Lesson 6 – Additional Ways to Raise and Maintain your Frequency

Hey guys—welcome back. This lesson is titled, “Additional Ways to Maintain and Raise Your Frequency.”

I don’t have much to say in terms of specific ways to maintain and raise your frequency, because the most important aspect of my journey—and this applies to practically everyone I meet on this path, including those who are studying my teachings and those whom I work with in my inner circle—has been to stay inspired.

Simple Ways to Maintain and Raise Your Frequency

It is actually very easy to maintain and raise your frequency. It is as simple as doing any of these things:

  • Review some of the Academy lessons you have completed or do some of the Academy lessons you haven’t done before.
  • Hang out with someone you know who perhaps has a higher anchored frequency than you do.
  • Ask for advice. Perhaps have a one-on-one session with one of the Trinfinity facilitators.
  • Watch some of my YouTube videos.
  • Sit through a portion of, or the entirety of, one of the retreat recordings.
  • Read one of my books.

The most gentle, kind, powerful and efficient way for you to raise and maintain your frequency is to expose yourself to inspiring material, which is quite effortless. Just sit down and listen to or read something.

Listen to the Academy material. Inundate yourself. Surround yourself with experiences and people and most of all, content and videos that truly inspire you and that are almost able to do all of the work for you.

That is the intention behind Trinfinity Academy—most of the work is done for you. The path is chiseled out for you. All you need to do is let go into it, commit to it, and let it have you; let it transform your vibration. And, of course, do the homework (if you want to).

Practice is a big part of this. You need to practice in order to really make the teachings your own. But practice naturally; practice when you feel into the massive benefits of these practices and journeys and insights.

This doesn’t mean you have to practice all of these insights all of the time. Just pick the one that excites you and resonates most with you in that moment. When it comes to your spiritual journey and your chosen adept practices, following the breadcrumb trail is still solid advice. Follow your excitement one step at a time, one step at a time, one step at a time… without insisting that it should be a particular way, without projecting how it is going to unfold. Sure, visualize what excites you, imagine what excites you, but have no attachment to the outcome.

When You Are Feeling Low

In each moment, apply this to raising your frequency: “What could raise my frequency right now?” Sometimes, when you are in a low-vibe state, you may not feel inspired to listen to one of the videos in the Academy, or to go to the Academy Forum, or to explore something in a different way. You just might not feel like it; you might be like, “Nothing seems exciting to me right now; I am in a depressed state.”

This is the only time I would say to force yourself to uplift yourself by watching a video. (I am talking about the worst case scenario, when you are already depressed and nothing really excites you.) Just go watch a video! Lock yourself up in your room for half an hour or an hour, and watch one of the videos. Let your intuition guide you as to which one to watch. Or go through an Academy lesson.

This will lift your spirits, and once your spirits are lifted—poof! You have relieved the spell of that lower vibrational paradigm or realm of being, and you will have entered another frequency domain altogether. And when you enter a higher frequency domain, instantly you again have access to more inspiring thoughts, to more exciting ideas, to more exciting visualizations, to more exciting suggestions as to what action to take right now.

The key is to keep yourself inspired. However, “keeping yourself inspired” can become a negative belief—a belief that you are not perfect as you are or that you can’t just let your hair down. That is not at all what I am saying. Sometimes it’s good to just let your hair down, to not do anything. But then, to make this crystal clear, why not watch one of the Enlightenment videos about allowing yourself the emotions you are having; about becoming more transcendent in your Awareness while your body or your mind is perhaps feeling a little low on inspiration?

From that space, you are freed up. You are more self-realized. Suddenly, you can allow everything to just be an appearance of Awareness within the Higher Self, within the Bigger Self, within the Bigger Consciousness—just coming and going, coming and going. Now it doesn’t affect you as much. You feel freer again, and feeling freer is another paradigm, another frequency domain.

You start feeling inspired. Now you have the state of enlightenment, of true allowance, of true peacefulness with these emotional states. You have allowed yourself to not identify with them, and instead you have seen them as Love-Light expressions of God, of Source, of All That There Is. And you have the capacity to let them go.

From this state of freedom, this state of self-realized peacefulness, you may now be inspired to hit up the Empowerment courses and start creating something exciting again. It can all flow into that. The key is to expose yourself, or almost force yourself at times, just a little bit.

When nothing else excites you—when your guidance mechanism is working, but you are in a state where it can’t reach you very clearly; when it is not obvious what excites you in that moment; when it is not obvious what leads to the next most expansive version of yourself—force yourself to go into the Academy, or to watch one of my YouTube videos, or to spend some time reading some of my quotes or materials, or to do a meditation, or to do one of the Academy exercises.

Not all of the time—sometimes it is good to not do anything. Sometimes it is better to not force anything; to just let everything completely be and to not force yourself to watch even a single video. But I would say that, eight out of ten times when you are feeling a little low, a video can inspire you. And before you know it, within an hour you are back to where you were before you felt low—if not even freer, if not even more excited, if not even more on-track.

This is especially true if you don’t bring your past garbage and conditioning with you. It is more effective if you don’t bring along past assumptions of how you are going through ups and downs, through states of peaks and valleys. It’s better if you don’t think about how your journey has progressed so far.

Just let it all be. Have an innocent moment of watching a video. Start with a clean slate if you can. Allow yourself to feel depressed. Allow yourself to feel not-so-connected. But be completely open and innocent about it. Don’t hold any ideas about it. Watch a video and see what happens. This is the most effortless way to raise and maintain your frequency.

Other than that, all of the exercises in the Academy, especially in the Empowerment courses, are designed to help you raise and maintain your chosen vibration. So, go through one of those lessons.

My advice always comes down to the same thing—it is all already here for you; the roadmap is here.

