Lesson 4 – Follow the Breadcrumb Trail of Excitement

Welcome to “Follow the Breadcrumb Trail of Your Joy.” This is a very fundamental lesson, very crucial, and very much the essence of empowerment.

It is the idea that joy equals that which guides you into more of yourself, into becoming a more empowered version, a more crystallized, more established, more embodied version of why you’re actually here—what you actually came here to be and what you actually desire to be.

So, following your joy…why is that a good thing to do?

You’ve heard the statement many times I’m sure: follow your heart, follow your bliss, follow your excitement, follow your joy. But why is that a good thing to do? Why is that a wise, smart, empowering, aligned thing to do? Well, as we’ve explained and explored in previous lessons, it is because the emotional body functions as a guide. Joy, bliss, ecstasy, excitement, inspiration—all these qualities we feel good about—feel good precisely because they’re guiding us into more of the truth of who are.

This is why it’s virtually a matter of life and death. I would actually say that—because it is so crucial to being a Being, to being an individual expression of the Infinite, that we really listen to that heart’s impulse, that inspiration, that joy.

When we follow our joy, what is happening is we are literally taking advice from our Higher Self. We are taking that guidance—we’re listening, we’re paying attention. And we’re not being egotistical, we’re not being arrogant, we’re not being stubborn, we’re not feeling betrayed, we’re not thinking that we know what is right, what is best or not best from our limited physical mind’s point of view.

Instead, we open up, we relax, we take those two to five seconds of relaxation. We check in with ourselves: What truly excites me? What would be the most exciting thing to do today, to do right now? What excites me the most right now—out of all the things I can think of?

By acting on your joy in that way, by following your joy in that way, you are literally taking your Higher Self’s advice and guidance; you are literally appreciating that you are part of a bigger plan, part of a vast, exciting over-arching vision for Creation. Then you start to become a conduit, a vessel, an expression of that plan. More clearly than you are at present, because you have muddied it up with a lot of lack beliefs. And with the lack beliefs, there are ideas of arrogance and stubbornness and what you think you know.

But when you truly open up with authentic humility, and you truly follow your joy with integrity and inspiration, you cannot go wrong. You are only going to accelerate and become more of who you actually are and who you actually desire to be, and your life—on all levels of its being—will become that much happier, that much more ecstatic.

Acting on Your Excitement is a Wise Choice

So, we can see that acting on your joy is actually a super-wise choice to make; it is the wisest choice at your disposal at any given moment. Because it is literally the guidance being given to you, it’s literally the connection and the alignment that is inspiring to you. I’m talking about acting on what represents your true heart’s passion and joy; I’m not talking about your needs—like security: I need this because then I can feel safe—that’s not the type of passion or desire I mean. I’m speaking about the type of passion or desire that is truly inspired, that is just purely excited about being excited, about being alive, and that wants to express itself in specific ways.

The things in your life that attract that state of being are those symbols that you gravitate towards, that you think you want and desire, so when that desire comes up, it is a super-wise choice to make to act on that to the best of your ability—precisely because it comes from a wiser portion of your consciousness that has a larger overview of your life. It’s like being on the mountain top instead of in the valley: you can actually see what’s going on; you can see all the paths.

The way you can tap into this wisdom—with your limited mind-based experience—the closest you can get to highest wisdom, is to listen to your emotional body’s signal when it gives off a sense of excitement, joy, elevation, expansion, or connection. And to then act on that, to make the most out of that, to squeeze the most out of that—not out of a needy place—but just because you enjoy being in that space and extracting everything you can out of that experience and acting on it to the fullest of your ability with the least amount of fear you can bring with you.

More than that, it is also the wisest choice, because it will actually support you. I know this is very hard to believe, and this is why many people don’t start following their bliss, why they don’t empower themselves—even if they know the mechanics. Because if you don’t trust the process, if you don’t trust your joy, if you don’t trust where it comes from and where it will lead you, then you’re still going to perceive more benefit in the negative approaches, in the controlling approaches, and so you will always move in those negative, controlling ways.

