Lesson 3 – Becoming doubtless in your choice

Hi guys—welcome back.

I hope you enjoyed getting into the vibe and the feeling of being the Creator, instead of the interpreter, of experiences; of being the Chooser of your state of being, your thoughts and your feelings, and therefore, both indirectly and directly, of being the Chooser of your circumstances versus feeling like you are the receiver of experiences.

It feels powerful to be the Chooser, to be aware, to walk around this seemingly physical world feeling like you are the Chooser of what you experience at any given moment. So, keep practicing this on a daily basis, if you can. It’s a very good practice.

I’m trusting that you have done some of that homework—that you walked around for hours feeling this way. If so, we can continue on to another similar tool, or permission slip, that will add even more precision and power to your alignment and to your success in terms of seeing results and in terms of becoming the Creator, or Chooser, of your experiences.

The Importance of Un-Mixing Your Frequencies

This tool will help you to become doubtless in your choices. It ties into the un-mixing of frequencies. We cannot become doubtless in our choices until we investigate the underlying belief system that is contradicting the thoughts that inspire us in the moment. We have new inspirations every day, especially when we are already excited and we are already tuned in to our Truer Self. We get inspirations all of the time! These inspirations may not jive well with the old paradigms and stale beliefs that we picked up on automatic pilot, when we believed we were just an interpreter, just a victim of experiences, just a victim of this big, bad world.

Now that we are re-embracing our empowerment, we can feel and notice how we are constantly choosing. However, we need to investigate the old paradigms every once in awhile, when it feels like they are blocking us from proceeding with our new inspirations; when they are making us doubt ourselves.

Doubt is the number one reason why things don’t work when we use the Law of Attraction. This is because we have mixed ideas, mixed frequencies. We think and desire one thing, as we are now truly inspired by Higher Mind. This inspiration, this new thought, is truly coming from our hearts. It is not coming from the ego effect, based on lack, like, “I need this because it will keep me safe.” No, it is a true inspiration, like, “I want to embark upon this journey, or I want to write this book, or I want to engage with this person…”

It feels like a new inspiration without any neediness, but with great passion. You feel excited about it, you feel settled into the here-and-now with it. You are not running away with the idea too much; you are not projecting into the future and becoming attached to an outcome, because then you will feel your needs and lack beliefs come up and latch onto that new dream. You have cleared all of that out. You are quite enlightened!

Let’s suppose this is the case. Most of the time, when you receive a new inspiration, you have a balance of faith and will. You are participating; that is your free will. You know you are the Chooser and Creator of your experience, and simultaneously, you respect the higher wisdom, the Higher Mind. You always remain humble, in tune and open to new insights, and you are not attached to outcome whatsoever.

It is very important that you don’t become attached to outcome, because joy is in this moment only. You can never experience future joy; you can only experience the joy you feel right now, while thinking about the future. It is fine to think about joy in the future, but experience the joy right now, without believing it is actually in the future. You are just using that as an imaginative symbol to feel more grounded in your joy right now.

Becoming Doubtless in Your Choices

Let’s say you are aware of all of this to a great extent, and that you are balanced in this way. Now you can start playing around again with the Empowerment III course, which is all about tools that will allow you to overwhelm your experience with your chosen vibratory state. This lesson is teaching you how to do so in the form of becoming doubtless in your choices.

So, when you have a new inspiration, I want you to start playing around with becoming doubtless in your choice. You can only do this if you are already in a heightened state of awareness, otherwise it will not likely work as well. However, even if you are not in a heightened state of awareness, doing this could drag you out of the muddiness of mediocrity a little bit, so you can play with it even when you are not feeling great already.

Try to become doubtless in your choice immediately and see if it bumps up your frequency. If not, then return to some of the other tools. First, relax. Find some relief by focusing on things that feel better. Maybe watch a couple of the previous lessons’ videos to re-inspire you. And then, having seen through the lack beliefs of being a victim and being powerless—from this heightened state of vibration, from this place of feeling more powerful again—I want you to take that new inspiration and just be bloody doubtless. Remain only with that chosen vibration. Don’t have an ounce of space left for doubt. Don’t have a percentage of space left in your Consciousness to consider anything else as possible.

Doubtlessness. Direct doubtlessness. Immediate doubtlessness. It is a choice. Again, see how the victim in you will try to say, “Yes, I can try to be doubtless, but then there still is this limitation or that limitation.” No! Be doubtless. Don’t even consider other options. Become more pointed in your intentionality with this new inspiration. Instantly become doubtless, which means to ignore every other possibility but knowing the truth of your new inspiration, and holding only that within your vibration and focus. When you get a new inspiration, if you do this for somewhere between 20 and 60 seconds, you will anchor it in and sift through 99% (if not 100%) of your doubts. If you don’t allow these doubts to come in instantly, they will not take over your momentum and vibration.

When you receive a new inspiration, instantly remind yourself of this lesson and choose the new inspiration doubtlessly. Don’t even consider any other identity or option or obstacle or space-time reality doubt. Be only in the vibration of your new joy and in the knowingness that it is true for you; that it is happening for you. Have total doubtlessness in your intentionality. If you hold this for 20 to 60 seconds upon the arrival of a new inspiration, you will have already raised yourself above all of the muck, or at least 99% of it, that you would otherwise feel like you have to work through. That’s why this lesson is very powerful when applied in this way consistently; when it is practiced and you train yourself.

Become doubtless instantly! Have blinders on to any other potential thought. Be expanded in your sense of Self and in your sense of vibration, and focus it solely down the line-of-sight, or rested within, the vibrational plane you feel coming from your Higher Self’s inspiration. Choose to commit to that 100% and know that it is true. Know that it will happen, no matter what.

Don’t think about time. Don’t about when. Don’t think about how. Only think about the knowingness that it is yours—that it is done. Know that this is the case. Remain doubtless in your instant intentionality for 20 to 60 seconds. You will feel how long it is appropriate for you to then rapidly grow that “lotus” of the new inspiration, and have it rise above the mud. For most people, 20 to 60 seconds is sufficient, depending on how pure one’s doubtlessness is. If your doubtlessness is not very pure, you might need to return to it for a couple of minutes. But if your intentionality is very pure, it will not take you longer than 20 seconds (if that) to feel like you have risen above the mud and that your new intention is flowering; that you have fully entered into your new reality.

Doubtlessness and the 3-Day Process

This is an accelerated method, a secret way, not to really transcend the 3-Day Process, but for you see that the 3-Day Process is very relevant. I don’t usually share this method before people have gone through the 3-Day Process in a significant way (or often enough) because the 3-Day Process will always come up in some fashion, practically inevitably, unless you become absolutely yogi-like in your intentionality, all of the time.

If that’s not the case, and if you have thoughts that make you wobble every once in awhile (which is a natural and part of the journey), it is very important to understand the 3-Day Process with its curves and peaks and valleys. But technically, whenever you become instantly doubtless and 100% committed to a new inspiration, within those 20 to 60 seconds (on average), you will grow past the Day 2 experience without really having to be aware of it at all. You can simply take that vibration and grow it very quickly, by focusing on it completely and believing it instantly—just because you know you want to, just because you know you can, just because everything that I have taught you is true.

And now, you can apply that with confidence—instantly. You are growing so rapidly that you are transcending the necessity of gradually going through all of the stages. Try it out. Use your new inspiration; practice being instantly doubtless with it, ignoring everything else for about a minute.

Practice this, practice this, practice this, practice this, practice this! And I will see you in the next lesson. Let us know how it goes in the forums.

Enjoy. Have fun. You are the Creator.

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