Allow Yourself to Expand

Sometimes, when you are feeling not-so-high, you may wish to expand a little more. You may wish to feel excitement again. Maybe you have done the same thing for too long—whether it is a particular spiritual practice, or hanging out with the same people, or living in the same area, or doing the same profession. Maybe you are ripe for something new.

Allow yourself to expand! Ask yourself this: “If everything was possible, if there was no lack of resources whatsoever, if there was an overabundance of opportunity and possibility, if everything I truly desired was automatically within my integrity, if I didn’t have to consider anyone else… In that state of imagined freedom, where everything is truly possible, what is it that I have always wanted to be or to do? What is it that I want to be and do now? What if that which I have always wanted to be and to do is still within me? What if it still wants to have a voice and to be experienced?”

And then, make a radical shift in your life. You can raise your frequency with videos and practices, but if you are in a fundamentally depressed spot in your life—if you have closed yourself off with beliefs that your desires are not possible for you, or that you shouldn’t be who you want to be, or that you don’t even remember what you truly wish to be, become, and do in this life because of all the ideas that you have accumulated—then you need to break out of that.

You need to make a radical change in your lifestyle. Quit your job, take a sabbatical, take a vacation, go somewhere, hang out with people you have always wanted to hang out with, or study something you have always wanted to learn about. Start activating that breadcrumb trail, that permission slip, that symbolism of following your highest resonance.

Sometimes you need to break out of your present scenario. Feel that you have the integrity and love and support of the Universe to do so. Think a little bigger than you are used to thinking, and then make a radical shift, or practice that particular new vibration or new reality for a period of time.

Being fundamentally encrusted into a particular reality doesn’t allow for a lot of expansion or recognition of your joy. Sometimes you need to expand in huge ways, in radical ways, and be fearless, even if it doesn’t make sense. Yes, it might seem safer to stay in the encrusted state of what you know and what everyone expects of you. It might seem safer to not be radical; to not step on anyone else’s toes; to not go outside of your financial boundaries, and so on. This might be really appealing to you; it might seem really safe.

But hold the two in comparison: “I live my joy and I have a more adventurous life. I explore more of who I am and my life takes on a truly, deeply, profoundly intimate spiritual meaning within myself. I feel connected to my Higher Self. I become intuitive and receive signals. I am able to dialogue with my Truer Self by stepping up to the plate, by becoming an embodiment, a receptive point, a vessel that allows the higher energy to come through, that allows higher excitement to come through, that allows fearlessness to come through.”

Or: “Will I stay here and know everything I already know for the next 20 years? Will that truly benefit me, or will it make me sick and frustrated and hate anyone around me?”

Step out of that boundary. It is actually safer, more secure, healthier, more conducive to your survival, more conducive to your expansion and to your happiness to get out of the encrusted state. I don’t know if “encrusted” is even a word, but what I mean is that you are “all crusted together” in maintaining control over what you have known for so long. Get out of that!

If You Are Not Living the Life of Your Dreams…

If you don’t have the basics around you that excite you, if you are not living the life of your dreams (although you can work on optimizing it), if the basic elements of what you truly desire—where you want to live, who you want to be with, what you want to do—if these elements are not in place, if you have not chosen them yet, then none of the exercises will truly help you to go really big and maintain your frequency.

You need to investigate: “Is this the person I want to be with? Is this what I want to be doing with my life? Is this the area I want to live in? Is this where I want to be right now?” If these essential elements are at least 80% in alignment with who you are, then you have a profound foundation from which to ask, “What excites me next?” From this place, all of the games and practices and imagineering sessions will make sense to you. And when you watch a video of mine, you will feel, “Yes, of course! This makes sense—let me take it up another notch.”

So, keep expanding, and learning while you expand, and fine-tuning and purifying yourself while you are expand—while you are becoming more powerful and more deliberate in your chosen frequency and in your free will. Simultaneously, you will become purer and learn faster.

Everything is amazing when you follow your joy, when you listen to your inner resonance, to what truly makes you you. Act on it. Be fearless about it because that’s the only thing that is going to save your ass; it is the only thing that will save your life and take it somewhere truly meaningful.

The best way to maintain and raise your frequency is to have the basic ingredients for an exciting life right there with you. If you don’t have that, make a change—even if you believe you can’t. Make a change! Change your beliefs so that you can at least feel largely supported. Know that you are supported. Seek support from the community. Practice these lessons until you feel a basic level of support from which you can live an adventurous life, knowing that you will be supported. When you believe this and act on it fearlessly, you will be supported—every single time—more than you could have ever imagined before you took that step.

Along with that, continue to expose yourself to the texts and books you are inspired by, and that have the capacity to uplift your spirits. Watch the Academy videos, as if you are sitting in on one of the retreats. Sign up for an event if you want an even more profound shift, or a permission slip to shift your life around. Come to one of my retreats (if I am still giving them by the time you are watching this video).

Make sure you have the basic ingredients for an exciting life; it’s important. If you don’t have this yet, work on the foundations—live where you want to live, be with who you want to be with. Or be by yourself if you want to be by yourself. Believe in the things you want to believe in, at least at a basic core level. Do what you want to do, or at least attempt it—explore what that would be like. And then, whenever you feel, “Oh, I could use a little spiritual upliftment…” watch one of the Academy videos. Watch one of the retreat recordings. Do an Academy lesson, or whatever feels inspiring.

This is really the best advice I can give you—and it is the most effortless advice. To sum it up, it is two-fold:

  1. Get the basic ingredients for an exciting life in place. If you don’t have this yet, work on that foundation. That foundation will support all of your other endeavours.
  2. Watch some of my videos whenever you feel you want to or need to; whenever you can use a boost, or when you want to maintain or increase your frequency.

Lots of love, and I will see you at some point.

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