Lesson 1 – Infinity is Originally Unaware of Itself

Hey guys, welcome back! This is the first lesson of the Infinity course and I want to dive a little deeper into the philosophical aspect of Infinity before we continue with the practices or the methods to realizing the Infinite One.

A good place to start is the very beginningless beginning—the very start. Where did it all start? It all started before Time was created.

This might not make perfect sense, but Awareness in fact is Time. Consciousness is Time. Time is Consciousness. It is the very root of—it is the very cause of all of Time. The Presence that is, is itself the substratum of Time. Before Time was created, before there was Awareness of any kind, Infinity was unaware of itself.

In a sense, you can say that Awareness itself is a limitation. Awareness itself is a creation. And it is, because it is, you see? Because it is present, because it is aware. There is a function there. There is a presence there. There is something definable there. There is something observable there. Something is happening. Therefore, in that sense, Awareness cannot ever fully capture true Endlessness, true Infinity. Awareness itself is eternal. Awareness itself is in a way timeless, even though it is the substratum of all of Time. In its original state it does not experience any linear time. Nevertheless, the very act of Beingness, the very fact that Awareness is present, that it exists, implies that it has a limitation at its core, which is that it has to be itself.

Infinite Unity

The Infinite One, before Awareness of any kind was generated, was just pure Infinity, pure Infinite Unity, pure indescribable Unity—The One.

Because Infinity can only be One, it can only be a unity. If you think about it, multiplicity or separation is a finite idea. And in Infinity there cannot be a finite idea. Finite ideas can come from the Infinite One, but if we are talking directly to and from and about the most original, the Source that was never born, then we are talking about an infinite unity, an infinite oneness. In that original state of infinite oneness, the Infinite One was unaware of itself.

The way to imagine this is to visualize or imagine whatever comes up in your mind when I say: “Imagine an infinite vastness.” Perhaps imagine space—vastness is slightly better than space, but space will do—infinite vastness, infinite space.

If you want to imagine a real physical representation, you could imagine the space up there and simply delete all the stars, remove all the objects from the equation, remove everything from the presence of infinite vastness, or infinite space. No planets, no stars, no life-forms, no creations, no movement. Infinite void, infinite vastness, endless nothingness, endless space.

As you engage in that visualization for a few minutes and you get a better feel for it, then you can also see how in that space—if that is all that there is, no reference point whatsoever, no separation, no objects—there cannot be the limitation of self-awareness. There is not yet self-awareness; there is not yet the distortion or creation of self-awareness. So at first, there is nothing but Infinite Unity unaware of itself.

We are imagining it in terms of a “space” right now, a vastness, but it is not really a space. It is the spacelessness and timelessness beyond space, before space was even generated. But you can again imagine it as a vastness, an infinite void, an infinite vastness with no objects. Spend some “time” being aware of that space; pretending to be that space. Imagine what it would be like to be that space before anything whatsoever was generated. You can get a glimpse of how, in its original state, Infinity is not aware of itself because it is much too infinite to do that. It is far too undefined to be aware of itself.

The Desire for Self-Awareness

Since it is the Infinite One, and since it is the Source of all that can possibly be, one of the things that can also possibly be is the desire for it to generate self-awareness; the desire for it to get to know itself. And hence, from this infinite vastness, from this Infinite Unity, arises Free Agency. Basically, the idea is that the first expression, the first distortion, the first creation out of this Infinite Unity is that of Free Agency, which is synonymous with Awareness.

The reason I don’t say the first distortion is “Awareness” is because Awareness is already very known to us. It is very familiar; we know what it is and we have an image of it. Free Agency is the ability to move, the ability to choose, the ability to separate, the ability to discern, the ability to navigate. The very core of the ability of freedom of movement is what I call “Free Agency.”

So, out of Infinite Union came the very first creation, which was the ability to move. Now this still does not look like anything. It does not have a form. It does not have a body. It does not even necessarily have consciousness in the way that we know it. It is simply the ability to move, which automatically comes with Awareness. Awareness is what has the ability to move.


Out of this freedom—now that the Infinite One has generated an aspect of itself that has the ability to create, to generate, to choose, to manifest in a way, to be aware—it can, from this stage onward, create whatever it wants. And thus, we end up with Creation as we know it. And every other Creation as we don’t know it.

The purpose of Creation is driven by this first distortion, this first creation, this first expression, this first emanation from pure Infinite Unity that is unaware of itself. This first Awareness, this first Free Agency, now drives Creation. It drives all other forms, all other expressions of Consciousness to do all types of different things—to express itself in as many ways as it can. Its whole purpose—the reason Free Agency has come about to begin with—is to express and explore and reflect the Infinite One in as many ways as it possibly can. Hence, we see so many different forms, so many different planets, so many different dimensions, so many different realms and realities and ways. There are so many ways, even within one reality, to express oneself and to have different points of view, to have different reflections and reactions and experiences. All of this comes down to the Infinite One desiring to know itself, and therefore expressing itself.

You Are the Free Agent

I want you to be aware of the fact that, in its original state, the Infinite One is not aware of itself. You are the Free Agent—the bridge between the Infinite One and Creation—which is able to reflect either Creation (and therefore also express the Infinite One and, to an extent, reflect back to the Infinite One whatever it is you are expressing) or directly reflect back to the Infinite One its own infinite faceless face. In other words, you are at that center point, that mediating balance point, where you can either reflect the Infinite One directly or choose to reflect its Creation (and therefore, indirectly perform your duty, which is to express and explore Infinity in as many ways as possible).

And so it continuously reflects through the means that is you—the foundation of all that you are; the Free Agent that you are, which has generated the individuation that you are, as well. The very core of your Free Will—the ability to navigate and move and be aware of and choose—is the gift that you are to the Infinite One.

I want you to feel worthy. I want you to feel endless. I want you to feel that your purpose of being is not just to be a physical body walking around a random universe, bumping into things and learning as you go. I want you to understand that you are the first emanation of the Infinite, and that, in a very absolute sense, you also are the Infinite, because in an infinite unity it does not matter what is expressed secondarily. All of its expressions will always be One in essence, ultimately speaking.

You are also the Infinite One, and that is part of what we are going to realize in this course. That is what these methods or practices are going to lead you into—the understanding that you are the Infinite Unity, the Infinite Oneness. And to then benefit from that, in terms of the peace which comes from that, and in terms of the freedom and the realization and the ability to view things simultaneously, which comes from that. I want you to understand the nature of Reality as an infinite simultaneity of All-That-Is and nothing that has ever been.


For this week or this day, depending on how long you take with this lesson, I want you to simply ponder this imagination, this state. Imagine infinite vastness with no reference point whatsoever. Get to the sense of Infinity, infinite vastness, and realize that it is infinite vastness with the potential for Awareness. Realize that it is originally unaware of itself, and that from that arises the ability to move and navigate and choose and be aware of things. That is the first identifiable form of who you are or what you are. And from that base Awareness, everything else flows. Every other individuation, separation, and experience flows from that.

Have fun!

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