Lesson 7 – The Origin Story of Creation

Hey guys, welcome to a fun lesson! This is the origin story of Creation. At least according to me.

I think that at this stage in your course progression it is helpful to have some basic context—some understanding of how these different teachings that you’re studying at this time fit into the bigger picture. What is the greater, philosophical, cosmological context for this?

This origin story of Creation that I’m about to share with you is based on my direct experience. It is also based on meditations, on readings, and on other people’s or being’s materials that I really resonate with and have extracted things from. It is based on intuition, it is based on insights and visions and “downloads,” so to speak.

Here is my most complete, basic but most complete, image or overview of the origin story of Creation. Simply take from it what resonates and leave what does not. You will start to see how the different teachings fit into place within this overarching context.

Stage One: The Infinite

Before the beginning of time (for lack of a better word, because there is no time), before time was created, before Creation was created, there was The Absolute—The One, Infinity, The Infinite One, whatever you want to call it—but this is The Absolute. This is what is taught in the Infinity teaching, this is what I go into, this is what we point to, this is what you will realize for yourself experientially. The One is absolutely beyond everything—beyond time, beyond consciousness, and therefore—beyond all experiences. It is a bit of an enigma, it is a bit of a mystery. In fact, it is a complete mystery. It is a total mystery, an infinite mystery.

The One, before it created Creation, was simply The One—an Infinite Oneness. Imagine an Infinite Oneness. The closest we can get with our minds (for most people) is to imagine an infinite space, but without all the stars, without all the galaxies, without the sense of distance, without the sense of time, without the presence of heat or cold. Without even the Presence or Awareness of Self, or I-AM awareness.

Why? Imagine this vastness with no reference points whatsoever—just Infinity itself, Oneness itself, Unity itself. If there truly is only One, and it is One Infinite Being with zero reference points in its original state of unity—its original state of Absolute Oneness, of Absolute Infinity—this one Being cannot know itself. It does not have awareness of itself. Awareness is secondary; Awareness comes after; Awareness is a creation. Because everything exists simultaneously, The One, in its very original state before the creation of time, was / is unaware of itself. Yet, Infinity holds the potential for every possible creation that could ever be thought into existence.

Stage Two: Awareness, the Free Will of the Infinite

The very first expression of Infinity, the very first creation of Infinity, was that of free will, was that of Awareness itself. Awareness and free will are synonymous, you see, because Awareness is free will. It is the Absolute’s free will. It is the Infinite One’s free will. Awareness is The One in actionable form, in dynamic form, so to speak. Awareness is The One in such a format that it can, in a sense, move and focus in and out of certain things. It can move around; it can have, in that sense, free will. And at the basis of Awareness lies Infinite Intelligence; it is the most direct derivative, it is derived from Infinity itself, Absolute Infinity.

Infinity wanted to express itself because that is one of its possibilities, and everything that can exist, does exist. One of the possibilities of Infinity—of Absolute Oneness and Unity, of Foreverness—one of its options, one of its “desires” is to express itself; to experience itself; to create itself; to taste of itself; to know itself. Hence, Awareness came forth out of this possibility and out of the desire for this possibility.

Out of infinite vastness and union, with no reference points, no awareness of self, suddenly Awareness started to arise. Free will—motion or movement in a sense; movement of Consciousness, of Awareness—started to arise. Free will started to appear. The active free agent of Infinity was created.

Now, we’re at the second stage of Creation. The first stage is before Creation—Absolute Oneness, Absolute Infinity. The first step down from that (not “down” in a negative sense, but down on the scale of absolutism, so to speak) was the arising of free will or pure Awareness—the ability, the potential for every potential experience to be experienced. Free Awareness, the Free Agent, the Ultimate Free Agent, at its basis, has Infinite Intelligence at its disposal in a moveable, workable form.

Now, this was still completely blank. Creation did not exist as we know it. (Again, I am speaking in terms of linear time just because it’s easier, but it is not really before, it is simultaneous.) So, on the level of pure Awareness, you could say Creation still does not exist. But let’s just talk about it linearly, like, “This came first and then came that.”

