Lesson 9 – Everything exists at once

Hi Friends! Welcome back. This lesson is called Everything Exists at Once.

In this lesson, we will explore this principle; we will experientially tune into the reality of the existential fact that everything imaginable (and more than you can imagine), everything that can ever exist already exists. Everything already exists all at once, simultaneously—contained within a single timeless moment, which we access from our linear time point of view as the Now.

As we discussed in Enlightenment I, the Now is not actually a thin slice of time in between the past and the future. It is all-comprehensive, it is all-inclusive. It is time-inclusive, as well as time-transcendent. The Now is actually the only moment in Existence. There is no other moment in Existence than the Now. This implies that everything that can exist, does exist—has to exist. When? Right now. All at once.

Let this be your mantra for this lesson, and for the next few days: Everything exists at once. Everything exists at once. Everything exists simultaneously at once. There is only one moment and everything exists right now. Everything exists right here and now.

I’ll explain a little bit as to how this is possible and how you can imagine this is working from a universal point of view. Consider the All-That-Is Awareness, the All-That-Is Consciousness. The absolute level of Awareness (this is not to be mistaken for the Absolute, the One Infinity), meaning Awareness at its most original state, is aware of all realities simultaneously, of all possibilities made manifest simultaneously, of all possibilities experienced simultaneously. This All-That-Is Awareness, or All-That-Is Consciousness is, therefore, literally aware of all that is, of everything that exists.

How can this be? Obviously, we only perceive this moment, right now. All you experience is me speaking to you through these words. However, there are infinite, endless, simultaneous configurations of energy that are possible configurations of Love-Light, configurations—frequencies—of Presence-Energy. They are not only possible; they exist. They are also manifest simultaneously on alternate, parallel, simultaneous slices or pictures, or snapshots of Existence.

Quite literally, you have to think in terms of parallel realities. I will include another video in this lesson in which I explain the structure of parallel realities in-depth, so you can dive a little deeper into that concept. For the purpose of this lesson, I will keep the idea of parallel realities quite brief and focus on the aspect that everything exists all at once.

A Brief Explanation of Parallel Realities

Basically, the fact that everything exists all at once implies the existence of parallel realities. That is the only way that everything can exist all at once. Everything can only exist all at once if there are infinite parallel realities.

If you can imagine this, from the level of All-That-Is Consciousness, from the level of the Awareness—the absolute level of Awareness, which is aware of everything that exists all at once—from that Awareness point of view, every possible reality is perceived at the same time. It is aware of it all simultaneously; all at once. This means that All-That-Is Awareness is already aware of any potential that to you is still “in the future,” but to Awareness, it is simply another simultaneously reality. It is actually aware of that “future” right now.

Imagine this as “snapshots” or “slices” that all co-exist simultaneously, on different frequency levels, within the same timeless, here-and-now moment. Start to recognize that the Now, the Here-and-the-Now, is actually a continuous experience of Now, within which there is no actual continuity, in the linear sense. Time does not actually apply to the Now space itself. It only applies to the content that is being projected inside of this Now space; inside of the Now space of Consciousness.

The Now is synonymous with Consciousness itself. Consciousness is the Now. Consciousness is the mother of all time, of all experience, of all reality. And it is this Consciousness that experiences one slice, one slice, one slice of reality at a time. It chooses to generate the experience of time by projecting its Consciousness through your particular I-AM Consciousness, through your particular individuation, your particular soul of Consciousness.

So, every moment is contained within the timeless Now, within which time does not really exist but is projected as such. Structurally, time does not exist in the All-That-Is Now because All-That-Is, is all that is already. If All-That-Is is already all that is, there is no movement on the absolute level of Awareness.

There is no change; there is simply simultaneous awareness of any potential change that could ever happen or has already happened. And from its own point of view, everything has already happened. Your Soul Consciousness, your I-AM Consciousness chooses to, in a sense, project its projector light through one image at a time, so that onto the movie screen of the Now, you see one possible configuration of reality, one after the other, after the other, after the other.

Now, we as human beings tend to make the mistake of believing and thinking that, just because I am aware of this moment now, it means that this configuration of energy that I am perceiving, this particular reality, signifies or defines the Now, and that anything I don’t experience right now signifies past or future.

From the Consciousness point of view, from the timeless point of view, this is not true. Just because one particular individuation of the All-That-Is Consciousness—in this case you, your I-AM Consciousness—just because that Consciousness chooses to project itself, its own light, its manifest light, its frequency, its state of being into one particular imagery, one possible configuration of reality, that does not mean, to the level of All-That-Is, that the experience that is experienced now actually defines the Now.

