Lesson 2 – The Inner Black Hole

Hey friends, welcome back. Like the previous lesson, this lesson is philosophical in nature. After this we will move on to methods and direct pointers, but first, I want to elucidate on this concept of the black hole, or the inner black hole.

Sometimes in my teachings and meetings and retreats, I refer to the “black hole,” or the “inner black hole.” I want you to know how this relates to different teachings, and especially to the Infinity teaching. The idea is that the black hole is a symbol for the threshold of Awareness reflecting back upon the Infinite One. At some point, Consciousness—or you, the Free Agent that you are—starts wondering what was there before the creation or the emanation or the ability of Awareness arose. What was there? As soon as you have that question, the inner black hole starts to develop.

So what is it? Imagine the infinite vastness that we imagined in the previous lesson—infinite vastness without any reference point—but now imagine that Awareness is a bubble inside of this infinite vastness. Inside of this bubble, Awareness is usually aware of everything that happens inside of the bubble. Within this All-That-Is Awareness bubble, there are an infinite number of smaller bubbles that represent the individuation Consciousnesses, which all derive their power from the One Bubble, which is the base Awareness that gives rise to everything.

Imagine infinite vastness and the bubble of Awareness—infinite vastness in a bubble. And now imagine that this bubble (which is itself the ability to be conscious, and it is usually conscious of everything inside of its own bubble) generates a creation within itself, sort of like a snow globe. It is keeping itself entertained and it is expressing itself.

But what if that snow globe, or that bubble, starts to wonder about itself? First, it starts to realize that it is Awareness itself. So, instead of being mesmerized with the contents of the bubble, the bubble becomes aware of its own substratum—the context for the content, the container for the contents of experience. It starts to realize Awareness itself, which is responsible and inseparable from each experience that arises within it. It begins to realize the nature of Reality; it starts to realize the ground of Being; it begins to realize the substratum, the essence of All-That-Is, which is Awareness itself. Without Awareness, there is no All-That-Is, there is no experience.

What if this Awareness not only becomes aware of its own substratum, its own “bubble nature,” so-to-speak, but also wonders, “What is beyond this bubble? What is beyond the presence of Awareness which makes everything happen? What is beyond even that?”

And now imagine that this question, when it genuinely arises for someone (for a particular Consciousness), is almost like activating the Infinite One coming from outside the bubble, using a needle to penetrate, or pop, the substratum of that bubble.

This is a very powerful and activating question, even if nothing seems to initially happen, per se. But to simply rest with the question: “What is beyond Consciousness?” (and we will get into this practice in the next lesson) is like activating the popping of the bubble.

The black hole is what we would perceive from inside the bubble, looking at the substratum of Awareness—the Infinite One piercing it open, in a sense. This is all symbology, but it works. So with the popping open of the bubble—the substratum of Awareness itself—from the inside we can actually see outside of the bubble; we can actually see into the nature of the Infinite One with no veil in between. This is what we perceive as the black hole. Again, this is all semi-symbolically speaking, but it actually has some roots in the way Reality actually works, both on a spiritual, non-physical plane, as well (as to an extent) on the physical plane.

The scientist Nassim Haramein has several videos exploring the idea that there is a black hole at the center of each atom. This is confirmed to me with my instinct or my intuition—by what I have realized non-physically or experientially. At this quantum level you start to lose all sense of space and time and linearity, so it is hard to speak in terms of “at the core of every physical atom,” because even at a subatomic level, things don’t really operate as physically as we perceive them here. So, take this all with a grain of salt, and make it slightly more “magical” than it is from a purely physical scientific point of view. Use this symbology as a means to realize something for yourself.

Basically, what Nassim suggests (and I suggest the same) is that at the very core of every object, of every creation, of every molecule, of the sun, of the earth, of every simple atom—at the core, there is the existence of a constant black hole.

Now, I still haven’t discussed the significance of the black hole. The significance of the black hole is that it represents the coalescing of Creation back into union with the Infinite One. You can use this metaphor—as sort of a meditation or contemplation—and realize that everything that is being sucked into that black hole is, in a way, dematerializing into Nothingness, going back into the Creator.

My theory is also that, once this whole universe achieves a certain spiritual mass, a certain spiritual realization—as soon as the frequency of all of the expressions that are part of this particular universal bubble are self-realized, are self-satisfied—all of it will coalesce back into what we would perceive as an all-consuming ginormous black hole, until nothing is left. Everything that is learned from that creation coalesces back into the Infinite One, into Nothingness. None of the essences are lost, although all of the forms are seemingly lost. Everything that is extracted from form, everything that has been extracted from the experiences that were provided by the illusion of that particular creation or universe, are coalesced.

All of the Consciousnesses, all of the free will, all of the Awareness that had utilized that particular illusion of Creation—of physicality and non-physicality and all the different densities of Creation—when they all reach this spiritual-mass level, this Creation can no longer sustain itself in form, because it has exhausted its purpose.

It is just like in your life, when you have learned from a particular theme, or you have learned everything you needed to learn from a particular experience, that particular appearance stops manifesting in your life. It just disappears. It no longer has the food or the fuel or the reason or the purpose that it needs to keep on appearing and sustaining itself.

Similarly, on a universal creation level, when this Creation has completely been exhausted—because all of its free agents have explored everything that the One Awareness wanted it to explore with this Creation—it is reabsorbed. Therefore, this Creation itself can also be seen as a “lifetime” of the Infinite Awareness that is the first distortion of The One. Basically, it is just like your life—when the purpose of this life has exhausted itself, the form disappears. But the essence of everything that is learned is extracted and used to expand upon your particular individuated I-AM-Consciousness journey. And then you merge back into your soul level of Consciousness before you may emerge into another life, or another density or another projection of Consciousness to explore something else in a different way.

Now, extrapolate this to a universal creation level; we are kind of talking about the same thing. This whole Creation, spanning millions and billions of years, is basically a single lifetime of the All-That-Is Awareness, and everything will coalesce back into the original primal state when it is exhausted. Nevertheless, since time is not really real, we don’t have to wait until the end of the Universe. That will be its own stage, its own thing, but the significance of the black hole is simply that it is the symbol of coalescing back into the Creator, once everything has been extracted from a particular appearance or Creation.

Every nanosecond, reality is alternating from form to non-form. It is like a flickering—a constant flickering, billions of times per second (what we would perceive as “a second”). Something is learned from Creation, using Consciousness, and then, instantaneously, everything disappears; it no longer exists. This is the infinite black hole. On a micro-scale, this happens constantly. As Nassim Haramein says, “Do you realize that half the time you don’t exist?” It is kind of like that. The black hole simply signifies the non-creation moment, or the threshold, looking from the point of view of Creation—Creation looking back into the Creator and generating a hole in the substratum of a universe, of a Creation, of a Consciousness.

This symbol can be used as a way to realize the inner black hole—as a way to let yourself go through the inner black hole and realize what is on the other side, which is nothing but Infinity.

Nothing ever happened; it is all the Infinite One, Infinite Intelligence without form.


Have fun with this visualization. Watch this video one or two more times, just to get all the subtleties of it. Meditate on some of the ideas that I have shared with you, and then I will see you back in the next stage of this course, which will dive straight into the first method for realizing the Infinite One. I have already given some methods and visualizations, but we will go more directly to the methodical approach.


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