Lesson 2 – You are the Creator, not the Receiver of Experiences

Hey guys—welcome back.

In the previous lesson and homework, I asked you to un-mix your frequencies. This is important, so a small recap: If we have contradicting patterns of thought, of belief, of expectation, of feeling, of conviction within our system, within our field, it is rather tricky to see the results we desire, and to feel good overall—which is ultimately the most important part of the Empowerment path, or the Self-Actualization path.

To feel good is most productive; it is most efficient. The most important part of the Empowerment path is to feel really good, to be in alignment, and to be able to, from this state of feeling good, recognize the things that represent feeling even better, so you can follow that breadcrumb trail with unerring clarity.

It is very important to have integrated this previous material and to have sifted through these potentially contradicting mixed frequencies—or to have at least gotten used to the practice of looking at or sensing or noticing them—and un-mixing them. Now that you have had some practice with that, you will be able to recognize mixed frequencies or contradicting thoughts or beliefs when they come up in the future. So, we can proceed with the next lesson, which is this one.

This lesson is titled, “You Are the Creator, Not the Receiver, of Experiences.” This lesson is (as are most of the lessons in Empowerment III) a permission slip, or tool, for you to use to become more grounded, to become more aware or awake to the fact that you are indeed the Creator. It taps you into a more powerful capacity in Awareness that you can use to overwhelm your experience with your chosen vibratory preference or frequency. What you put out (how you see and how you feel) is what you get back.

You are learning, or teaching yourself basically, how to amplify the feeling state you wish to be in, and to overwhelm your circumstances with it. You are learning how to remove all focus from circumstance, so that there is a much better chance for these things to manifest out of this un-mixed, potent state of vibratory beingness (rather than from personal, physical self), and to allow the experience of flow in your life to be greatly enhanced.

You Are the Creator (Not the Receiver) of Experiences

This first permission slip is titled, “You Are the Creator, Not the Receiver, of Experiences.” This is important to understand, if you wish to amplify your willpower, your spiritual will—your free will, ultimately. You are the Creator of experiences, not the receiver. Why do I emphasize that? Because in our society, we are always taught to perceive that we are at the receiving end of experiences.

Victim mentality runs deeply in our societal makeup, in the social memory of our collective. We are all indoctrinated with very subtle ideas (and sometimes not-so-subtle ideas) about being a victim of Creation, a victim of God, a victim of some free will other than our own, a victim of other people, a victim of perpetrators, a victim of space-time, a victim of outside laws.

The good thing is that all laws that are true, all Universal laws, are actually inside of your Consciousness. You can make use of these laws, rather than feel like they are external to you and that they are the boss of you. You can start to work with these laws of the Universe, not just local conditions of time-space, but actual laws—such as the Law of Attraction, the Law of Oneness, and so on.

For the purposes of this lesson, in the next few days when you are practicing this, I want you to really get into the vibe of experiencing that you are the Creator of experiences and not the receiver. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t an aspect of your Consciousness that operates as the receiver of experiences—or rather, the perceiver of experiences. That is true. The physical mind is the receiver, the observer, the perceiver, and the interpreter of the experiences that are given to it by the non-physical mind.

In order to become more like the non-physical mind, in order to regain more of our free will and to increase our alignment, we want to match the vibration of our Higher Mind. We want to start to see as the Higher Mind sees, feel as the Higher Mind feels, and operate as the Higher Mind operates. We want to tap into the powers the Higher Mind operates from.

To do this, we need to be in intuitive alignment with our theme and with what is relevant for us, so that we are not pushing our boundaries too far from a place of vanity, or from what you could perhaps call “the ego effect” (or lack beliefs, which underlie the ego effect).

Without lack beliefs, there is no ego effect, and we are perfectly content, while at the same time, joyously anticipating the next moment of Creation. As we know, it is within our power to follow our excitement, and hand-in-hand with our non-physical minds and Higher Selves, to create and participate in a vibratory way in our Creation process.