From the point of Consciousness, the Now is simply the space that holds all realities. From out of all these realities you can then choose one slice at a time. This is how we generate a linear time-space Creation experience. This is how we generate the human experience. This is how we create, literally, the timeline that is unique to our subjective I-AM Consciousness.

We choose our Consciousness through frequency, through vibration, through its vibratory state. (I’ll get into this—the Law of Attraction—in later lessons.) Through its vibratory state, it picks and chooses which image, which configuration reality, it is now going to experience. And so, it chooses out of everything that already exists, out of all the possibilities, out of all potential configurations of reality; it simply chooses one frame at a time.

Therefore, to its own subjective point of view, it seems like there is a timeline, like there is a beginning and an end and a middle. But you have to realize that, from the point of view of the realities that you are choosing, nothing ever changes. A single reality—meaning a single snapshot, a single configuration of the universe—exists as its own timeless, ever-present, already existent creation. It never changes.

In that sense, each reality is completely, 100% motionless and static, like a picture. That is one configuration of reality, one configuration of the universe. Now, if that configuration of the universe slightly changes, it is not that the reality itself changes. It is that you are aware of an alternate parallel reality that looks similar, but slightly different. A few things have changed, but they have not changed from that one image; they haven’t changed in that one image.

Nothing changes inside of one image. You can only shift images. You cannot take one image and change things around inside of that image. Just like when you look at a physical picture, you cannot just move the person from location A to location B. You would actually have to take another picture of the person being in a different space.

You can take picture A, hold it in front of your eyes, then picture B, then picture C, then picture D, then picture E, then picture F, then picture G, and so on. This is where you have physically or existentially chosen a different alternate parallel configuration of that setting, of that scenario, of those people in that picture, and have taken a snapshot of them.

So, every reality is like this. It is like a picture, a slice, a snapshot. It is its own complete 100% static reality configuration. Motion, movement, change, and evolution all happen because Consciousness—the I-AM Consciousness that you are—chooses through vibration, through relevance, through experience, to change its state of being, and therefore to project different images, or activate different potential configurations of reality onto its own screen of I-AM-Conscious and “I-am-experiencing-something-right-now.”

Let that sink in for moment. For the purpose of further clarification, you can obviously re-read this lesson as many times as you need, and watch the videos that I will include in this lesson. For now, all you need to understand is that your experience of motion, movement, change—time, in other words—is actually occurring because you generate a subjective illusory experience by shifting your Consciousness from one image to another image, to another image, to another reality, to another reality.

Simply see each reality as a static, complete 100% present reality. But then, see that you are constantly choosing to shift into alternate realities, therefore creating the idea of movement and motion and time and space and evolution. Yet, it is not actually moving; things themselves are not actually moving. You are moving your Consciousness through different realities, where things are already different, very much so, as is the case with the picture examples I gave you—or as we see in motion pictures, or movies.

In a strip of film, you have one picture at a time, one picture at a time, one picture at a time. If you play that all at 24 frames per second (or higher these days), you start to see and experience movement and time and the story. The film strip already existed before you entered the movie theater. If it did not—if time was an actual experience—then the people after you could not watch the same movie. But the people after you have the same experience: this happens first, then this happens, then this happens, then this happens. Similarly, people watch the same movie (that already existed) before you watched it. Whatever you are aware of now, already existed.

I know this might be hard to understand or grasp, or even believe. But, let it sink in and start to sense the logic behind it. This is actually how Creation is structured and how it works; this is how movement works, and how motion works, and how time works. It is created by Consciousness shifting into parallel reality, parallel reality, parallel reality, therefore altering the configuration of its reality so that it can generate the illusory (but relevant) experience of a timeline, of a theme, of evolution. It can learn about itself, and it can then reflect upon itself.

So that we can get this concept squared away, at least for now, let’s focus one more time on the idea that, given that everything is a parallel reality, everything exists here and now all at once. Everything happens all at once, simultaneously. Time does not exist. Time is a subjective illusory experience generated by Consciousness moving through imagery.

The imagery already existed for billions of years, billions of billions of trillions of years—before you were ever aware of this moment. This configuration of energy was already existent in the overall database, so to speak, of the timeless Now, holding all the potential configurations of energy that can ever possibly exist. In this way, nothing new is ever truly created. The only thing that is ever new is your relationship to these images—that has never happened before. But the images you perceive, the experiences you have, already exist and will always exist.

