The Power of Repetition – Love the Grind

Dear adepts,

You will find, as you go through the courses, that some lessons are rather repetitive in nature. They repeat the same pointer from a slightly different angle. (See? I just did it again 🙂 ).

This is a direct reflection of how I got to where I am today—of how I expand as quickly as I do and change my perceptions as easily and fully as I do. I always see the same realization from multiple points of view, and quickly confirm and reaffirm the truth I am realizing from each of these points of view. This process results in a “complete package,” a more anchored understanding that has more lasting effects than if I would only realize a truth once, from only one way of describing, or seeing, it.

In addition, repeating realizations—reaffirming them from many different points of view, even if only slightly differently expressed—rewires the brain so it can receive a certain reality or truth more clearly, and in its fullness, rather than as a partial understanding.

Repetition allows you to become really familiar with a certain “line of sight,” or perception, that I feel is crucial and super supportive to your overall journey. So, while it may feel like a grind sometimes to read through the same thing from different points of view, please understand that the little bit of grinding you do today will save you years of repeating the search for realizations you have already glimpsed in the past, but somehow “lost sight of.”

If you find me hammering on certain realizations by explaining them in slightly different ways, multiple times throughout the same lesson, it is to ensure that:

a. The content hits home for people with different “wiring,” and

b. The realization I point to is quite effortlessly anchored (apart from the grinding experience)—much more so than if I would state it just once.

So, I ask you for your patience and for your ability to enjoy these lessons in a different way than you would a regular piece of text. Lessons in Trinfinity Academy are designed to transmit specific realizations, one at a time, and really bring each insight home into your heart; into your direct experience.

Again: don’t rush.

Read the Essential “Dedication/Application,” if you need a little boost of commitment for yourself, and then choose to appreciate the way the lessons are set up, knowing that the 15-minute grind is saving you years of round-about seeking. Learn to love the grind.