Lesson 21 – Prioritize your feeling state above all else

Hi friends—adepts—welcome back!

This lesson is all about empowering you to understand that what is most important, what is important above all else, is to prioritize your state of being, your feeling state. You have to feel good. You have to desire to feel good above all else. Now this is a bit of a tricky thing, because often we are far too focused on the things we think we desire.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with being focused on or excited about the things and objects and permission symbols within circumstances, for example: relationships, cars, houses, jobs, money, doing what you want to do, taking a trip, and so on.

The things that excite us in the external world are great. They are permission symbols we use to anchor ourselves into a greater conviction of infinite Abundance and infinite Capability.

External reality is an amazing way for us to become more convinced of our eternal, infinite, abundant nature and our Creatorship status. So, all that is fine. It is great to have these imaginations and desires come up.

However, what we need to realize—and what many people trip over on their journey—is the idea that happiness is derived from the things they think they desire. I have addressed this in some ways previously, but I will address it again, because it is important. It seems to be a persistent issue; it seems to be a persistent habit.

Here is what often happens. Let’s say I am in a state of excitement. In my state of excitement, Spirit is able to freely communicate to me using my imagination. Suddenly, I have a vision of a new car or a new relationship or a new house or a new job or a new state of being or a new spiritual realization or a new location to move to, or whatever it is.

Let’s just use one example to keep it simple. Let’s say that, in my state of excitement, I suddenly feel like moving to Boulder, Colorado from North Carolina. I have all the capabilities of actually making that manifest. In fact, to be more precise, as you know from the parallel realities lessons, that new situation already exists.

The parallel version of myself that lives in Boulder, who is two or three or four years older than the me living in North Carolina, is already there. That version of reality already coexists with the present version of reality, in which I live in North Carolina.

Now, I simply need to shift my vibratory state in order to make visible, within my linear reality experience, the parallel co-existent state of the manifest reality of me living in Boulder, Colorado. In this case, I am right here talking to you from my home in Boulder.

So, in that state of excitement, I get this new vision to move to Boulder, Colorado. It excites me; it suddenly comes up for me as a really exciting option. The thing I have to watch out for is not to become too focused on manifesting that particular thing and forget what it is really about—to feel good. Why do I want to move to Boulder in the first place? To feel good, to feel like I am in a space where I belong.

But, during the process of making the move to Boulder a visible reality to my consciousness, if I start to despair, if I develop a mistrust about the timing of things, if I start to worry too much about the details, if I start to take on control of my environment, if I focus on lack and lose control of my vibratory state, if I forget that my vibratory state is the Creator of my reality (not the other way around), then what happens is that I lower my frequency to such an extent that something will happen to postpone the visible manifestation of that reality—the manifestation of me already living in Boulder.

Why would this happen? Because my vibratory state dropped below a certain level. And below a certain level, it cannot experience the things that are representative of that higher excitement level. I attract things into my visible manifest experience that are representative of the state of being that I am in.

So, if I am in a negative state of being for too long, if I am in despair, if I am thinking, “Oh, I’m not going to get to Colorado; I don’t have the money to do it…” if I become overly-focused on lack and the details and the timing of things, and I forget that it is all about how I feel… if I forget that I want to go to Boulder, Colorado because I want to feel even more amazing… if I forget that it is about the feeling state, not about the circumstances, then I lower my frequency. I feel stuck. I feel like a victim of this Universe again.

In that vibratory state, nothing representative of a higher state of excitement can reach me; nothing can reach my visible consciousness; nothing can make my desired reality visible. Nothing can be made visible that does not match your vibratory state of being.

When you shift out of resistance and uproot lack; when you see where a belief comes from and realize that it no longer serves you (which you explored in the last couple lessons), from that state of higher Abundance and Trust and Faith, you will feel so much better.

Remember, the important thing is feeling connected, no matter what. It is about feeling connected to the infinite Abundance of this Universe, no matter what. It is about feeling infinitely connected to your inner Enlightenment, no matter what. When you do this, when you put your feeling state above all else, then all else will follow your feeling state, as it always does.

Don’t Sit and Watch the Seeds Grow; Plant New Ones

Get out of the habit, the tenacious tendency of being overly-focused on watching the physical manifestation germinate. Don’t stay with the seeds you have already planted. Don’t watch them to death. Let the sunlight and the rain and the air take care of them; let the dirt take care of naturally growing that seed into a plant, until the plant is delivered to your doorstep.

You are only responsible for planting new seeds and reaping the benefits, once these seeds have grown into realities. You have nothing to do with the in between process of how the seed manages to become a tree or a plant or a flower.

Many people are convinced they need to plant the seed, then sit there and watch. They feel absolutely miserable because it does not happen fast enough, and because they don’t have the motivation to create more seeds for themselves. So, they “put all of their eggs in one basket.” They lose their vibratory state of feeling good. They wait for that seed to germinate and fully grow into the tree they want it to be.

If you do this, you will quite literally kill the effortlessness of the process that is bringing you the things that are a representation of your True Being.

Instead, plant a seed with excitement and let go of it. Then, plant another seed with excitement. Then, move on to the next most exciting idea or action or belief, and to the next most exciting feeling or the most expansive understanding. Watch the best video I have ever shot, or whatever it may be that excites you the most. Go for tea with a friend you haven’t seen for a year, or read that book you have been wanting to read. Do whatever excites you the most—just keep planting those new seeds.

Forget about your previously planted seeds. Before you know it, a grown plant will be right in front of your face, and you will see that it is the effortless result of that seed having germinated all by itself (through your Higher Consciousness energy), unbeknownst to you. You don’t need to know the process from this level of your brain-self, your brain-consciousness.

