Lesson 1 – Presence vs. Awareness – an experiential introduction

Hey guys, welcome to Presence versus Awareness, an experiential introduction.

So, similar to Enlightenment I‘s first lesson, where I took you through some definitions, some angles, and some perspectives on presence energy—on Presence and what Presence is—in this lesson I am going to introduce to you, in a very experiential, relaxed way, some differences or distinctions between Presence and Awareness.

So, simply relax and absorb the content, one definition at a time, and take a minute or so to really feel into each definition.

In I-AM (the words “I AM“), Awareness is the I and Presence energy is the AM.

Presence consciousness is I-AM.

Pure Awareness is simply I.

Presence is felt as Presence-Beingness, a sense of beingness with Presence. And Awareness is felt as Emptiness-Spaciousness, or Emptiness-Beingness, which is a sense of Beingness, but in a very empty, vast way.

    • Presence is in front of you.
    • Awareness is back, around, and throughout.

    • Presence is defined.
    • Awareness is undefined.

    • Presence is dense.
    • Awareness is weightless.

    • Presence is energy.
    • Awareness is space.

    • Presence is substratum.
    • Awareness is the intelligence that can use the substratum.

    • Presence is present.
    • Awareness is aloof, or free.

    • Presence is Love—love energy.
    • Awareness is free—simply free.

    • Presence is a formless field.
    • Awareness is simply formless.

    • Presence is the manifest Greater Self.
    • Awareness is the unmanifest Greater Self.

    • Presence is the love-light substance, which lies at the basis of All That Is.
    • Awareness is what gives it shape, consciousness, purpose, and intelligence.

    • Awareness is the spacious universal container.
    • Presence is the undifferentiated universal love-energy content.

    • Presence is here, and everywhere where there is form or manifestation.
    • Awareness is nowhere and everywhere—beyond the scope of form or manifestation.

    • Presence is time itself.
    • Awareness is timeless.

    • Presence is the Eternal Now, containing all of time.
    • Awareness is both Now and beyond the Now, for it is truly free of time—even from time in its most essential form: Now-ness, Presence.

    • Presence is the accumulation of all potential workforce available.
    • Awareness is the manager of this workforce.

    • Presence is the visible contents of a movie.
    • Awareness is the invisible director that made it all happen the way that it did.

    • When Awareness meets Presence, Presence-Energy becomes Presence-Consciousness.

    • Presence hooks you into the world your consciousness is presently creating. Awareness lets you off the hook.

    • Presence is manifest as physical, quasi-physical, and non-physical energy. But in comparison to Awareness, Presence seems dense and Awareness seems completely non-physical, or even unmanifest.

    • Presence is the devoted slave energy.
    • Awareness is the loving and intelligent master.

    • Presence does not have its own will.
    • Awareness is pure free will.

    • If Presence is the One Infinite Creator‘s body, Awareness is the One Infinite Creator‘s mind.

    • Presence is the tool.
    • Awareness is the means by which the tool is used.

    • Presence is the wood, hammer, and nails.
    • Awareness is the carpenter who can come in, use the tools to create something, and then leave the tools and the creation alone. It can continue to exist independent of the tools and their state or location.

  • Presence can be found and located by being witnessed.
  • Awareness is un-locatable and can only be “found“ by being acknowledged as being aware.

Let these statements sink in. I realize that some of them might cause a little bit of a confusion or a raise a couple of questions. But for the purpose of this lesson, I am not going to explain any of that. So, simply rest into each sentence and let each one make a distinction, a difference known to you between the I-AM and the I alone.

Absorb, contemplate, and enjoy! Thank you!

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