Lesson 8 – Discover your Theme and Empower it

Hey guys, welcome back!

In this lesson, we are going to help you figure out what your theme is, and how to empower that theme.

You have already learned the most important tools for empowering your theme: the Emotional Guidance System; following the breadcrumb trail of joy; knowing that you are always, already aware and perfect; understanding that you are not only a physical mind, but also a non-physical Higher Mind and a Higher Self. You have learned all of these tools already, in past lessons, and they will help you to empower your theme. The most important aspect of this lesson is to get into theme exploration—to investigate and become a little clearer on your overall direction for this lifetime; to discover your overall blueprint.

Your Theme Is the Blueprint for Your Life

Your theme is the blueprint for your life, which the Higher Mind, or the non-physical mind, is always intimately aware of. The Higher Mind is not measuring you, in terms of judging you, but it is always gauging how you are doing, in terms of whether it needs to nudge you a little bit to the left or a little bit to the right. It is always assessing whether it needs to guide you in some specific way, in order to allow you to remain transparent and efficient in the exploration of your theme.

Your theme can be viewed as having been established pre-birth. But I do not like “time” so much, so instead of “pre-birth,” let us say that, simultaneously to your physically walking this path as an incarnational physical mind, the non-physical Higher Mind has an intricate awareness of this blueprint, of the overarching Soul intention for this life. The Higher Mind is always gauging where you are at. It uses your blueprint, or your theme, as a GPS (Global Positioning System) to see whether you are off course; to see if you need to go a little to your left or you need to take a right turn, and so on. Makes sense, right? It is not too difficult to comprehend—it is like a GPS; it is like a map.

This is how the Emotional Guidance System is translated to you. Basically, the Emotional Guidance System is your non-physical mind communicating to you about the degree to which you are in alignment with your blueprint, or theme—which again, is your main, primordial intention for this life; your primary intention for the way you wish to express Infinity in this life; the purpose you are most suitably and specifically created for.

Don’t get me wrong, this does not mean you are stuck in a very narrow pathway. You really do have a significant degree of free will as to how you go about executing and exploring that dream, that vision, that blueprint, that theme. But, you have to understand that this is actually what you desired, before you chose to have this life. If you think differently about it now, 99% of the time, this is because you have learned certain habits and negative definitions that make you feel like you don’t want to do what you actually came here to do.

As soon as you clear out these definitions, you will again become more and more in alignment with the Spirit nature of your essence, and of your theme. Your desires will, once again, be aligned with your truer Higher desires, and then things will really take off for you. Life will truly become the enjoyable flight it is meant to be.

Listen to your Emotional Guidance System and your intuition, and together with all of the aspects of your Consciousness, and with all of these tools, you will find the most harmonious and exciting way to get “you” (personal self) and “You” (Higher Self) in harmony with each other, so that you can explore this theme of Consciousness in a unique way; in the way only you can do.

How to Discover Your Theme

How do you discover your theme? I want you to grab a piece of paper, and make two columns. In one column, I want you to write down everything you have access to, in terms of what your highest vision, imagination, and excitement is for yourself. This can be very abstract. It might be, for example, that you are a schoolteacher, but you know that “schoolteacher” is just an aspect of your truer overall desire. Perhaps what you really want is to teach the world about enlightenment, or to share with the inhabitants of planet Earth how they can live their lives joyfully and freely.

Maybe the schoolteacher aspect is no longer the most exciting thing to you, but it is still kind of exciting because it is what you like to do. But, now you understand that it was a “lesser” (not “less valid than”), version of your truest desire. It was a smaller representation that you, at the time, had access to becoming. You had access to it in your vibrational field through intuiting and downloading, but you did not yet know anything about spirit journeys and themes and enlightening the world. You just knew that it excited you. And the closest representation that your Higher Mind could feed you at that time—to your conscious mind, with all the constrictions it had at the time—was to become a schoolteacher, because this would train you to become a teacher. And then, later on, you would expand this into sharing messages, just as I am, with the world.

This, of course, is just an example. It doesn’t have to apply to you in that way at all. Not everyone is necessarily meant to be a “verbal” teacher of enlightenment. Although, it is my belief at this time that, in some ways, all of us are here for a general shared theme, a collective theme—which is to brighten up this planet; to transform the belief in the limitation of lack and to turn negative definitions into positive definitions. To an extent, each of us has, as part of our theme, the desire to be a teacher of enlightenment for everyone else. But this does not have to happen in the form, or in the way, that I am doing it. It can be through silence, it can be through art, it can (in some cases) be through a 9-to-5 job (most often this cannot be done, but sometimes it can).