This is because one reality cannot move, cannot change, cannot die, cannot be created. It already exists because there is no time. You see, from the Infinite point of view, it wanted to express itself in as many potential ways as it could. And so all at once, it generated everything that could ever potentially exist out of Timelessness. And now, you are performing the job of building a new relationship to this imagery and choosing a different order, a different way through which to go about exploring image, image, image after image, after image, one image at a time, out of the totality that always already exists simultaneously at once, right here, right now.

Imagine it as a book of those pictures where you connected the dots as a kid. The dots were all numbered and you would draw a line between the dots, going from dot 1 to dot 2 to dot 3 to dot 4. You had no idea what it was going to look like until you completed the picture. Suddenly, it looked like something you could recognize.

Connecting the Dots of Choice

In a sense, Consciousness is playing the same game. There are infinite dots available—infinite dots, or infinite pictures in this sense—infinite reality. But it chooses one slice, one slide of reality at a time, so that it goes from dot to dot to dot, or from reality to reality to reality, choosing its own pathway. In this way, it creates its own unique timeline and its own unique experience of itself and of the One. And at the end of a life, so to speak, after going from this image to that image, then back to this image, then to that image, it has a complete picture of the scene it has chosen to explore.

Now, from your point of view, choosing one image at the time seems like a linear process; it seems like there is no way around it; it seems like you have no choice. It seems like you were simply dragged from one point, to one point, to one point, as time took you by the hand and moved you through this tunnel of experiences.

From a broader, All-That-Is Consciousness point of view, from your Higher Self’s point of view, what you are actually doing is simply motionless consciousness—choosing to change your vibration so that a certain slide becomes active to you, to your subjective experience. And from its own point of view, you are choosing from all over the place—you are choosing all kinds of different realities and turning them into what seems to be a linear timeline experience. But, again, from the Higher Consciousness point of view, it is simply all simultaneously existent and you are choosing your own timeline. You are connecting the dots of your choice.

Now that you realize this, you can also start to realize that you have free will, which is what the next lesson is about. Everything happens by choice, everything happens by free will. You can actually choose your next reality and you can learn to become more and more conscious of the fact that you always already have, and have had, and will have free will, free choice, free agency. Why? Because that is what you are. You are Awareness; you are Consciousness. Awareness is the ultimate free agent. It is Infinity’s free agency.

Again, let this sink in: Since everything is a parallel reality, all times and all creations coexist and are experienced simultaneously, from the absolute Awareness point of view. If you know this, if you start to tap into this, you can start to consciously make use of it by realizing there is nothing out of reach for you. That everything is contained inside of Consciousness, inside of the Now, inside of Awareness. There is not a single moment that has never happened before. It always all existed right here. There is, therefore, no lack possible, because it already all exists at once.


I would like you to do a little meditation. You don’t necessarily have to sit down, although you can do that too, if you want to. The homework for this lesson is as follows: I want you to keep in mind a mantra as often as you can for the next two days as you go about your everyday experiences—walking the streets of New York or wherever you are at, taking a bus or driving your car or interacting with people as you meet them. The mantra is this: Every potential possible reality already exists.

You can phrase this in any way and in different ways, if you want to. You can repeat this in different ways in your own mind. Tune your frequency, your vibration, to that realization. You can start to download the experience of it more and more, and consciously master the qualities that come with it—the potential, the possibilities that come with opening up to this reality, this realization that all exists at once.

Again, we can summarize it in this sentence: Everything exists at once. Or: Everything already exists right here, right now. Keep repeating something along those lines, and feel free to tailor it in the way that works best for your mind to tap into the experience of it. Like a mantra, keep repeating similar sentences, similar realizations, as you go about your everyday life interacting with people, having different kinds of experiences.

Realize that you are choosing one slice at a time; maintain that greater Awareness more and more. Return to the greater expansive Awareness of remembering and realizing that everything in Existence exists all at once. And simply choose to have the experience you are having now, and then choose to have another experience now. You might as well have chosen to walk among the dinosaurs in this next second. Because that also always already exists, all at once, as this one single reality.

So, keep repeating to yourself: Everything exists at once; every experience already exists; everything exists right here, right now. This takes your attention away from seeking something outside of Consciousness and allows you to drop into the realization that your Beingness already contains every possible reality—that everything you could ever potentially truly desire, is within reach inside of yourself.

Experiment with this and have fun with it! Reread this lesson, replay the video once or twice, and watch the other video that I’ll also post inside of this lesson.

Share your experience with using this mantra in everyday life experiences, meeting everything that you normally meet on an everyday basis, but now realizing that no day is the same and that it is all a single slice chosen out of the All-That-Is that already exists all at once.

Have a great day and enjoy! Thank you.

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