as it possibly can, utilizing its infinite intelligence as a potential field out of which to generate all kinds of imagery and experiences.

I am always finding these perceptions rested perfectly in already present Awareness; nothing is ever found outside of Awareness.

I am the essence of everything that is.
I am that Free Agent principal, which is aware of everything that is.

I can choose to be aware of spaciousness…
Of the emptiness of all things…
Of the emptiness of myself…
Of the freedom that I am…
Of the formlessness of Awareness…
The ungraspable nature of Awareness…
The indestructible, immortal, timeless nature of Awareness.

I can recognize any quality I desire, for I am Freedom itself.

I love myself,
I adore myself,
I am free as myself, and I adore and love my freedom.

I love to be of service in this way, so effortlessly that I cannot help but be a success at expressing Infinity in a particular way.

There is never a moment in which I am not expressing myself in some way, on some level—in a way that has never been done before by Creation, by Consciousness.

I am always of service to the One Infinite Creator, delivering more experiences to its doorstep, expressing Infinity in more ways.

I am always a success.
I am always free.
I am always doing my duty, my job, my honor, my love, my joy, my service.

I am Freedom itself.
I am allowed to feel worthy of existing, otherwise The One would not have created my existence.
My existence must be perfect because the Infinite One is perfect—and then some.

I am Freedom itself.

I have been given the freedom to express Infinity in whatever way I see fit. This is not scripted—it is my freedom to generate; it is my freedom to taste myself in whatever state I wish to experience myself.

I have the freedom to rest as I-AM.
I have the freedom to worry and be concerned about the things I generate.
I am free to experience peace.
I am free to experience love.
I am free to experience stress.
I am free to experience suffering.
I am free to experience whatever I choose to place my conscious Awareness on.

But always I will remember—frequently throughout the day, for at least 2 to 5 seconds at a time—that I am absolute Freedom itself, that I am the ungraspable Awareness that makes possible the perception of this moment in the first place.

I am the Love of the Creator and I generate the Love that is Creation.

I am Freedom itself.

Take a deep breath…

I am Freedom itself.

Take a deep breath…

Feel good as you proclaim out loud and in your mind and in your heart and in your being and in your energy field and in your Awareness: I am Freedom itself.

Now remain quiet for another five minutes. Every once in a while, repeat this internal idea, concept, sentence: I am absolute Freedom itself.

That is all.

Enjoy yourself and I will see you in the next course.

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