There are an infinite number of ways to express this, but we do have a shared theme, which is always something in alignment with sharing greater Light and brightness with the world—with our other-selves, with the rest of our selves—and finding union and harmony and ascension and enlightenment, as a collective. We are all part of that collective hard-wiring, or blueprint, or theme. So, you will find that most, most, most likely, your individual theme is plugged into this, to some extent at least. And for most of you, to a very great extent.

Again, do not be insistent upon how this has to express itself, because you are always teaching the world a higher vibration simply by being you; by being the most excited, aligned, intuitive version of you. If you do that, you will help the world. You will help the collective Consciousness—all of those who agreed to be part of this illusory play, at this time, on what we call “planet Earth.” You will naturally contribute; you will naturally be a teacher, even if you never utter a word to another human being about any of the things I am telling you here.

Do not put labels on it. Do not constrict what is possible for you. And do not ever judge that you are not being a teacher of enlightenment, because as soon as you are in alignment with yourself, you are a radiator, you are an example of enlightenment. So, follow your heart and find your unique expression as you go along; follow the breadcrumb trail of your excitement. You cannot “be there” from the perspective of where you are at now. You can never fully conceive of what it would be like, and what is meant for you 20 years from now, but you can conceive of what is the most exciting to you in this moment.

Higher Mind Is Guiding You

Your Higher Mind can see the future probabilities and the direction of your theme. It is feeding you the path of least resistance, the most immediate and direct route to the exploration of your theme completing itself in some way (even though there is no end to the journey). It is guiding you to complete a large chunk of that exploration, to get to the point of its theme. It knows how to most efficiently get there. You, as the physical mind, don’t know how to get there—that is why you need to open up, trust, be receptive, and meditate on what you are truly are called into being for.

When you do that in this way, your Higher Mind is able to more clearly feed you the breadcrumb trail of your excitement. This feels to your mind like, “Oh, I really feel like taking a left turn here” or “I really feel like calling my dad” or “I really feel like starting to write this book” or “I really feel like taking a break right now.”

It might not make sense in the bigger scheme of things. You might just feel like reading a few paragraphs out of a book you are enjoying, but your physical mind might think, “Well, I have this idea of becoming a teacher of enlightenment, so I must be doing this and I must be doing that, otherwise I am not going to get anywhere.” I am speaking from a lot of personal experience with this particular time pressure-oriented insistence that my physical mind used to have. And, in slighter versions, it still tries to impose this upon my experience, every once in awhile.

It is important to understand that, if something doesn’t truly excite you right now, but it does seem to be in alignment with your theme, it may be that you are blocking it with a negative definition, and therefore, the thing that you actually want to do may seem a little repelling—like you don’t want to do it. You may have resistance against it because of an unseen, un-investigated, negative belief about it. It could also be that, right now, the quickest way to actually get to the fulfillment of your theme is to take that break, or to read those paragraphs, even if it does not make sense to the physical mind, from a linear point of view.

We have to be humble and realize: “I do not perceive all of these probable timelines, but my Higher Mind does. It communicates to me through the Emotional Guidance System. If I try to insist upon this path, in this way, in this action—it doesn’t feel good. There is resistance. Is this because I am defining it negatively? No, not necessarily. It is because I believe I need to go in that direction, but actually, all I feel like doing is taking a break right now.”

You have to trust that; you have to follow and act on the breadcrumb trail of your excitement. Know that this is the quickest way to the fulfillment of your theme, to your greater expansion, to the greater absorption of your theme. So, trust it.

Back to the Exercise

Now, to go back to the piece of paper (remember the exercise?) and create two columns by drawing a line vertically down the page. On one side, write down all of the highest expansions, thoughts, imaginations, and inspirations you have access to at this time; all of the things you can imagine enjoying in this lifetime. For example, being a teacher of enlightenment for planet Earth, or inventing something new, or whatever.

Go in the direction of thinking outside of the box, of thinking 10 years from now, of thinking into your bigger, Higher Self (which may not seem immediately practical right now), and download these visions. Write down some of the things you know vaguely excite you at this point, even if they are very abstract. Just write them down.

Know that these exact visions don’t have to come true in that way. They might not be accurate at all, but they are representations; they are as close as your mind can come up with today to represent what it is actually downloading. You have the limitations of your physical mind to deal with, but you can practice this; you can make it more transparent and imaginative in nature, so you can more directly receive communications from, and as, the Higher Mind.