Whereas, if you truly open up—become truly humble and wise, and you then realize that true connection has been found and that it is guiding you by means of the signals of joy, inspiration, and excitement—you start acting on that. And then all of the energy of Creation starts to support your journey, instead of seemingly contradicting you all the time.

If contradiction, opposition, or struggle is all that you are experiencing, it is simply an immediate reflection of your current state: it is a reflection of how you are acting—based on your current beliefs. If you are out of alignment with the truth of your being, if you are not being wise, not being smart about this physical life, and if you are not connecting to who you truly are with excitement and passion, then, obviously, you are going to meet life with a lot of resistance, and resistance is going to meet you. Because that’s what you’re putting out, that’s what you’re showing life, and so that’s what you’re attracting: life can only reflect you.

So, it’s a super-wise choice to act on your joy, because it will completely support you, it will completely accelerate you and prove to you that this is actually how it works.

Follow Your Excitement as You Would a Breadcrumb Trail

People ask how to follow their joy. One of the best analogies I can come up with is the idea of a breadcrumb trail. Why? Because it’s not linear.

People find it hard to follow their joy consistently. Sure, they can do it for a moment, but to consistently act on their joy—to consistently choose their bliss and to express it and act it out, to choose the things in life that represent that state of bliss—seems to be a hard thing to do consistently, because people fall into little mind traps of lack.

One major trap is that the path of their joy doesn’t seem to go anywhere linearly. When I start acting on my joy, what I notice is the more I do that, the more erratic my life becomes, the more chaotic, in a sense. This is not actually the case, but to the linear-based, conditioned, physical mind it seems like the path is going off in all kinds of directions—left, right, up, or backwards and even going down.

There doesn’t seem to be a straight line as we’ve learned in school, and as our parents teach us: get a job, work for fifty years, then retire, then be happy, then do what you want to do—once you are crippled, old and crumbly, and when you can’t do the things you want to do any more. That’s when you are supposed to start having fun, start being yourself. That “safe” approach obviously looks like a straight line, so the mind can latch onto it and project its happiness at the end of that line, at the end of that trail.

However, when we start acting on our joy, something magical happens. We break free from linear reality; we break free from the linear paradigm of space-time. Quite literally. Because when we amp up our frequency, we start living more as Higher Self lives, which is very simultaneous, very much all over the place at the same time. Time actually has a very different reality to it on those higher vibrational, higher dimensional planes of consciousness.

When we start to line up with those higher inspirational energies, when our emotional body’s guidance system bridges our physical being with our spirit being—with our truth, our clarity, our true vision for our life, with the true empowerment for our being and our physical existence—then our physical existence also starts to resemble that more non-linear way of being.

Let’s use an example. Say you are really excited about starting a new company. A friend of mine recently started his own tennis coaching company, and he got really excited about it. He was on fire; he was alive. It was super passionate, So, obviously, the mind would then go and project that into the future. The mind would say, “Oh, this is going to be so amazing, and I’m going to continue to feel like this forever, and it’s going to take off and it’s going to expand and it’s so exciting! “

Now, that is amazing—be in that state by all means—but don’t project all those expectations into the future; don’t project them as a normal, conditioned, physical, mind-based being would.

Why not? Because this is when you get into trouble. As soon as Higher Self says, “Oh, hey, wait a second, this joy is not to be found here anymore just now; to continue this business at this time is not actually the most direct path into more of yourself,” the joy will start seeping out of this and it will no longer turn you on as much; you will no longer be as excited.

Then the conditioned mind comes in, which is based on linear, physical, reality—going from point A to B to C, etc. The conditioned mind starts to object; it starts to resist. It starts to say, “Hey, this is not going anywhere. Well, I guess it didn’t work out; I guess life betrayed me once again; I guess it was foolish of me to follow my dreams.”

However, if you were paying attention instead, you would have noticed that as you were starting that company and were really excited, at some point you began to feel that the process was exhausting itself. It was as if you had extracted everything that needed to be extracted for you personally out of that symbol of creating a company, and at least for the time being (it doesn’t mean you’ll never pick it up again) it simply means the excitement starts to disappear from it.

Then suddenly, if you pay attention and you don’t go into, “Oh, let me just go back to my day to day job then, to my old reality…” you instead notice, “Hey, wait a second—it really excites me right now to get into rock climbing!” Seemingly, rock climbing has nothing to do with playing tennis, with coaching tennis. It’s a sport, but that’s about it.

