Lesson 25 – Summarize Enlightenment I


1) Based on the titles of the lessons, and perhaps a quick glance over the subtitles if you so desire, write a summary of each lesson of this first course. Let your verbalization come from your own experience with each lesson’s contents; from your way of seeing it. Recommended length per lesson summary: 1-3 paragraphs.

2) Write a summary of this course, but write it as if you’re writing it to someone who has never heard of any of this stuff before. A stranger you meet on a bus, or perhaps your distant uncle, for example. How would you introduce them to the contents of this course? How would you lead them through the most crucial realizations offered in this course? You can make this summary as short or long as you feel you need in order to make it a solid introduction to someone who has never heard the word Self-Realization before.

3) Optional but recommended: Share your lesson summaries, and your letter to the stranger on the bus, in the lesson 25 study group.

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