You Are Conditioned to Feel You Are the Receiver

First, I want you to investigate. In other words, seek out the feeling, the vibe, of being the receiver of experiences. This is what you have been taught for most of your life, whether you know it or not. This is subliminally, unconsciously what you have been fed—spoon-fed, in fact—that you are the receiver of experiences.

Go to that feeling first, because oftentimes it is more efficient to find the negative, or unconscious, belief first, before you start to replace it with something new. The more clearly you are able to identify the limiting belief, the more effortless it becomes to shift that vibratory pattern into another one that is in closer alignment with the ways of the non-physical mind and the Higher Self.

So, find that feeling within yourself. Now, this can be very subtle, because when I say this, I don’t mean to just find it when it is triggered by some outside circumstance, like when a bully slaps you in the face, or when your partner leaves you and you feel like you are a victim of circumstances. I am not talking about that, per se; those are just aspects of what I am talking about. What I am talking about goes much deeper and is at the fundamental core of most human beings’ perception of themselves. It is the automatic assumption of the personal self that causes human beings to believe they are separate from their Creation. They believe, in fact, that they are not the Creators of their reality.

So, go into that feeling. Go to the core feeling of, “I am a victim,“ or “I am the receiver of the experiences of space-time, Creation,“ and so on.

Even when we start utilizing the Law of Attraction, often we still automatically feel and assume that we are at the receiving end of the results, of the outcome, and of the process. We feel that we are the receivers of the Law of Attraction. From the physical mind’s point of view, this is relatively true. But the physical mind has to understand and experience within itself (through meditation and lessons like this) that in fact, it is the Higher Mind, as well. And therefore, it is also the Creator of experiences.

If you stay with the experience, “I am the Creator of experiences,” for a while, and you become aware of when you feel the opposite—when you feel that you are not the Creator of experiences—then you can uproot these ideas. You can pinpoint them; you can identify them.

How do you do this? You track the feeling of victimization. You track the feeling of powerlessness. You track the feeling of separation. You track the feeling; you retrace your steps. You retrace the feeling, based on the feeling of disempowerment, of feeling like you are a physical being inside of a physical universe that is set in stone, and which has its way with you, no matter what you try.

Go to that sense, to the core of that vulnerability of separation, to that sense of disempowerment, to that sense of being powerless over space-time and circumstances. Go to that feeling and resolve it by bringing in as much Awareness as you can. Use some of the tools I have previously given you for the path of Self-Actualization—Empowerment I, II or III. The tools I have given you are more than enough to bring Awareness to those negative feelings of disempowerment and powerlessness, especially when they are triggered, but also when they are not triggered.

Turn Off “Automatic Pilot”

You can feel how you are on automatic pilot. As you are going about your day, automatically talking to people and not really conscious of your vibration, notice that the more you wake up to this, the more aware you become to the fact that you are always on automatic pilot.

As soon as you are on automatic pilot, it is very hard to not come from the physical mind’s perspective of separation and lack. And so, when you are having a conversation with someone, if you are not highly aware of yourself in that moment (this is why I also recommend the Enlightenment course), you will automatically come from the assumption that you are the receiver of that experience, rather than the Creator of it.

This is a very subtle pattern of thought, of belief, that runs through most human beings’ minds. It runs through mine, and I have to be aware of it sometimes too, in order to expand even more. It is part of what makes up the physical mind’s assumption of itself as an identity.

It is important for you to be aware of yourself as often as you can, so that you can start to shift your understanding of yourself. Do this through repetition: from the idea that you are a personal, physical being in a set, solid universe, being a victim or receiver of experiences, to being a vibrational Consciousness, a Consciousness having a vibratory choice in that moment—a Consciousness with a state of being.

This is what you start assuming yourself to be; nothing else: “I am Consciousness with a state of being, and through my state of being, I can increase my frequency. From those higher metaphysical states of my Consciousness, I can now see and understand and inject the fact that I am the Creator, the Attractor, of these experiences—not so much the receiver or perceiver or interpreter.”


Use your everyday life for the purpose of this lesson. This lesson is very homework-oriented; very practice-oriented. I am explaining it now so that you know what I am talking about, and so that you have the theory. But the only way you are going to realize this and feel the benefits of it, is if you take it with you into every step of your life and every interaction you have in the next few days.

