Lesson 17 – See it, Feel it, Be it

Hey guys! Welcome to See It, Feel It, Be It. This is perhaps one of the most fundamental, practical, memorable practices you can use to generate the reality of your dreams, using imagination most of all.

I’ll just get right into it…

See It

The first stage is See It. Whenever we generate a reality we desire, what usually is the case (sometimes unbeknownst to us, without our consciousness of it), is that we have seen something, we have pictured it, we have imagined it.

When you imagine something, your present self, from its sense of localization in this particular parallel reality, is intuiting, or tuning into, your dial, or your radio, or your antenna—otherwise known to you as your “imagination,” your Consciousness-imagination. You are tuning your imagination into a parallel reality that seems removed from where you are at, in terms of your vibratory state, and in terms of how that state has made itself manifest in your awake-dream world.

You call it “imagination” because it does not seem to be manifest and “real.” That’s OK; it is real in that alternate level of your Consciousness. You are tuning into that alternate level of your Consciousness, which is already experiencing that parallel reality manifestation. And from your present sense of self, this feels like imagination.

We can also see it quite literally as the start of a “download.” It is like you going online and clicking the button that says “Download Now.” This is the seeing stage—you see it.

Now, when you see it sufficiently enough—let’s say you hold it in your mind for 10, 20, or 30 seconds—you imagine that reality. You have pressed the button and now you start downloading that file, that parallel reality, into your Consciousness. Quite literally, what happens is that you alter the vibratory state of your Consciousness, and then you start to perceive and move into that particular reality.

From a space-time, linearly-oriented point of view, we could say we are “downloading that alternate reality into our Consciousness.” But really, we are just making a tweak inside of our Consciousness that allows us to generate, or activate, a different reality within the same field of here-now; within the same changeless Awareness. That is literally what is happening.

More symbolically, we could say we are tapping into a parallel reality that is “over there,” in another portion of our Consciousness (this is not really true, but it will work as an analogy). By seeing it, we start to download the megabits, the files, the actual coding behind that reality, into our present sense of Awareness, into our Consciousness. So when we see it, we start to activate it. We click the button; we agree to download that reality.

Feel It

The more we see what is in our imagination, the more we picture it, the more we eventually start to feel it. When we start feeling it, this means the “download” is about halfway complete. We start to actually feel what it is like, and perhaps we even hit the Play button. We begin to hear the first few bars of that particular song. We watch the first few scenes of that movie, while the rest is still downloading. We can start to play the first few levels of the game, while the rest of the levels are still downloading and processing.

Feeling it means we begin to experience more from the point of view of that reality than we did before. This is the second stage. We have seen it, and as we see it more and more, we begin to feel it. What would it be like to be in the actual seeing of that reality? We start to feel what it is like to be that alternate version of ourselves with that alternate reality “canvas.”

Be It

Once we feel it, we start to actually believe in it, which is the third step—believing it, or rather, being it. As soon as we believe in it, we start to actually be it—we become it, live it, act it out, execute it. We respond as if we are the alternate version that we first just saw from a distance.

We can start being it, we can start believing in it, because we could feel it. Once it started to feel real to us, we could believe it. And now that we believe it, we can walk in the shoes of that reality; we can actually be that vibratory state, respond as it, and act from it.

This is the third stage—being it. When we can be it, our physical manifestation (which we know is not really physical; it is just the energy of Awareness creating another perception inside of its own Awareness), starts to morph itself, warp itself. Space-time starts to warp its illusory energy-self around our vibratory state of conviction. Our new sense of beingness is now manifesting and executing and acting itself out into the physical illusion of Consciousness.

Apply the See It, Feel It, Be It Process

So—see it, feel it, and be it! It is a very simple process; that is really all there is to it. You can apply this to any dream you have; you can apply this to any desire that feels genuinely relevant for you, that genuinely excites you. The desire must be something that excites you, otherwise it is not really relevant, so why would you create it?

Choose something that excites you. Tune into an imaginative reality that excites you. It doesn’t matter if it is practical or realistic, because ultimately, everything is “realistic” to Consciousness. Imagination is as valid as “physical imagination;” it is simply less limited. It may seem a bit “loony,” but it is as real to Consciousness as this manifest reality is real to you.

Validate your imagination, no matter what it may look like, and let your desire be something that truly excites you. Let it be something makes you feel harmonious, completely aligned, in abundance, in the truth of yourself, and in integrity. When you imagine something along these lines, something that truly excites you, you can start to feel it—maybe even after a just few seconds. But for sure, at least after 20 seconds, you will start to feel certain things about that reality. This simply means you have hit the Download button. You are actually downloading feelings of that vibratory state, and this will generate that particular reality, or something very close to it.

Once you start to feel it, give yourself full permission to enjoy all these feelings, as if they are real. Try not to include the idea that “it is not yet physical.” Don’t pay attention to your physical reality; don’t take your cue from your circumstances.

In this stage of the See It, Feel It, Be It process, it is fairly crucial that you don’t include any thoughts like, “Oh, but it is not here yet,” or “Oh, but my physical reality can never contain this imagined reality.” If you wish to make this manifest—to be it and become it and realize it—you have to let go of all of these limiting ideas at this fragile stage of the manifestation process.

You see it, then you feel it, then you completely ignore all thoughts about your present physical reality. You ignore “what is” and you move on to “what will be” by completely feeling into that reality and allowing yourself to feel ecstatic. It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe it will actually happen. Just allow yourself to feel ecstatic, to feel the feeling of the reality you were just seeing.

