Chapter One – From Ignorance to Clarity

The first course of the Enlightenment teaching is designed to experientially introduce you to Presence-Consciousness, which simply means “Presence infused with Awareness” or “Awareness of Presence.” It offers windows through which to glimpse a very real and intimate sense of eternal Presence, Is-ness, or Beingness

The first course lays the groundwork for all the other Self-Realization (Enlightenment, Infinity) and Self-Actualization (Empowerment) courses that will follow to provide you with a solid foundation from which to advance and really start to embody some of the ways of being that I address later on in Trinfinity Academy.

In this course the aim is to open up your sense of who you are from the conditioned state of feeling/thinking:

I-AM-This (Person-World-Consciousness)

…to the much more powerful and eternal state of feeling/knowing:

I-AM (Presence-Consciousness)

Getting to recognize the ever-present, ever-shining, self-fulfilled I-AM, is a very enlightening experience, revealing many new truths about the nature of (your) existence.

By the end of this course, the goal is to have your sense of self shifted permanently from person to Presence, whereas this first chapter—From Ignorance to Clarity—serves as a powerful introduction that will leave you with the beginning stages of feeling deep relief, ease, comfort, stability, trust, clarity and joy.

This course serves as a gate opener, a dam-breaker. It signifies the start of your swift and profound journey into a permanently grounded and ever-enjoyable Self-Realization.

Now, let’s get started by opening up your first lesson!