But you start following that joy because you paid attention, because you’re humble enough to recognize guidance, you’re not insisting that you know what is best for you from a very limited, depressed, betrayed sense of self. You open up, you expand, you trust, you trust the process of your joy, of your excitement, and you start following it like a breadcrumb trail. And again, a breadcrumb does not have a straight line. There can be a breadcrumb over here and then one can be over there and the next one can be over there, and the next one can be in the tree and the next one can be a mile away.

This keeps you on the edge of your seat in a really good, exciting way. In a way that is very akin, very like how your Higher Self sees things, sees life, sees events, sees time, sees space, sees how Creation works.

So, if you simply start acting on the things that excites you the most, one moment at a time… one moment at a time… one moment at a time… without projecting that it has to proceed along a certain line and have a certain end goal, but you trust that even if it jumps around from left to right, to backwards (and from a linear point of view those dots seem to be all over the place), if you trust that by the very fact that this moment excites you the most and then this option excites you the most and then this action excites you the most and then this product excites you the most and then this time to go to bed excites you the most and then this book to read excites you the most—if you don’t try to make sense of that from a linear point of view and you trust in that guidance, you trust in your excitement, you trust in your bliss—you will be on the most direct, effortless, most blissful, most joyful path to establishing and manifesting and creating the most of your true frequency Self in physical reality.

To empower yourself you need to also trust your Self, you need to trust your Higher Self, you need to trust that guidance, you need to give up your insistence, you need to give up your control, you need to really trust in what excites you the most. This is a great gift; it’s not a negative thing—”Oh darn it! I’m going to lose my depressive state of control.” It’s about being really excited moment by moment; being supported with everything that needed moment by moment. That’s not a negative thing, it’s not a punishment, it’s not a scary thing, it’s a really, really rewarding process—but you’ve got to trust the process.

And you have to follow it like a breadcrumb trail with no expectations of where the next breadcrumb may be.

If you can do this, I ensure you your life will drastically change and empower itself, completely without you having to control a single thing. Simply act on what excites you the most, believe in what excites you the most and work with that and extract all you can out of those breadcrumbs. Eat those breadcrumbs, enjoy every crumb of it, and don’t project where it’s leading you. Follow it step by step, one moment at a time… one moment at a time… one moment at a time… and you’ll be accelerating so fast that, before you know it, things are changing and transforming and you can start to see this as evidence in your physical, circumstantial life.

From our physical mind’s point of view, our third dimensional, linear, time-space point of view, what is actually the straightest line from a spirit point of view may seem like it’s all over the place. If we think outside of the box for a moment; if we think in higher dimensional ways of seeing things, then, what from a limited dimensional point of view may seem like a path that goes all over the place, from an inter-dimensional point of view, or from a higher dimensional, trans-dimensional point of view, may actually seem to be like a straight tunnel, straight into the light, straight into your goal, straight into your purpose, straight into your theme, straight into who you truly are.

So, what is a straight line from Spirit’s non-linear point of view may be dropped into physical reality as these little “nuggets of excitement.” To the physical, conditioned mind it may not make any sense, but it’s still coming from the most immediate, direct, effortless mind. That is why it is wise to follow your excitement and to trust in this guidance principle.

Have fun with it! Have fun with it and trust it all the way. Don’t stumble— well, you can stumble but don’t fear; don’t flinch. Remain in trust of your excitement, in what excites you the most in that moment, and in the next moment, and then go for it in that way.

The Degree of Joy Present in Your Choice Forms the Baseline Frequency of Your Next Set of Options

So, here’s an interesting principle, and you can start to see this operate in your own life. It has always already operated in a very similar way in your life, but unconsciously.

Let’s say that, at any given moment in your life, you have five options that seem obvious to you. Using our fingers and thumb, which are always available, to list the options, it would look like this:

  • I could go read a book—that’ll be the thumb
  • I could go start my tennis coaching company—the index finger
  • I could go and rock climb—the middle finger
  • I could go to bed—the ring finger, or
  • I could take those supplements I’m really excited about—the little finger

So, let’s say you have these five options and one of them stands out as the most exciting option. Let’s say “thumb” is the most exciting option, the highest option in that sense.