Once you are feeling it, you can start to actually believe that something along those lines is possible. Maybe not exactly in the way you imagined it—maybe even better, if you leave room for that, if you leave room for surprise, which is the Mystery made manifest. This is what a surprise is—the Mystery showing up as a surprise in the manifest world.

So, when you start to feel it, download that feeling into your present vibratory state. This is a beautiful stage of the process because you start to feel the joy of that reality, without actually needing the manifestation.

Now you can let go of the seeing of the reality and simply enjoy the feeling of it. Through the feeling of it, you start to believe that something along the lines of that vibratory state is possible. If the feeling is truly ecstatic, you will naturally be in a state of being that is higher than the state of being that induces lack and belief in limitation.

Somehow, in that state of excitement, you are so in awe of Creation allowing itself to be ecstatic in the form of you, that you know you are loved. You know you are connected to your True Self. You know everything is limitless and possible. And you know you can manifest whatever it is you desire to manifest.

Simply leave it completely open. Leave it up to your Higher Self as to what the details will be and how it will unfold—without being tense, or making it into a project, or needing it to come about in a particular way, or needing it to show up at a particular time. All your duty consists of is to be in the feeling-vibratory state of that good feeling reality, without referencing the limitations of your presently-made manifest physical reality.

Being in the state of joy and happiness and non-physical orientation (or imaginative orientation), and feeling really good, you will start to believe certain things. You will start to change your paradigm. The good feeling starts to change your beliefs; it starts to trickle down into your belief system. When your beliefs start to change, you begin to act differently. You start to respond as if you are a rich person; as if you are a happy person; as if you are a realized person; as if you are a person in a really, really healthy relationship; as if you are a person who has the house you have always wanted to live in; as if you are a person who has the job you have always wanted, and so on.

You start to respond as that person, quite effortlessly, simply because you started to feel what it is like to be that person. Now, you start to believe it, and when you believe it, you start to be it and act as if it is here. Send out that vibration powerfully, with conviction, by simply, naturally becoming that reality, that vibratory state, and not looking to your physical circumstances to see whether or not it has been made manifest. “Oh, it is still not here; what am I doing wrong?”—no, just keep your attention fully on the feeling of your ecstatic sense of Self. Fully take in the happiness that is already here, noticing that you don’t even need it to become manifest anymore, because you already have the happiness inside—self-chosen and self-activated.

When you do that, my friend, I guarantee that your reality will significantly change to fully reflect this new vibratory state. It may not show up as you thought it would, but it will show up—often even better than you could have imagined from the lower vibratory state you had prior to the See It, Feel It, Be It process.

So, what you think is the highest is only the starting point, once you actually start moving into those higher vibratory states of belief systems and being. When you do this, you will start changing your reality more and more quickly, with no effort.

Just by being in a different vibratory state, you can see the scenery, which is generated inside of your own Consciousness, using your own Presence-Energy, effortlessly change to reflect in form, in manifest form, your non-physically-aligned True Self. Congratulations!


For this lesson’s homework, I would like you to try this out with at least one concept, at least one idea, at least one imagination. Allow it to change your feeling state, allow it to make you feel more abundant, more happy, more connected, more supported, more loved, more worthy of knowing who you are and who you want to be. And then be that, internally, without any need for the circumstances to reflect this yet. Just be convinced inside of yourself.

When you do this, start to notice the changes. I want you to report on this by describing, in a few paragraphs, your process of seeing it, feeling it, and being it. Write it down or type it out, and ideally, share it with us in the Study Group. That would be awesome.

And then, over the course of the next few days, when proof of it shows up, when change shows up (even though you are not focused on the physical manifestations of it), define it for a brief moment. Touch upon it, give it a little tap on the shoulder, a little encouragement. Highlight it and say, “Hey, thank you for the evidence of this change, which is the result of the change in my state of being.” And then, just move on—simply be in the desired imaginative state of seeing, feeling, and being once again.

Remain in the seeing you want to see, in the feeling you want to feel, and be who you want to be, regardless of circumstance. When circumstance does change, simply notice it, note it, highlight it, thank it, and be grateful for it. Be even more confirmed of it; become even more convinced of this power, this process. And continue to simply focus on the state of being.

Don’t watch the seeds you have previously planted germinate. Don’t wait for them to grow. In order for those seeds you have previously planted to fully germinate and grow into beautiful flowers, you need to move on to the next seed, and the next seed, and the next seed. And before you know it, the flower is awaiting you, ready to be plucked, ready for you to do with it whatever you want to do. But you must always be in the state of clear and enjoyable seeing it, feeling it, being it, as often as you can. When you do this, things will manifest by the bunches!

And when something manifests, simply stop for a brief period of time, for a few seconds—10 seconds, 5 seconds, 2 seconds—and say, “Thank you; another change confirmation. Thank you; I am the creator of my reality. Thank you; I am all-powerful. Thank you; I am worthy of change. Thank you; circumstances are truly a reflection of state of being. Thank you; vibration truly does generate my universe, and nothing else does. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” And once again, choose the seeing it, feeling it, being it, that you want to be in. Rest in that gratitude; rest in the freedom to create the next most beautiful thing.

Before you start the next lesson, write a report on some of the evidence that shows up over the course of the next two or three days. Share with us some of those details, some of those points of evidence. Don’t get hung up on it, but simply do this as a practice of allowing it to be confirmed, allowing yourself to notice it, and allowing others to become more convinced through your testimonials of your own practice, that things change according to vibration only, and therefore, you are the master of your universe.

Thank you! Thank you for co-creating, for co-participating, for knowing and remembering and practicing that you are God; that you are the Creator. Thank you and enjoy—this is a fun process! These are the basics, the essentials; the most important foundation for generating your reality.

See it, Feel it, Be it! Thank you!

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