Effortlessly you are planting seeds, and later on, you are enjoying and reaping the benefits, the results, of those seeds. You don’t have anything to do with the in-between process, so don’t wait for your seeds to grow into plants. Continue to plant seeds and enjoy reaping the benefits of the seeds you previously planted that are now made manifest.

Make Feeling Good Your Priority

Always be in a state of appreciating what is already being created; appreciating that the desires you previously planted have already been effortlessly fulfilled. And simultaneously, enjoy the process of planting new seeds. Enjoy being in that excited anticipation, without lack—this is the Creator’s state of being.

When you do this, you will more effortlessly attract the life of your dreams, and therefore, you will feel better all the time. Feeling good all the time has to be the priority. If you are feeling good all the time, you will have access to the next most exciting seed to plant. In this way, you are never really waiting; you are never stagnating.

I am not saying there cannot be “valley experiences.” I am not saying you cannot experience what normal people call “lows,” like “highs and lows” or “ups and downs.” Yes, there are lows. I call them “valley experiences,” and they are great! They are integration periods and they are abundant in their own way. So, they will happen.

Your life will not always be as accelerated as it is at certain peak moments. However, overall (and pretty much all the time), you no longer have to feel lack and suffering, because you are now able to define everything positively.

Regardless of outcome in circumstances, regardless of success in physical reality, what you really want (and you know this is what you really want) is to feel good—no matter what.

If you get into the habit of feeling good no matter what, I promise that everything else will follow you. You will have access to natural wisdom, to natural unconditional love, to natural unconditional support, to infinite, endless abundance and resources and creative intentions and imaginations. You will gain access to whatever it is you need to truly become yourself on all levels of your being, in a much more crystallized, perfect, expressive, enjoyable way.

Always make your priority how you experience yourself, how you feel about yourself. When you can master that, you have literally mastered your state of being by knowing that circumstances are empty and meaningless, and that all that matters is that you feel good.

As long as you keep your integrity intact, as long as you love and respect other people’s free will, you can pretty much shift your focus to whatever you want to, in order to bypass the resistance and feel amazing about yourself.

Have the wisdom and the transparency and the transcendent awareness to uproot all negative beliefs when they are relevant, when they come up for you to deal with. You can always choose to feel good, no matter what. You can always choose to define what is happening now as a positive sign, as a really good omen, as a really amazing confirmation of your previous desires, as a confirmation of your amazingness as a Creator.

Everything confirms Abundance.

Everything confirms Existence.

Everything confirms Life.

Everything affirms Life.

Why don’t you do the same, so that you line up with that Life-affirming Presence and feel good all the time? When you feel good all the time, good things start to happen to you all the time. You will still be challenging yourself in many ways, but those challenges will be experienced in a very positive way, and you will have the means to handle them and use them for expansion, not for contraction.

I hope this makes sense! Prioritize your feeling state over everything else because it is literally your switchboard. It is your control panel for what happens “out there.” When you realize that it is not about what happens out there, but that you can actually control what happens out there by shifting internally, by shifting the knobs, by turning the dials in such a way that you feel good about your frequency state, then natural magic will occur. It has to, because physical reality reflects the state of being you are in.


I want you to write down a couple of reasons why you feel circumstances are more valuable to you, more important to you, than your state of being. I ask this because people have this very persistent idea that, “OK, I would rather have a million dollars than feel good.”

So, ask yourself, “Would I rather have a million dollars right now or ten million dollars or a hundred million dollars, or would I rather feel good, no matter what?” It is a tricky thing because people identify feeling good with circumstances.

This is just one question that shows this to you. I could also ask you, “Would you rather have a really good relationship—a really amazing relationship—or would you rather feel good all the time?” Many people will go for the external thing, the relationship.

There is nothing wrong with this, but we have conditioned ourselves to see circumstances as important and meaningful and state-of-being-transmuting. But circumstances have never transmitted a feeling into you. Only you insert a feeling state into yourself. You utilize what you see in the empty smoke-and-mirrors display of the illusion of Consciousness that we call “circumstances” to give yourself permission to feel a certain way.

Why not give yourself permission to always feel good, regardless of whether you are manifesting a shitty car or an amazing car, a broken relationship or a break-up or an amazing relationship? Why not give yourself permission to always feel good? Always define what is occurring in the most positive, ridiculously amazing way. When you do this, you are mastering your frequency.

So, write down a few reasons why you have a greater attachment to the outcome of the circumstance than to simply feeling amazing. Start to see these erratic ideas, these illogical, flawed belief systems that tell you it is beneficial to focus on the circumstances and to want the thing more than you want the experience of the thing or the feeling that comes with the thing.

When you realize this is an illusion, you will start to see your own beliefs about it more clearly, especially if you write it down. This allows you to remember what is truly important to you, which is to always be in a state of feeling good, and to do your best to always be in that mastered state of feeling amazing.

I am not saying you will always succeed in immediately feeling good; it doesn’t matter. But you know that this is the most important thing that you will attempt. When you put attention and intention and desire into simply wanting to feel good, no matter what happens in the circumstances, you will become master of your frequency. You will start to master your reality. You will start to see that you are the Creator of your circumstances through your state of being only.

Thank you so much. Enjoy! Repeat this lesson at least once more before you continue with the next lesson. As always, feel free to share your results with us in the corresponding study group. This is appreciated because we can all learn from each other and share and help each other out.

So, enjoy creating your reality through your state of being. Enjoy prioritizing how you feel. Make a pact with yourself. Write this down if you want to. Write down a little paragraph that states very powerfully, and maybe even poetically, your own agreement with your own state of being.

Make an agreement with yourself that you are going to prioritize your feeling state for the next so many months, or for your whole life. At least test it out. Once you kickstart it for a few months, it will become a natural habit and a natural desire. And you will start to see the wisdom in this approach. OK—enjoy!

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