For now, you are going to interpret these visions in a way that makes sense to your physical mind, so you must use symbols of things you already know. That is why you can never accurately know what you want to be or do 10 years from now—you do not have a whole range of frequency access yet. You don’t yet have a whole range of ideas and symbols that represent what you have never experienced before. So, you are going to use what you know to comprise an image that comes as close as possible to what your Higher Mind is inspiring in you—as a vision or an inspiration of your thematic exploration for this life.

So, on one side of the column (let’s say the left side), you write down all of your visions, all of your excitements. On the right side, you write down all of your skills, as well as your flaws (or what you would consider “limitations”). You may have a particular physical limitation that you did not attract. I am not so much talking about a disease that you have seemingly attracted to yourself (although you could include that); I am talking more about things you were born with.

For example, let’s say you are really, really bad at math, for some reason. That is something to write down. Or perhaps you are limping, or you have always limped, or since an early age you have always limped, and it doesn’t seem to respond much anymore to how you are thinking. You have cleared up your vibrations, but still you are limping. Write that down.

Perhaps you are really a perfectionist by nature, and at a very early age, someone taught you to be really, really careful of what other people think, and this has become a big part of your nature. Also write this down. And if you have talents—if you show a great talent in a certain direction—write this down too.

So, in the left column are all of your passions, your vague, abstract imaginations, the highest versions of yourself—whatever glimpses you have, even if you know they are just vague and pale representations of the real thing. That’s OK. Just write these things down as best you can imagine them, at this point. In the right column, write down your flaws and your talents. Just list all of these things randomly—it doesn’t matter.

When you have done that, take a deep breath. Be in a state of non-judgement—always be in a state of non-judgement. Just appreciate your whole journey and the practice you are doing right now. Appreciate this whole exercise, because it is clarifying a lot for you. It is allowing you to step back from your life, so that you don’t just see it through the tunnel vision of your first-person perspective. It is allowing you a more expanded, Higher Mind point of view—a bird’s eye view—of the overall aspects of your life.

Connect the Dots

Look at your list in a peaceful state, almost like meditation or contemplation or reflection. Observe the list. Go back and forth between the columns and see how they tie into each other. Start making connections; start connecting some of the dots. It is a little tricky to come up with examples here, because this is so individual; it is so personal. It can be so intricate and complex, and the real teaching happens if you see these connections for yourself. So, I will use an example from my own life (and this is just one of many) to explain this.

Over the years, there have been many, many instances in which I have been able to connect the dots. Instances where, suddenly, it made sense as to why something happened in my past to alter my personality in a certain way. When I look at the left side of the column, even though I would perhaps judge that personality trait as a flaw or a limitation, I see that it is actually somehow perfectly tying-in to one of the dreams I am becoming more of. So, you want to start looking for connections that are somewhat non-linear. They are kind of complex sometimes; they are almost inter-dimensional, in some ways.

For example, from an early age in my life, my father was quite precise with his education; some people would say “strict” or “socially strict.” I was taught to be very careful, in terms of what other people think. To make sure of that, if we were visiting friends, for example, he would make sure I would not be too wild or crazy; he would make sure that I would not knock over those glasses. Of course, inevitably I would, and he would let me know that this is what I did, in that moment.

By the way, he is now the softest, friendliest guy ever. Even back then, he was very friendly and nice, but he projected some of that perfectionism—of his own self-image in relationship to others—onto me. So, from an early age onward, I was very perfectionist about what other people thought of me, and I was very careful not to bump into anyone too much. I was raised, in a way, to be very careful, very gentle, very aware of other people’s situations.

Later on, I realized that even though this seemingly blocked me from certain things in life—even though it was a transformational process (and at the time, I would say I struggled with it)—in some ways, I started seeing clear connections about it. If I had not become such a social perfectionist, I most likely would have defeated the purpose of my being here (the left column of the list), which is to be, let’s just say, a teacher of enlightenment for planet Earth. In many ways, I would have probably messed up this, sort of, “teacher-persona” image of responsibility. Again, this is just one example. Apply this to your own life.

Some of you may laugh, because you know I am very controversial. But imagine, had I not had that education, I probably would have looked like a completely out-of-control, crazy human being to the people I actually came here to teach. I needed to have some kind of relate-ability in order for them to embrace this message and empower themselves. Had my father not precisely taught me certain distortions and lack beliefs, and had I not taken these on, I would probably have been far more out of alignment in the exploration of my theme.