Very powerfully, I want you to shift your sense of identity from being the receiver. Instead of seeing yourself as a point of view inside of a vast world, see yourself as the Creator of this vast world. Again, the Enlightenment courses will help you to understand that everything is actually happening inside of your Consciousness.

This makes it easier to see yourself as the spacious Awareness within which these appearances are projected. It makes it easier to no longer believe, or assume, in that moment that you are a physical being receiving experiences. It helps you to see that you are the Awareness that creates the projection, the dream, the experience. It makes it much easier, more tangible, more visceral, more embodied, and more integrated to feel that way.

Every time we feel integrated in a certain feeling state, in a certain conviction, in a certain belief or understanding, we activate our energy field in that particular way. We activate our innate powers to then, indeed, overwhelm the illusion of our projection with the vibration of our choosing, which is obviously preferable. That’s what this is about—to choose what is preferable.

I am recapturing certain parts of this lesson that I feel are important to understand for Empowerment III to be fully embodied. I am going a little fast, but you can watch this video again, two or three or five or six more times, until you get it. You can pause it at certain points and meditate on what I say. (You can always do this for any lesson.)

So, what does “preference” mean? Preference can only be true if it does not come from the separate point of view of lack, but rather, comes from total alignment and clarity on your theme. That is the place from which you can truly be in-tune with your Higher Mind and your Higher Self; it is the place from which you truly know what it is that you actually desire. And then, you can see the beliefs that hold you back. You can make the choice to free yourself by no longer holding onto these beliefs that don’t serve you.

You must also respect the timing of things. Trust that your Higher Mind is guiding you every step of the way. Don’t try to get ahead of yourself too much, even though you are really, really willing to step it up a notch every single day, and to see how much more of your Creatorship you can become.

Go about your everyday life, and look at the feeling, “I am a victim.“ Replace it with the feeling state of, “I am creating all of this.“ Just imagine that you are walking within a dream. Imagine that the subjective reality you are experiencing is completely created by you, by some level of your Consciousness.

Start to know and recognize that you are actually creating this experience—especially the way you feel, but even your circumstances, even the walls that make up this room and the whole physical space-time experience. You can even call it “pretending,” if you do not quite believe it yet. So start pretending, start imagining, start feeling into what it would be like to understand and believe that you are placing all of this right in front of your eyes.

You are also placing your eyes right in front of your Consciousness. You are placing your body here, as well as the space and the air that you are breathing. It is all created out of your Consciousness. You are the Creator. You are the Determiner. You are the Chooser of experiences, not the receiver.

Feel into the different subtleties of being the deliberate Creator, the deliberate Chooser of your experiences, rather than feeling like you are on automatic pilot; rather than feeling like you are just this little dot in the Universe that is having to take on all the stuff that comes in its way. No! You are the Chooser. You do not let anything happen to you that you don’t want to happen to you.

Of course, be in alignment with what is of highest service to you. When you make these statements from that alignment, you shift through your negative belief systems very quickly. You realize and remember and feel that you are the Chooser. You are the Creator of your state of being. You are the Creator of your thoughts and your feelings, and therefore, of even your circumstances.

Start playing around with this creation idea, with this imagination, until it trickles down into your feeling state. Once you see it, you start to feel it. So imagine it first, then start to feel it. And once you start to feel it, know that you are very, very close; you are going into the state of being it and becoming it.

In this way, you are raising your frequency to become more closely aligned with the Higher Mind. You are being empowered by the higher vibratory states of Consciousness—which have more creation power and more free will, and that actually choose your beingness every single second of every single day.

Play around with this; that is the homework. Play around with this and share your experiences. This is powerful. Share your experience in the forums. Ask for advice or simply share your examples. Share what it feels like when you shift from a state of lack and victimization—or being the receiver, the perceiver of experiences—to feeling, “Sure, there is an aspect of me that is perceiving all of this, but really, what I am is the Consciousness that is creating all of this. I am placing all of this right here in front of me or within me.”

Play around with this. Share your experiences and your examples with others. And have fun!

See you in the next lesson.

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