First, there was the One, before anything else came into existence. Then there was Free Will, the absolute Free Agent, Free Awareness—Infinity in potential, actionable form, ready to start experiencing itself. Then came about the first expression of Awareness using Infinite Intelligence, and the Free Agent had / has only one job: to express and experience Infinity to the best of its ability, to the fullest of its ability, to approach Infinity—true Infinity—in experiential terms.

To try to express Infinity inside of, or by means of experiences, is one hell of a task. It is beyond the context of experiences because experiences always have a finite nature and Infinity is, by definition, absolutely infinite. In order for Awareness to do its job properly, it can only do one thing—it must use experiences (which it does because that’s what Awareness is for) to experience The One’s potential, The One’s possibility in form. It must manifest, create, and experience the One from as many potential avenues as possible; it must create Creation in as many possible ways as it can. This is how it can approach Infinity with the finite means of experience and consciousness.

Hence, there are infinite parallel realities available to Awareness. Anything that can exist, does exist—precisely because it has to approach Infinity by means of the limited nature of experiences. Every experience has the limitation that it is “an experience.” Infinity does not have that limitation. But for experience to reflect Infinity, there must be all varieties of experience. In fact, there must be infinite different types and ways and angles and points-of-view of every potential experience.

Creation is filled with infinite possibility. Awareness, using Infinite Intelligence, has the potential for infinite creations, in order to approach Infinity so that it can do its job to reflect Infinity in experience, in the experiential realm.

Stage Three: Unconditional Love

In order to create as many creations as possible, there must be a very, very, very, very simple unified basis for all of that to arise out of. If the very structure, the very underlying structure of reality itself was complicated, Awareness could not actually create; it could not sustain infinite realities, because it would be too conflicting. It would have to abide by too many rules. The fundamental presence of Creation itself must be simple, must be unified, must be singular.

So what does Infinite Intelligence, in its vast, open, still undifferentiated state, create? Its first creation is Unconditional Love; its first expression, its first basis, is that of Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love is natural. It is natural to Infinite Awareness; it is natural to the Infinite. Why? Because there is only unity. And since there is only One, love is the natural state of Awareness. Awareness, the immediate derivative or expression of Infinity, is free agency, free will. And so, in order for this intelligence to create all that it can create, it needs a foundational basis from which to generate experiences.

Just as someone who works with pottery must have the substance of clay in order to make pots, similarly the free agent—the ultimate free agent, the active principle of Infinity, the active form of Unity, of The One—needs a very simple, profound, singular basis to create everything out of. This basis is Unconditional Love itself. Unconditional Love itself could also be termed Presence Energy, although Presence Energy also includes the idea of “light.” The most fundamental form Presence Energy is the field of Unconditional Love.

To briefly recap to where we are right now: Infinite Vastness, Infinite Unity, does not know itself. There is no reference point. In order to generate experience of itself, it first generates free agency, free will—Awareness. Awareness then generates the basis for every other potential experience to be made out of. This basis is Unconditional Love.

So, we have the One, then we have free agency, or free will, or Awareness. And then we have the field of Unconditional Love. This field of Unconditional Love is just like the previous two states, in a sense. It is still undifferentiated, it is still in its original form. It is just a singular field of Unconditional Love, without necessarily any reference points, aside from its own Presence.

Awareness has created Unconditional Love, or Presence Energy; it has created the fundamental essence of all possible Creation experiences. Now, imagine this Unconditional Love as a field, as an undifferentiated field of complete potential. It holds the vibration for all potential; it holds the energy for all potential configurations of energy to come out of.

Stage Four: Light

Unconditional Love is invisible. Unconditional Love is undifferentiated. It is so subtle because it is just one singular field and it holds up everything else. It is not yet defined, it is not yet visible, it is not yet very experiential, in a sense. It is not yet able to really perceive or create or generate itself; to generate experience of itself. Not yet. So, there needs to be another factor.