So, something seemingly lacking can actually play a big part in forming the perfect collaboration of dynamics—from past and future, from parallel lives, and from the intention of your blueprint—to make you exactly the way you are. I am not saying you should not change that, because I did have to transform these things. That is why I can teach about it now; that is why I can be so free; that is why I enjoy being controversial—because I used to not be so at all.

While it is my nature to be wild and controversial (that is where I come from, that is my native frequency), the human being in me was taught to be very, very careful and sensitive to other people’s experience and to how they see the world. This now allows me to have both natures, simultaneously. I am able to be completely controversial, while at the same time, I am able to really sense what people are experiencing, in that moment, as a reaction to what I am doing. This has helped me greatly as a teacher.

So, you see, something that is seemingly a flaw or limitation, once it reveals its true purpose to you, is seen to be perfect. It is seen to be of assistance; it is seen to be aiding you. By looking at your own list—by going back and forth between what you feel you want to become (or the general direction of what you want to become), while also seeing your flaws and limitations (or what we judge to be flaws and limitations, because they are perfections really; they are aids and assistances once transformed and utilized appropriately), as well as all of your talents—you can then start to see a clear pattern.

You can see how Higher Mind intelligently set up your physical body’s composition, chose your parents, chose the geography of where you come from, and chose your early life experiences for you. You can see how all of this has played into the rest of your life. You might not like all of it, from the physical mind’s point of view, but that’s OK. Those are negative definitions that you now get a chance to transform and heal, so that you can aid and assist others in their own healing process.

All of these “flaws and skills” somehow play into your overarching journey. That’s why I wanted you to write them down. Once you start connecting the dots, your flaws (or seeming flaws) and edges, as well as your skills, can become highly revealing. They can put things into context. They can symbolize and make clear to your personal conscious mind why you are here, and what you seem to be becoming the embodiment of; what type of frequency reality are you becoming the embodiment of, or the radiator of.

This list can become very revealing to you. Start to connect those dots in your everyday life, as you go along. It may not all make sense at first, when you are looking at the list, but when you apply it to everyday life, you will start seeing things like, “Why am I such a perfectionist in this way?” or “Why am I always late?” or “Why am I this, or why am I that?” You can start to notice how these are actually subtle balances, which ensure that the greater good of your journey can be completed more efficiently.

See beyond the surface of your persona and appreciate the perfection of it all. You might not be perfect on a personal level, because nobody is. As a human being, there will always be flaws, but that’s OK, because they are actually supporting the experiential reality and the exploring of a theme that you are here to do. In that sense, you are perfect precisely because you have those flaws. Without those flaws, your journey and your exploration of your theme would not have been nearly as successful as it has been already—and as it will continue to be, the more conscious you become of it.


Your homework for this lesson is to practice this. And, as always, repeat this lesson at least once. I have shared a lot very quickly, so view the video, or listen to the audio, or read the transcript again. Perhaps share your list in the forum to help other people become clearer about their own theme.

This will be a gradual process, but you will start to understand more and more of your theme as you connect the dots. Then it will become easier to understand your future, while simultaneously, as always, keeping your focus on what excites you the most, on what you are intuitively called towards the most, now. It will also become easier to open up to the higher intuition coming from the non-physical Higher Mind.

As always, meditation can help, so meditate on this principle; quiet the mind and meditate on the idea of: “What is my theme?” If you want, you can imagine a blank screen in your mind, and ask your Higher Mind to project onto that screen whatever you are capable of, and ready to receive, right now. This can come in the form of symbols, images, or nudges that will reveal more of your theme. Ask your Higher Mind for more information, for more clarity on your theme, and promise that you will not run away with these concepts and start “playing ahead of your own game,” so to speak.

Understand that, in order to receive more clarity on your theme, you also need more maturity, as well as vibrational clarity and understanding that you must always accept and appreciate where you are at in this moment. Otherwise, you will never allow the Now to unfold these parallel realities that express more fully the theme and the Being that you are.

You must be able to open up and flower right here, if you want these realities to shift through your Consciousness. They will be blocked from you if you are not mature enough to understand that you are perfect as you are; that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, right now. You always have to start from where you are at, but at the same time, never let your present circumstances dictate your vibration, or limit your expansion or imagination in any way.

You can all do this. It might sound complex, but it is all simultaneous. You are adepts, you are Creators, you are Infinite Beings. You are capable of what I am teaching here; you can embody the things that I am teaching here. Much love to you.

Do the meditation, and do the exercise with the lists on paper. See it in your own life; watch it unfold bit-by-bit. Start connecting the dots. Ask for greater guidance and you will become more aware of the guidance that is already given to you, all of the time.

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