Then there’s an option that is second most exciting (index finger)

Then there’s an option that is third most exciting (middle finger)

Then there’s an option that’s not really that exciting (ring finger)

And then there’s an option (little finger) that feels like complete total obligation and there’s no excitement in that. Not because you are procrastinating or defining it as negative, but simply because—on the gut level, on the energy level—it does not resonate for you. It doesn’t feel good.

So, there’s this full range—from the most exciting, the most blissful option, to the most depressing option, with the central, most neutral option being “middle finger.” If you use this as an analogy, what you have been doing already, all your life, is choosing one of these options. Usually fairly unconsciously, I might add.

Let’s say you choose the “ring finger” option, which is pretty much the most depressing option, except for the “little finger,” which is an even more depressing option. You choose this not-so-exciting option because maybe in the future, it will give you freedom. Maybe in the future, it will give you joy and happiness. So you just keep doing this.

What happens is that, as soon as you choose this option on any particular day, out of this option comes… five new options! Five new options flow from this choice that are representative of this choice. They have as their baseline, or their center point, the frequency of the “ring finger “ option. So, then you have a few options above that line and a few options below that line of frequency, which the rate of your vibration; the excitement of your state of being. If you keep choosing the more depressing option, what happens is that the next set of five options become more and more and more depleting. They become more and more not who you are; less and less of who you actually want to be.

It is very crucial that you start choosing at least one of these two highest options, depending on what your belief system can hold. If the top option, the thumb, is too much for you, if it blows your mind—if you cannot imagine just quitting your job and being supported purely by your passion; if you don’t believe it is actually true and that it can actually happen—then perhaps the “index finger,” or second highest option, is the option for you at that time. At least until you get some practice and you gain some confirmation that this is actually how it works; until you gain some trust in the process. And then suddenly, the most exciting, most outrageous option becomes all you’re ever going want to choose.

But for now, let’s say you are still practicing, and that this “middle finger” option is your normal mood. In that normal mood, you generally choose one of the lower options (the ring or little finger), and in a good mood you choose the middle finger option, or perhaps the index finger option (the second highest option). So, choose the index finger, second highest option, the one that’s most exciting to you and still feels actionable to you. If you choose this option, the baseline center frequency of the next set of five options will be the frequency of this option.

Whatever this option felt like to you, the baseline of the next set of options will be of this frequency, with two options higher in frequency and two options lower in frequency. Now, if you choose the most exciting (the thumb) option, that means the five options which flow from that will have a baseline frequency of true joy and excitement. You can take it even further from there, or you can drop it down a little, if that’s too much bliss and you can’t handle it.

This is a very important principle to remember: The choice you make right now will lead into the next set of options that is representative—in alignment—with the choice you just made. So, if you want these options to become more and more exciting, you need to consistently, fearlessly, boldly, choose your highest joy.

It is very crucial that you start practicing this. Put it to the test, because this is the only way you are going to live it. This is why you are following this course, because you wish to experience yourself from a more heart-based place, from a more joyful, blissful place—from an empowered space of being. You wish to know who you are, not in specifics, but in frequency. You wish to feel who you are. You wish to feel connected to the truth of who you are.


  1. You have to test this out; you have to try it out. You have to put it to the test; you have to put it into practice. Dedicate yourself to this, to the principle of “choosing the most exciting option,” which I just explained. Follow it like a breadcrumb trail, with no expectation of where the next breadcrumb will appear or what it will look like. Just purely, “Oh, this excites me the most, let me enjoy this moment.” And know that as soon as that moment ends, there will be something else that may be the most exciting, or that may feel the most aligned, or the most peaceful. So, try this out. Follow the breadcrumb trail of your joy.
  2. You will start to see results. This is guaranteed because physical reality cannot help but reflect who you are, what you do, and what you choose. This is a given. You will start to see results. If you consistently follow this for a few days, you will start to see, feel, and experience proven results.
  3. Step 3 is a natural result of Step 2. By seeing the results, you will gain trust, you will gain confidence in this process. When you’ve absorbed that confidence, when you’ve completed a cycle of acting on your joy, seeing the results of it and gaining the trust from it, you have bumped up your baseline frequency that much more. You have increased your confidence, your empowerment, your sense of being connected to the Universe, the sense that your Higher Self is taking care of you, that you are guided, that you can act on your highest excitement all of the time and that that does support you completely, and that that is the wisest choice.