This factor is Light. By “Light” I don’t necessarily mean physical light, although that is one expression of Light. By “Light,” I mean illumination; I mean enabling there to be experience of the field of Unconditional Love.

Now the free agent, Awareness, the first expression of Unity of Infinity, started to work its Infinite Intelligence, its magic, upon this field of Unconditional Love, and it generated Light. It generated Light so that it could, in a sense, see what it was experiencing; so that it could make the unconditional potential field of Love experiential, active, activated. Presence Energy, as a complete makeup, includes Love-Light. Love-Light is basically Presence Energy, the fullness of Presence Energy.

Now we have the complete package for Creation to become experiential. We have Intelligence or Awareness—acting on behalf of Infinity—expressing itself in as many ways as it can to approach the Infinite One.

With Intelligence, with Awareness, we now have the potential for experiences, which is Unconditional Love, the basis for everything else.

And now we have Light, which makes it all visible, which makes it all experiential, which makes it all tangible, which starts to work its magic on the field of Unconditional Love. As this Intelligence works its magic on the field of Unconditional Love, it generates Light, it generates the spark of Consciousness, of visibility. And now this visibility, this non-physical Light (which also becomes physical light at some point) turns into everything we know.

Love-Light is the foundation of everything we know. Everything we see is literally a manifestation of Love-Light. So, the fifth layer in the origin story of Creation that I am sharing with you today is form—specificity, or patterns, or particular vibratory creations, or appearances.

Stage Five: Form and Physical Creation

There are five layers to this story. There is the Absolute One, then there is its free agent actionable principle, Awareness. Then there is Unconditional Love as the potential field—the potential for everything that could ever be, created out of this field of Unconditional Love. Then there is Light, which enables experience, which enables that potential field of Unconditional Love to be shaped into different forms. And now, we arrive at the fifth stage of Creation, which is specificity—form or appearances.

Awareness can use its intelligence to work its magic on this—to generate patterns or ripples inside this infinite, endless field of Love-Light. By generating these different ripples, these different patterns, it starts to learn about itself; it starts to learn how it can generate different types of experiences.

Out of that combination of the Love-Light field (which is the foundation of Creation) and the magic, or the Infinite Intelligence (which is Awareness acting on behalf of the Infinite One)—the combination of these two, like rubbing two flint stones together to create sparks, generates patterns of vibration, patterns of Love-Light that start to become more and more crystallized, more and more defined. These patterns start to repeat themselves, start to weave into each other. In a sense, they start to form a web with different nodal points within that web—like a spider web.

It crosses its own path over and over and over again, so that on the nodal points of the infinite field of Love-Light, using the Infinite Intelligence that Awareness has at its disposal, it is now generating this web of energy, this web of Love-Light. There are multiple points in this field where the patterns—the waves of Creation, the vibrations of Creation—start to interact with each other, start to collapse onto each other, start to weave over and over and over again on similar points.

This pattern, just like a spider web, creates nodal points or intersection points. Each of these intersection points becomes an experiential realm, becomes an experience that stands out, that is defined. This is just one way of seeing it—and it is a bit of a rough way to see it—but there is no really good analogy for this Creation process; the process of how Love-Light turns into everything we see. But the analogy of the spider web will do.

Imagine that the spider generates the same pathways over and over and over again. At some point, these nodal points become so thick that they can start to appear physical. In its original state, the spider web (which we are using as an analogy of Love-Light energy) is non-physical. But as non-physical energy starts generating patterns and waves, as it starts crossing its own path over and over and over and over again, it builds up a density of energy until it starts to appear physical.

That is how we get all the way down to our physical creation, to our physical reality. It is Love-Light crossing its own path in certain patterns, in certain vibratory ripples, over and over and over again until there appears to be a static, physical, linear reality.

In between the absolute state of Love-Light (the unconditional field of Love-Light, the Presence Energy state of Creation itself) and physical reality, there are infinite dimensions of different subtleties of this Love-Light being utilized to generate experiences.

An example of non-physical experience is your dreams at night. Or, when you are thinking or imaging something. When you are imagining something, you are literally tuning into the different possibilities of this field of Love-Light. You are tuning in to parts of the spider web, parts of the infinite field, parts of the infinite web of Love-Light energy that have not yet crossed so many times as to have become as dense as physical reality. You are tuning into different types of subtleties of energy; subtleties of the state of the Love-Light energy.

This is the origin story of Creation. First there is The One. Then there is Awareness or Free Agency or Infinite Intelligence. Then there is the unconditional potential—Unconditional Love—which is always present, no matter what the Creation creates; no matter what appears. Out of this appeared Light, so that experience could become visible, could become exact, could become precise, could become specific. And then, indeed, it did become specific; it started to take on form.

Tapping into the Five Stages of Creation

So, we have these five stages of Creation. You can tap into any one of these stages; that is what the Trifinity Academy is for. It is to make you experientially familiar with all of these layers, with all of these levels. If you want, you can just stick to this teaching, the Empowerment teaching. But I encourage you, at some point, to explore the Enlightenment and Infinity teachings, if it resonates. This will give you the full spectrum of experience, the full spectrum of free will, the full spectrum of remembrance. It will give you the tools you need to tap into any one of these levels and start to know yourself at all of these levels—simultaneously; equally so.

You can start to enjoy Creation and remember what it is made out of and what it is made for. The very purpose of Creation is to express Infinity, and that is why you are here. You are, in a sense, a nodal point of the infinite Free Awareness that is the free agent of Existence. Your particular sense of I-AM is your individuation—your individuated free will aspect of the complete ultimate free agent that is pure Awareness.

You can tap into it more and more, from your own nodal point of I-AM, because you can’t really escape that, because All-That-Is has created you to be an individuated point of Existence. But, ultimately, you are All-That-Is; you are Infinity. And you are the All-That-Is’s Awareness, as well.

This is such an exciting journey and such an exciting concept—that you can tap into the very, very highest most absolute state and stages of Existence itself. And you can also fully enjoy your crystallized human experience—knowing where it comes from, knowing that it has purpose, knowing that it has value, knowing that it has importance, knowing that this moment is here.

This moment between you and me right here is auspicious. It is meant to be here, it is perfect, it is excellent, it is desired—all the way down from Infinity, all the way down from the Ultimate Free Agent. This is one of the ways in which Infinity can get to know and interact with itself. It’s absolutely brilliant.

And so, nothing should be dismissed as not being relevant, as not being part of Creation. You have your preferences and that is definitely part of the empowerment Practice—to get to know who you are on a resonance level. But you are meant to experience all of these expressions of Infinity. You are meant to express yourself as all of these different forms and experience purpose in your life.

This teaching, the Empowerment teaching, is all about referencing the background; meaning, referencing the absolute state, but without necessarily getting lost in the absolute state and becoming a meditative monk.

The Empowerment teaching is about knowing what’s behind you, knowing where you come from, so you can understand and appreciate what is right in front of you. So you can empower yourself with what’s right in front of you. So you can understand, from the proper perspective, what’s right in front of you. Then you can actually start acting and creating as free agent, as the free agent is meant to create: from a state of total clarity as to who it is and what it is here to do.

And what you are here to do, my friend, is to express Infinity in your own absolute way, in your own infinite way. In your own brilliantly unique way.

The One wants to experience itself through infinite ways, and you are one of these ways. That’s how crucial this is. Without you, the All-That-Is-ness expression of Infinity would not be as infinite as it could be. It would not be complete. It needs to express itself in the way that your life unfolds; in the way you create your life. You have absolute free will on all levels of your consciousness. Become the Creator that you are. Remember who you are, remember where you came from, and remember that your life has purpose. Feel empowered in that way. I thank you and hope you enjoy your day, knowing that you are the Infinite One in expressed form.


For homework, study this lesson at least two more times and ponder the contents before proceeding to the next lesson.

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