So, you gain trust in this and that bumps up your frequency level so you become more and more excited. You become more and more turned on and tapped into life and tuned into who you actually are. This is so, so, so worth it! There is no sense in living your life without embodying your individuality completely, without being a vessel of the true vibration that you wish to bring forth, explore more of, and share more of with other beings.

So, test it out…see results…and gain trust.


For this lesson’s homework, I want you to clear your schedule, but this is more metaphorical than literal. Clear your schedule of all other priorities. That does not necessarily mean that you are not doing your job any more or handling the emails that you need to handle for your business, or that you’re no longer spending time with your family. It doesn’t necessarily mean to literally clear your schedule; although if you have the opportunity to do that, that’s absolutely great and fine and you can do that. But, clear your schedule mentally, or energetically, of all other priorities and infuse it with something else. The priority now is to follow your joy; to act on your excitement!

Make this your priority for the next six days, at least. Two days from now, you’ll open up the next lesson, which will add to this principle of following your joy—the balancing point of understanding integrity, mastering integrity, becoming more familiar with a truer, more aligned, more universal idea of what integrity means. Because often people run into this idea that they cannot follow their joy without sacrificing their integrity. This is not true.

But for the next two days, simply practice acting on your joy and notice the things that you bump into. If at any point you doubt, and you feel like you are about to make a major sacrifice in your integrity, simply don’t do it—don’t follow your joy until you are clear on that balance. But in any other scenario, take your joy as far as you can take it. This requires devotion and dedication; this is why I say clear your schedule metaphorically speaking, prioritize following your joy.

Do this every moment of every day; start acting to the best of your ability on the highest possible options so that they lead into new higher options, and into new higher options, and into new higher options… The more diligent, the more committed, the more excited you are in the way you’re doing this, the more awesome the results will be and the more quickly you’ll gain that trust and bump up your core frequency. So many of your questions and confusions will simply disappear, because you will be in an energetic state of connection to your true wiser self. You will always be in alignment with who you are, and all the answers and empowerment you need will flow from that.

So, for the next two days, try this out “on your own,” meaning without further knowledge of integrity and some of the other things we’ll get into in the next lessons. Try it out like a baby trying out something new, like a kid trying out some new skill. Get used to what it feels like to prioritize joy over the things you think you have to do.

Do this for two days—six days actually—but for the first two days, keep doing it “on your own” to the best of your present knowledge, just as an experiment. Then, in the next lesson I will give you some balancing ideas regarding integrity—how to maintain integrity while you’re following your joy.

Then, two days after that (so, four days from now), once you’ve implemented some of the integrity knowledge and wisdom and clarity, we’ll get into the Three Day Process, which is a highlighting or clarifying idea that will show you how the creation process works in our everyday life, on a practical level. The Three Day Process will help you recognize this process while you’re acting on your joy, so you can recognize the challenge in it and no longer be bogged down by it.

This will prevent you from going back to your old state. That’s what most people do—they get excited about something, but then they feel betrayed, they feel let down, they feel like it’s not possible, so they go back to their old space of being. In order to avoid this, in order for you to become a snowballing effect, an accelerating powerhouse for manifesting your life in ever more beautiful, pristine, crystaline ways, you need to understand the process. You need to understand the Three Day Process. So, in four days, I’ll explain it to you.

So, after six days:

  • You’ve practiced on your own to the best of your knowledge; like a kid trying out something new.
  • Then you’ve added the balancing point of mastering integrity, or at least understanding more of how integrity works and how it does not have to oppose your joy. In fact it’s a part of your joy, and you’ve seen how these two blend together perfectly.
  • Then the idea of the Three Day Process is added, so you can always recognize what is happening; so you know how the feedback system of creation works. In this way, you can empower yourself even more.


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